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par     vocative prefix (Eng. O, Ar. ya, Jpn. yo)                           a, ha
m       certain, sure                                                       adhai
v       explode                                                             adhya
n-con   explosion                                                           adhyata
n-con   six-line poem                                                       aela
v       collapse                                                            afekegu
n-con   alcohol                                                             aghachama
n-con   disease, illness, sickness                                          aghala
n-abs   disease, illness, sickness                                          aghalalu
v       sicken                                                              aghalu
n-abs   politics                                                            aginu
n-abs   campaign finance                                                    aginusui
n-con   campaign (for political office)                                     agipina
v       laugh                                                               ahaya
v       tresspass                                                           ai
m       flexible (easily able to bend)                                      aibaxetai
v       benefit                                                             aidii
m       real, actual                                                        aigadi
m       true                                                                aigata'i
n-abs   truth                                                               aigatu
n-abs   peace (freedom from fighting or turmoil)                            aiha
n-con   egg                                                                 aihe
m       also, additionally, too                                             ai'i
m       holy, sacred                                                        aika
n-abs   marriage (spousal relationship)                                     aikanalu
m       together                                                            aikane, yi-
n-con   god, deity                                                          aike
n-con   divinity, essence of a god, divine xurye                            aikela
n-abs   religion                                                            aikemuchu
v       add, append, join so as to cause an increase                        ailera
m       always (at all times)                                               ailika
m       permanent, perpetual                                                ailikai
n-con   fact (undisputed datum)                                             aimika
n-con   pleasure                                                            aipasutu
n-abs   pleasure                                                            aipasutulu
cj      plus                                                                aisa
v       increase                                                            aisaki
n-con   increase                                                            aisaku
m       innocent, contra-guilty                                             aisi
m       good                                                                aiti
v       improve                                                             aitiku
int     welcome                                                             aityana
cj      and, plus                                                           aiu
v       bless (wish good upon)                                              aiyabu
n-con   dent, nick, indentation                                             akasa
m       then (after that, entonces)                                         akina
v       sell                                                                ala
n-con   spirit (of a place or book, etc.)                                   alacha
v       praise, compliment, laud                                            alaha
n-con   cheek (side of face below eye)                                      alaide
n-con   merchandise, goods, wares                                           alaka
v       buy, purchase                                                       alaka

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n-con   station, store, selling location, one store in a chain                alakani
n-con   customer, buyer                                                       alakau, alakalo
n-con   merchant                                                              alakei
n-con   market (place where goods are bought/sold/traded)                     alakia
n-con   navel                                                                 alanakite
n-con   breast, mammary                                                       alanavina
n-con   province (of Canada etc.), prefecture, state (of USA etc.)            alechazu
n-con   wound                                                                 ametu
n-con   lament                                                                amyihu
pr      near, close to (in time)                                              an
v       hear                                                                  ana
n-con   plane (flat surface)                                                  anacha
v       listen                                                                anana
n-con   sense (ability to perceive a given kind of stimuli)                   anare
n-con   ear                                                                   anine
n-con   heart (coronary muscle)                                               anyane
m       silver (the color; like Eldarin thil-, sil-)                          aru
n-abs   chance, randomicity, luck                                             arye
n-con   accident (unintentional and unexpected event)                         aryedhai
n-con   opinion                                                               asaina
m       warm                                                                  asashe
n-con   connection, joint, junction                                           ashyi
n-con   issue, edition (of periodical etc.)                                   auna
n-con   test                                                                  ausari
v       test, check                                                           ausaru
n-con   feather                                                               avale
n-con   allocation, allotment, portion (someone's share of X)                 b@d@lei
m       blue                                                                  bafu
n-con   sandwich                                                              bakacha
m       awake                                                                 baziaimasu, yazonoraimusa
v       get up                                                                bazu
v       permit, allow, let                                                    -be
v       meet, encounter, come across                                          bisa
n-con   detail                                                                bolo
n-con   bank (side of a river)                                                boxe
n-con   bottle                                                                bury@la
n-con   card (stiff rectangle of material)                                    ch@got@
v       consist of, be composed of                                            ch@za
n-con   wheel                                                                 chacha
n-con   throat                                                                chachaghyi
m       straight (not bent)                                                   chachana
v       vomit                                                                 chafuchu
v       climb                                                                 chahasi
n-con   boss                                                                  chai
v       taste (perceive the flavor of)                                        chaju
n-con   sphere                                                                chaka'a
n-con   forehead                                                              chaka'ame
v       trim, prune (cut off ragged edges)                                    chakaso
v       bite                                                                  chaku
n-con   rectangle                                                             chalaishiki
n-abs   eternity                                                              chalinga
m       up                                                                    chama

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n-con   top, peak, summit                                                   chamata
m       early, premature                                                    chamazu
v       drink                                                               chamu
pr      above, over                                                         chan
n-con   food                                                                chana
v       rise                                                                chana
n-con   elevator {British: lift}                                            chanada
m       insane, crazy, mad                                                  chanaghalai
n-con   flavor, taste                                                       chanaila
n-con   meat, flesh                                                         chanare
n-con   mouth                                                               chane
n-con   butter                                                              chanei
v       swallow                                                             changanu
n-con   food                                                                chani
n-con   milk                                                                chanimo
n-con   stomach                                                             chanine
v       eat                                                                 chanu
pr      around, encircling, surrounding                                     char
n-con   cylinder                                                            charai
n-con   can (presealed metal container) {British: tin}                      charaitu
v       support (help in an endeavor; apodar)                               charaka (very rarely charahaka)
n-con   environment, surroundings, context                                  charala
n-con   muscle                                                              chare
n-con   crack, fissure                                                      chasaga
n-con   attic, garret                                                       chasino
n-con   circle                                                              chata
m       flared (opening up or spreading out from axis)                      chataivi
n-con   cycle (one complete performance of a periodic process)              chathu
n-con   liquid                                                              chaunasha
v       destroy (contra-create; cause to cease existing)                    chaxa, neniri (lit. unbuild)
n-con   mountain                                                            chazu
n-con   hill (smaller than a mountain)                                      chazuhi
m       forward, ahead                                                      cheima
v       cook (prepare by applying heat)                                     cheini
m       most (the largest quantity of)                                      chi-, -chili
n-con   cross (perpendicular intersection of linear items)                  chish@
n-con   ring (piece of jewelry worn on finger)                              chorunita
m       smooth                                                              chukani
v       jump, leap                                                          chusei
n-con   horn (bone-like growth from animal's head)                          chuzyina
v       sneeze                                                              chyeru
n-con   finger                                                              chyoru
m       now (at this time)                                                  da
m       today                                                               dabada
m       nowadays                                                            dabani
m       green                                                               dachu
n-con   act, deed                                                           daiitu
n-con   cigarette                                                           danaka
n-con   tooth                                                               darake
n-con   this month                                                          dariori
n-abs   temptation                                                          degishi
n-con   dolphin                                                             delefin@

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n-con   shell                                                                 dereina
n-con   thing                                                                 des@
n-con   shower, sprinkle                                                      dhaika
n-con   roof                                                                  dhaza
n-con   cover (thing put onto or extended over something else)                dhesa
v       cover (something or the sky)                                          dhesi
n pre   self                                                                  dho
m       automatic                                                             dhotiani'i
n-con   sign (board with public notice written on it)                         dhyana
m       famous                                                                dhyuma'i
pr      beyond, farther than, exceeding                                       -di
n-con   sheath                                                                dichau
v       do, perform, engage in (specified activity)                           dii
pr      because of, due to                                                    dil
n-con   record (a cache of information)                                       dize
v       wander                                                                dizhu
v       proclaim                                                              durivo
v       announce, proclaim                                                    durivo
n-con   joke                                                                  duta
m       funny, comical                                                        duti
n-abs   humor                                                                 dutili
v       amuse                                                                 dutu
n-abs   virtue                                                                dyau
m       virtuous                                                              dyaua
n-con   good deed                                                             dyauta
v       redeem, make virtuous                                                 dyuka
m       open (not shut)                                                       eiga
n-con   hip                                                                   elerana
n-con   fog                                                                   eleza
n-con   cloud                                                                 elisa
m       cloudy (used in weather forecasts)                                    elisadhe
n-con   morning (dawn to noon)                                                en@
n-con   exercise, practice (effort made to improve skills/health)             engengesa
n-con   morning sun                                                           enisa
n-con   club, cudgel                                                          eruxa
n-abs   hope (confidence, Q/S estel)                                          esera
v       smile                                                                 esiya
v       preserve                                                              f@nai
v       save                                                                  f@nai
n-con   bowl (deep round dish)                                                fada
n-con   committee (group appointed to do a task)                              fahyonye
n-con   wall                                                                  faitha
v       hunt, pursue (with intent to capture and/or devour)                   fakau (irregular)
n-con   plateau on edge of mountains                                          fakena
n-con   rim                                                                   fakena
n-con   rust, corrosion                                                       fata
n-con   grammar (rules and structure of a language)                           fayika
n-con   skin                                                                  feini
n-con   stock (share in a company)                                            fena
n-con   part                                                                  feni
n-con   chapter (main division of book)                                       fenisha
n-con   sector (part of a town or building)                                   fenize

