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					Table 5e. Women's wages relative to men's
                                                                                   Last update: June 2009

                                        Women's wages in manufacturing as a percentage of men's wages

Country or area                             Year                       %                          Source
Andorra                                     2007                       71                           ARRS
Armenia                                     2006                       70                           LRES
Australia                                   2006 d,j                   90                           LRES
Austria                                     2003                       62                                IR
Azerbaijan                                  2007                       60                           LREC
Bahrain                                     2007 a,s                   69                                IR
Belgium                                     2006 d,l                   88                           LRES
Bermuda                                     2006                       92                           LREC
Botswana                                    2006                       66                           LRES
Brazil                                      2002                       61                               AR
Bulgaria                                    2005 n                     77                           LREC
China, Hong Kong SAR                        2007 a,m,v                 63                               LFS
China, Macao SAR                            2007                       64                           LRES
Colombia                                    2007 o                     60                               LFS
Costa Rica                                  2007 d,p                   70                               LFS
Croatia                                     2006 q                     76                           LRES
Cyprus                                      2006 d,r                   65                           LRES
Czech Republic                              2005 h,y                   65                           LRES
Denmark                                     2006 d,s,t                 87                           LREC
Egypt                                       2006 b,h,k                 76                           LREC
El Salvador                                 2006                       64                               LFS
Finland                                     2006 l,dd                  84                           LRES
France                                      2005 d,mm                  82                           ARRS
French Polynesia                            2003                       87                               AR
Georgia                                     2005                       61                           LREC
Germany                                     2007 d                     76                           LRES
Gibraltar                                   2007 c,h,u                 81                           LREC
Greece                                      1998 a,d,h,k               82                           LRES
Hungary                                     2006 w                     77                           LRES
Iceland                                     2007 nn                    71                           LRES
Iran, Islamic Rep.                          2002                       90                           LRES
Ireland                                     2006 b,h,k,kk              72                           LRES
Isle of Man                                 2007 b                     62                           LRES
Japan                                       2007 hh                    60                           LRES
Jordan                                      2005                       61                           LRES
Kazakhstan                                  2004                       70                           LREC
Latvia                                      2007                       77                           LRES
Lithuania                                   2007 d,cc                  71                           LRES
Luxembourg                                  2007 h,d                   73                           LREC
Madagascar                                  2005 d                     85                               HS
Malta                                       2007 d,ll                  85                               LFS
Mexico                           2007 gg          70    LFS
Mongolia                         2005             77   LRES
Myanmar                          2005 a,g,ii      89   LRES
Nepal                            1999 oo          45    LFS
Netherlands                      2005 l,bb        83   LRES
New Zealand                      2006 d,z         82   LRES
Norway                           2007 l,ff        89   LRES
Occupied Palestinian Territory   2007 c,ee        53    LFS
Panama                           2006 d,m,ll      95    LFS
Paraguay                         2007             86    LFS
Philippines                      2007 f           91    LFS
Portugal                         2007             68   LRES
Qatar                            2006 e          112    LFS
Republic of Korea                2007 r,k         57   LRES
Romania                          2006             74   LRES
Saint Helena                     2002             72    TR
Saint Lucia                      2003 d,h         71   LRES
Singapore                        2007             65     IR
Sri Lanka                        2007 a,c,h       94   LRES
Sweden                           2007 d,h,s,aa    90   LRES
Switzerland                      2006 jj          77   LRES
Thailand                         2003 e           75    LFS
Ukraine                          2007             71   LREC
United Kingdom                   2007 b,l,pp      75   LRES
a    Data refers to activities classified under major division 3: Manufacturing, as defined in the 1968 International
     Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC-Rev. 2, 1968).
b    Refers to earnings per week.
c    Refers to earnings per day.
d    Refers to earnings per hour.
e    Refers to wage rates per month.
f    Refers to wage rates per day.
g    Refers to wage rates per hour.
h    Worker coverage: Wage earners.
i    Worker coverage: Salaried employees.
j    Worker coverage: Full-time adult non-managerial employees.
k    Establishments with 10 or more persons employed.
l    Worker coverage: Full-time employees.
m    Median.
n    Worker coverage: Employees under labour contract.
o    Excludes armed forces. Persons aged 10 years and over.
p    Refers to main occupation.
q    Excludes employees in craft and trade.
r    Including family allowances and the value of payments in kind. Refers to establishments with 10 or more
     regular employees.
s    Private sector.
t    Excluding young people aged less than 18 years and trainees.
u    Excluding part-time workers and juveniles.
v    Including outworkers.
w    Refers to enterprises with 5 or more employees.
x    Refers to adult employees. Excluding irregular bonuses and the value of payments in kind.
y    Enterprises with 20 or more employees.
     Establishments with the equivalent of more than 0.5 full-time paid employees. Full-time equivalent employees.
aa   Excl. holidays, sick-leave and overtime payments.
bb   Excluding overtime payments. Full time employees only.
cc   Excl. individual unincorporated enterprises. All employees converted into full-time units.
dd   Excl. seasonal and end-of-year bonuses.
ee   Net earnings.
ff   Only remuneration in cash; excl. overtime payments.
gg   Persons aged 14 years and over.
hh   Private sector; establishments with 10 or more regular employees. Regular scheduled cash earnings.
ii   Regular employees.
jj   Standardised monthly earnings
kk   Wage-earners on adult rates of pay.
ll   Total employment.
mm   Including managerial staff and intermediary occupations.
nn   Full time adult employees.
oo   Main occupation. Fluctuation in wages due to small sample size.
pp   Including overtime payments.
ARRS   Administrative records and related sources.
AR     Administrative reports.
HS     Household survey.
IR     Insurance records.
LFS    Labour force survey.
TR     Tax records.
LREC   Labour-related establishment census.
LRES   Labour-related establishment survey.

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