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									        LSUHSC Supply Chain
                                                                                  Brent Herold
                                                                             Executive Director – Supply Chain

                                          Rob Parker                             Tyrone Calvin                   Danielle Burlison
                                         Director of Purchasing                  Receiving/Mail Manager          Asst. Director-AP, Travel, Direct Pay

Kya Moller                                                                      Laura St. Martin
Purchasing Manager                                                               Senior Buyer - Facilities

                         Lori Long
                      Procurement Manager 1

                                                  Pat Spencer
                                                 Procurement Specialist II

                     Deborah Holmes
                     Procurement Specialist IV

                     Gary Desimone
                     Procurement Specialist IV

                       Bill Tremblay
                     Procurement Specialist IV

                     Michael Williams
                      Senior Buyer - Services

                      Alethea Craig
                      Purchasing Technician II

                Denise Youngblood
                      Purchasing Technician II

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