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									                                             STATEWIDE LIAISON
                                              CAMPUS REPORTS
                                               OCTOBER 15, 1999
Colorado School of Mines

Submitted by Jim hem

On Saturday, August 28 the Classified Employees of CSM held the annual Yard Sale. We distributed a flyer to
all employees on campus to have the opportunity to rent out spaces to sell their goods. We had 12 people who
rented spaces. In addition to renting spaces we sold food at a food booth. The profits from this garage sale will
be used to provide food baskets for staff and students on campus.

On Friday, September 3 the Colorado School of Mines held it annual Celebration of Mines At this event all
offices/clubs/organizations on campus have a booth for new and returning students to gather information about
CSM. It is held in a ―carnival‖ atmosphere and is great fun with lots of games, free food, music and events. In
order to solicit ideas from classified employees on what they would like to see on campus we conducted a
survey and drawing at this celebration. We are currently compiling the results of that survey and will be sending
them to the CSM President and then meeting with him to discuss where to proceed.

On Sunday, September 12 the Classified Employees along with the CSM Office of the President, CSM Office
of the Dean of Students and the Student Health Center participated in the Colorado Aids Walk. We had approx.
40 walkers participate in our walk team. We purchased team shirts for the walkers. This was a joint effort
among the classified staff~ CSM offices of the President and Dean of Students. Student Health Center and CSM
Students. The President of CSM joined us in walking which was a great show 6f support from CSM
administration in our efforts.

We are currently preparing to begin our Holiday Food Basket Drive. We will be distributing a flyer to announce
the food baskets and let staff and students know they will be available if they need them. At the beginning of
November we will distribute boxes to departments on campus to collect non-perishable items. We will be
assembling the baskets a few days before Thanksgiving. Traditionally the Office of the President and the Food
Services office have contributed to this effort and we will work with them to continue this joint effort.

CU – Colorado Springs

Lynn Scott []

MASTER PLAN - Our campus is busy working on a multi-year Master Plan which includes academics,
buildings, and infrastructure. Sasaki, a California-based architectural planning firm, has held many open
meetings on campus presenting ideas and concepts as well as listening to concerns of the campus community as
well as members of the Colorado Springs community. Preservation of the surrounding environment and parking
are two of the most voiced concerns that will need to be addressed as the campus plans for growth up to 20,000
students many years into the future.
SCHOLL SUPPLIES DRIVE - Completed the School Supplies Drive this fall. The campus donated $1393
worth of school supplies.

ALL STAFF GENERAL MEETING - Will be held on October 22nd. We are starting at 7:30 a.m. so the night
crew can attend if they wish. Our Chancellor will speak and then the Library Dean and the Computing Services
Director will present an update on the El Pomar Center. The El Pomar Center is the name given to the new
Library expansion. During this same time, the University Center is being revamped and expanded. We will
have a clock tower and a covered walkway to the Library. Right now the construction is moving right along
and we have a huge crane on campus that can be seen from quite a distance. The Library folks are having
trouble concentrating on their work with their excellent view of the construction site.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION - Our staff council has received permission from the Foundation to offer payroll
deduction to our staff members to benefit All Staff. All Staff has a small budget, which we receive from
general funds, but funds are not available for campus representation at conferences and workshops. This would
hopefully help remedy that situation.

CAMPUS MOVES - Because of the ongoing construction as well as new renovation, many moves are
scheduled for our campus in the spring/summer. Work will begin on the renovation of Main Hall so units will
be moving out of there into other buildings and some units will move into modular units. Once the renovation of
Main Hall is completed, the renovation of Cragmor Hall will begin and this will involve more moves. So some
staff will be looking at moving more than once within the next two or three years.

BETH-EL COLLEGE OF NURSING - Beth-El College offices were located in our student housing village last
year. We needed that space for residential students so, to minimize the number of moves, Beth-El moved into
portable offices down the hill away from our main campus location just before the fall semester began.
Unfortunately, we had quite a bit of rain which delayed the set-up of the modular buildings for a few weeks.
This caused faculty and staff to work out of their cars, homes, and any available niche on campus that could be
found. They are all nicely settled in now and say the modulars are actually rather nice.

