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									The Only Way to True Happiness GOD

The road to happiness is written in the Bible: THE
way, THE truth and THE Light is Jesus Christ.

It is held by Christians worldwide that there is an
innate emptiness in each of our hearts; we try to fill
it up with “stuff’, with experiences, purchases, with
drugs and alcohol or sex; this vacuum, this empty
place in our heart can only be filled by Jesus Christ.

Anything and everything else is only temporary. You
can keep on trying to fill this void, but the only
puzzle piece that fits is Christ.

Surrendering your life to God leads to amazing things.
It takes away all of your fears-you’ve given those old
fears and problems to God; how he handles them is
meant to be.

You simply don’t have to worry anymore. You do,
however, have to be open to what God may have in mind
for your life.

God does not give you more than you can handle, but He
may push you in directions that you’ve never thought
about. In prayer, ask for your needs, not your wants,
and your life will be forever changed.

You will find the purpose of your life in your
ministry, be it music, teaching, preaching, giving or
reaching the lost.

Your life, as you knew it, empty and void, will be
replaced by a lifestyle that compares to no other. The
happiness-the joy-that you could never find will be a
part of your life in abundance.

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