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Notice of Application for a Water Management Act Permit - February 20 by Massachusetts


                                              EXECUTIVE OFFICEO F ENVIRONMENTAL
                                              DEPARTMENT ENVIRONMENTAL
                                              SOUTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE
                                              Z O R I V E R S I D E D R I V E , LAKEVILLE, MA 0 2 3 4 7 508-946-2700

                                                                                                                                                                  TAN A. UOWLES

TIMOTHY P MURRAY                                                                                                                                           ARI,EEN O'DONNELL
L~eutrtlant c,vcrnor.                                                                                                                                                 Cammissioner

                                                           Water Management Act 

                                                    Permit Application Received by the 

                                                  Department of Environmental Protection 

                                                          Southeast Regional Ofice 

                                                  For the Cape Cod Coastal Drainage Area 

        The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will accept written comments on the Water
        Management Act (WMA) application filed for a new WMA permit in the Cape Cod Coastal
        Drainage Area. The permit requested would authorize water withdrawals through Noventber 30,
        201 0 under the Water Management Act, M.G.L. c.21G. Comments must be submitted by close
        of business within 30 days of the date of this Notice to:

                                                The Department of Environmental Protection, 

                                                        Southeast Regional Office 

                                                           20 Riverside Drive 

                                                     Lakeville, Massachusetts 02347, 

                                                          Attention: Jan Drake, 

        or via e-mail to

                An application for a WMA permit has been filed by the Cotuit Fire District Water
        Department, PWS ID # 4020003, 4300 Falmouth Road. Cotuit. MA 02635. The Cotuit Fire
        District Water Department is currently authorized to withdraw an average daily volume of 0.27
        MGD (mi1li011gallonsper day) under WMA Registration #4-22-020.01, and an additional 0.2 1
        MGD under WMA Permit #9P4-22-020.02 for a total average daily withdrawal volume of 0.48
        MGD. The Cotuit Fire District Water Department is requesting to increase the total WMA
        authorized volume from 0.48 MGD to 0.60 MGD. No additional withdrawal points are requested
        by this permit application.

               A copy of the application is available for review at the Department's Southeast Regional
        Office at 20 Riverside Drive in Lakeville. Please contact the Service Center at (508) 946-2700 to
        schedule an appointment. Copies of the application are also available for review at the Cotuit
        Fire District Water Department, 4300 Falmouth Road in Cotuit, from SAM to 4:30 PM, Monday
        through Friday.

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                                                in                                                                                              -   1-SDn-298-2207.

                                                        DEP on the World W d e Web. hllp:lliwmr.mass.govidep
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