Muscles of the Neck by mikeholy


									Muscles of the Neck
       Ashlyn Hooper
       Shelby Talbot
       Nick D’Accardi
       Olivia Reeves
        Suprahyoid Muscles
Muscles that help form floor of oral cavity,
 anchor tongue, elevate hyoid, and move
 larynx periosurly during swallowing; lie
 superior to hyoid bone
• Description: consists   • Origin: lower margin
  of two bellies united     of mandible and
  by an intermediate        mastoid process of
  tendon, forming a V       the temporal bone.
  shape under the chin    • Insertion: by a
                            connective tissue loop
                            to a hyoid bone
• Description: slender   • Origin: styloid process
  muscle below angle       of the temporal bone
  jaw; parallels         • Insertion: hyoid bone
  posterior belly of
  diagstric muscle
• Description: flat,        • Origin: medial surface
  triangular muscle just      of mandiable
  deep to diagstric         • Insertion: hyoid bone
  muscle; this muscle         and median raphe
  pair forms a sling that
  forms the floor of the
  anterior mouth
• Description: narrow      • Origin: inner surface
  muscle in contact with     of mandibular
  its partner medially;      symphysis
  runs from chin to        • Insertion: hyoid bone
  hyoid bone
         Infrahyoid Muscles
Straplike muscles that depress the hyoid
  bone and larnyx during swallowing and
• Description: most        • Origin: manubrium
  medial muscle of the       and medial end of
  neck; superficial          clavicle
  except the inferiorly,   • Insertion: lower
  where covered by           margin of hyoid bone
• Description: lateral   • Origin: posterior
  and deep to              surface of manubrium
  sternohyoid              of sternum
                         • Insertion: thyroid
• Description: straplike   • Origin: superior
  muscle with the two        surface of scapula
  bellies united by an     • Insertion: hyoid bone,
  intermediate tendon;       lower border
  lateral to sternohyoid
• Description: appears    • Origin: thyroid
  as a superior             cartilage
  continuation of         • Insertion: hyoid bone
  sternothryroid muscle
Pharyngeal constrictor muscles
• Description:             • Origin: attached
  composite of three         anteriorly to mandible
  paired muscles             and medial pterygoid
  whose fibers run           plate (superior), and
  circularly in pharynx      laryngeal cartilages
  wall; superior muscle      (inferior)
  is innermost and         • Insertion: posterior
  inferior one is            median raphe of
  outermost; substantial     pharynx
Anterolateral Neck Muscles
• Description: two-headed       • Origin: manubriumn
  muscle located deep to          of sternum and
  platysma on anterolateral
                                  medial portion of
  surface of the neck;
  fleshy parts on either side     clavicle
  of neck delineate limits of   • Insertion: mastoid
  anteriorand posterior           process of temporal
  triangles; key muscular         bone and superiod
  landmark in neck;
  spasms of one of these
                                  nuchal line of occipital
  muscles may cause               bone
• Description: located   • Origin: transverse
  more laterally than      processes of cervical
  anteriorly on neck;      vertebrae.
  deep to platysma and   • Insertion:
  sternocleidomastoid      anterolaterally on first
                           two ribs

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