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					                                          CONTENTS                                                                                                                      UNITS 1–6

Unit                    Grammar                          Vocabulary                      Reading                         Listening                     Speaking/                       Scenario                       Study and Writing
                                                                                                                                                       Pronunciation                                                  skills
1 Communication         The continuous aspect;           Communication                   Great speeches                  Opinions on what makes a      Discussing communication        Flat sharing                 Note-taking
                        state verbs                      Idioms connected with           Leaflet advertising a course    good communicator             Discussing trends (in           Key language: outlining      Structure of talks
                        The perfect aspect               communication                   in communication skills         Introducing the               communication and               problems, offering solutions Note-taking
                                                                                         Extracts from You Just Don’t    achievements of a well-       research)                       Task: solving communication Writing and checking emails
                                                                                         Understand                      known person                                                  problems                     Register
                                                                                                                         Part of a radio series                                                                     Peer checking

2 Environment           Present perfect simple and       Local environmental issues      Newspaper article about         Vox pops about where          Information gap: comparing      Sparrow Hill Wind Farm         Designing a questionnaire
                        continuous                       Word combinations: global       local environmental issues      people live                   the results of two surveys      Key language: agreeing and     Question types
                        Indirect questions               warming                         Newspaper article about         Questions and answers         Discussing changes in one’s     disagreeing politely, polite   Writing a questionnaire
                                                         Adverbs                         disappearing Arctic ice         about volcanoes               environment                     questions
                                                                                         Extract from A Short History    Advice on designing           Preparing a factsheet about     Task: attending a public
                                                                                         of Nearly Everything            questionnaires                volcanoes                       meeting

                                                                                                                                                       Pronunciation: stress in word
                                                                                                                                                       combinations, contractions

3 Sport (p26–35)        Quantifiers; few / little vs a   Idioms connected with           Magazine article about          Interview with a karate       Sports quiz                     Who was the greatest?          Understanding essay
                        few / a little                   sport                           Charles Miller                  teacher                       Discussing sport and games      Key language: emphasis and     questions
                        Definite and zero articles       Prefix self-                    Leaflet advertising a karate    A lecturer giving advice on                                   comparison                     Understanding key words
                                                                                                                                                       Discussing men and women
                                                                                         club                            essay writing                                                                                Essay writing
                                                         Abstract nouns                                                                                in sport                        Task: choosing the greatest
                                                                                         Biographical article about                                                                    modern sportsperson            For and against essay
                                                                                         Babe Didrikson                                                Pronunciation: the definite                                    Introductions
                                                                                                                                                       article                                                        Formal expressions

REVIEW UNITS 1–3 (p36–37)
4 Medicine (p38–47)     Plans and arrangements:          Medical terms: people,          Encyclopaedia entries on        Talk by a professor about     Assessing what makes a          The Dowling Hospital           Evaluating resources on the
                        future continuous, going to,     conditions and treatments       medical breakthroughs           issues with medical           good doctor                     Key language: predicting       Internet
                        present continuous               Illness and medicine            Various types of                treatments                    Discussing medical and                                         Writing short reports
                                                                                                                                                                                       Task: making a difficult
                        Predictions: future perfect,     Dependent prepositions          information about malaria       A lecture on using the        ethical issues                  decision                       Making recommendations
                        will                                                             Newspaper article about the     Internet for research         Planning an awareness-
                                                                                         first face transplant                                         raising day

                                                                                                                                                       Pronunciation: stressed

5 Transport (p48–57)    Modal verbs (future)             Transport: methods and          Magazine article on road        BBC news report about a       Discussing methods of           A new plan                     Describing graphs, charts
                        Modal verbs (past)               problems                        safety                          new type of transport         transport                       Key language: persuading,      and tables
                                                         Safety features                 Magazine article on                                           Role play: road safety          recommending action            Describing information in a
                                                                                         transport in the future                                       Discussing a difficult          Task: making an action plan    table
                                                                                         Magazine article on great                                     journey                                                        Comparison and contrast
                                                                                         train journeys

6 Literature((p58–67)   Narrative tenses: past           Literature: types of writing,   Website on the Nobel Prize      Book group discussion         Talking about books you         A book deal                    Improving listening skills
                        simple, past continuous,         people in literature            for Literature                  Monologues about              like/dislike                    Key language: proposing,       Predicting from clues
                        past perfect (simple and         Word sets: light and dark,      Extracts from novels            characters in literature      Discussion about childhood      bargaining, talking about      Guessing meaning of words
                        continuous)                      sounds                                                                                        beliefs and practices           needs/expectations             A travel blog
                                                                                         Descriptions of characters in   Book extracts
                        used to, would                                                   literature                                                                                    Task: negotiating a contract   Adverbs of degree
                                                                                                                                                       Pronunciation: used to

