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									        HINDU PATRIKA                  Published Monthly
                  September 2008

                                                                    RATTAN LAW
                                                                     FIRM, LLC
                                                           § General Business & Contract Law

                                                           §   Buy-Sell Agreements & Negotiations
                                                           §   Formation of Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships
                                                           §   Business Dispute Litigation
                                                           §   Residential & Commercial Real Estate Law
                                                           §   Bankruptcy
                                                           §   Wills & Trusts
                                                           §   Powers of Attorney
                                                           §   Probate & Estate Administration

                                                           For more information contact
                                                           Manu K. Rattan, Esq.
                                                           2100 Silver Avenue
   Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Kansas City           Kansas City, KS 66106
                                                           (913) 432-0660
A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION   Tel: (913) 631-7519 (Temple)
6330 Lackman Road
Shawnee, KS 66217-9739         Vol 09/2008

                                                           Hindu Patrika      September 2008                    2
                                                                                          HINDU TEMPLE AND CULTURAL CENTER of Kansas City
             HTCC IDOL INSTALLATION                                                       Charges for Puja & Priest Services effective 1st Oct 2008
This year HTCC has scheduled all year long the installation of many                                                                At Temple         At Home
idols. HTCC requests the Hindu Temple patrons to volunteer for the                        Abhishekam                                   $ 65              —
below scheduled idol installation. Please contact the trustee or                          Abhishekam with kalasa puja                  $ 101             —
                                                                                          Aksharabhyasam (beginning of writing)        $ 101
committee member to volunteer.
                                                                                          Anna Prasana (first feeding)                 $ 51              $ 101
IDOL/ Date                TRUSTEE                     ECMEMBER
                                                                                          Any other Puja (< 2 hours duration)          $ 65              $ 151
Sri Ganesh                Ramesh Lokre                Sesha Gubbala
                                                                                          Archna (fruits provided by Temple)           $ 11              -
September 6th   
                                                                                          Atma Shanti/Tarpanam                         $ 31              $ 101
                          913 239 0251                913 814 7091
                                                                                          Baby shower.                                 $ 151             $ 201
The dates are under each idol name.                                                       Barsi/Annual Ceremony                        $201              $ 301
Thanks,                                                                                   Cremation services                           —                 $ 101
HTCC Trustees and Executive Committee Members.                                            Grihapravesham & Sri Sathyanarayana
Visit the temple on September 6th as Sri Ganesh will be in-                               Puja/Katha                                   —                 $ 201
                                                                                          Grihapravesham(house warming) only           —                 $ 151
stalled. Contact Ramesh Lokre for any questions on participa-
                                                                                          Havan                                        $ 101             $ 151
tion.                                                                                     Hiranyasradham                               $ 51              $ 101
                                                                                          Kalyanutsavam (Kanyadan) – Individual        $ 201             —
                                                                                          Mundan(Hair offering)                        $ 65              $ 151
                                                                                          Namakaranam(naming of baby)                  $ 51              $ 101
We sincerely apologize for incorrect information about our                                Navagraha Archna- One Graha only             $ 21              —
manager Mr. Goyal. He did not leave us and continuing to                                  Navagraha puja.                              $ 101             $ 201
                                                                                          Sahasranama Archna                           $ 25              —
perform excellent job for our Temple.
                                                                                          (1000 names of God)
                                                                                          Sri Sathynarayana Puja/Katha                 $ 65              $ 151
                                                                                          Samohika Satyanaryana Puja/Katha             $ 31              -
 WISH LIST FOR TEMPLE - YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED                                          Sashti poorthi shanti(60th birthday)         $ 201             $ 251
                                                                                          Satyanarayana Puja & Basement Rental         $151 (4 hours)
Temple needs the following items for its newly expanded facilities. Temple will buy the
items (Please do not donate used items). The items and the estimated cost is listed.      Sponsor Puja**                               —                 —
We will accept cash/check/credit card payment towards these items and the temple will     Upnayana Sanskara                            $ 251             $ 351
purchse the same.                                                                         (Sacred thread ceremony)
Extended DVD Recorder for the Security Video Cameras                                      Vahan puja                                   $ 31              -
:         Estimate Cost $750.00                                                           Vivah(Wedding)                               $ 701#            $ 501
Telephone          Estimated Cost $100.00                                                  ** check with priest/manager.
Computer           Estimated Cost $1250.00                                                # Basement Hall inclusive.
Printer (Laser)    Estimted Cost $450.00                                                  For Use of New Hall please see New hall Reservations Form
Laptop             Estimated Cost $1000.00                                                Note. Minimum charges for any puja performed outside Hindu Temple. $ 101
Fire Safe Filing Cabinet    Estimated Cost $400.00                                        Any Puja performed outside KC Metropolitan area $ 251
High Definition Video Cameras for the New Building                                        Above suggested charges do not include Dakshina(donation) to the priest and
:         Estimated Cost $ 2,000                                                          it should not be less than 25% of suggested service charges.
                                                                                          All pujas booked in Advance should be paid in advance. Once cancellation or
If you or your Corporation or Business Entitty would like to donate please contact        postponement permitted. For more than one cancellation/postponement 50% of
President of the Temple Ravi Kallur at 913 526 6037 or                  the service charge will be deducted before any refund is made.
Thank you for your support.
Hindu Patrika                 September 2008                                         3    Hindu Patrika            September 2008                                   4
                          TEMPLE HOURS                                                                      Executive Committee Members 2008
         Monday to           10:00 am - 12:00 noon Aarti at 11 am
                                                                                      President                Ravi Kallur            913   814 7854
         Friday              5:00 pm - 8:30 pm        Aarti at 8:00 pm                Vice President           Sai Chimalakonda       913   685 5960
         Saturday            9:00 am - 8:30 pm                                        Secretary                Sanjeev Goyal          913   829 3542
                             Aarti at 12 noon & 8:00 pm                               Treasurers               Suma Hegde             913   491 1969
                                                                                                               Sadhana Bisarya        913   764 3521
         Sunday              9:00 am - 8:00 pm
                                                                                      Fundraising Chair        Hasu Doshi             913    681 3633
                             Aarti at 12 noon & 7:00 pm                               Program Chair            Sridhar Harohalli      913   397 6813
                                                                                      Vice Chair               Usha Bala Saha         913   894 2194
                  HTCC Regular Puja Schedule                                          Members                  Pratibha Trivedi       913   829 5470
                                      Monday                                                                   Aditya Rastogi         913   226 9452
                          Auspicious days for Shivji Puja.
                                                                                      Patrika Editor           Bindu Sundar           913 681 7973
                          performed an hour before Arti.                              Joint Editor             Shalini Agarwal        913 269 8677
Auspicious days for Hanuman Puja. Hanuman Chalisa is sponsored by Rao & Suvarna       Finance Committee        Kiran Kanakadandila    913   568   5683
   Ponnaluri, P.V.Narasimha Rao & Suvarnalakshmi, Kumkum & Krishna Bisarya,                                    Sunil Prabhu           816   217   7669
                      Ravikrishna Subramhanyam & Akkamma                                                       Shridevi Doshi         913   541   8646
                                                                                                               Suresh Badam           913   239   0414
    Devotees may participate in Hanuman Chalisa chant before arti at 6:40 pm .                                 Abhay Bisarya          913   681   0565
 Auspicious days for Sai Baba Puja. Archana and Arti 20 minutes before regular Arti   Volunteer                Sirisha Chimalakonda   913   685 5960
                                       Friday                                         Committee                Vishal Adma            913    962 1398
                     Auspicious days for Maha Lakshmi Puja.                                                    Prathiba Kote          913   469 0128
                                     Saturday                                                                  Narayana Shiyamalann   913   239 9058
Ayyappa Bhajan on every 2nd Saturday 5pm to 6pm                                                                Venakat Prasad         281   704 8407
                                                                                                               Kusuma Bommakanti      913   631 3316
                                        Sunday                                                                 Deepak Thakur
       Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Puja on every 3rd Sunday from 1 to 2 PM.
            For details contact Chandralekha at 620-342-6639 or the Priest.           Religious/Spiritual      Deb Bhaduri            913 897 5823
                         Pradosham puja and Siva Abhishekam                           Committee                Bhola P. Kashyap       913 268 8994
       sponsored by Ravi and Jayadashri Kalluri, Aruna & Narayana Venugopalan,                                 Arvind Shuke
            Uma & Raja, Priya & Manikandan Vembu, Mamatha & Sampath,
 Vijay Ainapurapu and Ganesh Thiagarajan & Loganayaki, Rathnakar Chinthala, Deepak    Library                  Usha Thakur            913 851 4745
                                  Dave & Sonal Dave                                                            Vacant
                                                                                      Maintenance              Bob Satyanarayana      913 888 7704
Please contact Manager for scheduling any puja at Temple or at Home during                                     Vacant
temple hours in the morning on week days and any time on Saturday/Sunday. You         Security System          Sanjay Kohli           913 327 1086
can even email your information for scheduling puja                                                            Pravin Kumar Tayal     913 469 0516

