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									   2008 Operations Report

    Northern Neck Regional Jail

                                     Jail Board

   Darryl Fisher              Ronald Jett                Norm Risavi
    Chairman                  Vice Chairman               Member

   Kenneth Eades              William Duncanson          Walter Ball
    Member                      Member                    Member

   Douglas Bryant             Carroll Balderson          Wayne Williams
    Member                      Member                    Member

   Charles Wilkins

                                  Command Staff

    Jeffery W. Frazier         William J. Hickey         Lynn M. Sudduth
     Superintendent           Personnel Director     Chief of Inmate Services

     Edward H. Hull           Darryl L. Turner          Vivian A. Moore
Assistant Superintendent      Chief of Security    Community Corrections Director

   Serving Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland Counties
                           And The Town of Warsaw
                       NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                           Page 1

                                Table of Contents

Capital Improvements                          Inmate Services Continued
  Kitchen Equipment……...……………. 3                 Meals Served (Number)……………….            8
  Video Magistrate……………………… 5                    Medical Department Certification…...    12

Community Corrections                         Personnel
   Case Closures…………………………               28      Jail Board Member Update…………..          15
   Offender Re-Entry and Transition              Employee Retirements……………….             15
   Services—Assistance Provided                  Job Class & Salary Ranges………….          16
            While Incarcerated...………     28      Organizational Chart………………….            17
            After Release………………          29      Employee Statistics………………...…           18
Probation Referrals by Court………          26      Accrued Leave...………………………               19
   Probation Placements by County……      26      Professional Jail Employees…………         15
   Probation Treatment Referrals………      27      Employee Turnover in 2008.………...        19
                                                      Turnover Rates 1995 to 2008….      19
Fiscal Information                                    Separation by Length of Service.   20
   Audit Report 06-07 Fiscal Year...……   23      Employee of the Quarter……………..          21
   Budget Expenditure Breakdown…….       25      Employee of the Year…………………             21
   Revenue Sources……………………..             24
   Salary and Fringe Costs……………..        22 Miscellaneous
                                               DOC Certification Audit……………... 14
Inmate Population
   Jail Housing Capacity………………...        6
   Local Population by Year….....………     6
   Local Population for 2008………..…..     6
   Federal Population for 2008…………       7
   Federal Population 1997-2008……...     7

Inmate Services
   Community Services Projects……….       13
   Critical Incidents in 2008……………..     14
   Educational Services…………………           12
   Inmate Medical Statistics…………….       11
   Inmate Programs……………………...            13
   Inmate Transports (Number)……………..     9
   Inmate Transports (Hours)……………….      9
   Inmate Transports (Miles)………………..     10
   Inmate Transports (Local)………………..     10
   Inmate Transports (Federal)……………..    11
   Inmate Trustys………………………...            13
   Meal Costs……………………………..               8
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This is the second year that we have produced this report and it contains a wealth of information related to the
entire operations of the jail; from programs offered to inmates to the number of meals served; from the number of
inmates evaluated or seen by medical personnel to renovation projects and fiscal information. Overall, calendar
year 2008 was another eventful and busy year for the jail.

The local inmate Average Daily Population (ADP) for Northumberland increased by 9.14 inmates over the previous
year; Richmond County’s ADP increased by 4 inmates; and Westmoreland County’s ADP increased by 5.09
inmates. The jail’s local population overall continues to rise, in fact the local inmate Average Daily Population for
2008 was 150.32 as compared to 2001 when the local inmate ADP was 105.04 inmates. That equates to a 43%
increase in the local population since 2001.

You will notice in the report this year that the upgrade and replacement of the Food Service Kitchen Equipment
was completed. The jail also received and passed its tri-year Operations Audit by the Virginia Department of
Corrections and by the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare.

This year we have began tracking and included the number of inmates who either exhibited suicidal tendencies or
verbalized that they intended to harm themselves and thereby had to be placed on Suicide Watch for their own

The jail had two critical events that occurred during 2008. Both of the events involved inmates who attempted to
take their life by asphyxiating themselves. Staff found each individual before they succeeded and were able to
administer life saving measures that prevented the loss of their lives. Additionally, during the year the jail had a
total of 41 inmates who either exhibited suicidal tendencies or verbalized that they intended to harm themselves. All
of these individuals were placed on Suicide Watch. Each individual received mental health treatment and the
necessary counseling. The jail also had one inmate in-custody death during 2008. The death involved an inmate
who was suffering from a terminal illness that was unrelated to his confinement. The inmate was serving his jail
time at home on the jail’s Home Electronic Incarceration Program and ultimately passed away in the hospital.