PARKING - We have paved one of our dirt lots and designated it for the housing students. Parking continues to
be a challenge but everyone is getting used to utilizing the shuttle service. Complaints at the beginning of the
academic year were fewer than in recent history. Parking on campus costs approximately $360 per year now.

Northeastern Junior College

***Janie Marin***
NJC Bookstore
Northeastern Jr. College
Sterling, Colorado
Fax 970-522-4664

At our August meeting we selected Classified Staff member of the year. Our Human Resource Leadership team
has invited me to represent Classified Staff as a member of their team. Also Human Resources has asked if I
would be a part of the Classified Performance Pay Committee. As we move to Colorado Peak Performance we
need to establish new procedures for determining salaries of new hires & for employees who are promoted,
transferred, demoted, etc. CCCOES is asking each Community College to submit their procedures by the end
of December.
Pikes Peak Community College

Jacquelin Woodward
Administrative Assistant
Admissions, Records, Financial Aid & VA
Pikes Peak Community college

As far as a campus report goes, we still have no staff council, we have no interested folks and we can't get our
current president to acknowledge that she is president. Our HRS office tells us it is up to the current council to
do an election. The current council denies responsibility. I think no one cares anymore except a few old timers
like myself who are tired to trying to convince everyone (the new young classified) that this is necessary. I
truly hope that we will be able to elect new people and someone will attend next meeting.

University of Southern Colorado
Pueblo, Colorado

Loretta Cisneros

Campus Reports: University of Southern Colorado Fall luncheon is scheduled for November 3, 1999. This
luncheon is sponsored by the Presidents Office, Provost, Vice President of Finance and the Associate Provost
offices. It's a free luncheon for all employees. The Classified Staff Council organizes and makes all
arrangements. At this luncheon a raffle takes place, the proceeds are then deposited into the Classified
Scholarship Fund (Scholarships for relatives of state employees of USC). We raffle trips to Cripple Creek, craft
and baked items, decorations, etc. All employees are encouraged to donate items and attend this function.

Christmas Toy Drive - A toy drive will be held to give these toys to organizations that shelter battered or abused
individuals with children (ACOVA, YWCA, Mi Casa De Tranciones).

Classified Staff Council Co-Chair (President) has been invited to attend all Presidents Council Meetings. This
was affective August 1999 and has been a very positive move for the state employees.

A "Classified Newsletter" has been requested by fellow state employees and has not been decided upon whether
or not we will provide this.

University of Colorado – Health Sciences Center
Denver, Colorado

Art Sanchez

Activities-Pancake breakfast for Staff and students - a shared activity with the Student Assistance Offices Staff
Appreciation cookout -        One held on each campus for the first time!
Six Flags Elitch Gardens - A day for everyone to enjoy with their family and friends. A discount was
provided for a meal and door prizes were awarded.

The Legislative/Personnel committee scheduled and received a presentation from Leonard Dinegar about
lobbying and the pitfalls to watch for as state employees.
Our main topic of discussion during our meetings has been Colorado Peak Performance, setting plans and
discussing evaluations. We are encouraging all of our Staff Council Members to speak with their co-workers
about submitting a plan even if they need to compose it by themselves.

Front Range Community College - Westminster

Lou Montgomery

-   Our Council for Professional and Organizational Development is providing $12,500 in mini-grants to
    classified employees for training.
-   Fifteen staff members, seven of them classified employees, were trained in a 24-hour intensive training
    course to be facilitators in the Appreciative Inquiry process. This is a process by which you take the best
    practices of the past and focus on them to improve the future. FRCC is using this process to implement the
    Learning College concept.
-   Started to renovate old library into a new counseling area. It should be done in two months.
-   Westminster and Boulder County campuses have gotten together a First Friday Club, open to all staff, to
    meet on the first Friday after work for happy hour. We have had a really good turn out. It has brought some
    of the classified staff, faculty and administrators closer together.