                     Board of Trustees 2008                                           Health &                 Harinath Bathina       913 859 9120
2007-2009    Abhay Bisarya                                      913-681-0565          Wellness                 Saran Bommakanti       913 631 3316
                                                                                                               Raghuram Kundurthi     913 780 6252
2008-2010    Dwarka Gupta                                       913-491-0969
2008-2010    Hasu Doshi                                         913-681-3633          Webmasters               Ravi Mehra            913 568 7254
2008-2010    Sanjay Kohli                                       913-327-1086                                   Vijay Ainapurapu      913 219 9334
2007-2009    Ramesh Lokre                                       913-239-0251          Interfaith Committee     Kailash Krishnamurthy 913 219 3994
2007-2009    Suma Hegde                                         913-491-1969                                               
2008-2010    Ila Patel                                 913-438-7641
2008-2010    Laksmi Naidu                                       913-345-1919          Youth Group
2007-2009    Swaran Jain                                        913-727-1220           Parent                  Amit Desai             816 223 3387
                                                                                       Coordinator s           Ami Sanjanwala         913-269-4749
                                                                                                               Hema Bisarya           913-766-1487

Hindu Patrika                September 2008                                       5   Hindu Patrika                  September 2008                                                6
President                Rohit Saha                                                             Upendra R. & Surekha U. Shah         Vishal & Jyotsna Adma
VP of Operations         Ayush Behere
VP of Marketing                                                                                 Vivek & Meera Dayal
and Communications       Priyanka Patel                                                         “We apologize if we have missed any names, please contact Meera
VP of Finance            Tanvi Kohli
Website Editor           Tej Desai                                                                Dayal, Abhay Bisarya or Ravi Kallur with details so that we can
Intern Communications                                                                                                     update the list
and Design               Karan Kaul
Program Chair/Manager
                         Megha Garg
                         Rudy Date
                                                                                                                 COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                BAL VIHAR                       Starting from 7th September 2008
Priest Committee         Sai Chimalakonda        913-685-5960                                              Every Sunday 9.30am to 10.30am.
                         Abhay Bisarya           913-681-0565                                        Free for Life Members, $50/ family for members,
                         Kasturi Patro           913-681-8469                                         $75/ family for non members
                         Sridhar Harohalli       913-397-6813
                         Pyare Mohan             913-888-5062                                         Contact Ms. Anu Rajesh @913-310-0813
                         Rekha Sheth             816-452-8113              YOGA PARIVAR                    Every Sunday 9.30am to 10.30am
Managers                 Rajinder Goyal          913-631-7519                                              Contact Dr. Vijay Kumar @913-894-6454
                         Gangadhar Balijepalli   913-631-7519        HINDI CLASS                     Every Sunday 11.00am to 12.00noon
                                                                                                                                Contact Swapnam Kumar @ 816-554-2454
Priests                  Sri Srinivasacharulu    913-962-9696                                   HTCC LIBRARY                    Every Sunday 10.30am to 11.30am
                         Sri Sesha Sai Rompicharla 913-631-7519                                       Contact Usha Thakur at
List of Fellow Members                           Manu K. Dawn J. Rattan                         SUNDER KAND PATH                Sep 2nd, 6.30pm to 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                Every First Tuesday. All are welcome to join
                                                 Mukesh & Sangeeta Goel
                                                                                                                                “ek shaam Ram Ke naam”.
Ashok B. & Saroj A. Bavishi                      Mukesh S. & Kalpana Dharod                                                     Contact Sanjay Kohli @ 913-327-1086
Ashwani & Payal Mehta                            Murali & Madhumati Raju Muppala                STUDY CIRCLE                    Sep 7th & 21st, 2.30pm to 3.30pm
Bakul B. & Priti Desai                           Prakash C. & Kasturi Patro                     - BHAGAVAD GITA                 Every First and Third Sunday .
Debabrata & Tripti Bhaduri                                                                                                      Contact Sudha Bathina @ 913-859-9120
                                                 Pratip B. & Toral Patel                                                        Karantha Kunhody @ 913-492-0735
Deva & Megha Chandramohan                        Pravin & Ila Patel                             ADHI PARASAKTHI PUJA            Sep 7th at 10.00am, Aarti at 12 noon. Every
Dilip & Sonia Garapaty                           R. Krishna & Padma Krishna                                                     First Sunday. Contact Priest or
Dinbandhu I. & Jigna Patel                                                                                                      Chandralekha @ 620-481-6910
                                                 Rajendra & Madhuri Srivastava
                                                                                                THIRD SUNDAY PUJA               Sep 21st at 10.30am
Dwarka & Chandra Gupta                           Ramesh & Kumadni Shah                          AYYAPPA BHAJAN                  Sep 13th. Every Second Saturday 5pm to 6pm
Glenn B. & Sheila Inman Dale Jr                  Ramesh & Seema Lokre                           SOUP KITCHEN                    Sep 29th. Every Last Monday
Gopal Adma                                       Rao S. & sujatha K. Mulpuri                                                    Contact Suma Hegde @ 913-491-1969
Jamnadas R. & Naina J. Patil                                                                    SUNDAY LUNCH                    Please contact Manager for sign-up.
                                                 Rattan Law Firm LLC
Jashbhai C. & Jyotsna J. Patel                   Ravindranath & Jayada Kallur
Jasu D & Kusum J Lakhani                         S. & V. Agarwal                                                     HTCC Priest: Position Vacant
Jay P. Aggarwal                                  Sanjay & Anju Mishra                           Immediate vacancy for a Full Time Hindu Religion Priest: Position Available at the
JM Family Trust                                                                                 Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City (HTCC). Applicants must be
                                                 Sanjay & Namita Kohli
Kanti & Shridevi Doshi                                                                          well versed with Hindu Religion and should be able to perform all North Indian