Sadly, the jail lost a true friend last year on May 17th when retired Sheriff C.W. “Buddy” Jackson passed away.
Buddy served the citizens of Westmoreland County for over 32 years as Sheriff; the citizens of the Commonwealth
as a Virginia State Trooper for 9 years; and the Northern Neck Regional Jail for over 17 years. His presence is truly

The jail noticed a decrease in employee turnover by 3.85%. Overall employee turnover has ranged from a low of
5.15% in 2003 to a high of 25.49% in 1996. The average overall turnover between 1995 and 2008 is 17.07%. Since
the jail opened in 1995, 40% of the turnover can be attributed to employees leaving within the first year of
employment, prior to ever completing the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy.

Finally, salaries and fringe benefit costs continue to consume the largest portion of the operations budget at 61%,
while rental beds continue to pay the lion’s share of the overall costs of operating the jail.

I hope that you find this report to be informative, useful and beneficial.

Jeffery W. Frazier
                                     NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                            Page 3

                                          CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS

                                    Kitchen Equipment Updated
In past years the jail has increased housing space to accommodate more inmates. These increases have stretched the capacity
of the kitchen to provide meals. Larger capacity equipment has been installed to efficiently handle the increase in population.

         A larger steam kettle

         To prepare soups and steamed vegetables.

                                                                A smaller and more efficient gas range

                                                                Although this unit is smaller and makes room for the
                                                                increase in other equipment, it has more burner space
                                                                than the previous gas range

                   New deep frying system

                   That provides for an additional fryer, 3 total.
Page 4                   NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL

                   CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS

                 Kitchen Equipment Updated

         Combi Oven

         The addition of an extra oven for baking.

                              Reach In Cooler

                              The addition of a cooler for the temporary storage of perishable items.
                    NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                             Page 5

                         CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS

                   Kitchen Equipment Updated

Tilt Skillet

This larger capacity skillet is used for preparing a variety of
foods such as eggs, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and
other foods that are best not deep fried.

                                              Steam Skullery

                                              This larger capacity scullery is used to more efficiently
                                              clean cups, plastic tumblers, etc.

                              Video Magistrate

   Video Magistrate

   A video system was installed in the magistrates office
   at the jail. This system allows a Magistrate to perform
   duties without physically being at the jail.
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                                               Inmate Population

Jail Capacity in 2008

There were no construction projects in 2008 to increase bed capacity of the Northern Neck Regional Jail. The number and type
of bed capacity remains as follows;
Cell Units - 210      Dormitory - 268       Special Housing - 18                   Total Capacity 496

                                            70.00               Annual Average Population by County
Local Population by Year                                    65.67                                                     66.08
                                            60.00                                    60.33                                               56.25
This chart shows the annual average
daily population of local inmates for the                                                               57.33              57.83
years 2000 to 2008.                         50.00
For the year 2008, Westmoreland County                                                     47.92
had an approximate average of 61.34                                                                              40.83                  38.92
                                            40.00        36.83                                      38.08                                                40.92
inmates incarcerated each day.
Northumberland         followed   with                                                                                      37.25
                                                                    30.08            33.08
approximately 48.06 and Richmond
                                            30.00                                                         30.50                   30.42
County with an approximate average                                                         31.08
40.92 inmates per day.                                                                                                24.42
                                                                   26.67       25.25            22.33

                                                            13.50                              Northumberland County
                                                                                               Richmond County
                                                                                               Westmoreland County
                                                         2000      2001        2002        2003     2004        2005        2006         2007         2008

                                                                Monthy Average Local Population by County for 2008

Monthly Local Population for 2008                   80

This chart represents the monthly average           70
daily population for each of the member
jurisdictions in 2008.
(Town of Warsaw numbers are included with
Richmond County figures)





                                                     0                                                      Nor t humber land Count y
                                                          Jan     Feb       M ar     Apr     M ay   Jun     Richmond Count y
                                                                                                            Jul    Aug      Sep         Oct     Nov     Dec
                                                                                                            West mor eland Count y
                                                    NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                                                         Page 7

                                                                        Inmate Population

Annual Federal Population for calendar years 1997 to 2008

The chart below represents the annual average daily population for federal inmates from 1997 to 2008.

                                                                                Average Federal Population from 1997 to 2008

                                                                                                                          277.6                                          307.6
                                                                                                                                    266.6                       291.4
                                                                                        200.0        222.1



                                              1997         1998         1999          2000       2001      2002      2003          2004      2005     2006     2007     2008

Monthly Federal Population for 2008

This chart represents the monthly average daily population for federal inmate in 2008.