Mesa State College

Georgette Gerlach
CSC President

1. Bringing up Classified Staff Council Updated webpage

2. School is just beginning to address CPP on our campus. The V-P for Finance is convening a committee to
looking into CPP training, implementation, etc on our campus. As of September 1999 nothing has happened

3. The Classified Staff Council is again sponsoring a float in the homecoming parade, October 9th.

4. On Thursday, October 14th (Fall Break) the CSC is again having an ICE CREAM SOCIAL from 1-3pm for
the campus community. This year we are asking for donations to go towards the classified staff scholarship
fund. This is being held in the quad of the campus.

5. A committee has been formed to update and rewrite the CSC By-Laws and Constitution.

6. A committee is in the process of studying our Employee of the Month award. There have been some
concerns that needed to be addressed.

7. The CSC is again helping coordinate the campus food drive.
Community College of Denver
   John Robey
   Assistant to the VP for Instruction, 303-556-2414

 These achievements provide only a partial summary of a productive year. Unit and area plans compile a more
extensive review of 1998 - 99.

 Deliver Quality Instruction and Enhanced Customer Service:
 All TEC certificates were integrated into AAS degree career ladders for 100% credit matriculation. To Cisco
Regional Academies were established to include a degree and a certificate in networking. The Academic
Support Center served 41% of students enrolled in all CCD classes with a class related success rate of 89%. The
Campus of Learners project was implemented at North Lincoln Homes with GED, Pre-GED and ESL classes.
The T/LC was expanded by the addition of a Web Coordinator position for the CCD web site. The Student
Assistance Center intervened in crisis situations involving 203 students. Financial Aid enhanced communication
with student loan borrowers and reduced the loan default rate to 10.2%. Student Services developed an internal
tracking system to compile data on student use of advising services. Information Resources and Planning
analyzed student completion and retention data, after-graduation performance, and surveyed current students,
alumni and employers to demonstrate exemplary outcomes in Quality Indicator reporting.

Inside CCD and CCD Wired included regular hints on how to improve customer service. Accreditation
processes were completed for RTR (8 years) and DEH (6 years). The T/LC offered over 100 workshops at
various sites addressing technology (27), diversity (20), and learning strategies (28) attended by more than 800
faculty, staff and students.

Procure Alternative Resources:
The La Familia Scholars Program received funding from the US Department of Education for the fourth
consecutive year. TEC received notice of approval for a Youth Opportunity Grant in excess of $2M in
cooperation with MOET and other community partners. The Work and Family Resource Center received grants
in excess of $400,000. Welfare-to-Work efforts received $440,000 in grants through MOET and Welfare and
Social Services. Continuing Education worked with $140,000 in Colorado First/Existing Industry Grants.

Financial Aid managed $8M in student aid funds for 4,445 students with no returned unspent funds and no audit
exceptions. The Educational Opportunity Center received over $750,000 in grants. Information Resources and
Planning completed work under the $1.4M Technology Grant (TLC) in cooperation with several community
partners. Institutional Advancement published a comprehensive Grant Writing Guide and conducted numerous
grant-writing workshops. The Foundation Board membership was expanded to 13.

Customer Service, Marketing, Recruitment and Retention:
Enrollment in developmental education became a predictor of student success (graduation and/or transfer).
Administrative Services implemented a plan for electronic forms. Human Resources completed numerous
handbooks for employee groups. Institutional Advancement produced 64 Program Facts publications for use
throughout CCD. Information Resources installed four new servers used primarily for student e-mail accounts,
faculty and staff e-mail, data warehousing, and basic skills instruction. Student Services extended career
services to all CCD sites. Student Services created a new student life web page. All instructional divisions
developed web pages. Sixteen courses included service-learning options.
Integrate Technology:
The Teaching/Learning Center facilitated the incorporation of e-mail, Power Point, personal and class web
pages, and research using web resources into the curriculum. Student Services utilized software for tracking
scholarship applications and for work-study employment. Student Services utilized document imaging for
financial aid processing at all sites. Information Resources facilitated the CCD Internet Advisory Council and
the Information Technology Advisory Committee. CCD had the best student/instructional computer ratio in the
annual CCCOES survey. Information Resources established a computer support help line through e-mail.
Information Resources improved the wide area network (WAN) at Auraria, Lowry and TEC. Web site redesign
led to the creation of a more user-friendly, student-centered site.

