Inner Healing of Hidden self

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					Inner Healing of Hidden self

We all need to seek a higher awareness of self in our lives although we
may not know this initially. In the search for success in our lives, we
aim to achieve fame and fortune and without inner healing and a better
awareness of self not all this is possible. It is crucial that we are
able to develop a better self-perception and awareness and then we are
able to face the world. All this is possible only through the process of
self-healing and nurturing of the inner self. We need to move away from
uncontrolled emotion and take on the action of a controlled life. We must
have control of our mind, body and spirit and this will mean healing all
these aspects of self and using them to the achievement of fulfillment.

Even if we have achieved wealth in life this does not mean that, we are
whole people on the inside and that we are fulfilled. The material
aspects of life may be enjoyable but there can be a lack of true
enjoyment in life and temporary elation, which is not true internal
happiness. Internal healing is the key towards the direction of our
emotions and mental mechanisms and then we can be directed to the road to
a better awareness of self and an inner self. We have to be aware of the
thoughts of the mind and able to control all the actions and reactions
that result from these thoughts.

Many persons that live life on emotions only and they have lives that
lack true direction. They are not able to control themselves and are
impulsive. Impulsive reactions mean that often we do things that we
typically would not if properly thought through. We have to learn to
control all these reactions in the true self-concept and healing process.
Core principles that we have will change as we change and life and this
will only occur with higher awareness of self and healing otherwise we
will stagnate in our rigidity in the concepts and not be able to move
past them. The principles will otherwise stifle us as they surface
uncontrolled. We have to learn and heal our inner selves to deal with
these impulsive aspects in our nature that are holding back our self-

As we grow and develop, we have to learn to bend. We have to learn that
life is dynamic and not constant and that at times we will have to
develop some core principles and then later on replace these with other.
If we are not seeking inner healing and are holding on to our bad
experiences then we are resistant to change and not able to meet the
demands of life. Life should not be led in a compulsive manner but rather
each new situation should be approached with an open minded but
controlled reaction.

If we are unhappy in life then we hold on to the experiences that we have
faced. We grab and hold all the guilt, anger and shame and many other
negative emotions. In order to better develop and move forward we have to
heal our inner selves and we have to move past the walls that we have
constructed and that lead us to impulsive and compulsive reactions.
Holding on to the negative emotions and experiences in our lives is not
healthy and can lead to illnesses that affect our mental and physical
We can face problems such as depression and many other illnesses. We have
to heal our inner self and move past these problems to progress in life.

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