                                        Monthly Federal Population in 2008
                                              318                               318.8


                  288.5                                                                                                    287.9


        Jan     Feb       Mar           Apr          May          Jun           Jul        Aug       Sep      Oct          Nov       Dec
               Page 8                                    NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL

                                                         Inmate Services

Meals Served in Fiscal Year 07-08

The time period for this chart is the fiscal
year from July 2007 to June 2008 and
represents the number of meals served                                                        Meals Served in FY 2007/2008
                                                           50491   50387
each month of the year.                                                    49362
                                                                                     47523                                        47705              47939
A staff of 5 kitchen employees supervise         50000                                                                                      46089            46696
                                                                                                      44435     43637
a shift of 9 trusty inmates to prepare                                                        44069
meals 3 times each day, every day of
the year. Over this 12 month period the          40000
kitchen prepared a total of 559,934



                                                     0                                                          n











Meal Costs in fiscal Year 07-08

Serving the number of meals as mentioned above consumes a large portion of the annual jail budget. However, the jail
strives to prepare well balanced and nutritious meals at the most economical price. As this chart represents, the cost per meal
for each month of the fiscal
year was from a low of $0.80 to
a high of $1.05. The total annual     $1.20                           Meal Costs in in FY 2007/2008
food cost was $523,662.43
                                                                          $1.05 $1.05          $1.06        $1.04
making the average per meal
cost $0.94 .
                                         $1.00                 $0.94
                                                                       $0.80                                  $0.80














                                      NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                                        Page 9

                                                     Inmate Services

Inmate Transports for 2008

The chart below represents the number of inmate transports made to each jurisdiction served by the Northern Neck Regional Jail and for
medical services during the calendar year of 2008. This is the number of runs, not the number of inmates transported.

                                                      Num ber of Transports Made in 2008

                                                              Mental Transports,
                                                                      33                     Westmoreland Co,


                                                14                                                            Richmond Co, 111



                                                                                                                   Northumberland Co,
                           USMS Norfolk, 34

                           Harrisburg PA, 43
                                                                                                                DOC, 35

                                 USMS Alexandria,
                                                                                                  USMS Richmond,

                                                                                   2008 Transportation Man Hours

                                                                         Medical/ Ment al, 1595                             Local Transpor t s, 1956

Transportation Man-hours

The Transportation Department has an authorized
staff of 8 that includes one lieutenant, 3 sergeants,
and 4 officers. Each transport team is normally
comprised of a supervisor and team member, making
4 transport teams. On occasion staff members from
other departments may also be called upon to make
an inmate transport.
The chart at right represents the number of man
hours spent in transporting inmates for the calendar
year 2008 and totals 12,876 hours.

                                                                                            Federal Tr ansport s, 9325
             Page 10                             NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL

                                                    Inmate Services

                                           Richmond, 1,841
                   West mor eland, 3,598                                   Miles Driven in 2008 on Inmate Transports
                                               Nor t humber land,
                                                                           In the calendar year of 2008 the jail drove a total of 130,167
                                                     DOC, 3,519            miles conducting inmate transports. Due to the distances
                                                                           involved, federal transports account for the majority miles.

      Tot al Feder al,

Local Inmate Transportations
                                                               Num ber of Local Inm ates Transported In 2008
The chart at right represents the number of
local inmates transported during the calendar                                            DOC, 54
year 2008. These transports include courts,      Nort humberland Co, 435
medical, and inmates being transferred to the                                                                            West moreland Co, 547

Department of Corrections.

                                                                                         Richmond Co, 371
                                      NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                                                 Page 11

                                                    Inmate Services

Federal Inmate Transports
                                                                                     N umb er o f F ed er al I nmat es T r ansp o r t ed In 2 0 0 8

The chart at right represents the number of federal inmates
                                                                                       USM S DC Dist rict, 22        USM S DC Superior,
transported by the jail to various federal locations. While                                                                 56
the majority are transported to Richmond, our transport
teams make weekly runs as far as Harrisburg PA.                       USM S Baltimore, 52
                                                                                                                                       USM S Philadelphia, 111

                                                            USM S Norfolk, 169

                                                                                 Harrisburg PA, 896

                                                                                                                                    USM S Richmond,
                                                                                  USM S Alexandria, 962

Inmate Medical Statistics

The jail is responsible for the medical health and welfare of
all inmates confined at the facility. The jail employs 6 nurses
to handle day to day medical needs and in calendar year
2008 the nurses had 182,026 contacts with inmates. These
contacts      include sick call, assessments, medication
dispensing, and other contact incidents.
The jail contracts with a doctor for medical services and dur-
ing 2008 the doctor had 542 contacts with inmates. During
the year, 61,530 prescription medications were filled with
2,211 being refilled. Including 4,852 over the counter drugs,
medications were dispensed 525,695 times throughout the
year with a cost of $120,195.28. In 2008 medication costs
for federal inmates began to be directly billed to the U.S.
Marshal Service and those costs are not reflected in this
The Jail also contracts with a Dentist to meet the inmate’s
dental needs. A small dental office has been set up at the
jail and the Doctor comes in each week. During the year,
390 inmates were referred to the Dentist for services.
During 2008 it was necessary for the medical department to refer inmates for outside medical services as described below;
Hospital                    4        Emergency Room               14
Lab services                207      Mental Health                392
X-rays                      153      Out Patient                  156
             Page 12                          NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL

