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               8,000 RESIDENTIAL UNITS
              All New Residents Will Be Subject to New Rules Beginning Sept. 1

Portland, Ore. – August 20, 2007 – Guardian Management LLC, a Portland, Ore.-based real estate
investment and management firm specializing in multifamily housing investment opportunities and
property management services, has employed a no-smoking policy to approximately 8,000
conventional and affordable housing units across the West, with a majority—6,500 housing units—
in the state of Oregon. The non-smoking policy will apply to all new residents beginning Sept. 1.

Policy Will Be Applied Gradually
Existing residents, though encouraged to voluntarily comply with the new policy, will be exempt
from the policy until Jan. 1 2008, when all apartment units at these properties will become smoke-

“We have successfully implemented no-smoking policies in several of our new properties, and we
have found that residents appreciate the amenity,” said Tom Brenneke, owner and president of
Guardian Management LLC. “In addition to the health benefits of a smoke-free environment, we
can provide residents with cleaner, better maintained units and a reduced fire risk.”

Guardian’s no-smoking policy will prohibit smoking inside apartment units and common areas, such
as entryways, parking areas, patios and balconies, as well as within 25 feet of any building on the
properties. Residents will be asked to sign a no-smoking agreement upon leasing a unit, and they will
be responsible for enforcing the policy within their units among inhabitants, guests and visitors.

Market Demand Supports Smoke-Free Policies

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According to a 2006 market research survey commissioned jointly by the American Lung
Association of Oregon, the Multnomah County (Ore.) Health Department, Clark County (Wash.)
Health Department and partner agencies, a majority of renters prefer non-smoking dwellings, and
more than half would be willing to pay more rent to live in a smoke-free environment.

In addition, three-quarters of respondents support the right of landlords to prohibit smoking in
order to prevent second-hand smoke from seeping into neighboring units. A smoke-free property
offers reduced liability due to lower fire risk, as well as less costly cleaning and maintenance for the
removal of tobacco residue upon apartment turnover.

“Tenants will be healthier because they won’t have to breathe secondhand smoke where they live,”
said Kylie Meiner of the Multnomah County Health Department. “In addition, property owners like
Guardian will have less maintenance, less expensive turnovers and fewer fire hazards to worry

About Guardian Management LLC
Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Portland, Ore., Guardian Management LLC is a third
generation real estate management and investment firm. Specializing in multifamily housing
investment opportunities and property management services, Guardian’s diverse real estate
experience offers property owners and investors a valuable combination of market expertise and
contacts. Currently Guardian has more than 150 properties (13,000 units) in its management
portfolio and 400 employees in seven states. For more information, visit

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