Ordering and Comparing Decimals Worksheets by mwi12690


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									                    Middle Grades Summer Math Institute 2005

Lesson Plan: DECIMALS
Strand: Number and Number Relationships – Rational Numbers
Author(s): Liberty Academy Charter School Team
District: Jersey City

                              Essential Understandings
 To understand ways of representing decimals.
 To understand numbers.
 To understand relationships among decimals, including size, order, and magnitude.

              Essential Questions                            Knowledge & Skills
   What is a decimal?                            Students will be able to compare and
   How can we model decimals to be                contrast decimals and will work to solve
    equivalent to each other?                      problems. 4.1.A, B
   Is the decimal equivalent to the base ten     Students will use a number line to
    blocks represented?                            represent and understand relationships
   How many different ways can we                 between decimals. 4.5.E
    represent a decimal with base ten blocks?
   Are decimals measurable?
   Can we use number lines to represent
    decimals in least to greatest format?

                                 Assessment Evidence
   Students will be able to explain the meaning of a decimal.
   Students will be able to measure each decimal and represent its value using base ten blocks.
   Students will be able to order and compare decimals.
   Students will generate answers that would be reasonable responses.

                                  Learning Activities
 Using lesson as a review of decimals, have class define the definition of a decimal.
 Allow students to work in groups with base ten blocks to review ones, tenths and
 Complete equivalency worksheet using base ten blocks to represent decimals
 Review problems on worksheets given and record responses using base ten value system.
  (Grid paper may also be used)
 Review ordering decimals from least to greatest during guided practice.
 Have students record their responses by creating a number line on a sentence strip. (Register
  tape optional)
 Discuss solutions recorded and have students share their representations of the problem.
                    Middle Grades Summer Math Institute 2005

                                   Background Notes
 Decimals can also be used when working with money.
 Models provide links between whole numbers and decimals.
 Decimals can be linked to Percent, Fractions, as well as scientific notation.

   Colored Base Ten Blocks
   Sentence Strips
   Pencil, Scrap Paper, Worksheets given
   Grid paper (optional)
   Register tape (optional)
   Colored Pencils (optional)

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