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					Capital One Bank
P.O. Box 85064
Glen Allen, VA 23056

July 20, 2010

Dear Sir/ Madam:

The Fair Credit Billing Act requires that you bill correctly, that each statement be
sent to the correct address, that you not ignore change of address requests, and
that you facilitate disputed charges in a manner prescribed by law. The Act also
stipulates that you provide lawfully requested information concerning my
account upon request in a timely manner.

1. Visa Credit Card Account no. 1234-5678-9999-8888
For that reason, you must forward a notarized statement on your letterhead
which will attest to your compliance to the FCBA generally and to my account
specifically throughout the period I have been a customer.
Otherwise, delete the negative marks you have reported to the three consumer
reporting agencies within the timely manner prescribed by law.
Your prompt attention to this matter will be appreciated.


John Doe
123 Main St.
Denver, CO 80202
SSN: 123-45-6789