                                                 Sanjay K. Havaldar                             and Gujrati religious rituals and ceremonies. Good communication skills in
Kenneth W. Shewell                               Sanjeev & Nina Goyal                           English, Gujarati and Hindi is a must. HTCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Koppal S. & Ratnam K. Rao                        Saraswathi Gupta                               Please email resume to Sai Chimalakonda ( ) or Rekha Sheth
Larry-Bharat Patel Living Trustee                Siddharth B. & Kusum Basak                     ( ). Detailed information about the temple can be
Madhukar & Purnima Chhatre                       Shreeraman & Vijayarani Rangaraj               found at the website -
Mahadeva & Lakshmi Naidu Velaka                  Sunil & Nita Padhye Abhyankar
Hindu Patrika                    September 2008                                             7   Hindu Patrika              September 2008                                       8
                          Upcoming Events                                                           Health Corner : Editor, Mahendra Rupani, M. D
                                                                                                       When to Test for Cholesterol in Children
                        Ganesh Chavithi puja:                                           Satish K Khurana, M.D., FAAP , Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Tuesday Sept 2nd - 6:00 pm Sri Gowri Ganesh kalasa stapana                            Some parents request cholesterol screening tests for their young children “
       6.30 pm Swarna gowri vratam                                               just to make sure” they are not at risk for heart disease. How beneficial – or
Wednesday Sept 3rd- 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Sri Ganesh Abhisekam, Astana puja         detrimental – is that knowledge for parent, child and physician?
                          Anand Mela – 2008                                           According to the American Heart Association (AHA), compelling evidence
                                                                                 indicates that the atherosclerotic process – hardening of the arteries - begins in
A fun filled afternoon with lots of food and cultural events for everyone.
                                                                                 childhood and progresses slowly into adulthood, often leading to coronary artery
When : 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m, Saturday September 20th,2008
                                                                                 disease, the foremost cause of death in the United States. The AHA’s Report of the
Where : New Community Hall, HTCC
                                                                                 Expert Panel on Blood and Cholesterol levels in Children and Adolescents concluded
Free Admission. More details on page 14
                                                                                 that: (1) Hardening of arteries begins in young people. (2) Elevated cholesterol
              Navaratri Program Schedule: 2008                                   levels in early life play a role in the development of adult atherosclerosis. (3) Eating
Tuesday Sept. 30 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                patterns and genetics affect blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.
Wednesday Oct.1 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                 Lowering cholesterol levels in children and adolescents may be beneficial
Thursday Oct. 2 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                      Identifying children at risk for cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol is
Friday Oct. 3, 2008 Navratri Garba by Gujarati Samaj with a charge               important . Universal screening, however, is not recommended. Data shows that
Saturday Oct. 4 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                 children with elevated cholesterol usually come from families with high cholesterol
Sunday Oct. 5 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                   or coronary disease. Cholesterol screenings, therefore, are recommended for children
Monday Oct. 6 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                   whose parents have a cholesterol level of more than 240 mg/dl, or who have a
Tuesday Oct. 7 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                  family history of coronary disease in a parent or grandparent before the age of 55.
Wednesday Oct. 8 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                Screening may be appropriate in children with the following risk factors: obesity,
Thursday Oct. 9 Navratri Garba by HTCC - 7:30 PM Entrance – FREE                 hypertension, smoking, diabetes and sedentary lifestyle.
                        Fundraising Gala’08                                      If parent’s cholesterol is greater than 240 gm/dl, check the child’s total
When : 5:30 p.m onwards, Saturday November 1st,2008                              cholesterol
Where : New Community Hall, HTCC                                                  - If child’s cholesterol is less than 170 gm/dl, recommend heart healthy diet
Free Admission. More details on page 9                                            - If child’s cholesterol is 170-200 md/ dl, repeat the test in 3 months, and take an
                                                                                       average of two sets to determine the next step.
                              Temple Events                                       - If child’s cholesterol is more than 200 mg/dl, order a lipid panel to rule out
    09-02-08. TUE. SWARNA GOWRI VRATAM. SAMA UPAKARMA.                                 other causes of high cholesterol. Try low fat diet and consider medications.
    09-03-08. WED. GANESH CHATURTHI.                                             If there is a history of coronary artery disease in parent or grandparent before
    09-06-08. SAT. SRI GANESH PRATISHTAPANA.                                     the age of 55, order child’s lipid panel
                                                                                  - If LDL is less than 110 mg/dl, recommend heart healthy diet
                                                                                  - If LDL level is 110-130 mg/dl, repeat test in 3 months and then average the
    09-14-08. SUN. POORNIMA. SATYANNARAYANA SWAMI VRATAM.                              two tests to determine the next step. Recommend heart healthy diet.
        6PM                                                                       - If LDL is more than 130 mg/dl, rule out other causes of high cholesterol, and
    09-15-08. MON. MAHALA PAKSHA BEGINS                                                try low fat diet and consider medications.
    09-18-08. THU. SANKATAHARA CHATURTHI. GANESHABHISHAKAM.                      Heart Healthy Diet: Recommended by AHA for all children over the age of 2 in
        6PM                                                                      combination with exercise. Calories should be adequate to support growth,
                                                                                 development, and to maintain desirable body weight. For a 4-6 year old about 1800
                                                                                 calories, 7-10 year old about 2000 calories, 15-18 year old male – about 3000 calories.
    09-26-08. FRI. PRADOSHAM. SIVABHISHAKAM. 7PM                                 Recommendations include: Saturated fat less than 10 percent of total calories;
    09-28-08. SUN. MAHALA PAKSHA ENDS.                                           total fat an average of no more than 30 percent of total calories, dietary cholesterol
    09-29-08. MON. SRI DEVI NAVARATRI MAHOTSAVAM BEGINS.                         – less than 300 mgs per day.