A new high of 47% of successful students (graduation and/or transfer) were people of color. Included among
23 mini-grants were projects on diversity and multicultural perspectives. The ESL Lab sponsored the American
Cultural Interests Club that held 55 field trips. Included among 45 Back Pack Talks offered by Student Life and
Activities were sessions on diversity, culture, gender and equity. The Latino Success Day reached more than
200 students. TEC East provided leadership for the second annual African American Literature event. Student
Services involved more than 45 people in a collaborative teleconference that dealt with African Americans and
Latinos in higher education. Institutional Advancement incorporated a multicultural emphasis in publications
and on the web site.

Fort Lewis College

Sandy Smith-Lloyd
Assistant Director, Residence Life
Student Housing & Conference Services
210 Miller Student Center, 1000 Rim Drive
Durango, Colorado 81301
Phone: (970) 247-7230
Fax:      (970) 247-7501

Our Officers are as follows:
President             Rosie Van Cleave
President – Elect      Sandy Smith-Lloyd (Exempt)
Secretary             Heather Lundquist
Member-at-Large        Rena Bacus

Our staff council should have 15 made up of Classified and Exempt Staff. However, we are a few short. Our
terms are 3-year terms and there should be 5 that rotate in and out each year at elections

Fort Lewis College has approximately 563 total employees with faculty and staff (classified and exempt)
 188 classified
 182 exempt

Our method of contact is e-mail for the Advisory Board as well as copies of minutes. We also now have an
FLC-announce e-mail address that is available to send out messages to all staff with campus e-mail. Each year
we hold two campus-wide meetings. One in the spring and one in the fall for all the Classified and Exempt
Staff. We provide a report on our events and activities to that date. We also have a regular column in the
Messenger, which is our faculty staff newsletter.
The Fort Lewis College WEB site is The Employee Council does not have a
designated WEB site. Human Resources does have a site at This site
contains a link to our Colorado Peak Performance page (or the specific URL is
fin/hum-res/colorado_peak_performance.htm). We are still in our trial year for CPP implementation, but this
site should provide you with a lot of information including examples of the evaluation documents and allocation

Here is what is new on our campus:

 We are sponsoring Blue and Gold Fridays each week to encourage our employees to wear school colors and
show their pride in Fort Lewis College. We are recognizing those office with high participation by awarding
them a Fort Lewis College pennant to be displayed in their office.

- Employee Council will be hosting two brown bag lunches the first week of November as a means to answer
any last questions about enrolling in new insurance options available to our classified staff.

- We are conducting a survey to get feedback from our employees as to ways they would like to see employee
council use money from our fundraising efforts.

- We will be hosting an Employee appreciation week in late October.

- During Homecoming, FLC EC will be sponsoring the first Annual Chili Cook-off in conjunction with this
year’s theme – Skyhawk Stampede!

- We are provided hostess packets for all new employees that are hired. We include some freebies, a lapel pin
that says FLC which we purchase out of our budget. These are delivered, within the first week of work by the
new employee. We also include information about the campus, a map, the bus route and of course information
about Employee Council.

Otero Junior College

Karlie Fisher

The Classified Staff Organization has had a busy summer and first weeks into the semester. In July we
nominated new officers: Karlie Fisher, President, Debby Nicholsen, Vice President, Sherry Pieper,
Secretary/Treasurer. This group actively participated and raised $800 for American Cancer Society's "Relay for
Life", are selling tin penny banks filled with candy to raise funds for Annual Classified Staff Scholarship,
hosted "Kick-off Breakfast" where classified staff fellowshipped together and were our Classified Employee of
the Year, Debby Nicholsen, was presented with her award. We plan to again host a variety of small fund-raisers
and participate in community events.