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n-con   toilet, water closet                                                                 feryani
v       experience (consciously live through an event)                                       feseza
m       frugal, thrifty                                                                      fila
v       seem, appear to be, give the impression of                                           fiu (irregular)
v       cease, stop doing, quit                                                              fixa
v       happen, occur                                                                        fore
n-con   advice                                                                               forela
v       advise                                                                               foreli
n-con                                                                                        forezize
        annals, chronicle, minutes (a listing of events rather than a history linking and explaining them)
n-con   winter                                                                               funai
n-con   chest (upper front of torso)                                                         fungabe
n-con   road (passage between buildings in an urban area)                                    funiza
n-con   street                                                                               funiza
n-abs   future (the f~)                                                                      fy@i
v       wrestle                                                                              fyafyu
n-con   drum (hollow musical instrument beaten with sticks or hands)                         g@g@
n-abs   south                                                                                gabuta
n-con   fee                                                                                  gacha
n-con   toll                                                                                 gacha
v       exist                                                                                gachu (irregular)
v       be (intransitive predicative copula)                                                 gachu (irregular)
m       for life                                                                             gahaisai
v       expand, grow                                                                         gaka
n-con   question mark                                                                        gala
v       give                                                                                 gala
n-con   gift                                                                                 gali
n-con   gravity                                                                              gamaka
n-abs   north                                                                                ganita
n-con   seed                                                                                 garai
n-con   pod (seed pod)                                                                       garaira
v       allow, permit                                                                        gariti
n-con   abdomen                                                                              gasene
m       common, general (shared by all members of a group)                                   gasi
v       join                                                                                 gasi
n-con   alliance                                                                             gasia
n-con   league                                                                               gasia
n-con   Imperial legislature (unofficial)                                                    Gasiforelanye
n-con   ally                                                                                 gasu
m       boring, tedious                                                                      gasula
v       increase (become or make greater in quantity)                                        gati
v       grow                                                                                 gati
m       big, large (of much size)                                                            gei
n-con   race (group of people with similar characteristics)                                  geikuku
m       great                                                                                geila
n-con   credit (permission to borrow money)                                                  gekeita
v       borrow                                                                               gelinga
v       call, summon                                                                         gelu
n-con   address (postal co-ordinates)                                                        gengatasa
v       reside, dwell, live                                                                  gengu
v       live (someplace), dwell, Jpn. sumu                                                   gengu
n-con   lightning                                                                            gexa
n-con   electricity                                                                          gexaluna

                                                       Page 5

n-con   chimney                                                              ghakanyo
n-con   smoke                                                                ghakata
n-con   bazaar (open marketplace with many sellers)                          ghaleza
n-con   side, flank, lateral area                                            gheiza
n-con   consonant (non-vowel)                                                ghuzasalaka
n-con   barrier, obstacle                                                    ghuzaze
v       function                                                             ghya
v       work                                                                 ghya
v       go                                                                   ghya
v       enter, go into                                                       gi
n-con   visa                                                                 gibete
m       cold, chilly, frigid                                                 gira
v       fail                                                                 golau
n-con   bucket, pail                                                         gulura
n-con   customs (inspection upon entering a foreign country)                 guluzhami
v       customs, to pass through                                             guluzhamu
v       shine (radiate light)                                                gunazi
v       divide                                                               guza
n-con   agency, bureau                                                       guzitaka
n-abs   caution, prudence, carefulness                                       h@ra
m       cautious                                                             h@ro
v       delay, retard, tarry, postpone                                       h@su
n-con   air                                                                  ha
n-con   storm                                                                hafa
n-con   quadranium (at. no. 4097)                                            hafajajimu
n-abs   terror                                                               hafalu
n-con   thunder                                                              hafaneke
n-con   thunderclap                                                          hafanekeza
v       fear (be afraid of)                                                  hafo
v       storm                                                                hafu
v       push (press on something in order to move it)                        haka
n-con   balloon                                                              hakaso
n-con   nose                                                                 hakina
v       fly (move through the air)                                           haku
n-con   sky                                                                  hala
n-con   car, automobile (wheeled motor vehicle)                              halada
n-con   airport                                                              haladazota
m       free (at liberty)                                                    hala'i, hali
n-con   rainbow                                                              halasicha
n-con   weather                                                              halatha
n-abs   weather                                                              halathu
n-abs   freedom (liberty)                                                    halilu
m       blue                                                                 halu
n-con   rain                                                                 hama
m       rainy (used in weather forecasts)                                    hamateki
n-con   flag, banner                                                         hamedha
n-con   layer                                                                hamicha
v       rain                                                                 hamu
n-con   wing (of bird etc.)                                                  hange
m       safe                                                                 hara
int     down with                                                            haraii
n-abs   safety, security                                                     harana

                                                    Page 6

n-con   shoulder                                                             harana
v       rescue                                                               harati
m       dry                                                                  harei
n-con   object of a preposition                                              haritunu
v       breathe                                                              haru
n-abs   spiritual power, magical power, divine power, qi, ki                 hatha
n-con   lung                                                                 hatina
n-con   bird (egg-laying feathered animal with wings)                        haveiu
v       shatter                                                              haxaxa
v       compare                                                              hedu
n-con   smell, odor, aroma                                                   heghe
m       empty                                                                heia, heya (misspelling), hei'a (proper
n-con   space (an empty place, not outer space "sizu")                       heilya
n-abs   void                                                                 heiyazu
m       few (a small number of)                                              -hi
m       little (a small quantity of)                                         -hi
m       many (a large number of)                                             hi-
m       much (a large quantity of)                                           hi-
m       hollow                                                               hiasai
v       cancel, nullify, make void (legal and other formal usage)            hidoru
v       play, recreate, frolic                                               hidya
n-abs   athletics (games involving physical skill), sports                   hidyelu
pr      near, close to (in space)                                            hig
n-abs   majority                                                             hihirilu
n-abs   minority                                                             hihiyarilu
n-con   bus                                                                  hikusau
n-con   paint                                                                hilafa
v       paint                                                                hilafu
v       ring, tinkle, sound                                                  hingi, hisingi
v       find (discover the location of)                                      hiri
m       more (a larger quantity of)                                          -hiri
m       clean                                                                hiya
m       high-tech                                                            hizei
n-con   bone                                                                 horya
n-con   skeleton                                                             horyaga
m       left(-hand)                                                          huima
n-con   buttock                                                              humyu
n-con   comb                                                                 huzye
n-con   three-line poem                                                      hyaela
v       open (for business)                                                  hyaka
n-con   summer                                                               hyanai
n-con   nail (fingernail) [now claw]                                         hyar@
n-con   bank (monetary institution)                                          hyasokaya
n-abs   harmony (pleasing combination of stimuli)                            hyina
v       cry, weep                                                            i'i
n-abs   business, commerce                                                   ilakalu
v       operate, do business                                                 ilaku
n-con   moon (natural satellite of a planet)                                 ilana
n-con   night                                                                ilana
m       stale                                                                iliai
n-abs   light (visible electro-magnetic radiation)                           ilu
n-con   calendar                                                             inovoru

                                                      Page 7

n-con   lens                                                                            irazhi
m       bright (with much light present)                                                ithi
n-con   conjunction                                                                     iu
n-con   pain                                                                            iyi
n-abs   pain                                                                            iyilu
v       cancel                                                                          izazha
n-con   atom                                                                            jajimu
v       pray (communicate with god(s))                                                  jana
n-con   priest, clergyman                                                               janachai
n-con   leap day                                                                        janay@no
n-con   ritual, rite, ceremony                                                          janiza
n-con   prayer                                                                          janu
n-con   team, crew, squad                                                               jareni
m       every, each                                                                     jas@
n-con   block (solid flat-surfaced mass of material)                                    jashegi
n-abs   faith (religious Faith; Ar. diin; more archaic than aikemucha)                  jathu
n-con   gas                                                                             jawana
v       study                                                                           jiga
n-con   teacher                                                                         jigachai
n-con   school                                                                          jiganira
n-con   student                                                                         jigau
m       foul-smelling                                                                   jiheghei
v       kiss                                                                            jiru
m       all (the whole number or entire sum of)                                         jo-
m       public (available to most or all persons)                                       jokui
n-con   bow (for arrows)                                                                k@mira
n-con   drill                                                                           k@zizi
pr      out of                                                                          ka
pr      from, out of, away from                                                         ka
n-con   head                                                                            ka'ame
v       vandalize                                                                       kabihuku
n-con   sack, bag                                                                       kadi
n-abs   faith (in something for which you have evidence; i.e. the existence of China)   kado
n-abs   swelling, inflation                                                             ka'eiki
n-con   knee                                                                            kagese
m       tapered (becoming narrower toward an end)                                       kaghila
m       right(-hand)                                                                    kaguma
n-con   snow                                                                            kaha
n-con   ice                                                                             kaha
v       freeze                                                                          kahaka
v       expel, banish                                                                   kahaka
n-con   quark                                                                           kai'ai
n-con   pasta, noodles                                                                  kaighazha
m       frequently, often                                                               kaihe
n-abs   frequency (degree of oftenness or seldomness)                                   kaihu
n-con   tongue (body-part)                                                              kaine
v       take (in the sense of E-o "preni", G "nehmen", Sp "tomar")                      ka'ixi
n-con   particle                                                                        kaize
n-con   powder                                                                          kakeiko
n-con   contract (agreement-document)                                                   kakonyo
v       kick                                                                            kakya
n-con   brother (younger)                                                               kalazu