                                                   Inmate Services

Medical Department Recertifies NCCHC

The jail medical department was certified by the National
Commission on Correctional Health Care in April of 1998 and is
required to recertify every 3 years to maintain certification. The
purpose of the certification is to identify those facilities who go
beyond the standard operating practices to ensure quality health
care. “The Standards have helped correctional and detention
facilities improve the health of their inmates and the communities
to which they return; increase the efficiency of health services
delivery; strengthen organizational effectiveness; and reduce the
risk of adverse legal judgments.” (NCCHC.Org)

In 2008 the jail was audited by a team of outside medical
professionals who certified that the jail met or exceeded the
commission’s nationally recognized standards of health care.

Pictured at right is Nurse Carolyn Neale, who has also achieved
certification as a Certified Correctional Health Care Professional
(CCHP) through the commission.

Educational Services

The jail employs two Adult Education Teachers to provide
educational services to inmates. Classes are held every day
and approved inmates attend classes to improve their gen-
eral educational skills, obtain their GED certificate, or learn
the English language. During 2008, 214 inmates participated
in educational programs offered by the jail. 24 female and
153 male inmates attended classes. Of these totals, 58% of
females and 62% of males left the facility before completing
the required 60 hours of classroom instruction for testing skill
Of the inmates remaining, 67% of the females and 85% of the
males who received 60 hours of instruction displayed a gain in
grade functioning level. Of these same inmates, 35 took the
GED examination and 28 obtained their GED.

Inmates that do not speak English, or have poor language
skills, attend the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other
Languages) classes. In 2008 37 inmates attended these
sessions. 36% completed the required 60 hours of instruction
to be tested for skills advancement and 84% of those tested
advanced at least one skill level.
                                        NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                      Page 13

                                                    Inmate Services

Inmate Community services Projects

The jail maintains an inmate work crew to perform various tasks throughout the member counties and in 2008 numerous
projects were accomplished.

In Richmond County, Grass cutting at the trash disposal site, fire departments, public boat landings and median of highway in
Warsaw. Trash pick up was conducted at several highway locations and furniture was moved from public offices. The work crew
also picked up trash at the little league ball park each week during the playing season.

In Northumberland County, repair work and clean up was conducted at the Sheriff’s Office and the courthouse. Furniture was
moved, doors painted at public buildings, and genera l clean up was conducted at dump sites and boat landings. Grass was also
cut at several county facilities.

In Westmoreland County, the crew picked up trash and other items at landfill and highways. Grass trimming was performed at
the water treatment facility and the courthouse. Several public buildings were painted in Montross and in Colonial Beach and
law enforcement vehicles were washed for the Sheriff’s funeral and fall festival.

Inmate Programs

The jail provides a variety of programs to the inmates. Along with educational services provided in 2008, inmates were provided
the opportunity to participate in sessions such as ;
Bible Study;                                  Religious counseling;
Substance abuse counseling;                   Church services;
Alcoholics Anonymous;                         Library Services;
Indoor and outdoor recreation.                Productive Citizenship classes

For those inmates that qualified, the following programs were also utilized;
Work Release;     Electronic Incarceration;   Trusty job assignments;

During the 2008 calendar year, 10 inmates participated in the work release
program. Inmates were released from jail to go to their job and returned to the
jail at the end of their workday. Inmates on the program contributed $1,934.65
to their room and board, paid $563.23 in fines and court costs, paid $806.00 in
child support, and $132.16 in restitution.
During this same time period 13 inmates were placed on Electronic Incarceration. This program allows an inmate to be
incarcerated in his or her home thereby saving more expensive jail bed space. The inmate wears a monitor on his or her ankle
and is checked at random times through video phone setup in the residence. Participants paid $13,402.00 in fees to defray
costs of the program.

Inmate Trustys

The jail has 80 trusty positions where inmates perform various kitchen, laundry, and custodial duties throughout the jail. This
number also includes Inmate work crews that performed various tasks throughout Northern Neck Communities. In 2007 our
work crews performed a variety of jobs throughout the year in each of the participating jurisdictions. These tasks included grass
cutting, trash pick up along county highways and transfer stations, moving furniture, painting, and hurricane clean up efforts.
              Page 14                            NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL

                                                  Inmate Services

Critical Incidents in 2008
 During the year the jail experienced two events where inmates made evident attempts to harm themselves. In Both these
     incidents the inmates were discovered before they could harm themselves.

