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									Link Building: Perspective of Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Search engine optimization consultants are people who specialize in optimizing and marketing websites on the net.
They implement campaigns designed to effectively improve sites’ rankings. This can be traced from their years of
experience in optimizing websites based from the changing trends of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and
Bing. An experienced search engine optimization consultant will tell you that one of the essential factors in improving
the ranking in search engine results pages is link building. This article will provide a list of tried and tested link building
principles from the perspective of many search engine optimization consultant.

    1. Search engines love backlinks.
    You get a backlink when someone else has your link on their website. Search engines consider this as a vote. The
    more backlinks you have on other sites, the stronger and more popular your site appears to the eyes of search

    2. The quality of sites that link back to your site matters.
    While it is true that search engines love backlinks, the quality of the links pointing to your site plays a critical factor
    in ranking. Search engine optimization consultants will tell you to carefully choose the sites that you are planning to
    get a backlink from. Search engines hate bad neighbourhoods such as link farms, content farms, doorway sites, and
    sites that are all about gambling, pornography, and drugs.

    3. Link diversity will make your site more authoritative.
    Getting a thousand backlinks from just one source spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e because search engines will regard it as spam.
    If you want your site to be seen on top of search engine results pages, then getting links from different sources
    should be your priority. Diversity of links will help your site earn trust and authority from search engines because it
    looks more natural. Search engine optimization consultants will usually get links from:

           Domains with different IP addresses
           Different kinds of good sites
           Relevant pages
           Different kinds of domains
           Inner pages

These are just a few link building principles from the perspective of many search engine optimization consultants. If you
are serious about getting your site visible to the search engines, then it is high time to get their services. Improving your
site’s ranking means more visitors. The more site visitors you have, the greater chance you have to get customers. You
can opt for offshore staff leasing in Manila, Philippines for your SEO needs. The fees are relatively less compared to
other Western countries. In other words, outsourcing enables you to get high quality results at lower overhead and
labor costs.

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