                                                      Page 8

v       burst                                                                kalei
m       beautiful                                                            kalima
n-con   father                                                               kalita
n-con   jelly (gelatinous semi-solid material), gel                          kaliva
n-con   solid (not a gas or liquid)                                          kalushau
n-con   sister (younger)                                                     kamizu
n-con   basket                                                               kanasi
n-con   dome (anything shaped like an upside-down bowl)                      kaninga
n-con   marriage (a group, usually mixed-sex, of Retiku living together)     kanu
n-con   spiral, whorl                                                        kanu
m       level, even (on the same level)                                      karaima
n-con   father foster (other male member of marriage)                        karidha
v       fold                                                                 kasela
v       expect, anticipate (believe that X will come/happen)                 katade
m       common, ordinary, mediocre(?)                                        katalai
v       apologize                                                            katariza
n-con   promise (a claim about one's future actions), pledge                 kataya
n-con   oath, pledge                                                         kateila
v       pledge, swear                                                        kateilu
m       loyal                                                                katha
v       blame                                                                kaulaha
m       at most, only, just, merely, not more than (<=)                      kaulu
v       criticize                                                            kauzaku
n-con   faithless one, untrusted one, oathbreaker                            kaxahau
n-con   danger                                                               kazaha
n-abs   danger (situation in which harm is probable)                         kazahu
m       civilized                                                            kazai
n-con   civilization                                                         kazaila
n-abs   civilization                                                         kazailu
n-abs   politeness, courtesy                                                 kazidi
m       at least, not less than (>=)                                         keila
v       trust                                                                keita
v       doubt                                                                keithya
pr      at (in the same location as)                                         kek
pr      on, at                                                               kek
pr      on (resting on; touching the top or other surface of)                kek
n-con   culture (the customs and beliefs of a people)                        keke
m       mature, adult                                                        kekizhati'i
m       elastic (able to regain shape/size after deformation)                keleine
n-con   brick (hard clay block)                                              kelesya
n-con   church (building or institution of public worship)                   kenira
n-con   temple                                                               kenira
n-con   batch (quantity of things done/produced at one time)                 kesaga
v       make (create something unoriginal)                                   kesi
v       cut                                                                  kezu
v       lose (cease having; contra-acquire)                                  khaja
v       look after, care for                                                 kiache
n-con   berry (small pulpy fruit)                                            kialasha
m       local                                                                kiatalai
n-con   local person                                                         kiatalo
n-con   corner (esquina)                                                     kiathi
n-con   child                                                                kiatu

                                                      Page 9

n-con   dot                                                                 kida
n-con   football (American/tackle f~)                                       kikana
n-con   football (association f~), soccer                                   kikanano
n-con   language (the verbal communication technique of a people)           kiki
v       admit, confess                                                      kilaka
n-con   bell                                                                kilinga
pr      after (later than; in the future of)                                kin
n-con   dish (any shallow concave container)                                kingyu
v       send, dispatch, transmit                                            kipya
n-con   envelope (folded paper covering a letter)                           kipyadhesa
n-con   messenger                                                           kipyau
n-con   mailbox                                                             kipyaza
n-con   message (batch of transmitted information)                          kipyei
n-con   community (individuals sharing space / culture)                     kira, kekeku (people of one culture in
n-con   citizen                                                             kiralo
m       short, brief (of little duration)                                   kiri
n-con   job, employment                                                     kisa
v       work                                                                kisa
n-con   foreman                                                             kisachai
n-con   factory                                                             kisadanira
n-con   company (a business organization), firm                             kisalanga
n-con   corporation                                                         kisalangaia
n-con   worker                                                              kisau
n-con   mayor                                                               kisha
n-con   beer                                                                kisha'a
n-con   breeze                                                              kishi
n-con   bullet                                                              kisoye
n-con   district                                                            kita
n-con   canal, channel, ditch                                               kitasu
v       treat, deal with                                                    kizo
m       difficult, hard                                                     kizuya
n-con   wine                                                                kochaiku
v       hope (express a wish that X happens)                                koju
v       hover                                                               kola
n-con   noun                                                                koloni
n-con   witness (to a contract)                                             konyopyalau
n-con   document                                                            konyothe
n-con   beard                                                               kosana
n-con   bat, stick, racket/racquet (any ball-hitting tool)                  koza
n-abs   hope (expectation that something unusual but wished for happens)    kozha
n-con   sentient being (Q. quen), person                                    ku
n-con   person, human being                                                 ku, retiku
n-con   attention (active perception)                                       kuesi
v       describe                                                            kuite
v       hire                                                                kuje
n-con   people (a people), folk, the members of an ethnic group / nation    kuku
n-abs   east                                                                kumeita
n-abs   east                                                                kumeita
n-con   sparkle                                                             kunasi
v       census (take one)                                                   kunatujika
n-con   census                                                              kunatujiki
n-abs   west                                                                kungita

                                                   Page 10

m       even (balanced, equal)                                                           kunya
m       divisible (evenly)                                                               kunyaguzatai
n-abs   balance, equilibrium                                                             kunyashatulu
n-con   balance (a scale used to see whether two things are equal, often metaphorical)   kunyashu
m       public, populace, the people (as in People's Republic)                           kupa
v       keep, retain, go on having (e.g. "you should keep this book")                    kuru
m       bent                                                                             kushai
v       beat (repeatedly hit), batter                                                    kuxe
v       crush (press on so as to break or re-shape)                                      kuzushi
v       invite (to do something)                                                         -kyane
v       save, rescue                                                                     kyehi
v       exchange, trade, swap                                                            la, ala
n-con   bump, protrusion                                                                 lachala
v       create, make (bring into existence)                                              lada
n-con   store, shop, boutique                                                            lage
v       approve (of)                                                                     lahakyi
n-abs   flattery                                                                         lahyaba
m       outer, exterior, external                                                        laitha
n-con   advertisement                                                                    lakahei
n-con   basketball                                                                       lakon@taiso
n-con   length of time (time from one date to the other)                                 lama
m       long (of much duration)                                                          lami
v       succeed                                                                          lano
n-con   arch                                                                             lasha
n-con   field (unbroken expanse of land)                                                 latasahu
n-con   flower                                                                           lati
n-con   bud (of flower/leaf)                                                             latita
n-con   cage                                                                             lauha
n-con   nut (hard-shelled fruit/seed with separable shell and kernel)                    lazha
n-con   granite                                                                          ledoba
v       fill                                                                             leha
m       full, filled                                                                     lehi
title   Mr. or Ms. (alien)                                                               -lei
n-con   back (dorsal area)                                                               lemara
v       wait (for), await                                                                lemu
n-con   comma (partial stop)                                                             lenate
n-con   age (degree of oldness / youngness)                                              lene
v       choose, pick (out), select one of many possibilities                             lenu
v       silent, to be                                                                    lenyu
m       auxiliary                                                                        lethoi
v       rot, decay                                                                       lexe
m       mortal                                                                           lexi
v       die (archaic; no longer in use)                                                  lexu
pr      through                                                                          lez
m       already (prior to the time mentioned)                                            leze
n-con   game (a rule-governed system of competitive amusement)                           leze
m       least (the smallest quantity of)                                                 -lichi
n-con   hoard                                                                            liezya
v       forgive, pardon                                                                  lihasi
n-con   compromise                                                                       li'ila
m       ever (at any time)                                                               lika
n-abs   behavior, conduct                                                                likadaitu