   Cases where an inmate may have threatened suicide or suicidal behaviors were observed totaled 41. In these instances
     the inmates were placed under special supervision for a combined total of 4,599 hours.

   1 inmate death occurred in 2008. This person was on Electronic Incarceration and was suffering from an illness unrelated
     to his confinement when he died of the illness.


DOC Jail Certification Audit

In 2008, as it has every 3 years, the jail underwent a complete certification process to ensure that we comply with the Virginia
Department of Corrections (DOC) standards for the operation of a jail. The standards deal with approximately 144 different jail
issues covering safety and security operations, training, food service, medical care, and housing. The jail received a 100% com-
pliance rating from the DOC inspection team.

To ensure that we maintain compliance with standards, the jail
conducts an internal inspection weekly. Pictured here is an
inspection of paint preparation in a cell area.
                                    NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                         Page 15


Sheriff C.W. “Buddy” Jackson Passes Away

Retired Jail Board Member C.W. Jackson passed away on May
17, 2008. He retired from the Jail Board at the end of his term
as Sheriff in December 2007.
Sheriff Jackson represented Westmoreland County on the Jail
Board and was instrumental in the conception and development
of the Northern Neck Regional Jail.
He Served as a Virginia State Trooper for 9 years before
winning election as Sheriff of Westmoreland County in 1975. He
continued to serve as Sheriff up to the end of 2007 when he

                                                       Employee Retires

                                                       In January 2008 Officer Billy Waughtel retired from service. Officer
                                                       Waughtel had been with the jail since it opened in 1995. He previously
                                                       served as a Deputy Sheriff for Westmoreland County where he worked
                                                       as an officer in the county jail. That jail closed when the Regional Jail
                                                       opened and he and his fellow officers were incorporated into our jail’s

Professional Jail Employee

The jail has modeled it’s Professional Jail Employee program after the Master Deputy Program approved by the Compensation
Board. This is an incentive program and a means to recognize, both financially and professionally, outstanding employee
performance. Employees are required to keep their sick leave use under a prescribed minimum, undergo a minimum number of
training hours on their own time, and maintain an above average performance review rating. The following employees achieved
the status of Professional Jail Employee in the year 2008.

                                                            Meredith Burton      Linda Newman
                                                            William Chatham      William Saunders
                                                            William Hickey       Lynn Sudduth
                                                            Ona Monteil          Sandra Thrift
                                                            Vivian Moore         Darryl Turner
                                                            Carolyn Neale
                 Page 16                        NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL


Job Class Scale and Salary Range

The Salary Scale was developed and implemented in July 2006. Qualified employees are eligible for step increases every two
years depending upon funds being available and approval by the Jail Board. In 2008 a step increase was authorized and 57
employees received a salary increase with a total cost to the jail of $51, 031.26.

In December 2008 a 2% raise for all employees was authorized by the Jail Board. This increase is reflected in the Job
Classification and Salary Scale below.

Position Title                                   Pay Grade                      Minimum                    Maximum
Commissary Clerk                                      5                       24,405.9276              39,016.5402
Administrative Assistant                              6                       25,626.2250              40,967.3718
Food Service Technician                               6                       25,626.2250              40,967.3718
Inmate Accounts Technician                            7                       26,907.5388              43,015.7460
Accounting Clerk                                      7                       26,907.5388              43,015.7460
Records Clerk                                         7                       26,907.5388              43,015.7460
Accounting Technician                                 9                       29,665.5678              47,424.8694
LIDS Technician                                      10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Maintenance Officer                                  10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Community Services Officer                           10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Inmate Services Officer                              10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Transportation Officer                               10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Food Service Supervisor                              10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Jail Officer                                         10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
Records Supervisor                                   10                       31,148.8416              49,796.1042
PAPIS Technician                                     11                       32,706.2898              52,285.9140
Classification Officer                               11                       32,706.2898              52,285.9140
Transportation Sergeant                              11                       32,706.2898              52,285.9140
Licensed Practical Nurse                             11                       32,706.2898              52,285.9140
Jail Sergeant                                        12                       34,341.6048              54,900.2148
Local Probation Officer                              12                       34,341.6048              54,900.2148
Standards Sergeant                                   12                       34,341.6048              54,900.2148
Teacher                                              12                       34,341.6048              54,900.2148
Training Sergeant                                    12                       34,341.6048              54,900.2148
Transportation Lieutenant                            13                       36,058.6830              57,645.2184
Jail Lieutenant                                      14                       37,861.6044              60,527.4630
Registered Nurse                                     14                       37,861.6044              60,527.4630
Director of Inmate Education                         16                       41,742.4290              66,731.5416
Chief of Inmate Services                             18                       46,021.0230              73,571.5188
Director of Community Corrections                    18                       46,021.0230              73,571.5188
Chief of Security                                    18                       46,021.0230              73,571.5188
Director of Human Resources                          18                       46,021.0230              73,571.5188
                                                 NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                                  Page 17

