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                                              Training Course for Asian Countries (The Ninth Workshop for Asia) on energy efficiency
                                                             - The CTI Workshop on Energy Efficiency for Asian Countries -
                                                                       (Arrival-Departure: 30 July - 5 August)
                                                                   Workshop Duration: 31 July - 4 August, 2006
Day before WS: 30July 2006
          move                                                                                                                CENTRAIR (Chubu)/ KANSAI (Osaka) - ICETT

Day 1: 31 July 2006
07h30                                                                                          Breakfast Break
                                                                                              Primarily Session
09h15    Orientation: Overview of Workshop, Administrative Matters, Facility, Activities at ICETT
         (Seminar Room #04)
10h45                                                                                              Break
11h00    Study-tour at Yokkaichi Petroleum Complex
12h30                                                                                           Lunch Break
                                                                                              Opening Session
13h30    Opening Ceremony: Opening Remarks, Introduction of Participants, Introduction of ICETT           Mr Koshin Kura       ICETT Executive Director, ICETT
         Staff Members, Ceremonial Photograph (outdoor)
14h30                                                                                              Break
14h40    Participants Speech ( on behalf of each country )                                                                      Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
15h00    Introduction to Climate Technology Initiative (CTI)                                              Mr Akira Masunaga    Director, Global Environment Affairs Office, Ministry of
                                                                                                                               Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
15h20    Questions and Answers
15h40    Guidance on CTI workshop                                                                      Mr Hide Mashita         ICETT
18h00                                                                                        Dinner Break
19h30    Open Discussion on Institutional Difficulties for Capacity Development                        Mr Hide Mashita         ICETT

Day 2: 1 August 2006
07h30                                                                                 Breakfast Break
10h00 Japan's New Energy Conservation Policy and Good Practices of Latest Energy Saving          Mr Hiroshi Murata             INS Facility Co., Ltd. (ECCJ expert)
         Technologies in the Field of Industrial Sector                                                                         ECCJ: Energy Conservation Center, Japan
11h00 Energy Conservation and Diversification Implementation Status in Indonesia                 Mr Dicky Edwin Hindarto       PT KONEBA (Indonesia)
12h00 Questions and Answers                                                                      Mr Hiroshi Murata             INS Facility Co., Ltd. (ECCJ expert)
12h30                                                                                   Lunch Break
13h30 Making Right Choices: A Methodological Framework for Sustainability Assessment of          Dr Surya Chandak              UNEP-IETC
         Cleaner Production Experience in the Philippines                                        Ms Angelina A. Celicious      DOST(Department of Science and Technology), Industrial
                                                                                                                               Technology Development Institute (Philippines)
         Capacity Development for Environmental Management (EM) in Vietnam                                Mr Le Minh Duc       Institute for Industry Policy & Technology, Ministry of Industry
15h30    Questions and Answers                                                                         Dr Surya Chandak        UNEP-IETC
16h00    Comments and Suggestion                                                                       Dr Surya Chandak,       UNEP-IETC,
                                                                                                       Mr Hiroshi Murata       INS Facility Co., Ltd. (ECCJ expert)
18h00                                                                                        Dinner Break
Day 3: 2 August 2006
07h30                                                                                       Breakfast Break
 9:00    Move                                                                                                                     ICETT - Yokkaichi University
10:00    Joint Discussion
         Opening Message                                                                                 Dr Yoshitaka Nitta       Yokkaichi University, Faculty of Environmental and Information
         Case-study of Japan's Environmental Partnership
         - Economic Aspects of Environmental Investment in Plant Facilities in Yokkaichi                 Dr Yukimasa Takemoto     Yokkaichi University, FEIS
         - Crop Response to Application of Desulfurization by-product, Gypsum on the Soils in Tianjin,   Dr Katsumi Ohkura        Yokkaichi University, FEIS
         PR of China
         - Cost-benefit Analysis of the deSOx Activities in Tianjin, PR of China                         Dr Yoshihiro Oka         Yokkaichi University, Faculty of Economics
         Case-study of Japan's Energy Partnership
         - 1. Energy, Electric Power and Energy-Savings 2. Possible Recycle of Coal Ash to Acidic Soil   Dr Yoshitaka Nitta       Yokkaichi University, FEIS
         - Sustainability Analysis and Case Study of Renewable Energy Technologies in Rural              Dr Charlie Dou           Beijing Bergey Windpower Co., Ltd. (PR of China)
         - Arrowroot Processing Experience                                                               Ms Carmelita Reyes       Rejano's Bakery (Philippines)
         - Status of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Energy Efficiency Program of the              Ms Vizminda A. Osorio    Environmental Management Bureau (Philippines)
         Development of Environment and Natural Resources
         - Present Status of Environmental Technology Application in Vietnam                             Mr Nguyen Duc Hung       Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Vietnam)
         - Clean Technology Initiative in Small Scale Cluster                                            Dr Arvind K. Asthana     National Productivity Council (India)
         - Energy Efficiency Practice in Vietnam                                                         Mr Le Tuan Phong         Ministry of Industry (Vietnam)
         - Energy Efficiency Policy in Indonesia                                                         Mr Franciscus            Data and Information Center for Energy and Mineral
                                                                                                         Sutijastoto              Resources, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
         - Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Technology Concern in Power Plants, PT Indonesia Power          Ms Harijanti M. Kadri    PT Indonesia Power (Indonesia)
         Questions and Answers
         Wrap-up Activities                                                                          Dr Yoshitaka Nitta           Yokkaichi University
16h00    Move                                                                                                                     Yokkaichi University - AEON town - ICETT
18h00                                                                                      Dinner Break

Day 4: 3 August 2006
07h30                                                                                       Breakfast Break
09h00 Move                                                                                                                        ICETT - Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc
10h00 Success Story of Energy Saving in Japan's power plant                                                                       Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc, Yokkaichi Plant
12h00 Move / Lunch by own                                                                                                         Plant - Yokkaichi APITA
13h30 Move                                                                                                                        Yokkaichi APITA - Toba
16h00 In-house Energy Savings and Study-tours                                                                                     Toba Todaya Hotel
           - In-house EE technology and CT                                                               Mr Hideaki Shishikura    Toba Todaya
           - Technology Transfer for EE or CT on capacity development programme                          Group Work               Indonesia
           - Technology Transfer for EE or CT on capacity development programme                          Group Work               Philippines
           - Technology Transfer for EE or CT on capacity development programme                          Group Work               Vietnam
           - Wrap-up Activities                                                                          Dr Yoshitaka Nitta       Yokkaichi University

Day 5: 4 August 2006
07h30                                                                                      Breakfast Break
09h00 Wrap-up for Successful and/or difficult application for Japan’s training programme in the filed Facilitator: Dr Yoshitaka   Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Yokkaichi University / ICETT
         of EE or CT                                                                                  Nitta / Mr Hide Mashita
11h00 Lunch and Pack-up
19h30                                                                                    Farewell Reception
         Farewell                                                                                     Mr Masami Hayakawa          ICETT Managing Director

Day after WS: 5 August 2006

06h00    Move                                                                                                                     Hotel - CENTRAIR (Chubu)/Kansai (Osaka)

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