                                                    Page 11

m       pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated                                      likai
v       carry (move while supporting)                                            lim@
n-con   cave                                                                     lima
pr      from                                                                     lin
n-con   sunlight                                                                 lina
v       have                                                                     lina
v       respect, venerate, esteem                                                linangu
m       old                                                                      lingai
n-con   situation                                                                lingasigha
n-con   duration (amount of time consumed)                                       lingaza
n-abs   time (the dimension/continuum of past-present-future)                    lingu
n-abs   history (as a school subject)                                            lingupiali, tilezepiali
v       have (possess / be furnished with)                                       lininga
v       take                                                                     lininga
n-con   fist                                                                     linipe
n-con   date (coordinates of a day given in some timekeeping system)             lino
n-con   hair (a strand of fibrous material growing from the body)                liripi
n-con   fur                                                                      liripi
n-con   sun                                                                      lisa
n-con   day (daytime -- as opposed to night), diurnal period                     lisa
n-con   sunrise, dawn                                                            lisachana
m       sunny (used in weather forecasts)                                        lisaguna
n-con   warehouse                                                                lisanira
n-con   treasure                                                                 lisecha
n-con   full moon                                                                lisilana
m       yellow                                                                   lisu
pr      in to (formerly out of)                                                  lit
pr      outside of, exterior to                                                  lit
n-con   parent                                                                   lita
m       alien                                                                    litya
cj      that (e.g. "I know that you are right")                                  lo
cj      if (on condition that...; supposing that...)                             lo...-fy@, -ti
n-con   rule, regulation                                                         loi
v       condemn, pass sentence upon, doom                                        lokuchu
n-con   trial (in court)                                                         lokuta, zazada (criminal only)
m       just, fair, equitable                                                    lokutai
m       legal                                                                    lokutai
n-con   judge                                                                    lokutaka
n-con   lawyer                                                                   lokutau
n-con   law (a rule enforced by a government)                                    lokute
n-con   court (of law)                                                           lokuti
n-con   lawsuit                                                                  lokutida
v       sue                                                                      lokutidu
n-con   courthouse                                                               lokutira
n-abs   justice                                                                  lokutu
v       judge (declare innocent or guilty), adjucate                             lokutya
title   sir/madam (form of address towards someone whose name you do not know)   losa (to ingroup member), lolei (to fore
n-con   brush                                                                    loshe
n-con   answer, reply to a question or argument                                  losira
m       normal, ordinary, usual                                                  loya
n-con   normal (non-leap) year                                                   loyano
n-abs   energy                                                                   luna

                                                Page 12

v       spread (begin to cover or cause X to cover more area), expand       lurie
n-con   whim, caprice                                                       lusa
m       conscious, aware                                                    lusyai
n-con   race (competition of speed)                                         luzaira
n-con   animal (non-vegetable creature)                                     luzei
n-con   coat (heavy outer garment with sleeves)                             lyire
pr      about (pertaining to; on the topic of)                              m
n-con   button (on a shirt etc.)                                            m@jo
n-con   water                                                               ma
n-con   husband                                                             ma'aikana
v       evaporate                                                           machekyu
n-con   glove                                                               madheze
n-con   tree                                                                mafu
n-con   forest                                                              mafun@, fyele
v       kill                                                                magha (rude), tisei (passive)
v       feel (perceive with the tactile sense)                              maivyu
n-con   well                                                                makara
n-con   matter, material, substance                                         makedhai
n-abs   matter, material, substance                                         makedhailu
n-con   boy                                                                 makiatu
m       black                                                               maku
m       gray {British: grey}                                                maku (black), zatu (white), zeru (gray
n-con   carbon                                                              makuja
n-con   bolo                                                                makule
n-con   sea, ocean                                                          malani
n-con   competition                                                         malasi
n-con   bath (water in which to immerse oneself)                            malithi
n-con   spring (outflow of water)                                           mana
n-con   flood, deluge                                                       manu
v       fight, combat                                                       mara
v       attack                                                              marasha
n-con   cannon                                                              maratasi
n-con   riot                                                                maraxi
v       injure, damage, harm                                                mareka
v       hurt                                                                mareka
n-con   injury                                                              mareki
n-con   war                                                                 marela
n-con   battle                                                              marelihi
n-con   soldier                                                             maresa
n-con   warrior                                                             maresa
n-con   army                                                                maresaga
n-con   man (adult male person)                                             maretiku
n-con   comfort (freedom from pain and/or worry)                            mareyi
v       dispute, disagree                                                   marisha
n-abs   force                                                               maruwa
n-con   defense                                                             maryoba
m       defensive                                                           maryobai
n-abs   defense                                                             maryobalu
n-con   fortress (alternate word for a defended place)                      maryobazu
v       defend                                                              maryobu
n-con   armor (protective clothing)                                         maryovesa
v       help, assist, aid                                                   masa

                                                   Page 13

n-con   help, assistance                                                     masata
n-con   fountain                                                             masathe
n-con   boat                                                                 masau
n-con   drain (device that removes unwanted liquid)                          mateju
v       drown (die/kill via immersion)                                       matekiki
n-con   coal                                                                 matenyona
v       swim                                                                 matesei
n-con   strait, passage                                                      mathi
n-con   bay (small body of water offset from lake or sea)                    mathire
n-con   square                                                               matiba
n-con   kidney                                                               matyeru
v       throw, toss                                                          maufu
n-con   fish                                                                 mavu
n-con   fly (small winged insect)                                            mayinga
m       same, identical                                                      -me
v       bring (cause something to come along with one toward a place)        mecho
pr      until                                                                medh
n-con   copy (a duplicate)                                                   mehita
v       same (to be the same)                                                mehya
n-con   hand                                                                 mei
n-con   drop (of liquid)                                                     meichi
m       enough, sufficiently                                                 meinga
n-abs   condition, state, status                                             meino
n-con   palm (of hand)                                                       meizha
m       complex                                                              mejashi
n-con   family (matrilineal lineage)                                         mel@po
n-abs   genealogy                                                            mel@popiali
pr      by means of, via, per, with (using; through instrumentality of)      men
n-con   body                                                                 mere
n-con   organ (of body)                                                      merena
int     hello                                                                metani
n-con   plant (a vegetable life-form)                                        mevu
v       change (become/make different), vary                                 meyai
m       equal                                                                meye
n-con   adjective                                                            meziyeka
n-con   cat (Felis catus)                                                    miauyau
m       diagonal, slanted                                                    miaya'i
pr      between, among, amidst, inter-                                       mib
m       international                                                        miburakazu'i
n-con   trick, cleverness (the good version of usuza)                        mihe
n-abs   knowledge                                                            mika
n-abs   knowledge                                                            mikaga
v       know                                                                 miku
n-con   brother (other)                                                      milazu
n-con   sister (older)                                                       mimizu
n-abs   communication (exchange of information)                              mimyalu
v       think                                                                mina
v       inform                                                               minaku
n-con   information                                                          minata
m       next (coming immediately after; "tomorrow" = the next day)           mingi
m       tomorrow                                                             mingida
n-con   next month                                                           mingiriori

                                                    Page 14

m       soon (in the near future)                                              mingiti
v       gesture                                                                mira'u
v       lose (lose one's way, be lost)                                         miri
m       supposedly                                                             miridusayo
v       continue, keep on doing/being                                          mise
n-con   brain                                                                  misye
n-con   tale, story                                                            mitaki
n-con   terrorist                                                              mivakei
n-con   vote                                                                   miya
v       vote                                                                   miyi
n-con   distance (amount of space from X to Y)                                 mizelyo
n-con   apron                                                                  mizhelyu
n-con   guerrilla                                                              mizulei
v       be born                                                                moeru
v       give birth                                                             moeru
n-con   birthday                                                               moeruy@no
v?      form                                                                   motomi
n-con   belief (kado and songya; part of michata [truth as percieved by sm])   mucha
v       believe (accept as true)                                               muchi
m       dull, blunt (of little sharpness)                                      mughanai
n-con   chin                                                                   mulyo
v       discuss, talk about                                                    m-yabu
v       touch                                                                  myaihyu
pr      in (located inside of)                                                 n
pr      from                                                                   na
n-con   film (very thin layer)                                                 nacha
n-con   verb                                                                   nadali
n-con   glass                                                                  nagaza
n-con   toe                                                                    naichyoru
n-con   foot (on which something stands)                                       naina
m       sweet                                                                  naisaghi
n-con   vinegar                                                                nakaina
n-con   exclamation mark                                                       nala
v       name                                                                   namaku
n-con   name                                                                   namei
v       emit (to send out any form of matter/energy in any manner)             nanedu
n-con   loop, circuit, closed curve                                            nangaichi
n-con   cube                                                                   nanu
n-con   camp, bivouac, temporary shelter                                       narazhi
m       any (no particular one of)                                             nas@
n-con   stripe                                                                 nasatavau
n-con   friend                                                                 nashai
n-con   plug, seal, stopper                                                    nasocha
n-con   command, order, directive                                              nata
n-con   name-mark (punctuation used before a proper name)                      nate
n-con   number, numeral (a word or symbol indicating quantity)                 natuji
v       count, enumerate                                                       natujika
v       calculate, reckon                                                      natuju
n-con   thread, filament                                                       navacha
n-con   disaster, catastrophe                                                  naxiba
n-con   tyrant                                                                 neau
n-con   object (concrete tangible thing)                                       nechiki

