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									Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland
Role Description

Role Title:                       Labour Market Economist
Classification:                   A07
Salary Range (per annum):         $81,140 to $87,005
Employment Status:                Permanent Full-time
Location:                         Brisbane
Unit:                             Industrial Relations Policy
Division:                         Private Sector Industrial Relations
Contact Officer:                  Peter Lind                   Phone: (07) 32276301
Job Ad Reference:                 QLD/JAG743/09
Closing Date:                     Monday, 21 September 2009

Note to applicants
   Applications will remain current for a period of 3 months.
   In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Act 2008 the successful appointee to the position
   may be required to agree to and serve a probationary period of up to three (3) months
   To be eligible for permanent appointment to the Queensland Public Service you must provide proof of
   Australian citizenship or permanent residency. To be eligible for temporary appointment you must
   provide proof that you can legally work in Australia.
   Recommended applicants for this position may be asked to consent to a criminal record check.
   Please note that people with criminal records are not automatically barred from applying for this
   position. Each application will be considered on its merits.

Role purpose

To research and analyse macroeconomic and labour market issues on a national and international basis that
takes account of economic, social and demographic factors for input into policy options for Government’s

To provide economic advice relevant to industrial relations issues to senior management for input into the
Government’s Industrial Relations policy.

To be responsible for the maintenance/creation of databases relevant to Industrial Relations policy in order
to monitor and review Queensland’s performance on a range of economic indicators, and to support the
Government’s policy directions.

Reporting Relationships
The position reports to the Director, Industrial Relations Policy, Private Sector Industrial Relations

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Organisational Environment
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General through the Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland
offers significant workplace skills, productivity and safety services to the Queensland workforce. Operating in
a stimulating and complex environment, the Department services urban, rural and remote communities
throughout the state and meets its obligations to the community by:
                Creating a fair and equitable industrial relations system
                Ensuring safe and healthy work environments
                Ensuring electrically safe homes, workplaces and other environments

The Department actively promotes a discrimination free workplace culture that values equity and

Key Duties
     1. Research and analyse national and international labour market data to provide economic, social and
        demographic analysis relevant to industrial relations policy.

     2. Provide economic analyses of labour market and industrial relations policy options, including economic
        impacts of proposals dealing with topics such as wage variations, changes in labour market trends, as

     3. Draft briefing papers and correspondence dealing with industrial relations and related labour market
        issues and provide regular reports to the Minister and senior management on a range of labour market

     4. Assist in the preparation of major submissions for the State or Federal Industrial Relations

     5. Liaise with internal and external information sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS),
        Government Statistician’s Office, Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business,
        and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) and contribute to the achievement of the
        Division’s high quality work in the implementation of the state’s industrial relations system.

Assessment Criteria

                    Demonstrated ability to provide an economic impact analysis of labour market
                    developments at both state and national levels.

                    Well developed analytical and research skills, and the ability to access databases within
                    the Department of Justice & Attorney General and in other agencies for input into
                    submissions, reports and policy options in the industrial relations area.

                    Well developed written and oral communication skills and the ability to represent the
                    department in variety of forums.

                    Demonstrated ability to set realistic work goals and establish work priorities appropriate to
                    meeting deadlines, both independently and within a team environment.

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Mandatory Requirements
Nil, however qualifications in economics or equivalent from a recognised tertiary institution will be highly

Additional information

The Department of Justice and Attorney General is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer aiming to
gain a workforce more representative of the wider community. In communities where an identified EEO
group predominates, all efforts will be made to recruit applicants from that target group.

Smoking is prohibited in Queensland State Government buildings and vehicles.

It will be noted that, within the Role Description, the possession of a tertiary qualification is not included
within the selection criteria. The Department values the enhanced work performance which derives from the
expanded knowledge base and skill attainment resulting from formal tertiary training and encourages both its
existing and prospective staff to undertake such training.

However, the Department equally acknowledges that such enhanced work performance can be achieved
through other learning experiences, including on-the-job training, structured professional development and
life experiences.

The Department will assess an applicant’s skills, knowledge and abilities against the selection criteria of the
position description without prejudice regarding the origin of those skills, knowledge and abilities.

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How to apply

     1. Complete an Advertised Position Application Form (for offline applicants only) and;
     2. Submit with a current resume outlining your work experience and personal achievements which are
        relevant to this role and;
     3. With reference to the assessment criteria, provide a two page statement outlining your work
        experiences and achievements which demonstrate why you would be a good fit for this role.

You can submit your application to SSA online or via hardcopy application:

If applying online, please follow the steps below:

     1. Click on the “Online Application Forms” link at the bottom of the specific job details page available at
        Smart jobs and Careers website (
     2. Upload your application using the online system.

If applying offline, please follow the steps below:

     1. E-mail your application to
     2. Ensuring your email message includes your name, contact details and the Job Ad
        Reference (JAR)

If submitting a hard copy application, please follow the steps below:

     1. Place your application in an envelope marked “Private and Confidential”
     2. Mail your application to:

                   Shared Service Agency
                   GPO Box 1176, Brisbane Qld 4001

     3. Deliver your application to:

                   The Vacancy Processing Officer
                   Shared Service Agency
                   14th Floor, 15 Adelaide Street, Brisbane Qld 4000

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Job Description Approval
Approved by the delegated officer on 3/08/06

JEMS Review Date: 3/08/06 - 229115

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