We are still without a permanent President and Vice-President of Instruction. Our interim's, Gary Ashida and
Tom Armstrong are doing a wonderful job, but everyone is ready for some finality to the search, as I'm sure
these two guys are worn out, too. The summer was spent with many improvements to the campus; an elevator
in our Humanities building giving access to our theatre/auditorium, new carillon which provides our campus
with wonderful "bell" music each hour, 60 new parking spaces outside our dormitory and a beach volleyball pit
for students.

We are told enrollment is up...yeah! New programs to OJC: Law Academy Training, Alumni Efforts through
OJC Foundation and our Web-site

Patricia Jiron

The ASC Classified Employees Council includes: Chairperson, Jackie Vigil; Vice Chair, Patricia Jiron;
Secretary, Gina Willis; Treasurer, Denice Maiden; Members, Linda Relyea, Chris Wearner and Robert

The ASC Classified Council has been working on revising guidelines for the ASC Classified scholarship. This
fall the ASC Classified employees awarded the scholarship to three recipients in the amount of $1500.00 for
academic year 1999-2000.

ASC classified employees are currently under an upgrade and hiring freeze. This has caused concern for
classified employees thoughout the campus. The council, therefore, called a special open-forum meeting in
September to discuss issues of concern to classified employees. The issue of fairness/consistency was brought
up by employees, as exempt and faculty employees are not currently under this salary freeze. Questions were
put before the President as to why the classified employees are under this freeze and the matter of consistency.

The classified general meeting was held last week. Representatives from CAPE were invited to the general
meeting. The CAPE representatives spoke to the issue of insurance changes and disseminated materials on
insurance statistics thoughout the nation. A group letter to the Joint Budget Committee was signed by
about 50 classified employees. The letter to the JBC is requesting an additional subsidy for the state portion of
our health insurance premiums.

 Also invited was President Gilmore. President Gilmore addressed questions from classified employees
regarding the salary freeze, consistency, division of labor—faculty, exempt and classified staffs, and the no-
runaround policy.

The council has met with the Colorado Peak Performance committee and made recommendations and changes
to the CPP draft to be submitted to ASC Cabinet.

In July, the council organized a catered barbeque for all classified employees and their families. It was a great
success and will probably be a yearly activity.

Some ideas discussed by the council for year 2000:

    Classified Newsletter
    Yearly Potluck/Get-together
    Continue to review scholarship guidelines
    Review ASC Council By-laws and Guidelines.
University of Colorado – Denver

Sue Sethney
Department of History
Campus Box 182

There are nine committees which have been established to begin the preparations for reaccreditation at CU-
Denver. We have been urged that it is important that staff members be included on these committees. Rene'
Rabouin believes for those who choose to volunteer to be involved it will give them a better picture of what
UCD is all about and give Staff an opportunity to help define where they work.

In August Staff Council held an ice-cream social for the Staff.

Currently, the Staff Recognition Committee is working on a Staff Breakfast. It will be held on Thursday,
October 28, 1999. All Staff Council members are being encouraged to help in rounding up door prizes. The
more, the better.

It was reported to us that there were not enough responses regarding Eco-Passes here on the campus so we will
not get subsidized bus passes. The number of interested ready-to-pay customers was 395 and 500 persons were
needed. It will be tried again in January.

The Human Resource Component of the Administrative Streamlining Process will now be put on hold until

We have been informed that the majority of the Staff have completed CPP training. The CU Plan will be
submitted December 1, 1999. We have all had access to the Draft and have the option of e-mailing our
suggestions. One decision that has been made is that those Staff who are under the top of their pay range will
receive Base-Building increases. A question was posed during our most recent meeting; "What would happen
to an employee who does not complete a CPP Plan?" He really didn't have a response to that as so far no one
has considered the fact that an employee might decide not to submit a CPP Plan. His answer was that the
employee would not be evaluated. If an employee is at the top of the pay range and sees no way they can be a
Peak Performer, what is the incentive to fill out paperwork if there is no accountability? If an employee's
supervisor is a faculty/Chair and if they do not fill out a CPP Plan for their Staff, then that faculty/Chair is to be
dinged on their evaluation that they were remiss. Considering that the faculty's evaluations are very weighted
with regards to student enrollments, publications, student evaulations, and teaching effectiveness, it is difficult
to imagine that all faculty/Chairs will be too concerned with a CPP Plan. However, some of us do have
faculty/Chairs who greatly care about making their departments a better place.