                                                     Page 15

n-con   bolt (of lightning, or energy; an extended lump of power)            ned@
v       go (salir, zou3)                                                     nei
v       leave, depart, go away from                                          nei
m       bitter                                                               neichai
n-con   basis, foundation (part which supports the rest)                     neijo
n-con   element (substance of irreducible simplicity)                        neijoze
n-con   passport                                                             neikonyo
n-con   expense (opposite of revenue)                                        neisui
n-con   noise (confused/randomized sound/stimuli)                            neke
v       noisy, to be                                                         neko
pr      behind, in back of, to the rear of                                   nel
m       blue-green                                                           nenu
n-abs   strength (ability to exert physical power)                           nenu
m       strong                                                               nenui
v       follow, come behind                                                  nesa
n-abs   ability, capacity (to do something)                                  nesulu
n-con   end                                                                  nga
n-con   clock                                                                ngali
pr      during                                                               ngam
m       eventually (in the far future)                                       ngamyalingaya
m       last, final (after all others)                                       ngi
m       final                                                                ngi
v       end, conclude, finish                                                ngu
v       complete                                                             ngu (same as end)
n-abs   courage, bravery                                                     nguleilu
n-con   scale (device to measure weight)                                     ngyema
n-con   year of age                                                          ni
n-con   feeling, emotion                                                     niacha
v       feel (experience an emotion/sentiment)                               niachi
n-con   baseball                                                             nialaka
n-con   ring, torus                                                          nichana
v       teach                                                                nije (active)
v       learn                                                                nije (medio-passive)
n-con   classroom                                                            nijenila
n-con   class                                                                nijeta
n-con   room, chamber                                                        nila
n-con   wrinkle, crease                                                      nina
n-con   accusation, charge                                                   ninaha
v       accuse                                                               ninahi
n-con   bill (legislative)                                                   ningi
v       explain, elucidate, show (something not literally shown)             ninio
n-con   explanation                                                          ninyota
v       understand, comprehend                                               niosini
n-abs   comprehension                                                        niosinu
n-con   building, edifice (structure with walls and roof)                    nira
n-con   house (a free-standing man-made dwelling-building)                   nira
n-con   home                                                                 nira
n-con   ceiling                                                              niracha
n-con   family (nuclear)                                                     nirali
v       build (join materials to create), construct                          niri
n-con   root (of a plant)                                                    nirine
n-con   homeland                                                             niru

                                                     Page 16

m       clear, plain (easy to see/understand)                                 nisai
n-con   intestines, gut(s), viscera                                           nishaga
n-con   coin                                                                  nisutya
n-con   disk, disc                                                            nita
m       away (from this or that place)                                        niya'i
n-con   method, manner, way (of doing), technique                             niyasi
n-con   group                                                                 niyi
n-abs   mercy                                                                 nizi
v       restore, bring back, regain                                           noduru
n-con   degree (the extent/intensity/scope of an action/condition/relation)   noja
n-con   bundle, bunch (group of things tied or grouped together)              nojo
v       adhere (hold tightly to / stick to something)                         nuku
n-con   autumn, fall                                                          nunai
n-abs   farming                                                               nunasa
n-con   farmer                                                                nunasau
n-con   farm                                                                  nunasu
n-con   sprout (young shoot of plant)                                         nunehi
n-con   eating utensil (one-pronged and trowel-shaped)                        nupagi
v       absent                                                                nurisha
n-con   magician                                                              nyarachai
n-con   magician                                                              nyarachairaka
n-con   magic, sorcery, spell                                                 nyarala
n-abs   magic, sorcery                                                        nyaralu
n-con   magician                                                              nyarau
v       cast a spell                                                          nyaru
m/m     far (at / to a great distance)                                        nyema
n-con   pipe (a hard tube for transporting liquid)                            nyoju
n-con   chart, diagram                                                        nyosita
v       need, require                                                         ohaku
v       thank (express gratitude toward)                                      omigera
m       backward (in reverse order)                                           omiwa
n-con   stone (rock)                                                          ona
n-con   fire                                                                  oxya
pr      per                                                                   p
n-con   lip                                                                   pabafe
v       spit                                                                  pagu
n-con   eye                                                                   paile
n-con   iris (of eye)                                                         pailecare
n-con   eyeglasses                                                            paile'irazhi
n-con   tear(drop(s))                                                         pailema
n-con   garbage, trash, rubbish                                               painak@
n-con   dial (circle marked with numbers/symbols)                             palichata
v       show, exhibit, display                                                palisha
n-con   salad                                                                 panauka
v       favor, prefer                                                         pas@-li
n-con   angle (the relation of two lines radiating from a point)              pasa
n-con   corner (rincón)                                                       pasa
n-con   paste (any thick soft dough-like material)                            pasaxau
v       like, enjoy (derive pleasure from)                                    pasu'ai
m       blue                                                                  pavu
n-abs   worry, anxiety                                                        peili
n-con   dictionary                                                            pelagatenga

                                                      Page 17

n-con   phrase                                                               pelari
n-con   week                                                                 pelida
n-con   hexagon                                                              pelyagho
v       see                                                                  piali
v       look all around                                                      pialikuela
v       tour, go on (tourize)                                                pialitauku
n-con   picture, image                                                       piana
n-con   thumb                                                                pichyoru
n-con   dream                                                                pilesha
v       dream (create a dream, have a know the idea)           pileshaku
v       imagine                                                              pileshe
m       apart, separately                                                    pinai
m       chief, main, primary, principal                                      pina'i, raka'i
v       unite                                                                pinaku
m       private (contra-public)                                              pinas@i
m       only, solely, exclusively                                            pinasai, sipi
n-con   face                                                                 pinyai
v       alternate, take turns (do X then Y then X then Y)                    piramira
n-con   file (dossier; loose bundle of data)                                 pithega
v       contain                                                              piuna
n-con   container                                                            piunaza
m       alert                                                                pixi
n-con   example, sample                                                      pizhaza
n-con   victory                                                              pyerona
m       victorious                                                           pyeronai
v       win, defeat                                                          pyeroni
n-abs   victory                                                              pyeronu
n-con   boss                                                                 rachai
v       control                                                              ragi
n-con   king                                                                 raka
n-con   queen                                                                raka
n-con   master, lord                                                         raka(hi)
n-con   legislature                                                          rakaforelanye
n-abs   authority (the right/power to command)                               rakail@lu
v       elect (select by voting)                                             rakalenu
n-con   chief, leader                                                        rakani
n-con   leader                                                               rakani
n-con   tax                                                                  rakati
n-con   bureau                                                               rakiata
n-con   agency, bureau (of the government)                                   rakiata
n-con   department                                                           rakiata
n-con   government                                                           rakuta
v       read                                                                 rana
v       introduce                                                            ranabayati
v       applaud                                                              raraka
n-con   applause                                                             rarako
n-con   cousin (maternal)                                                    rasa
n-con   furrow, rut, groove                                                  ratata
n-con   soup                                                                 razhak@
n-con   individual (one considered separately from one's species)            reda
m       long (of much length)                                                rele
v       accept (willingly receive)                                           remyi

                                                    Page 18

v       know (conocer)                                                        rena
n-con   spring (the season)                                                   renai
v       celebrate, rejoice                                                    reniyu
n-con   memory                                                                resi
n-con   category, classification                                              resinga
v       memorize                                                              resinuku
v       remember                                                              resu
n-con   world                                                                 Retia
n-con   habitable planet                                                      retiaya
m       artificial (deliberately made by humans)                              retikeisisi
n-con   asset, property                                                       reza
n-con   subject, one ruled by someone                                         ria
n-abs   arts                                                                  riani
n-con   art (creative craft; productive use of talent)                        rianita
m       less (a smaller quantity of)                                          -rihi
v       catch (stop the motion of and seize in the hands)                     riju
n-con   brass (copper-zinc alloy)                                             rikasa
n-abs   activity, bustle, ado                                                 rikilu
v       hold, grasp                                                           riliju
n-con   theft                                                                 ringala
v       steal (take in a criminal way)                                        ringali
n-abs   theft                                                                 ringalu
n-con   month                                                                 riori
n-con   pile, heap, stack of things or of a substance                         risathan@
n-con   family (extended)                                                     risuga/fesire
v       repair, fix                                                           riza
m       flat, planar                                                          rodhyai/rodhya'i
n-con   blanket (large piece of soft material used as a cover)                rojyu
n-con   preposition                                                           ronatia
m       prepositional                                                         ronatiali
n-con   triangle                                                              ropasa
v       prove                                                                 roza
n-con   proof, evidence                                                       rozyaza
v       aim (to point/direct X toward Y)                                      rughi
v       boil                                                                  rugu
n-con   total, sum, aggregate                                                 ryeha
n-con   bill, invoice (statement of money owed)                               ryehathe
n-con   fort                                                                  ryobu
title   Mr. or Ms.                                                            -sa
n-con   crystal                                                               sachago
v       question                                                              sachi
v       ask, inquire                                                          sachi
n-con   juice (fluid extracted from something)                                sachino
n-abs   quiet sadness                                                         saera
m       soft, malleable, yielding to pressure                                 safa
v       limit                                                                 saia
n-con   opening, orifice                                                      saidaiva
n-con   sugar                                                                 sailirauka
n-con   board                                                                 saina
n-con   foam, froth                                                           saingaka
n-con   limit, boundary                                                       saiu
n-con   branch (small part going out from main part)                          sakati