Hindu Patrika               September 2008                                   9   Hindu Patrika                September 2008                                         10
                                                                             Thank you Note from organizers of Guru Poornima
                                         Guru Poornima                       Celebrations…
                                                                             Thank you all the volunteers who have helped to make this event which
                         Sai Baba often said that-let His devotee be at      was conducted for the first time at HTCC a Grand Success. This gives
                         any distance, a thousand koss away from Him,        the organizers lot of confidence to conduct such events in future. Special
                         he will be drawn to Shirdi like a sparrow, with a   thanks to Rama Krishna Hegde and the members of the YG in serving
                        thread tied to its feet. This was quite evident      the food to 400 people who attended the function.
                        from the huge gathering of around 400 people
                        gathered in the Hindu Temple on the occasion of      Also special thanks to Kabab and Curry for sponsoring the food for the
                       Guru Poornima. It was celebrated in a grand           event and for making hot Bathuras at the venue. The food was superb.
                       manner with full devotional fervor with the co-
operation and support of everyone.                                           Thanks to all the devotees who attended and also to those who
Guru Poornima is the most auspicious occasion as Sai Baba is in the          sponsored the pujas. Also thanks to Priest Sesha Sai and
form of Dakshinamurthy, the Universal Guru, who is believed to be            Srinivasacharyulu.
Sudha Siva Swarupam of Iswara.                                                                   A Glimpse of Dharma Day Camp
On Saturday, July 19th just after the Shej Aarti, the overnight reading of
Shri Sai Satcharitra started which got completed on Sunday morning           By Mansha Monga
                                                                                      The 10th Annual Dharma Day camp was not just rangoli, dharma
following the Kakad Aarti. The HTCC Bal Vihar children sang bhajans
                                                                             brainstorming, delicious home cooked food, and bhajans; it was a fun-filled,
which tied everyone together. The breeze around the temple resonated         thought-provoking day that educated Hindu youth about our colorful religion
with the chanting of ‘Om Sai’ as Baba’s procession moved forward             and culture. This annual event held at the temple on the 6th Aug, 2008, saw 35
with flowers being showered on and the chanvar waving high up in the         children participate between the ages of 8 to 14.
air. Large number of devotees sponsored Abhishek and Shri Sai Vrat                              The day began with the children divided into 4 groups-
                                                                             Saraswati, Shiva, Durga and Vishnu. The priest performed the morning prayer
Katha that was performed by the priest in the main sanctum. Earlier
                                                                             and taught the children about the significance and symbolism of the all the
both priest decorated Sadguru Sai Baba’s mandap beautifully and              items present in the pooja thali. Then, the brainstorming began.... The children
captivating to the eyes.                                                     asked questions like, “How many gods are there?” to “Why is Lord Vishnu blue
The whole day was filled with overwhelming devotion of Sai devotees          in color?” When a student asked “Where did Hinduism start?” one said ‘Tamil
pouring in to the temple though out the day. There were over 400             Nadu’ the other said,” No, it started in Hawaii!” This discussion, led by
                                                                             Swapnam Kumar, gave the children a base of foundational knowledge of
devotees during the noon who attended Madhyan Aarti followed by
                                                                             Hinduism and the three main aspects of it: dharma, karma, and reincarnation.
Mahaprasad. Kabab and Curry sponsored the food and youth group               After the morning prayer, the children ate donuts and bagels breakfast! The
volunteers assisted in serving the same. Kids brought in a lot of cheer      bagels were so popular among the kids that they came back for fourth and fifth
and happiness to the calm and serene prayer hall.                            servings! They then played a game of Who wants to be a Millionaire? or Kaun
HTCC organized this program for the first time in Kansas. From the           Banega Crorepati with all the questions based on Hinduism. Thanks to the one
                                                                             of the Youth Group volunteers Ayush Behere for making this game; it was a hit
word go! Every aspect of the program was seamlessly orchestrated by
                                                                             among the kids. Next, they learned the proper way of doing the aarti. With
Shri Sai. Executive Team and Volunteers worked very hard to make this        enthusiasm on the rise, the children went for a class of Bhajans led by Mr. Raja
a success. We thank everyone for making this a grand success. Shri Sai       Govindrajan, the Bhajan teacher for Bal Vihar. All children received print outs of
Bless you ever!                                                              the bhajans so that they could join in the singing whether they knew the
                                                                             bhajans or not.

