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					                            Professional Police Officers
   Founded                        Credit Union
   1931                           Newsletter        Serving Those Who Serve
   Issue 10-3                                                                                              Fall 2010

                                                                   LOAN INTEREST RATES
This year’s theme was “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” including
snow cones and cotton candy with Santa Claus making an
appearance.                                                        For a limited time, PPOCU members are eligible
Jug’s Catering dished out their delicious fried chicken, corn on   to take advantage of a fantastic Summer/Fall
the cob, biscuits, apple butter and corn dogs. Many years of       season loan special. Between now and October
service have been greatly appreciated.                             27, 2010, any new or used collateral loan will be
We were happy to see many of our members and their guests          discounted off the current loan rates. Now is the
enjoy the beautiful day. The children enjoyed the clowns, face     perfect time to look into buying a new car, a
painting, balloon sculpturists, and sack races. Other members      motorcycle, boat, etc. You won’t be able to beat
and their guests enjoyed the egg toss, horseshoes, and tailgate    these fantastic rates. Don’t miss out on this great
toss tournaments. First place in the egg toss went to              opportunity!
Hornsby/Chandler Team and Tim Blackwell/Bobby Blackwell.
First place in horseshoes went to Tim Martin/Jim Martin. First                                Current     Special
place in tailgate toss went Rob Neal/Steve Jones.
                                                                   *New Cars                   3.75%      2.75%
A silver coin was awarded to the oldest and youngest member
present at the picnic. The oldest member was Kathryn               *Used Cars                  4.25%      3.25%
Kirschner, (91 years young) widow of Captain Ed Kirshner and       *New Boats                  5.25%      3.75%
the youngest member was Easton Lakia, (11 days old), great
grandson of Retired Officer Eugene Laugle.                         *Used Boats                 5.75%      4.50%
                                                                   *New Motorcycles            4.75%      3.75%
We hope everyone had fun and hope to see you at the 2011           *Used Motorcycles           5.50%      4.50%
picnic!                                                            *New Travel Trailers/RV 5.25%          3.75%
                                                                   *Used Travel Trailers/RV 5.75%         4.50%
                                                                   *Farm Equipment             6.50%      4.50%

                                                                   *Rates effective now to October 27, 2010.

                                                                   *Risk Based Pricing still applies and rates are
                                                                    based on credit scoring.

                                                                   *Loans must be applied for and approved prior to
                                                                    October 27, 2010.

                                                                                VISA PROMOTIONAL RATE
                                                                   PPOCU is pleased to announce an introductory rate of
                                                                   5.9% APR on all PPOCU VISA credit card purchases
                                                                   made from November 1 through December 31, 2010.
                                                                   This rate is good through June 2011-cycled statement.
             Kathyrn Kirschner and Easton Lakia
                                                                                                Loan Products
Board of Directors,                         Current Dividend News
                                                                                                Shared Secured (6%)
Committee Members                           APY =Annual Percentage Yield
                                                                                                Personal (as low as 12%)
and Staff                                   Share Account
                                            $ 999.99 or less             0.50 APY               Co-maker (as low as 12%)
Michael D. Fogarty, Chairperson             $1,000 - $4,999.99           0.75 APY
Peter C. Bolles, Vice-Chairperson           $ 5,000 - $9,999.99          1.01 APY               VISA (11.9%)
Michael E. Sherman, Secretary               $10,000 and up               1.26 APY
Danny C. Overley, Pres-Treas                Christmas Club               0.50 APY               *Home Equity Line of Credit
                                                                                                (Variable 3.25%) with
                                            SHARE CERTIFICATES                                           No closing costs
DIRECTORS                                   $ 2,500             0.85 APY                                 No title search fee
A. Thomas Cotton, Jr.                       $ 5,000             1.11 APY                                 No appraisal fee
Leo T. Blackwell                            $10,000             1.87 APY
Louis J. Christ                             (All share certificates are 1 year)                 Collateral (Autos and trucks)
W. Craig Fishburn                                                                                        New (60 months
Janet R. Cotton                             Rates are in effect as of this publication                   as low as 3.75%)
                                            and are subject to change without notice.                    Used (60 months
                                                                                                         as low as 4.25%)
SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE                                                                           *You may have to pay appraisal fee, title
James L. Reno, Chairperson                  Credit Union Hours of
                                                                                                search fee and other fees accrued if you close
Jerry L. Barker                             Operation:
                                                                                                your account within one year.
Alan J. Pinnick
                                            Monday thru Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
                                                                                                Please call the credit union for other available
                                            IMPD Pay Thursday       8:30am – 4:30pm             loan products at 327-2600.
                                                      Reopen        5:00pm - 6:00pm
Oliver L. Jackson, Chairperson
Jeffrey R. Horn
                                            IMPD Pay Friday       7:00am – 4:30pm
Donald Wright, Alternate                                                                             ATTENTION HOME OWNERS
LEGAL COUNSEL                               The credit union observes the                           HOME EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT
Jon Williams
                                            following holidays:                                       3.25% VARIABLE RATE
CREDIT UNION STAFF                                                                               If you are thinking about sprucing up your
Cecilia R. Pitman, Operation Mgr            COLUMBUS DAY                                         house or buying a new car, consider a
Sonya R. Winkler, Visa Coordinator             Monday, October 11, 2010                          home equity loan. If you have owned your
Sandra E. Silcox, Loan Officer                                                                   home for several years, your property has
Elizabeth S. Deckard, Senior MSR                                                                 probably earned a profit for you by
Jenni Laugle, MSR
                                            VETERANS DAY
                                             Thursday, November 11, 2010                         increasing in value because of inflation.
Barbara Gerstner, MSR                                                                            Further, your regular monthly mortgage
Andrea Overley-Thompson, MSR
                                            THANKSGIVING DAY                                     payments reduce the amount you owe. For
                                             Thursday, November 25, 2010                         both reasons- inflation and amortization-
                                                                                                 your equity normally increases.
                                             DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING                              This home equity can be used as collateral
This institution is not federally                                                                to secure a loan and line of credit for any
                                              Friday, November 26, 2010
insured, and if this institution                                                                 worthwhile purpose. This loan does not
fails, the Federal Government               CHRISTMAS EVE                                        change or alter your first mortgage in any
does not guarantee that                      Friday, December 24, 2010                           way-it is an entirely separate loan. There
depositors will get back their                                                                   may be tax benefits as well.
money. This institution is                  NEW YEAR’S EVE                                       Call for more details.
privately insured for depositors             Friday, December 31, 2010
                                                                                                 Rates are in effect as of this publication
up to $250,000 through
                                                                                                 and are subject to change without notice.
American Share Insurance.

The PPO Credit Union participates in the CU Service Centers where members can conduct transactions for deposits and withdrawals.
There are numerous outlets but the three main Indianapolis locations are:
                EAST, 890-9102                                WEST, 481-0916                  SOUTH, 882-1755
                10120 E Washington Street Rd                  5836 Crawfordsville             8811 Hardegan
                (Washington Square Mall)                      (Speedway Super Ctr)            (County Line Mall)
CU Service Center Hours              Mon-Fri 9 am – 7 pm                   Sat 9 am – 2 pm
There are other locations outside the Indianapolis area. Please call the credit union for a list of credit union locations or visit online at for a location near you.

                               “PROUDLYSERVING THE THIN BLUE LINE SINCE 1931”

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