                                                      Page 19

n-con   syllable                                                              sala
n-con   curve                                                                 salai
n-con   alphabet                                                              salakaga
v       right (to have a right to; E-o rajti)                                 sama
n-con   right (a right to do/be ...)                                          sami
int     please                                                                samihia
n-con   scratch                                                               sanati
v       receive                                                               sara
v       close                                                                 sase
m       closed, shut                                                          sasemusa
n-con   planet                                                                sasila/retiaya
n-con   paper                                                                 sathe
pr      pro-                                                                  saz
v       want, wish, desire                                                    -se, lui
n-con   cent (the formal word for 1/36 of a silasi)                           sefena pl. sefenei
v       go (move from starting point to elsewhere)                            sei (irregular)
n-con   port                                                                  seidanira
n-con   airport (and spaceport)                                               seidanira
m       happy                                                                 seilai
n-abs   happiness                                                             seilei
n-abs   birth                                                                 seitu, moerutu
n-con   destination                                                           seitunga
n-con   direction (orientation of motion)                                     seiva
v       deserve, merit, be worthy of                                          seja
n-abs   imagination, mind's eye, dreamscape                                   selei
n-abs   prestige, social rank                                                 selyu
n-con   cousin (paternal)                                                     sena
m       cruel, mean                                                           sengai
n-con   club, society, party, sect, organization                              sengarazi
v       torture, torment                                                      sengira
n-con   torture                                                               sengiru
n-con   member (of group/organization)                                        seranu
m       sad, unhappy, melancholy                                              seu
v       sadden                                                                seuka
n-abs   nature (that which occurs spontaneously; the non-artificial world)    seyezu
n-con   tail                                                                  sezela
m       jealous                                                               sh@gha
n-abs   jealousy, envy                                                        sh@gho
n-con   dust                                                                  sh@hi
n-con   sand                                                                  sha
n-con   pattern (apparent systematic interrelationship)                       shadazai
n-con   doll, effigy                                                          shadina
n-con   road (path--same as theya but older)                                  shahai
n-con   wind                                                                  shaiha
v       lucky (to be lucky)                                                   shaka
n-con   spike, barb, cleat, thorn                                             shakacha
v       seek, search (for), look for                                          shali
n-con   pizza                                                                 shamangai
v       admire                                                                shamiali
n-abs   beginning                                                             shani
v       begin, commence, start                                                shanu
v       become (begin to be; acquire the quality...)                          shapo

                                                      Page 20

n-con   lump, clod, blob, piece of no particular shape                       shara
n-con   wrist                                                                sharai
n-con   icon, conventional picture of a deity                                sharasa
n-con   idol                                                                 sharasha
m       purple                                                               shashu
n-con   heel                                                                 shatiha
m       cool (sugoi, not suzushii)                                           shayai
n-con   band, tape, flat strip                                               shazhai
v       float                                                                shecha
v       dance                                                                shedu
v       blow (move/cause to move as a current of gas)                        shehu
m       nice, kind, affable                                                  sheia
n-con   twilight (time between first light and sunrise)                      sheilu
n-con   mother                                                               shelita
n-con   belt                                                                 shelyo
n-con   coronation (sash-ceremony)                                           shelyojaniza
m       fresh (new, not stale or rotten)                                     shemi
v       escape, flee from                                                    shenga
n-con   experiment                                                           shepiala
v       drift, wander                                                        sher@
n-con   mother foster (other member of marriage)                             sheridha
n-con   kind, sort, type, variety (of...)                                    sheru
n-con   fan (device to create air current)                                   sheshodho
n-con   adopted child                                                        shevokyatu
v       share, hold jointly                                                  shevu
v       hide, conceal                                                        shihe
n-con   code (cryptographic system)                                          shihete
n-con   eclipse                                                              shihila
n-con   mirror                                                               shihize
v       land                                                                 shihu
n-con   broom                                                                shiju
n-con   shadow, shade                                                        shika
n-con   silver (the metal)                                                   shira
n-con   diamond                                                              shisailede
n-con   reason, explanation, justification, rationale                        shiva
m       fragile, delicate                                                    shiyei
v       translate                                                            shu
n-con   metal                                                                shuaka
n-con   translator                                                           shuchai
v       avoid, evade, keep away from                                         shungau
m       strong (obsolete word, more like "mickle")                           shura
n-con   leaf                                                                 shuru
n-con   tough love, God of                                                   shurusechai
n-con   ash                                                                  shyalei
v       try, attempt, endeavor                                               shye
n-con   cloth, fabric (material made of threads)                             shyuna
n-con   fruit                                                                si (pl. sai)
title   Mr.                                                                  -si
n-con   wife                                                                 siaikana
m       parallel                                                             sich@mai
n-con   form, shape                                                          sichi
n-con   chalk                                                                sigimo

                                                    Page 21

n-con   girl                                                                               sikiatu
n-con   star (in the sky)                                                                  sila
n-con   curtain                                                                            silecha
n-con   snake, serpent (reptile of suborder Serpentes or Ophidia)                          sirai
n-con   woman (adult female person)                                                        siretiku
n-con   color                                                                              siru
n-con   pentagram                                                                          sisobi
n-abs   rural area, countryside                                                            siuzhe
n-con   dragon (winged serpent with crested head and large claws)                          sivare
n-con   piece (a part broken/cut/separated from something larger)                          sizha
n-con   space (outer space)                                                                sizu
n-abs   space, room, void                                                                  sizu
n-con   courtyard, open area within a compound                                             sizya
n-con   open space in the middle of a compound, patio(?)                                   sizya
n-con   star (shape)                                                                       sobi
n-con   ball (spheroidal plaything)                                                        soe
n-con   account (record of money received/paid/owed)                                       sokaya
m       dear, precious, cherished                                                          solai
m       almost, nearly                                                                     solei
n-abs   love                                                                               sololi
v       love                                                                               sololu
n-abs   faith (in something for which you have no evidence; i.e. the existence of Khugloa) songya
n-con   claim, assertion (statement of unknown accuracy)                                   songyata
n-abs   compassion (feeling sympathy for and wanting to help)                              soyonia
title   Ms., Miss/Mrs.                                                                     -su
v       dig                                                                                sudara
n-con   money                                                                              sui
n-con   budget                                                                             suiayazi
m       rich, wealthy                                                                      suilina
n-con   price, cost                                                                        sula
n-abs   value (the quality of being useful and/or desirable), worth                        sulalu
n-abs   sex, gender                                                                        suralu
m       male                                                                               surama
m       female                                                                             surasi
m       fertile                                                                            suratai
m       expensive, costly                                                                  suri
n-con   dirt, earth (tangible), soil                                                       suronu
n-con   son                                                                                suziri
n-con   daughter                                                                           suzuru
n-con   frame (structure supporting or surrounding something)                              t@li
v       come, arrive (at indicated place)                                                  ta
pr      to                                                                                 ta/t
n-con   helix (any corkscrew-shaped object)                                                tabatha
n-con   line (series of contiguous points)                                                 tachazhi
n-con   honey                                                                              tachiru
n-con   luggage                                                                            tachyo, tachyoga
v       depend on, rely on                                                                 taghi'a
n-con   fragment                                                                           tahita
m       brown                                                                              tahu
pr      to                                                                                 tai
pr      to, towards, at (moving toward)                                                    tai
int     hey                                                                                taii

                                                     Page 22

m/m     near (at / to a little distance)                                       taima
m       green                                                                  taju
n-con   liver                                                                  tajure
n-con   fat (oily/greasy material from animal adipose tissue or plant seeds)   taka
v       stop                                                                   taka
n-con   chair (furniture for one person to sit on)                             takala
n-con   sofa                                                                   takalara
m       fat, obese, plump                                                      takalina'i
v       sit (be in a sitting position)                                         takalu
n-con   bed                                                                    takara
n-con   daybed                                                                 takarala
n-con   throne                                                                 takaru
v       lie (recline horizontally)                                             takaru
n-con   cart, carriage, wagon (wheeled vehicle; not self-propelled)            takasau
n-con   sheet (thin rectangle of paper/cloth/etc.)                             takasha
n-con   brake                                                                  takiada
v       valid (to be)                                                          takika
n-con   chain (connected series of rings or links)                             takya
m       binding, legally enforceable                                           takyoa
n-con   tavern, bar, pub                                                       talemu
v       attract                                                                tamecho
pr      front, in front of                                                     tan
pr      before, in front of, ahead of (spatially)                              tan
n-con   pyramid                                                                tana
n-con   gate                                                                   tanaka
n-con   door                                                                   tanaki
m       at auction                                                             tanarakunira
n-con   front                                                                  tanata
v       close, shut (from GSP notebook)                                        tangalu
n-con   oval, ellipse                                                          tangana
m       new, novel, recent (having been known for a brief time)                tani
m       young (of little age; having existed/lived for a brief time)           tani
n-con   hole                                                                   tapa'u
n-con   plain                                                                  tasahu
v       dirty                                                                  tasaji
m       dirty, contra-clean                                                    tasajimusa
n-con   island                                                                 tasaku
n-con   coast                                                                  tasalu
n-con   swamp, marsh                                                           tasamu
n-con   swamp                                                                  tasamu
n-con   fiesta, festival                                                       tasana
n-con   holiday                                                                tasanay@
n-con   isthmus, narrow strip of land                                          tasatu
n-con   floor (bottom of room)                                                 tasaru
n-con   desert                                                                 tasasu
n-con   earth (terra firma contrasted with sea and heaven)                     tasa'u
m       here (in/to this place)                                                tasa'uai
n-con   earthquake                                                             tasa'urona
vd      earthquake                                                             tasa'uroni
m       there (at/to that place)                                               tasa'uya
n-con   beach, shore                                                           tasaxu
n-con   valley                                                                 tasazhu