                                                                  Jail Board

                                                                                                        Training      Standards   Polygraph
                                Accounting                                                                Sgt.           Sgt.     Examiner
                                Technician                                                 HR
     Acct Clerk
                                                                   Asst.                 Director
                                    I/m Account

         4                                                                           Director
                  Director Of                                                  2    Community
                    Inmate                                                          Corrections
                   Services                                                                              Admin          Case           ORTS
                                                                                                        Assistant      Managers      Technician
                                           Adult Ed.
                                          Instructors                                                                     3
  Kitchen                                      2
                                                                               Director of
                                                        Transportation          Security
                                                          Lieutenant                                3
  Kitchen                         Nurse
Technicians                     Supervisor
     4                                                                                                  Maintenance
                                                        Transortation                                     Officers
                                                         Sergeants                     Shift                 2
                                                             3                      Lieutenants
   Work                                                                                  4
  Release                         5
                                                           Officers                   Sergeants
                                                              4                           4
 Part Time                      Medical
   Work                         Assist.
                                                Community                              Officers
                                                 Service                                 44
Commisary                                           2

                           Classification                                This is an organizational representation of the Northern Neck
                              Officers                                   Regional Jail. The jail has an authorized compliment of 104
                                 2                                       employees, each represented by a box above. Numbers in a box
                                                                         represent the number of employees in that position.

                                                                         The Jail is divided into 4 Divisions and each division is
                                                                         represented by a number surrounded by an oval in the chart and
     Lids                                                                corresponds to the list below

                                                                         1.        Administration
                                                                         2.        Community Corrections
   Records                                                               3.        Security
                                                                         4.        Inmate Services
              Page 18                               NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL


                 Em ployee Gender                                                                     45

                                                                                                              Employee Race/Gender Breakdown


female                                                                                          26
 41%                                                                    30

                                                    male                                 11

                                                    59%                 15


                                                                         0     Black          White        asian            Hispanic

Employee Statistics

The two charts above represent the Race and Gender statistics of the jail staff. Some other employee statistics for the year 2008
are indicated below. (These figures are based on staffing level as of January 2009)

   The jail has an authorized employee compliment of 104 persons.

   28 employees are in non-sworn positions.

   The Sworn officer compliment is 76 persons.

            64 officers are certified.

             8 officers need to attend basic training.

             4 officer positions are open.

   12 officers attended basic training in 2008.

   36% of jail personnel have college degrees.
         (15 Associates, 18 Bachelors, 3 Masters)

   In 2008, three employees were continuing to seek college degrees.
          1 seeking an Associate’s Degree, 1 seeking a Bachelor’s Degree, and 1
          seeking a Master’s Degree.

   20 employees are military veterans, 4 of this number are still active in the
     Guard or Reserves.

   In addition to officers attending basic academy, employees spent 1671 hours attending in-service and other career
     development training in 2008.

    In 2007, the jail recorded a total of 12 certified General Instructors. Among this number are employees with dual instructor
     certifications in the following;

                   Defensive Tactics       3               O.C. Spray    1
                   Firearms                6               VCIN          3
                                     NORTHERN NECK REGIONAL JAIL                                                                                             Page 19


Accrued Leave Information

The jail provides Annual Leave and Sick Leave benefits to it’s employees. Leave balances, based on years of service, are
allowed to be carried over into the next calendar year, Sick Leave accumulations are unlimited but an individual’s Annual Leave
accumulations cannot exceed 240 hours. As of December 31, 2008, the following balances have accrued.

        Annual Leave                          Sick Leave
        10,548.62 hours                       42,128.32 hours

Employee Turnover in 2008

Over the course of the year, seventeen (17) employees resigned their employment with the jail. One employee retired in
January 2008 and three (3) were terminated during the year, for a total of 21 employees. This number resulted in a turnover
rate of approximately 20%. Of those who left employment, 7 were non-sworn personnel and 14 were sworn officers.

                Em ployee Separations in Year 2008

                                                                                                      The chart at left represents the years of service of
                                                                                                      those employees who left employment in 2008.