Hindu Patrika            September 2008                                11    Hindu Patrika              September 2008                                      12
                   For lunch, thanks to the volunteers, the children enjoyed
home cooked meals comprising of delicious channa naan, sambhar idli, and more              •  Mr. Raja Govindrajain for teaching the Bhajans.
yummy treats. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Raj Bhatia on the                 •  Shawnee Bazaar for providing snacks.
various temples of India in which he talked about temples like Tirupati Balaji,            •  Mr. & Mrs. Om Singla for donating the t-shirts and Mr. Lok Sharma for
Vaishno Devi, Golden Temple and more. You could hear the kids chant and                       beautifully designing and screen printing them.
shout Jai Mata Di and Har Har Mahadev.                                                     • Rudraksh and Smita Mehta and Smita Lahoti and all others who helped
                   Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the day afternoon came                  out with food.
next- arts and craft. Tables were set up in the basement for them to participate in        • Mr. Sanjeev Goyal and Mr. Rajinder Goyal, the manager for taking care
decorating the diyas and making rangolis. The children put their creative minds               of registrations and printing certificates.
at work and made wonderful diyas. For the rangoli, they were given different               Youth Group volunteers were: Ayush Behere, Nimish Mittal, Megha Garg,
colored rice with which they filled the pattern given to them. They proudly took              Tanvi Kohli, Deepa Kote, Ashwini and Vaibhav Lahoti.
each of these home. This was followed by a talk on Jainism by Mr. Hasu Doshi.
                   To wrap up the day, each child was given a certificate along
with goodies and dharma day camp t-shirt. The best behaved group was also
given an award. The kids were happy to meet their parents and share their newly
                                                                                       PARTICIPATE IN A RESEARCH STUDY AT THE
                                                                                                UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS
                                                                                               On ASIAN INDIAN HINDUS
                                                                                      Participants are required for a research study on decision-making at the
                                                                                      University of Kansas.
                                                                                      PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to understand how your culture and
                                                                                      religion affect the way you look at medical decisions. This study will be very
                                                                                      important in furthering our understanding of these issues in the Asian Indian
                                                                                      community which is increasingly becoming an important minority presence in
                                                                                      the United States. This study will take only about 20-30 minutes of your time
                                                                                      and involves completing a questionnaire at a place of your convenience. All
                                                                                      material collected will be kept confidential and no identifying information will be
                                                                                      TO PARTICIPATE: If you are an Asian Indian Hindu between 18 and 35 years
                                                                                      old OR 60 years and older and are interested in participating in this study to
                                                                                      help in improving our knowledge of the role of religion and culture in decision-
                                                                                      making, please contact:
                                                                                      Deepthi Mohankumar
acquired knowledge on Hinduism with them. Overall, the event was a great              Please also contact us if you know someone else who would be interested in
success. We would like to thank all the Youth group volunteers and all those          participating.
generous parents who helped in making this event a success.                           Faculty advisor: Dr. Mary Lee Hummert
     • Universal Printers for printing all the handout material.                      Vice Provost Faculty Development
     • The Priest- Sri Sesha Sai and Ms. Swapnam Kumar for leading the                Professor , Communication Studies
         discussions.                                                                 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.
     • Neelam Kumar, Suma Hegde, Pratibha Trivedi for helping organize the
         day’s events and with food and snacks.
     • Guest speakers: Mr. Hasu Doshi, Mr. Raj Bhatia
Hindu Patrika               September 2008                                     13     Hindu Patrika              September 2008                                       14
                                                     Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City
                                                                    6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, Kansas 66217
                                               Phone: (913) 631-7519                            Tax I.D. 48-0950562
                                                                              PLEDGE FORM
                                               We pledge to make the following contribution for the HTCC Expansion
                                               First Name: __________________ MI ____ Last Name: ______________________
                                               Spouse Name: ________________________________________________________
                                               Address: _____________________________________________________________
                                               City: _______________________________ State: ___________ Zip: _____________
                                               Phone: _________________ Email: ___________________________________
                                               Total Pledge Amount: $10,000 $7,500 $5,000 $1,200 $600
                                               Others _________________________________________________________
                                               Method of payment: One Full Payment of $ _____________________________
                                               Monthly installment of $ _____________ No. of Months ___________________
                                               Quarterly installment of $ _____________ No. of Quarters ________________
                                               Other $ _______________________________________________________
                                               ALL DONATIONS OF $500.00 OR MORE WILL BE RECOGNIZED
                                               * Donations could be paid in installments over a period of 1, 2 or maximum of 3 years.
                                               * Donations of $7,500 or more would be eligible for Fellow Membership
                                               * Donations of $1,500 or more would be eligible for Life Membership
                                               * Donations can be made for the entire amount of a specific section of the expansion
                                               such as NavaGraha, Library, Kitchen, Office, Meeting Room etc. Please contact
                                               Manager or any member of the Board of Trustees.
                                               Make Check Payable to HTCC and mail to:
                                               HTCC, 6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee KS 66217.

                                               CREDIT/DEBIT AUTHORIZATION
                                               I (we) hereby authorize the HTCC to initiate entries to my checking/savings accounts at
                                               the financial institution listed below, and, if necessary, initiate adjustments for any
                                               transactions credited/debited in error.This authority will remain in effect until the
                                 person        HTCC is notified by me (us) in writing to cancel it in such time as to afford HTCC and
                      $100 /- per e            THE FINACNCIAL INSTITUTION a reasonable opportunity to act on it.
                Ticket & Corporat              Name of Financial Institution:___________________________________________
                   Group ip available          Branch: _________________City:__________________ State: ___ Zip: _________
                        orsh                   Checking/Savings Account Number: _________________________________
                  Spons                        Financial Institution Routing Number: _______________________________
                                               (Look between these symbols |: :| on the left bottom of your check)

                                               Credit Card Number: _________________________________ Exp. Dt. _______
                                               Name on Credit Card: _______________________________________________

                                               Signature (s): ______________________________________ Date: _________
                                               Now Accepting MASTER CARD / VISA CARD.
                                               06/08/05 (Revised)

Hindu Patrika    September 2008           15   Hindu Patrika                 September 2008                                       16
    Please pay your membership due for the year 2008.

                          Tax ID 48-0950562
                        Membership Information

Date: _____________     Phone: (_______) ____________________

Last Name: ____________________ First: ______________________

Spouse: _________________________________________________

                                                                       We are pleased to announce that Lord Ganeshji will make Hindu Temple of Kansas City, His abode. Please join us in the Murti
________________________________________________________               Sthapana ceremony on Sept. 6th along with your family and friends. The festivities will begin from Sept. 2nd.