                                                     Page 23

n-con   revenue                                                              tasui
n-con   visit                                                                tau / taukuta
v       visit                                                                tauku
n-con   traveler (and sometimes follower)                                    taulo
n-con   surface                                                              tautai
n-con   journey, trip, voyage                                                tauzu
n-con   enthusiasm, zeal                                                     taxala
n-con   ambassador                                                           tayanau
pr      upon                                                                 taz
n-con   will, wish, desire, intention                                        tazere
int     excuse me                                                            taziganga
n-con   river                                                                tazu
v       sign (write one's name on)                                           techa
m       deep, profound (of much depth)                                       tegi
n-con   twilight (time between sunset and darkness)                          teilu
pr      under, below, beneath                                                tek
n-con   convertible (car/halada)                                             tekidhazada
n-con   fall                                                                 tekiki
v       fall                                                                 tekiku
m       down                                                                 tekima
n-con   letter (a message written and mailed)                                tekipya
n-con   arm (shoulder to hand)                                               tele(cha)
n-con   leg                                                                  tele(te)
pr      instead of, rather than                                              teleg
n-con   proxy, agent, one authorized to act for others                       telegau
v       stand                                                                teleku
n-con   pillar                                                               telema
v       squat                                                                teleru
v       walk                                                                 telesei
v       reach, extend as far as                                              teli
m/m     late, tardy                                                          tema
n-con   punctuation mark                                                     tema
n-con   fuel                                                                 temo
n-con   fire                                                                 tena
v       write                                                                tena
n-con   fireplace, hearth                                                    tenatasa
n-con   book                                                                 tenga
n-con   library                                                              tenganira
v       burn                                                                 teni
m       red                                                                  tenu
m       orange (having a hue between red and yellow)                         tenu, lisu
n-con   chocolate                                                            teranata
v       decide                                                               tesha
v       agree                                                                tesha
n-con   cellar, basement                                                     tesino
v       run                                                                  tetelesei
n-con   bottom                                                               texu
n-con   constitution (charter of an organization)                            texulokute
n-con   story, report                                                        teyu
n-con   tale                                                                 teyu
n-con   rock, stone                                                          thala
n-con   gold (the precious metal)                                            thanai

                                                    Page 24

pr      through                                                              thar
n-abs   tradition                                                            tharashahi
n-abs   power                                                                thashura
v       crawl                                                                thaxisa
n-con   pit (hole in the ground)                                             theko
n-abs   bankruptcy                                                           thekotenga
v       bankrupt                                                             thekotengaku
m       back (to previous place / condition)                                 thele
v       plan (to do something)                                               theri
n-con   plan, design                                                         therye
n-con   garment (item of clothing)                                           thesa
n-con   route, path, course                                                  theya
n-con   road (path, way, track to get between cities)                        theya
v       tie, bind                                                            thili
m       narrow, of little width (of space between objects)                   thithi
m       thin, slender (small from one surface to the opposite surface)       thithi
v       use, utilize                                                         thu
m       again, once more, re-                                                ti-
v       move (engage in motion / cause to engage in motion)                  tiani
n-con   bicycle                                                              tichachasau
m       exact, precise                                                       tigya
n-con   depth (distance from ground / baseline down to bottom)               tigya
n-con   barrel, cask                                                         tik@lu
n-con   coil                                                                 tika
pr      across (at / to the other side of)                                   til
pr      before, prior to, earlier than                                       til
n-abs   past (the p~), earlier time                                          tileze
n-con   history (organized account of past events), chronicle                tilezeninyota, linguninyota
n-abs   history (organized account of past events), chronicle                tilezeninyotu
n-con   adoptive parent                                                      tilita
v       distinguish, differentiate, tell one from another                    timega
v       bounce, rebound                                                      ting@
n-con   prime minister                                                       tirakiati
m       dead                                                                 tisaiamasu
v       die                                                                  tisei
v       return (go or send back to previous place/condition)                 tisei
n-con   arrow (sharp-tipped shaft shot from a bow)                           tiva
m       direct, immediate (with no intermediaries or obstacles)              tivati
n-con   ray                                                                  tiza
n-con   afternoon (noon to dusk)                                             tizyofena
m       rough, coarse, contra-smooth                                         toinai
m/pn    this (demonstrative)                                                 tozuai
m       therefore, thus, because of that                                     tozuaitu, tozuyatu
m       how? (in what manner?)                                               tozudai
m       how                                                                  tozui
m       when? (at what time?)                                                tozulingu
m       where? (at/to what place?)                                           tozutasa'u
m/pn    that (demonstrative)                                                 tozuya
m       alkaline                                                             tuk@riya'i
n-con   bar, rod                                                             tul@
v       get, acquire, gain, obtain                                           tura
n-con   possession, belonging, something owned                               turana

                                                     Page 25

n-con   owner                                                                turau
v       bury                                                                 tuz@
m       healthy                                                              tyuga'i
n-con   box (rigid rectangular receptacle)                                   tyuwe
v       waste, misuse                                                        udhu
n-abs   hate                                                                 ufi
v       hate                                                                 ufu
int     excuse me                                                            uimizana
v       pay                                                                  uja
n-con   debtor                                                               ujal@lo
n-con   debt, obligation to pay                                              ujal@ta
n-con   check (written order directing a bank to pay from an account)        ujathe
m       evil                                                                 uma'i
m       wrong, incorrect                                                     uma'i
v       abuse, mistreat                                                      umakizo
n-con   nightmare (evil vision/dream/aspiration)                             umapilesha
n-con   enemy                                                                umashai
n-con   heat, warmth                                                         umate, yara
m       poor, impoverished                                                   unga
n-con   poor person                                                          ungau
n-con   stone (building material)                                            ungi
n-con   blemish, blot                                                        upa
n-con   trick, chicanery (evil, very deceptive act)                          usuza
pr      like, similar to                                                     v
m       sour                                                                 vachai
n-con   stain                                                                vagaba
m       alive                                                                vaimusa
n-con   cup (small bowl with handle)                                         vata
n-con   coaster (object on which to place a wet cup)                         vatakala
n-con   chess                                                                verija
m       thus, so, like that (Sp, así, Jpn, sou)                              vesi
v       live (be alive)                                                      vi
n-con   axe                                                                  vikura
n-con   blood                                                                vime
n-con   vein, blood vessel                                                   vimera
n-con   bridge                                                               vise
m       dense (of much density), concentrated, thick, intense                vomi
n-abs   density                                                              vomilu
n-con   list                                                                 voru
v       absorb                                                               vuluzu
n-con   clay                                                                 vumya
n-con   baby, infant                                                         wa'a
n-con   sausage                                                              wetaichi
n-con   evening (dusk to midnight)                                           wuli
n-con   spice, seasoning                                                     xama
pr      for (in exchange for)                                                xap
v       dissolve                                                             xashigyu
v       break (into pieces)                                                  xaxa
m       tall                                                                 xeizha
m       completely, utterly, at all (+neg), perfectly (+pos)                 xeja
v       capture, seize                                                       xeleiha
m       dark, dim (with little light present)                                xesha