               Over 3 Years, 24%

                                        1 Year or Less, 58%

            1 to 3 Years, 19%

                                                                                                      Emp l o y e e T ur n ov e r R a t e s 19 9 5 t o 2 0 0 8

                                                      25.00%                                                             24.74%
This chart represents the turnover rates for                                               23.81%                                                                            23.47%

every year during 1995 to 2008.
                                                                                                                                               18.56%                                   19.00%       20.19%


                                                                                              9.52%      9.52%                                                    8.25%


                                                               1995       1996      1997       1998     1999      2000       2001       2002       2003    2004       2005       2006       2007     2008
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Employee Turnover Continued

The chart below represents the years of service of those employees who left employment between the years of 1995 and 2008.
During this time period over 40 percent of persons who left employment with the jail had only been employed for less than one
year. The majority of this 40% are persons hired as a jail officer. Some new hires discover that the jail officer career field is not
for them and resign. Of the 204 persons who left employment between 1995 and 2008, 54 were non sworn employees and 150
were sworn officer positions.

                                                                             Separations by length of Service 1995 to 2008

                                                                             Over 3 Years Service,
                                                                                                                               Less t han 1Year Service,

                                                                                          1Year t o 3 Years
                                                                                            Service, 29%

The chart below represents a yearly comparison of employee separations based on the length of service of the employee.
Distinctions are made between those serving less than 1 year, from 1 to 3 years, and over 3 years service.

                                        Separation by Length of Service


                                                                                                       Less t han 1yr
                                                                                                       1t o 3 yrs
                                                                                                       over 3 yrs







           1995    1996   1997   1998     1999   2000   2001   2002   2003     2004    2005     2006         2007       2008
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Employee of the Quarter 2007
Each quarter of the year staff members below the rank of Captain submit nominations for the honor of Employee of the Quarter.
These nominations are reviewed by a committee made up of staff members from each division of the jail and they recommend
one of the nominees for selection. Command staff members do not sit on this committee. The employees selected for Employee
of the Quarter in 2008 are as follows.

            1stQuarter                                                                          2nd Quarter
            Billy Waughtel                                                                       Tanika Arthur

          3rd Quarter                                                                           4th Quarter
          Thomas Russell                                                                         Melvin Burton

Employee of the Year

Each December the Command Staff of the jail meet for the purpose of selecting the Employee of the Year. The four Employees’
of the Quarter for the current year are the only eligible candidates for this honor. For the year 2008, Nurse Tanika Arthur
(photograph above) was selected as the Employee of the Year. Nurse Arthur is a member of our medical staff and has been
with the jail since August of 2006.
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                                              Fiscal Information

  Salary and Fringe Costs for FY 07-08
                                                        FICA, $274,604.05
                                                                     Holiday Pay, $112,514.27
                    Overtime, $387,889.86
                                                                                     Retirement VRS,
                                                                                           Deferred Compensation,

                                                                                                Medical Insurance,

                                                                                             Life Insurance, $32,744.33


                                                                                                       Tuition Assistance,

                                                                                        P.O. Liability Insurance,

            Salaries, $3,421,099.73

Salary and Fringe Benefit Costs

A major expense to any agency is the cost associated with employees. In addition to the actual salary costs, you have
expenses such as taxes, insurance, retirement, overtime, and holiday pay. The chart above breaks down the amount
associated with payroll costs for the jail in the fiscal year 07-08. The jail’s fiscal year is from July 1st to June 30th.
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                                                 Fiscal Information

Jail Cost Audit Report

A financial Audit of the jail is conducted every year by the state Compensation Board. However, the report for fiscal year 2007-
2008 is not available to be included in this document. The information below is the Auditor Report for the previous fiscal year,
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                                              Fiscal Information

                                              FY 07- 08 Revenue Sources

                                                 Comp Brd
                                               $1,472,668.97                           State Prisoner Housing,

                                                                                                          CCCA Grant,

                                                                                                           Fed Transport

                                                                                                        Interest, $265,790.61

                                                                                                        Inmate Medical Fees,

                                                                                                        Inmate Phones,

                                                                                                  Miscellaneous Revenue,
  Rental Beds,

Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Revenue Sources

The Chart above Represents the sources of revenue to operate the jail for fiscal year 2007-2008. The Miscellaneous section
represents revenue obtained through Rent, ABE and ORTS Grants, Work Release and EIP Fees, SSA Reimbursements,
Inmate Commissary, Refunds, and minor miscellaneous sources. Total Revenue for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 was $8,807,053.08.
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                                               Fiscal Information

                                           FY 07-08 Expenditures Breakdown



                                                      Salary & Fringe, 61%




                                                        Construction, 9%

                                                     Other Expenses, 10%

   20%                                                   Utilities, 6%
                                                          Food, 6%
   10%                                                   Medical, 5%
                                                       Debt Service, 3%

Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Budget Information

The chart above represents the total budget expenditures for fiscal year 2007-2008. As you can see, Salary and Fringe Benefit
costs consumed 57% of expenditures for this fiscal year. “Other Expenditures” section of the chart includes categories such as
maintenance costs, training costs, standard equipment costs, and various miscellaneous expenditures. Individually, these
categories consume less than 4% of the annual budget expenditures. Total Budget expenditures for FY 2007-2008 were
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                                          Community Corrections