                                                                                                                    PROGRAMME DETAILS
City: _________________________ State: _______ Zip:___________
                                                                       Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
E-Mail: __________________________________________________             6 p.m. to 8 p.m - Maha Ganapati pooja, PunyanVachanam, Anughnya( Permission from all our Gods and Goddesses of our
                                                                       Temple), Brahmin pooja (Ritvik Varuna), Kumbha Sthapana, Ankura Roopanam, Yagasala Nirmanam pooja, Dhanya
Types of Membership:                                                   Wednesday September 3rd, 2008 GANESH CHATURTHI
Fellow Member $7,500 One Time                                          9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. - Sarvatho Bhadara Mandal pooja, “Jal Adhivasam”
Life Member              $1,500 One Time                               10:30 to 11:45 a.m. - “Skheera Adhivasam”
Regular Member $25 Per Year                                            7 p.m. to 8 p.m - “Pushpa Adhivasam” with 108 Flowers
We encourage you to be a Fellow Member of the Hindu Temple.            Thursday September 4th, 2008
                                                                       10 a.m. to 11 a.m. - Avahita Sarva Devata pooja
                                                                       7 p.m. to 8 p.m - Avahita Sarva Devata Shyam Kala pooja
                                                                       Friday September 5th, 2008
Please mail your check Payable to HTCC to:                             10 a.m. to 11 a.m. - Avahita Sarva Mandal pooja
HTCC, 6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217-9739                        6 :30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m - Shyam Kala Sarva Devata pooja followed with Lalita Sahashra Namah pooja, Aishwarya Lakshmi
                                                                       8 p.m. to 12 a.m. - Akhanda Ganeshji Chalisa Parayan, Bhajans etc. Shyana Adhivasam.
                                                                       Saturday September 6th, 2008
                                                                       8 a.m. to 9 a.m. - Ganesh Homam
                                                                       9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m - Padmapeeta Shuddhi (Bhushuddhi) Pancha Dhatu Samarpana, Ganesh Mantra Shuddhi ,108 Kalasha
                                                                       10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. - Ganeshji Mula Murti Parikarma with 108 Ganeshji small pictures
        Pledge made towards Temple Expansion:-                         11:11 a.m. - Lord Shri Maha Ganapati Brahma Mula Murti Pratshitana Mahotshavam
                                                                       11:30 a.m. - 108 Pushpa archana Maha Neivedyam Maha Mangal Aarti
                                                                       12:30 pm. - MahaPrasad and Lunch.
    If you have made pledge and/or would like to pay donation
                                                                       All Devotees are requested to SPONSOR the pooja for all days for $ 51/- only. Please contact at HTCC for sponsorship.
            towards the pledge or temple expansion then -
                                                                       We are requesting volunteers to sign up to help make this event successful. If you want to volunteer for cooking or decoration or
                                                                       for any other kind of help, please call or email:
                                                                       Ramesh Lokre : 913 239 0251            Milind Vaidya : 913 681 1321
 CAN GIVE IT TO MANAGER Mr. GOYAL. PLEASE WRITE                                                         Looking forward to serve you, Hindu Temple & Cultural Center

Hindu Patrika            September 2008                          17   Hindu Patrika                                September 2008                                                                    18
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lord Vinayaka
              KANSAS CITY
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Once goddess Parvati, while bathing, created a boy out
                                                                                                                                                                                                 of the rice powder which she use to apply to her body
                                                                 SAMUHIK GANESHJI POOJA                                                                                                          and assigned him the task of guarding the entrance to
                                                                   Saturday, September 6th, 2008                                                                                                 her bathroom. When Shiva, her husband returned, he
                                                                          8 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                                                            6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217-9739                                                                                            was surprised to find a stranger, he stopped him to
                                                                                                                                                                enter. Lord Siva become angry and struck off the boy’s
                                                                    Tel: (913) 631-7519 (Temple)                                                                                                 head in rage. Parvati broke down in her grief and to soothe her, Shiva sent out
                                                                                                                                                                                                 his squad (gana) to find the head of any sleeping being who was facing the
 For your information:                                                                                                                                                                           north. The pramada ganas found a sleeping elephant and brought back its
     The $51.00 registration fee includes the cost of the Pooja items and one Souvenir per family.
     You may bring red flowers as offerings.                                                                                                                                                     severed head, which was then attached to the body of the boy. Shiva restored
     Please mail the registration form to the above address with $51.00 check payable to HTCCOFKC ( mention                                                                                      its life and made him the leader of his troops. Hence his name ‘Ganapati’. . Shiva
     “Ganeshji Pooja-Sep 6th,2008 on the check, you may also pay by Credit Card or you may register online )
                                                                                                                                                                                                 also bestowed a boon that people would worship him and invoke his name
 Receipt received from ________________________________________ of $51.00 for Ganeshji Pooja on _______________.                                                                                 before starting any pooja.
                                           (Please bring the top portion of this receipt on the day of Ganeshji Pooja)                                                                           Lord ganesha, God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. Hence he is
 - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -        known as vighneswara. He is the son of lord Siva and the divine mother Parwati.
                                                                  Ganeshji Pooja Registration Form
                                                                                                                                                                                                 He has four hands, indicating his omnipresent and omnipotent. An axe in
 Mother’s Name:                         ____________________________                                     Father’s Name:                   _________________________                              the upper left hand and a lotus in the upper right hand this enables one
                                                                                                                                                                                                 to live in the world without being affected by earthly temptations, just as a
 Child’s Name:                          ____________________________                                     Child’s Name:                    _________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                 lotus remains in water but is not affected by it. A tray of sweet puddings
 Child’s Name:                           ____________________________                                    Child’s Name:                    _________________________                              denotes that He bestows wealth and prosperity upon His devotees. The
 Family Gotram:                         ____________________________                                     Email Address:                   _________________________                              lower right hand is shown in a blessing pose, which signifies that
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ganesha always blesses His devotees. The left side of the body
 Phone Number:                          ____________________________                                     Cell Number:                     _________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                 symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason. Elephant’s head
 Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                    symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that
 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                    one must possess to attain perfection in life. The large ears signify that a
                                                                                                                                                                                                 perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen to others
    I hereby release HTCCOFKC & other participating organizations from any liability of any accidents and/or injuries me                                                                         and assimilate ideas. The two tusks denote the two aspects of the human
    and my family may incur while participating in the Ganeshji Pooja.                                                                                                                           personality, the right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents
    I and/or my health insurance company will be completely responsible for the payment of all expenses incurred for any kind
    of medical and/or surgical treatment as a result of any unforeseen accidents during the Ganeshji Pooja.                                                                                      emotion. Ganesha’s body is usually portrayed wearing red and yellow
    Please note that parents are responsible for their children at all times.                                                                                                                    clothes. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace and truthfulness. Red
                                                                                                                                                                                                 symbolizes the activity in the world. These are the qualities of a perfect
         Signature: ______________________________________                                               Date: ____________________________                                                      person who performs all duties in the world, with purity, peace, and
 Contact Information:                                                                                                                                                                            truthfulness. The big belly signifies that a perfect individual must have a
 Ramesh Lokre : 913 239 0251 email:, Seema Lokre: 913 239 0251 email:                                                                                  large capacity to face all pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the
 Sanjay Kohli: 913 327 1086 email:
 Girish Pednekar: 913 768 1787 email:
                                                                                                                                                                                                 world. His vehicle is a tiny mouse, symbolizing the ego that can nibble all
 Shashank Date: 913 897 9350 email:                                                                                                                                        that is good and noble in a person. Perfect person is one who has
 Milind Vaidya : 913 681 1321 email:
Hindu Patrika                                                     September 2008                                                                                                            19   Hindu Patrika              September 2008                                     20
conquered his or her ego. Purified or controlled ego can live in the world
                                                                                                                   Hindu Temple and Cultural Center
                                                                                                                  Hindu Temple and Cultural Center
without being affected by the worldly temptations. One must control ego
in order for wisdom to shine forth.                                                                                       6330,LackMan Road
                                                                                                                        6330,LackMan Road
Sloka of the month:                                                                                                      Shawnee, KS—66217
                                                                                                                      Shanwnee, KS—66217
Eka Dantaya Vidmahey , Vakra Tundaya Dhemahi , Tanno Danti Prachodayat.
 We Devote Our Thought To The One Tusked Lord. We Meditate Upon Him
Who Has a Curved Trunk. May The Tusked One Guide Us The Path.
 Sanskrit Parichat:
                     Sakataha : Train: Petika : Box