REVIEW UNITS 4–6 (p68–69)

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                                          CONTENTS                                                                                                                UNITS 7–12

Unit                    Grammar                         Vocabulary                   Reading                         Listening                     Speaking/                     Scenario                      Study and Writing
                                                                                                                                                   Pronunciation                                               skills
7 Architecture          The passive (1): revision;      Describing buildings         Personal opinions about         Interview with an architect   Discussing and describing     On the horizon                Identifying fact and opinion
                        continuous passive and -ing     Idioms with bridge           buildings                                                     buildings                     Key language: talking about   A description of a building
(p70–79)                form; general use
                                                        Prefixes                     Newspaper article about                                       Discussion about space        requirements                  Avoiding repetition: nouns,
                        The passive (2): revision;                                   hotels in space                                               hotels                        Task: designing the ground    verbs, clauses
                        passive infinitive; discourse                                Magazine article about                                        Comparing two bridges         floor of a hotel
                        uses                                                         famous bridges
                                                                                                                                                   Pronunciation: word stress,
                                                                                                                                                   stress and intonation

8 Globalisation         Verb patterns: verbs that       Word combinations:           Internet message board          Podcasts about globalisation Discussing positive and        Supermarket superpower        Summarising
                        take both the infinitive and    globalisation                about globalisation                                          negative aspects of            Key language: clarifying      Topic sentences
(p80–89)                -ing form                                                                                                                 globalisation                                                Paraphrasing
                                                        Abstract nouns               Magazine article about the                                                                  Task: a TV debate
                        have something done             Word set: the media          power of the Internet                                         Comparing good and bad                                      A summary
                                                                                     Magazine article about                                        experiences                                                 Editing to shorten
                                                                                     global role models

9 Art (p90–99)          Ungradable adjectives; use      Art and artists              Leaflet advertising             Conversation about            Discussion: what is art?      The new exhibition            Expanding your vocabulary
                        of very, really, extremely,     Adverb/adjective             exhibitions at an art gallery   exhibitions and opinions of   Discussing works of art and   Key language: sequencing      Collocations
                        etc.                            combinations                 Magazine article arguing for    them                          art exhibitions               information, moving to a      An online review
                        Position of adverbs in the      Order of adjectives before   photography as an art form                                    Describing photos and a       new point                     Adverbs
                        sentence                        a noun                       Three profiles of modern                                      work of art                   Task: giving an informal
                                                                                     artists                                                                                     presentation
                                                                                                                                                   Pronunciation: stress and

REVIEW UNITS 7–9 (p100–101)
10 Psychology           Relative clauses: comment       Working together: verbs      Website about the Belbin        Part of a lecture on group    Discussing team roles         Ask Vanessa                   Writing a bibliography,
                        clauses, use of prepositions    with particles               Model                           dynamics                      Organising a group activity   Key language: giving advice   referencing
                        Reduced relative clauses        Idioms with mind             Leaflet for parents about                                     Discussing crime books        Task: an advice phone-in      A discursive essay
                                                                                     peer pressure                                                                                                             Linking words
                                                                                     Website on psychological                                      Pronunciation: stress                                       Conclusions
                                                                                     profiling                                                     patterns in adjective-noun

11 Culture (p112–121)   Reported speech                 Aspects of culture           Website on aspects of           Vox pops about one’s own      Time capsule                  Kaleidoscope World            Improving reading skills
                        Reporting verbs                 Adjectives                   culture                         culture                       Comparing two descriptions Key language: creating an        Chunking
                                                                                     Extracts from leaflet on        Monologue about               of changing cultures       impact in a presentation         Prefixes and suffixes
                                                                                     culture shock                   experiencing culture shock                                                                Linkers
                                                                                                                                                   Debate on cultural            Task: giving a formal
                                                                                     Two opinions about cultural     Description of cultural       differences                   presentation                  A formal letter
                                                                                     awareness                       mistakes                                                                                  Letter layout
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Formulaic language
                                                                                                                     A radio discussion

12 Technology           Conditionals (1): 1st, 2nd,     Technology                   Magazine article on             Descriptions of gadgets and   Discussing technology and     Computer crash               Plagiarism: what it is and
                        alternatives to if              Adjectives connected with    pioneers of communication       opinions of them              its benefits                  Key language: reassuring and how to avoid it
                        Conditionals (2): 3rd, mixed    technology                   Website FAQs on the Amish                                     Debate on the rate of         encouraging                  An article
                                                        Prefixes expressing          Article from The New                                          technological progress        Task: problem-solving        Identifying the writer’s
                                                        opposites                    Scientist on fear of                                                                        meeting                      position

REVIEW UNITS 10–12 (p132–133)
Language Reference and Extra Practice (p134–157) • Communication Activities (p158–174)                               Audioscripts (p175–190)

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