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Organization Tree Template by mlp78341

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Organization Tree Template document sample

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									Instructions for completing the 2009 State Roster Template
Introduction to the Template
The 2009 State Roster Template should include all committee members in your state. If you provide us with contact
also include them in our communications (i.e., monthly Leadership Update newsletter, invitations to quarterly region
The information provide in the template will be used by the American Forest Foundation for communications.
If you have any questions about this information or the template, please contact Caroline Kuebler, Outreach Manage

General Instructions for Template
This template includes two worksheets: Instructions and the Roster Template.
Please read the Instructions worksheet first.
We must have a shipping address for the state chair, program administrator and the treasurer – No P.O. Boxes
Email addresses are required for all committee members as all communications will be electronic
Please only submit one workbook from each state and send an electronic copy of the completed workbook to oper

General Instructions on using Excel
To populate a cell, click on the cell with your mouse and begin typing
To edit the information in a cell, double click on the cell and use the arrow keys to go to the correct place where you
To copy the text within a cell, double click on the cell and highlight the text you would like to copy. Then press "Ct
To paste, click on the cell you would like to paste into to and press "Ctrl" and the "V" button simultaneously.
                                                      Be sure to scroll all the way to your left to complete all required

Roster Worksheet Instructions
Complete all the sections of this worksheet (both the committee roster questions and the state committee roster).
Fill in all grey cells that are applicable to your committee
Fill in the top left cells first: the State (two letter abbreviation), Complete by (name of person filling out the workbo
For all people listed in the Roster Questions section, their contact information must be included on the Roster sectio
For the State Roster section, include all committee members and your broader program leadership.
Depending on your committee's organizational structure, additional positions in the Position/Title column could inc
newsletter/publication chair, SIC liaison, awards chair, reinspection chair/coordinator, and additional committee mem
If your committee does not have one of the positions listed, then type N/A in the Committee Member column.
provide us with contact information of your broader program leadership, we will
tions to quarterly regional conference calls etc).
ebler, Outreach Manager, at

 – No P.O. Boxes
leted workbook to by January 5th, 2009.

correct place where you would like to edit the text.
o copy. Then press "Ctrl" and the "C" button simultaneously.
o complete all required cells.

ate committee roster).

n filling out the workbook) and Date (Date roster was completed) cells
 ded on the Roster section.
 Title column could include: secretary, regional/area/district chairs,
dditional committee member (landowners, forester reps etc)
Member column.
2009 State Roster Template
State                   DC
Completed by            Caroline Kuebler
Date                    October 30 2008

                        Committee          First      Last       Company/
Position/Title          Member?            Name       Name       Organization
                                                                 American Forest
Chair                   Yes                Jane       Smith      Foundation

Vice Chair              N/A

Co Chair                N/A

Co Chair                N/A
                                                                 American Forest
Program Administrator   No                 Adam       Johnson    Foundation

Co-Sponsor Contact      N/A
Treasurer               Yes                Juliette   s        Bank of America

Required Sample Chair   Yes                Chuck      Forestland Capitol Tree Farm
                                                                 American Forest
Southern Regional Chair No                 Fred       Delasud    Foundation
                  Who should landowners and others interested in         Who should the National Office mail
                  the Tree Farm program in your state contact for        checks to? Please designate one pe
   Roster         more information? (one person from below will be       from your committee to be the recipi
  Questions       listed as the primary contact) This person's contact   all funds, including pass-through fun
                  information will be publicly available.                small grants, etc.
                                        Adam Johnson                                  Juliette Moneybags

                                        State Roster

Email Address Address 1               Address 2             City         State     Zip Code
Operations@forest 1111 19th Street,    NW Suite 780                              Washington   DC                 20036

Operations@forest 1111 19th Street,    NW Suite 780                              Washington   DC                 20036

Operations@forest 1111 19th Street,    NW Suite 780                              Washington   DC                 20036
Operations@forest 1111 19th Street,    NW Suite 780                              Washington   DC                 20036
Operations@forest 1111 19th Street,    NW Suite 780                              Washington   DC                 20036
he National Office mail all
 ease designate one person       Who are the
mmittee to be the recipient of   primary person(s)
uding pass-through funding,      using the ATFS      Who is your primary contact
etc.                             Database?           person for the required sample?
 Juliette Moneybags              Adam Johnson                 Chuck Forestland

             Contact Phone 1 Contact Phone 2         Number      Comments

                                                                 The Vice chair position
                                                                 is currently vacant, we
                                                                 hope to fill it in the near
                                                                 Our committee does not
                                                                 have co-chairs
                                                                 Our committee does not
                                                                 have co-chairs

                                                                 Our committee does not
                                                                 have a co-sponsor
                                                                 however we are
                                                                 currently exploring




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