                                              Vana Vasa
                                  What is the significance of going to the forest? In
                        the Maha Bharata the pandavas were born in the forest
                        and also spent twelve years in exile in the forest and one
                        year in incognito in a city. Rama went to the forest in his
Another name for forest is aranya. aranya comes from the word arani.
ãtmanam aranim kritva ......Mundaka Upanishad
          What is the meaning of going to the forest? In the Vedic period much           HTCC cordially invites you all to join            Highlights
before the Ramayana, there were gurukulas established in the forests in the lap of                                                           • Food
nature. People desirous of spiritual growth and true education lived in the natural      in the Annual Event Anand Mela.                     • Fun
surroundings of the forest where one can really feel the expansion of the heart and
                                                                                                                                             • Games
mind and understand the play of God better. In the Vedic tradition students during       Join us for a fun filled event which has
their brahmacharya period were in the gurukulas in the forest for their growth and                                                           • DJ Music
education and in their old age they were again in the forests for vanaprastha. The       lots of home cooked food, Fun, games,               • Raffle– Prizes to win
four stages of life were brahmacarya, gruhastha, vanaprastha and sannyasa.
Vanaprastha means returning to the forest. To live in the forests in the company         activities for all ages.
of holy people helps spiritual growth. In the modern days monks have left the
forests and started living in the cities. Students do not go to the forest anymore
but in the name of sight seeing they go for trekking to forest. True spiritual life is
                                                                                         Dance for music by DJ                             When : 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m
going away from us. Symbolically going to the forest means to live in good company.
                                                                                                                                           Saturday, 20th September, ‘08
          Ravana is the symbol of Kama or desire. This Kama lives in us in fourteen
places. The fourteen places are the ten sense organs and the four inner instruments
                                                                                         Sridhar Harohalli : : 913-397-6813 6813
                                                                                          Sridhar Harohalli
                                                                                          Usha Bala Saha
                                                                                                                    913- 397-
                                                                                         Usha Bala Saha : : 913-710-5210 5210
                                                                                                                    913- 710-
                                                                                                                                           Where : New Community Hall,
                                                                                         Sai Chimalakonda : : 913-685-5960 5960
- dasa indriya and the antah karana catushtaya. To eliminate this one has to go
                                                                                          Sai Chimalakonda
                                                                                          Vijay Aainapurapu:
                                                                                                                    913- 685-
                                                                                         Vijay Aainapurapu: 913– 681-1623 1623
                                                                                                                    913- 681-                      HTCC
to the forest for fourteen years.                                                        Kailash Krishnamurthy:
                                                                                          Kailash Krishnamurthy: 913- 492- 5178
  (Edited from the book Rama Katha; for copies of the book contact Sudha                  Temple
                                                                                         Temple                     913- 631-
                                                                                                           : : 913-631-7519 7519           Admission Free

Hindu Patrika                September 2008                                       21     Hindu Patrika                             September 2008                      22
                                    Love and Truth                                                            “The true measure of success
                Excerpt from the book Celebrating Silence by H.H. Sri Sri                                is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child
                Ravi Shankar.                                                                                 that is able to deal effectively
                                                                                                                  With life’s challenges.”
                Why would someone tell a lie to their close ones
                or to their beloved?                                                                                 - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
                                                                                                             Founder of the Art of Living Foundation
              This is a question most often asked by lovers.
Since love cannot stand untruth, this causes relationships to
break up. The solution lies in understanding the paradox of
                                                                                          ART Excel – All Round Training in
love and truth.                                                                                     Excellence
 People tell lies just to save and maintain their love. The fear
                                                                                                       For Ages – 8 to 13 years
that the truth might damage their love causes lies to be told                                              Sep 23rd – 28th
                                                                                                 Week Days – Evening 3 hrs | Week End 4 hrs
between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents
and children and in family situations.                                           A 6 Day Workshop addresses all aspects of a child’s development:
                                                                                 * Techniques that calm the mind and energize the body
In love you feel weak and truth brings strength. Yet why do                      * Discovering talents that enhance confidence, creativity, communication skills,
people prefer love over truth, i.e. weakness over strength?!                     leadership
 luhe)                                                                             qualities, unfold one’s potential
                                                                                 * Improves attention, retention and concentration, focus and clarity
 No one wants to sacrifice love. Thus people are ready to give                   * Vital non-academic skills such as the art of making friends, handling fear,
up the truth for their love. Love takes the luster out of truth.
                                                                                   frustration, pressures from school and peers
Sometimes truth can make love bitter while in love even lies
can appear sweet, like Krishna’s lies to his mother Yashoda!                      The course is taught through games and interactive discussions
                                                                                                in a friendly and joyful environment.
The truth that does not nourish love has no sense and the
love that cannot withstand the truth is not true love. When one                  Testimonials/ Kids speak:
                                                                                 “I sleep better and I don’t get angry a lot anymore.”- Sandra, middle
is assured that the love is so strong that the truth can neither                 school student
break it nor cause bitterness, then the truth prevails and love
shines.                                                                          “Kriya helps me be calm and focused in my studies” Anshul, middle
                                                                                 school student
Truth has judgments, but true love is beyond judgments. Thus
true love makes you weak and yet it is the greatest strength.
                                                                                 Visit to Register
                                                                                 Call 816-217-7669
Call 816.217.7669                                                                Email

Hindu Patrika             September 2008                                    23   Hindu Patrika               September 2008                                   24
                                                                                                               KB PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                                                               (ESTABLISHED SINCE 1995 IN
                                                                                                               All digital video and photography provided
                                                                                                               by a highly experienced professional.

                                                                                                               Digital video recording / editing services and
                                                                                                               full spectrum of photography for:

                                                                                                               Weddings, Receptions, Graduation, Outdoor
                                                                                                               Portraits, Parties and Events.

                                                                                                               KB Photography also rents MANDAP for

                                                                                                               We will transfer your VHS and Hi-8 videotapes to digitally processed DVD.

