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					    Microsoft Outlook
Effective Maintenance of Personal Email

    Section 5 of the Computer Hints
    for clinicians
   • Files of old email can get very large.
     These are on the servers and they take
     up valuable disk storage space. The
     Computer Specialists works with heavy
     email users to archive their email to
     their local machines on a scheduled
     basis. If you are a heavy email user,
     expect to hear from the Computer
     Specialists. They will not do anything to
     your email without talking to you first.

   • Your Microsoft Outlook mailbox
     grows as you create and
     receive items.
   • As time goes on your emails,
     appointments, and tasks
     become less manageable and
     harder to find.
   • We pick up habits                     Packrat (n): A
   • Don’t be a “Digital Packrat”           collector of
   • Outlook has several tools to          miscellaneous
     help you increase productivity       useless objects.
     and become more organized.

Personal Folders
• Organizes items
• Allows you to save important
  items that are seldom accessed.
• Provides a file that can be backed
  up and kept in a safe place.
• Our fictitious employee will now
  demonstrate how to create a
  personal folder.

Create A Personal Folder in Outlook

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• Automatically moves items to a storage file.
• Items are moved based on the age you
• Two Methods of Archiving
   – Automatically
   – Manually
• Similar to Personal Folders.
• Our fictitious employee will now demonstrate
  how to enable AutoArchive.

Enabling AutoArchive in Outlook 2003

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Archiving Manually

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Distribution Lists
• Allows you to send an e-mail to each
  member of the group with one email
• Distribution lists allow you to send e-mails to
   – All members of a department or
   – Members of a project or committee
   – A group of friends
• Shows up in your contacts list the same way
  that a persons name does.

Create A Distribution List

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Rules and Alerts Wizard
• Allows you to specify criteria that will aid
  in the handling of email
• Wide range of criteria that you can

Creating a New Rule

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Running the Newly created Rule

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Rules and Alerts Limitations
• Rules can only be applied to messages
  when they arrive or have been sent.
• Third-party Products
  – Auto-Mate
     • http://www.pergenex.com

Message Receipts
• Receipts allow a sender to confirm that their
  message has been sent or read by the
• Can be done for each message or all
• Request a delivery receipt for this message.
  – You receive a message when the email server
    has sent the message.
• Request a read receipt for this message.
  – You receive a message when the recipient has
    read the message.

Enable a Message Receipt

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Message Receipts for all messages

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Personalize your contacts
• Different types of address books
  – Global address book
     • Contains FCCBH address book
  – Outlook address book
     • One is created when you setup outlook
• Advantages of Outlook address book
  – Allows you to maintain your own address
  – Add addresses from FCCBH address book
  – Enter your own addresses

Adding addresses from FCCBH

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Entering a New Contact

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Thank you for your participation

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 Section 5 of the Computer hints For   Creating a New Rule
Clinicians                             (Animated How To)
Introduction                           Running the Newly created Rule
Personal Folders                       (Animated How To)
Create A personal folder in Outlook    Rules and Alerts Limitations
2003                                   Message Receipts
(Animated How To)
                                       Enable a Message Receipt
                                       (Animated How To)
Enabling AutoArchive in Outlook 2003
(Animated How To)                      Message Receipts for All Messages
Archiving Manually                     (Animated How To)
(Animated How To)                      Personalize your contacts
Distribution Lists                     Adding addresses from FCCBH
Create A Distribution List             (Animated How To)
(Animated How To)                      Entering a New Contact
Rules and Alerts Wizard                (Animated How To)


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