Labour Market and Industrial Relations by xqw24322


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									RN/ RS Numbering System

RN1      Ageing In Europe
RN2      Sociology of the Arts
RN3      Biographical Perspectives on European Societies
RN4      Sociology of Children and Childhood
RN5      Sociology of Consumption
RN6      Critical Political Economy
RN7      Sociology of Culture
RN8      Disaster and Social Crisis
RN9      Economic Sociology
RN10     Sociology of Education
RN11     Sociology of Emotions
RN12     Environment and Society
RN13     Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives
RN14     Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State
RN 15    Globalization
RN 16    Sociology of Health and Illness
RN 17    Industrial Relations, Labour Market institutions and Employment
RN 18    Sociology of Communications and Media Research
RN 19    Sociology of Professions
RN 20    Qualitative Methods
RN 21    RENCORE: Methods for Comparitive Research on Europe
RN 22    Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty
RN 23    Sexuality
RN 24    Science and Technology
RN 25    Social Movements
RN 26    Sociology of Social Policy
RN 27    Regional Network on Southern European Societies
RN 28    Society and Sports
RN 29    Social Theory
RN 30    Youth and Generation

RS1      Sociology of Celebration
RS2      Reassessing Class in Contemporary Sociology
RS3      Disability, Citizenship and Uncivil Society
RS4      Enlargement of the European Union
RS5      Evolution and Sociology
RS6      Global Governance
RS7      Historical Sociology
RS8      Europe and Immigration
RS9      Rethinking the Intergenerational transmission of inequalities
RS10     Legal Plurism in Europe: Common Regulations and Local Practices
RS11     Memory, Culture and Conflict
RS12     Contemporary Methods in Migration Research
RS13     Minority Status and ambivalent identities in plural societies
RS14     Resisting Neoliberalism
RS15     Public sociology and commitment in action
RS16     Sociology of Racism
RS17     Sociology of Religions
RS18     Russia in a Changing World: The Dynamics and Quality of Citizenship and Civil Society
RS19     Urban Sociology and Cities
RS20     Work and Organisation

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