                                                                                                               Talk to KIRIT BHATT at (913) 338-2844 (H) or (913) 645-2114 (C)

                                                                                                                                     PATEL FOODS
                                                                                                                       7214 W 119th St, Overland Park Ks 66221 (913-696-1950)

                                                                                                               Over 30 Kinds Fresh Vegetables On Tuesday, Friday & Saturday.
                                                                                                               Grocery From India, Toor Daal, Sona Masoori Rice.
The IAM – Integrated Amrita Meditation TechniqueSM is a powerful way to reconnect with our real center,
                                                                                                               New & Old DVD’s. Calling Cards, Frozen Food.
our Inner Self, and thereby experience true joy and peace in life. Born out of Amma’s divine inspiration,      Fresh Baby Goat, Lamb Chicken Everyday FREE CUT
when practiced with dedication, is designed to bring about integration in our lives – an integration of        Fish Over 20 Kinds, FREE CUT.
body, mind, intellect and heart; an integration of our True Self with God.

                 IAM Courses are being offered in the Kansas City Area!                                        Check Kansas City’s Newest Website For Complete
                                                                                                               Classifieds, Buy sell Cars & Furniture, Moving Sale,
        Dates: Sept 13th & 14th                              For more information and to register:
        Pre-registration is required                               Contact: Suma Hegde                         Roomates Needed, Upcoming Movies In Theatres.
        A minimal fee will be charged to cover costs               Email:
                                                                   Tel:                                              WWW.JcDesi.Com
        All sessions need to be attended fully
        (Saturday through Sunday early afternoon)            To get information about other IAM                Open 7 Days A Week From 10:30am – 9Pm ( Patel Foods )
     Location: Hindu Temple of Kansas City                   courses please email

Hindu Patrika                           September 2008                                                    25   Hindu Patrika               September 2008                                  26
                            APEX L.L.C.
                AJAY DAVE & MEERA WATSON
KANSAS CITY OFFICE                                  TOPEKA OFFICE
11467 FLOYD DR, STE 2006                            5016 SW CEDAR CREST
115th STR & METCALF                                 P.O.BOX 4030
OVERLAND PARK,                                      TOPEKA,
KS 66210                                            KS 66604
913-906-0722                                        785-608-9876
                E-FAX: 816-222-0806
                  We will be there to take care of your
                       ·Corporate & Personal Taxes
                   ·Payroll Processing, Taxes & Returns
                         ·Sales Tax & Other Taxes
                 ·New Business Consultation, Incorporation
                     ·Monthly Accounting & Reporting
                           ·Financial Statements
                            ·Personal Tax Audits
                    ·Compliance Audit & much more….
Hindu Patrika           September 2008                               27   Hindu Patrika   September 2008   28
                                                                                                             Indian dentist in town
              Summer Deal
                                                        Complements of
                                                                                                                   Dr. Anuja Buch DDS
                    $ 1500                                                                                         • Dental Graduate from University of California,
                 Closing Costs                    Sleep                                                            San Francisco, with five years of clinical experi-
        Plus Taxes, Escrows & Title Co                                                                                                   ence.
                                                                                                                        • Complete care for adults and children
                                                                                                                    • State of the art technology and laser dentistry
     11881 W. 112th St.Overland Park, KS 66210
                                                          Phone: 913 754 3275
                                                                                                                           • Most major insurances accepted
                                                          Fax:     913 754 3276
                                                                                                                        • Fluent in Gujarati, Hindi, and Marathi
       90% Jumbo Loans
    No Mortgage Insurance!!                                                             Family Dental Pros                  FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL:
                                                 10WEAccept most Insurances             The Shops at Corporate Woods
     KS License # 1998-0682                                                                                                 913-345-1181
                                                                                        9906 College Boulevard,
     MO License # 07-769-A

                                                                                        Overland Park, KS 66210

                                                                                        VIJAY K. KAUL

                                                                                        MATHEMATICS TUTOR
                                                                                        Train your child with experienced teacher to master Mathematics
                                                                                        from grade 5 to grade 12 (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry , Calculus)
                                                                                        Contact No :(913) 633 9086
                                                                                        e-mail :

                                                                                                                  Did you visit
                                                                                                               Register with us to receive regular email notifications
                                                                                                               View online event album
                                                                                                               Be informed about all upcoming Temple and Community events
                                                                                                               In the event of an inclement weather receive notifications.
                                                                                                               Download necessary forms (donation, hall booking etc)
                                                                                                               Listen to Bhajans online
                                                                                                               Access to monthly Hindu Patrika (including archives)
                                                                                                               Access to list of Puja and Rates
                                                                                                                                                                ....and more
                                                                                                Send your opinion and feed back to webwriter at
Hindu Patrika                      September 2008                                  29   Hindu Patrika             September 2008                                        30

                                                                                                                          PERMIT No. 912
                                                                                                                           Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE

                                                                                                                              KS 662
                                                                      09-02-08. TUE. SWARNA GOWRI

                TAJ GROCERS                                               VRATAM. SAMA

                           149TH & METCALF                         09-03-08. WED. GANESH CHATURTHI.
         Indo-Pak Groceries, Chaat House and Boutique
              GUARANTED FOOD. DON’T LIKE IT DON’T PAY IT.              09-06-08. SAT. SRI GANESH
                          Tel # (913)-814-9TAJ (9825)                      PRATISHTAPANA
                                                                        SIVABHISHAKAM. 7PM

                SPECIALS OF THE MONTH.                                 09-14-08. SUN. POORNIMA.
                    LAXMI, SWAD, GOLDEN TEMPLE                        SATYANNARAYANA SWAMI

                                                                                                      Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Kansas City
           REG 21.99 ON SALE 17.99 WITH 10.00 MIN PURCHASE.                  VRATAM. 6PM
                       VEGETABLES ALWAYS $ 1.49
                                                                      09-15-08. MON. MAHALA
                    ALL DALS 2LB $2.99 AND 4 LB $ 5.49                    PAKSHA BEGINS
              CHAATS3.99 REG WITH COUPON 2.49
            ASHOKA READY TO EAT BUY 1 GET 1 FREE                      09-18-08. THU. SANKATAHARA

                                                                                                                                                      6330 Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 66217-9739
                                                                      09-19-08. FRI. KRITTIKA.
                                                                          MURUGAN ABHISHAKAM.

                                                                      09-26-08. FRI. PRADOSHAM.

                                                                      09-28-08. SUN. MAHALA PAKSHA

                                                                      09-29-08. MON. SRI DEVI
                                                                          NAVARATRI MAHOTSAVAM

Hindu Patrika          September 2008                         31

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