                                                    Page 26

n-con light bulb                                                             xeshakahakau
n-con cheese                                                                 ximashi
v     flow (travel in a current)                                             xoshi
n-abs embarrassment, shame                                                   xughau
v     drive, impel, propel                                                   xule
n-con blade                                                                  xuleka
m     acid(ic)                                                               xulishi'i
n-con quality, trait, attribute, characteristic                              xupadha
m     specific, special, particular                                          xupali
n-con soul, spirit (believed to outlive the body)                            xurye
v     interfere, hinder                                                      xuza
v     compete, strive, vie                                                   xuzux@
n-con day (24-hour period)                                                   y@no
n-con century                                                                y@nofua
m/pn  other, another                                                         -ya
m     not                                                                    ya-
v     cry out, shout, yell                                                   ya'adu
m     guilty, blame-worthy                                                   ya'aisi
n-con word                                                                   yaba (verbal), pela
n-con telephone                                                              yabakipiyata
v     telephone                                                              yabakipiyataku
v     telephone                                                              yabakipya
n-con comment                                                                yabinu
v     say, tell, express in words                                            yabu
v     speak, talk                                                            yabu
n-con message                                                                yabumata
n-con parliament, congress (legislative body of elected officers)            yaburaka
n-con congressperson                                                         yaburakialo
v     harm (not physical)                                                    yadii
n-con neck                                                                   yadyei
n-con collar                                                                 yadyeishe
m     foolish                                                                yafazi'i
m     stupid                                                                 yafazi'i
m     false, untrue                                                          yagata'i
n-abs fiction                                                                yagathe
pr    without, with no ..., lacking                                          yah
cj    or (conjunctive between words)                                         yai
cj    or (disjunctive between words)                                         wa
      or (disjunctive between clauses)                                       zai
      or (conjunctive between clauses)                                       tau
n-con fine                                                                   yakusui
v     fine                                                                   yakusuu
pr    except for, besides, apart from, other than, excluding                 yal
m     never                                                                  yalika
m     illegal                                                                yalokutai
m     constant, invariant, stable                                            yalya
m     different                                                              yameya
v     deny (say that X is not true)                                          yamigi
v     ban                                                                    yan@
v     veto                                                                   yanaka
n-con editorial                                                              yanapasaina
v     demote                                                                 yanata

                                                    Page 27

int     goodbye                                                                               yangulise
n-con   representative                                                                        yanialo
n-con   computer (electronic instruction-obeying information-handler)                         yanosaini
n-con   fever                                                                                 yaradi
n-con   dictator, tyrant                                                                      yarakana
n-con   sweat, perspiration                                                                   yarama
n-abs   state of comic hopelessness and frustration that does not impair action               yaraxa
v       forget (contra-remember)                                                              yaresu
n-con   disappointment                                                                        yaritanila
v       decrease (become or make lesser in quantity)                                          yasaki
pr      against                                                                               yash
m       though, although, even though                                                         yashis@, emph. zyashishi, byform (ol
n-con   flaw, defect, imperfection                                                            yasika
m       neuter (neither male nor female)                                                      yasura
m       bad                                                                                   yati
n-con   candle                                                                                yatila
cj      but, however                                                                          yau
v       lack (be without)                                                                     yaxe
v       curse, damn (wish evil upon)                                                          yayabu
n-con   year                                                                                  yazi
n-con   city                                                                                  yazi, kira
m       refreshed, zesty, perky                                                               yazonori'i
m       easy                                                                                  yazukai, kizuai
n-con   slime                                                                                 yeira
n-con   article, essay (piece of text about one topic)                                        yelani
v       consume, deplete, expend, exhaust, use up                                             yevi
pr      with (accompanied by)                                                                 yi
v       cooperate, collaborate                                                                yikisa
v       compose (in writing sense)                                                            yitena
m       why? (for what reason?)                                                               yo tozu, tozutu
pr      for (to benefit; destined for; for the purpose of)                                    yo, mij
n-con   refund                                                                                yonana
n-con                                                                                         a rakisui; traditionally a copper coin)
        cent, penny (a subdivision of a zyeragi, traditionally 1/12 of a zyeragi and 1/216 of yosui (pl. yosuya)
n-con   copper                                                                                yowasu
n-con   traitor                                                                               yughaujai
n-con   delusion (belief contradicted by evidence)                                            yumocha
m       weak                                                                                  yuri
title   Mr. or Miss (child)                                                                   -za
m       still, yet (even until the time mentioned)                                            za
m       simple                                                                                zagha
n-con   cliff                                                                                 zaji
n-con   cone                                                                                  zaka
m       yesterday                                                                             zalimuda
n-con   last month                                                                            zaliriori
n-con   fluent speaker (of-no particle)                                                       zasiri
n-con   competent speaker (of)                                                                zasishi
m       white                                                                                 zatu
n-con   base, node, station (point from which things go or are done)                          zatya
n-con   crime                                                                                 zaza
v       imprison                                                                              zazachi
n-con   prison, jail                                                                          zazachu
v       charge (criminal)                                                                     zazadi

                                                       Page 28

n-con   charge (criminal)                                                                  zazadu
v       investigate                                                                        zazaji
n-con   investigation                                                                      zazaju
n-con   police officer                                                                     zazama
n-con   police (organization to enforce laws)                                              zazamaga
n-con   witness (to a crime)                                                               zazapyalau
v       arrest                                                                             zazati
n-con   arrest                                                                             zazatu
n-con   criminal                                                                           zazau
v       question                                                                           zazawi
n-con   question, query                                                                    zazawu (criminal), sachu (ordinary)
m       fast                                                                               zazhya
n-abs   speed                                                                              zazhyalu
n-con   speed                                                                              zazhyata
v       violate (a rule), commit (a crime), do something wrong                             zazozha
n-abs   thing                                                                              ze
m       durable, resilient, robust, strong (in this sense)                                 zeghumi
n-abs   technology                                                                         zeingoru
n-con   angel, fairy (supernatural flying humanoid)                                        zenoranu
n-con   idea, concept (thought-bundle)                                                     zeri
v       turn, divert (send in a different direction)                                       zeri
v       examine, inspect                                                                   zhamu
n-con   period (full stop)                                                                 zhanga
n-con   wave                                                                               zhanose
n-con                                                                                      zhatasino
        hall (large public room for holding any kind of event, usually in a quasi-government building, Q. marde)
n-con   spine, backbone                                                                    zhatihorya
n-con   midnight                                                                           zhatilana
n-con   noon                                                                               zhatilisa
n-abs   middle, center                                                                     zhatima
n-con   quarter (1/4 of something)                                                         zhauhi
n-con   mission, cause                                                                     zheliza
v       intend, mean to, do deliberately, have as a purpose                                zherasi
pr      into                                                                               zhi'
n-con   source, origin                                                                     zhimau
n-con   chemical (substance made by or used in chemistry)                                  zhimuta
n-con   wedge                                                                              zhina
v       offer (present for acceptance or rejection)                                        zhinye
n-con   file (tool for abrading)                                                           zhomo
n-con   edge                                                                               zhone
v       hone                                                                               zhonu
n-con   curse (a magic charm that brings bad things to the recipient)                      zhutieka
n-con   border                                                                             zhyohe
n-con   fence (outdoor barrier supported by posts)                                         zhyola
title   Master (boy)                                                                       -zi
m       cool                                                                               zihei
n-con   news, tidings                                                                      zingu
n-con   newspaper                                                                          zingutenga
v       request, ask for (Sp. pedir, Jpn. tanomu)                                          zizhi
v       emphasize, accentuate, stress                                                      zomaiku
m       important                                                                          zomaimatu
v       care, concern (about someone / something)                                          zomi
v       sleep                                                                              zonori

                                                     Page 29

n-con sabbath (day of week with religious significance)                                        zonorida
m      tired, weary                                                                            zonori'i
n-con interest (desire to pay attention to something), fascination                             zopane
v      bake (cook or harden by means of dry heat)                                              zoru
n-con port                                                                                     zota
title  Miss (girl)                                                                             -zu
n-con cord, cable (thicker than wire)                                                          zughe
       negotiator, orator, trader
n-con-obs                                                                                      zungaine
n-con lead (the metal)                                                                         zunye
n-con twin (one of two children born at once)                                                  zyaki
n-con nerve                                                                                    zyarye
n-con tin (the metal)                                                                          zyera
                                                                                               zyeragi (pl. zyeragei)
n-con quarter, shilling (a subdivision of a rakisui, traditionally 1/18 but possibly used for the modern 1/36 of a silasi; traditionall

                                                       Page 30

                Page 31

akau, alakalo

aziaimasu, yazonoraimusa

                                           Page 32

haraka (very rarely charahaka)

haxa, neniri (lit. unbuild)

                                                 Page 33

kau (irregular)

                                  Page 34

achu (irregular)
achu (irregular)

                                   Page 35

                Page 36

eia, heya (misspelling), hei'a (proper)

                                                          Page 37

                Page 38

                Page 39

ra, kekeku (people of one culture in a mixed group)

                                                               Page 40

                Page 41

ngupiali, tilezepiali

kuta, zazada (criminal only)

sa (to ingroup member), lolei (to foreigner)

                                                               Page 42

afun@, fyele
agha (rude), tisei (passive)

aku (black), zatu (white), zeru (gray); the Ziotaki word zeru covers a lesser range than the English

                                                                   Page 43

                Page 44

                Page 45


gu (same as end)

je (medio-passive)

                                     Page 46

                Page 47

                Page 48


                                 Page 49

efena pl. sefenei

                                    Page 50

                Page 51

chyo, tachyoga

                                 Page 52

                Page 53

                Page 54

ezeninyota, linguninyota

zuaitu, tozuyatu

                                           Page 55

                Page 56


aba (verbal), pela


                                     Page 57

ashis@, emph. zyashishi, byform (older form) yashisi

azukai, kizuai

o tozu, tozutu

osui (pl. yosuya)

                                                               Page 58

azawu (criminal), sachu (ordinary)

                                                     Page 59

eragi (pl. zyeragei)

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