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									                          Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
                                             Coordinator of International Relations

                        Information for our potential Erasmus guest students
                                            (April 2009)
Applicants are asked to read the information below carefully. It will be available on the website of our
Faculty: Choose Mobility /Erasmus on the right side and English on the left side.

Erasmus exchange students are welcome at our Faculty. The academic year consists here of 2
terms: an autumn and a spring one. Those who can not follow the courses in Hungarian
language can study here only in the fall semester, that will start in 2009 on 2nd September and
will end on 11th December. For more information on the schedule of the academic year please
see the attached document (calendar).
Exchange students are requested to arrive by 3rd September. In January we have examination
period. Guest students following courses in English and/or German will pass their
examinations in December.

    1. Application

In order to prepare the studies of exchange students in time, applicants are asked to send their
application by using the attached application form by 10th May 2008 by post.
The deadline of arrival of the learning agreement proposal of the student is also 10th May
2009. Please send your learning agreement proposal by e-mail as an attached word
document to the email address: We cannot accept neither a scanned
learning agreement proposal nor a pdf format.
We can not guarantee that all courses of the attached list will be organized. Based on the
preferences of all applicants those courses will be selected, that have been chosen by the
majority. After having received each learning agreement proposal, we shall contact you by e-
mail in the middle of May. You are asked to read your e-mail regularly, so that the discussion
and eventual modification of your learning agreement can be arranged in a short time. After
having agreed on the courses you can study here, the agreement will be printed, signed,
stamped here and sent to you. Then it has to be signed and sealed at your home university.

Exchange students who can not follow the courses in Hungarian are requested to choose
courses from the attached list. A short description of most of the courses offered in English
and German will be sent to our Erasmus partner universities until 20th April. The introduction
course will be organized for the whole group of exchange students who do not study in
Hungarian. Therefore the learning agreement form contains this course already.
If it is not otherwise indicated in the attached list of courses, there is no limit in the number of
participating guest students for most of the courses in the attached list.

3. Language requirements, language course

The knowledge of Hungarian language is not required from exchange students. For them
courses are offered in English and German. Students having a good proficiency in both
languages have a better choice. It is highly recommended that our future guest students try
to learn some Hungarian before arriving or participate in an intensive Hungarian language
preparatory course here before the beginning of the semester in August. For information and
the offer of Hungarian universities please see the attached document (language) or the website Studying in Hungary/Hungarian Language Studies.

         Mailing address: H-1476 Budapest 100. POB. 127. Visiting address: Budapest IX. Ecseri út 3. Tel: (361) 358 5503
          Fax: (361) 348 3180 • Home Page: • E–mail: ,
                         Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
                                            Coordinator of International Relations

The Faculty of Humanities of our University will also organize intensive language courses in
August: both EILC and tuition fee paying courses. For further information and application
please see the website:
You are advised to contact as soon as possible the central Erasmus coordination of your
home university and to find out regulations and deadlines for applying for an EILC (Erasmus
Intensive Language Course). If you win an EILC grant, you do not need to pay any course fee.
If you want to be sure to get an EILC grant, you are advised to send your application to more
universities. It is a good idea to choose one of the universities outside Budapest and get
acquainted with another part of the country. You should clear directly with the chosen
universities, whether their course is an EILC course (supported by the Erasmus programme)
or a tuition fee paying one.
Our University offers a Hungarian language course also during the Erasmus studies from the
end of September until the end of the semester. This language course is free for Erasmus

4. Study programme of guest students

We will organize an introduction course for our guest students with the aim of providing them
with basic knowledge on the Hungarian society, on the educational system and on educational
& rehabilitation services for persons with special needs. Basic issues of Hungarian special
educational support are shortly presented in general and related to the different fields of
disabilities. These lectures and discussions are mainly held by leading members of the
academic staff of most departments. Additionally visits to different schools and services for
persons with special educational needs are offered.

Besides students can choose from the attached list of courses that can be offered in English
and German. Most of these courses will be held through tutorials in small groups combined
with relevant literary work and practical observations and will start after the introduction
course. Courses in the different fields of special education will be accompanied also by
practical observations.

5. Arrival, formalities, help of Hungarian students

As citizen of a member state of the European Community you can enter our country with an
identity card. For further information on visa and residence permit please see the above
mentioned website: or the website of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs for the Republic of Hungary: or Here
you will find also a lot of useful information on our country.
It is recommended that guest students take advantage of the services of student mentors.
This is a free service organized by the Students’ Union. The help of a mentor can be very
useful e.g. in finding a room, in being met at the airport or in arranging formalities. If
you would like to have a Hungarian student as mentor, please contact the chief mentors of
our Faculty ( and the chief mentors of our University
( ) as soon as you are sure that you will come to study here in the fall
semester. Please note that from the beginning of June our students might already be on
Since there are generally less mentors than guest students it is useful to let the chief mentors
know if you come alone or with one or more mates. In the latter case this small group will get
the same mentor.

        Mailing address: H-1476 Budapest 100. POB. 127. Visiting address: Budapest IX. Ecseri út 3. Tel: (361) 358 5503
         Fax: (361) 348 3180 • Home Page: • E–mail: ,
                         Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
                                            Coordinator of International Relations

6. Living costs, accomodation

There is no tuition fee for Erasmus students. The Hungarian language course offered by our
University during the semester is free for these students. The students’ card will cost you
about HUF 2000 for the semester, the student travelcard for the means of public transportation
in Budapest costs about HUF 4000 per month. For your orientation: for EUR 1 you will get
nowadays around HUF 250-290. The exchange rate has become recently very unstable
Concerning other living costs please see the website:

Unfortunately there is a shortage of places in student hostels even for full-programme
students. Exchange students are therefore asked to rent a room or a flat in time. The rent
depends on the size and location, etc.
According to the experiences of our former guest students before choosing a room or flat it is
recommended to find out whether and under which conditions you can rent it for 3-4 months,
whether it is possible to make the rental agreement in English or German and to clear the
details of the costs: what does the rent include, are there any additional costs, how much is the
deposit and under which conditions will you get it back.
For further information and reservation in English please see the websites as follows:                                                                                       

A website in Hungarian:                            Here you should search under the title „Apró“

You can rent rooms in “easyHotel Budapest Oktogon” (Address: Budapest, VI. District,
Eötvös utca 25/A.)
Email: Prices are quite high in the long run, but
this hotel can be useful during the time you are looking for a better solution.

There are student living communities, most of them maintained by international students. The
free rooms are announced through the mailing list that will provide
you with other useful pieces of information on events, programmes, etc. during your stay here.
You can subscribe to the above mentioned mailing list on the following website:

Information on leisure activities, programmes can also be found on the website:

Budapest, 17th April 2009.
                                                                               Márta Kedl
                                                                     Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty

        Mailing address: H-1476 Budapest 100. POB. 127. Visiting address: Budapest IX. Ecseri út 3. Tel: (361) 358 5503
         Fax: (361) 348 3180 • Home Page: • E–mail: ,

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