Our parking is now $3.25 per day in the close-in lots. It will also go up again next July.

Because of more that is being asked of Staff, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract persons who can or
are willing to join Staff Council and be active participants.

The campus newspaper, which serves all four campuses, is in need of funding. Their funding was cut a few
years ago under the direction of then President Judith Albino and that funding has not been reinstated. The
newspaper may disappear within two years if the funding doesn't increase.
University of Northern Colorado

Dee Schriner


Retreat – We held our annual State Personnel Employees Executive Council (SPEEC) retreat in July. Council
members utilized a decision lab on campus as an electronic brainstorming session to answer the question, ―In
your opinion, what is the role of SPEEC?‖ From this brainstorming session, the Council drafted a Mission

Employee Appreciation – Classified employees were not presented a small token of thanks this October during
State Employee Appreciation Week. Rather the money spent in the past on such tokens will go towards
improving/enlarging the Annual Employee Banquet to be held in the spring. Also, the President is sending out
personalized letters (and encouraging the Vice Presidents to do the same) to thank classified employees. The
President is also hosting an appreciation reception.

Our website is currently in the process of being updated by our Council secretary. Address is:\speec\speec.htm.


Pay for Performance – Scheduled for implementation on June 30, 2000 with payouts in 2001. A draft
evaluation instrument should be available in the next few months. After approval from the President’s Cabinet,
training sessions will begin. Human Resources is currently meeting with representatives from State Personnel
involved with overseeing pay for performance.

New Payroll System – Our payroll office is offering training sessions to assist with the transition into the new
PeopleSoft Version 7.5 (scheduled to go live on November 8th).

UNC recently made changes to the payroll method used for classified employees. Full time classified
employees currently working less than 12 months will have the annualized salary spread out over 12 months.

Division Re-Alignment - Our current Vice President for Student Affairs is actively pursuing a job search in
Oregon (which is where he is originally from). There will no longer be a Division of Student Affairs at UNC
and those departments have been re-aligned under Academic Affairs and Finance & Administration,

Front Range Community College – Larimer Campus

Jan Nilles

there is only a couple of items such as: 1) We have hired a new Vice President for the Larimer Campus (we
have been without since last November). He starts November 1, 1999. 2) We are having our classified
appreciation lunch tomorrow along with a surprise guest speaker. 3) We have $$ allotted from CPOD that we
can use for any professional development we feel is necessary to help us in the performance of our jobs and
CPOD also provides $$ to classified for any mini grants that one might write.

University of Colorado – Boulder

Mary Lowe
The Graduate School
Campus Box 26

Since our last meeting the Boulder Campus Staff Council (BCSC) has been busy. Our summer softball league
was a great success with 24 teams, totaling over 500 faculty, staff and family members. On July 1, our new
members came on board. We held a retreat July 16 to get to know each other and plan goals for the coming
year. We sponsored a blood drive this summer with Belle Bonfils Blood Center from Denver. Our relatively
new Diversity Committee held a 2nd shift appreciation event for the Housing Department. Food, drinks and
Staff council souvenirs were distributed. BCSC sponsored a free ―welcome back‖ Fall breakfast for all staff.
Approximately 1,000 people attended! Our theme was school spirit and we were entertained by the CU Boulder
cheerleaders and members of the marching band. We also collected school supplies to donate to the Boulder
Emergency Family Assistance Association and awarded the winning trophy to the first place softball team.

Upcoming events include: the Fall Blood Drive in October, an Open Forum for all classified staff on the ―Pros
and Cons of the Classified Personnel System‖, organizing a Mittens and Hat Drive for the Holidays, and a
BCSC staff retreat on November 7th.

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