                                                                      Referrals Made by Courts in Year 2008
Placements Made from Court System

The chart at right represents the number of probation
placements made in calendar year 2008. Each court in the
four counties of the Northern Neck made referrals to the
                                                                        Circuit Court, 58

                                                                                                      Juvenile Court, 101

                                                                              General District, 204

           Placm ent by County in Year 2008                         Placement into Program by County

                                                                    The courts in each county of the Northern Neck
                                                                    participate in our Community Corrections program.
                                                                    The chart at left represents the number of
                                                                    probationers referred to the program by the courts
                                  Lancast er, 44                    in each county.
       West moreland, 67

                                       Nort humberland, 79
          Richmond, 54
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                                         Community Corrections

                Probationers Referred to treatment Programs

                Once assigned to Community Corrections, a needs assessment is conducted on each probationer. When
                necessary, the probationer is referred to a program to deal with an individual’s particular needs. This can
                range from community service, drug testing, and or treatment programs. The chart below represents the
                number and type of referrals made by Community Corrections during the calendar year 2008.

                                Probationers Referred to Programs Year 2008

           Financial Responsibility                      Other, 6
                  Class, 1

                                                                                          Substance Abuse
                                                                                             Testing, 94
Community Service, 145

                                                                                                      Long Term
                                                                                                   InPatient Tx, 70

                                                                                             Substance Abuse
    Domestic Violence
                                                                                              Education, 28
       Group, 34

                                                                     Shoplifter Classes, 6
                            Anger Management, 28
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                                            Community Corrections

Case Closures                                                                             Case Closures in Year 2008

The Northern Neck Community Corrections Program reports a
77% successful closure rate for the calendar year 2008 while
unsuccessful closures are only 23%. Probationers who
unsuccessfully complete the program are returned to the courts
for sentence dispositions or alterations. “Other closures” represent                                             Total Other
those cases that have been transferred to other jurisdictions, such                                              Closure, 81
as where the probationer lives, or the probationer has died. The
“Other Closures” do not affect the local case closure statistics.

                                                                               Successful, 154

                                                                                                                Unsuccessful, 48

Offender Re-Entry and Transition                                                 Inmates Served in Year 2008:
This grant funded program provides services for                        Obtained Employment, 0
                                                        Employment                               Clothing, 1
incarcerated inmates and to released inmates to                                                                Housing, 20
help transition them back into society. This           Assistance, 7
position maintains contacts with community                                                                         Food, 3
employers and instructs inmates on how to                                                                          Obtaining ID, 10
                                                    Job Readiness Class,
obtain and hold a job.          Services are also                                                                   Transportation, 1
available to help get identification cards,
housing, and vocational training. The programs
and services provided to incarcerated inmates
are provided in the chart at right.

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                                          Community Corrections

     Offender Re-Entry and Transition Services

     The chart below represents the services provided to released inmates who have moved back out into the community.

                                           Persons Served for year 2008:

                       Obtained Employment, 21           Clothing, 8

                                                                                     Housing, 17

                                                                                         Food, 6

                                                                                            Obtaining ID, 11

                                                                                                    Transportation, 10

Employment Assistance, 91
                                                                                                   Educational/Vocational, 33

                                                                           Job Readiness Class, 3
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                               Looking forward to 2009

A large amount of time, energy and research has gone into this yearly report. Next year is
already shaping up to be another exciting and challenging year at the jail. Each year we have to
vigorously lobby the Virginia General Assembly to keep the Northern Neck Regional Jail’s
exemption to the federal prisoner offset penalty language in the State’s Budget. Each year,
over the past 10 years, the House of Delegates and/or the Governor has suggested that the
Exemption Language be abolished. The abolishment of the exemption language would mean a
loss of over $900,000.00 in revenue for the jail. Such a reduction in revenue would drastically
impact the jail’s operations. As can be expected, the jail will vigorously oppose the abolishment
of this language each time that it arises.

Also to be expected is the replacement and upgrade of failing equipment over the next year.
Many of the original systems that were installed in 1994 are beginning to fail. Anticipated
replacements include: the Heating and Security Ventilation Control System; the Fire Alarm
Control System; Water Metering Valves; and the Security Door Control System. Furthermore,
the jail will continually maintain all equipment within the jail’s 24 hour a day operation.

The employees of the jail are proud to serve and remain committed to operating a professional,
safe, secure and fiscally responsible facility for the citizens of the counties of Westmoreland,
Richmond, and Northumberland. Thank you for taking the time to review our operation and we
look forward to next year.

Jeffery W. Frazier

       P.O. Box 1090
     Warsaw, VA 22572

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