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									Applied Biosystems
 Enterprise software for laboratory
 automation and integration
   –   Life Science LIMS
   –   SQL*LIMSTM Software
 Key Advantages
   –   Sample and container
       management to support complex
       sample fan-outs
   –   Full audit trail support to help
       meet regulatory compliance
   –   Application specific interfaces to
       meet customers’ needs                Oracle Features
   –   Integration with third party          –   Scalable, highly available
       software                              –   Open standards for
   –   Supported by world-wide                   messaging and program
       professional services group               integration
                                             –   Powerful reporting tools
                                             –   Web publishing supported
Company Overview:
Applied Biosystems develops and markets instrument-based systems, reagents, software, and
contract services to the life science industry and research community.
The company also aims to provide complete informatics solutions to customers in basic research,
drug discovery and development. The company offers a set of core software functionality with a
world class professional service organization to create whole lab solutions for better quality,
throughput and compliance.

Product Overview:
Life Science LIMS is built on SQL*LIMS with container management capabilities. It provides core
lims functionalities in our solutions offered to proteomics, sequencing, genotyping and gene
expression markets.
SQL*LIMSTM is a modular application that provides functionality for Lot Quality Assurance
monitoring, Stability Protocol management, Core Analytical Labs and provides complete
integration with corporate CRM and MRP systems.

Oracle Features used today: -
Application is multi-tiered architected which allows you to deploy in small laboratories or across
an entire global organization.
Oracle database capabilities for backup and recovery assure maximum availability and protection
of your data while allowing full 7x24 hour availability when deployed in a fail-over confirguration.
Oracle Forms and Oracle database infrastructure implemented in SQL*LIMSTM Software allow
leveraging industry standards based messaging and programming elements. This open
standards based implementation allows you to leverage the power of your across a spectrum of
instrument and other database application systems. Gateway products even allow integration to
other proprietary databases that may be critical to your integration needs for a total solution.
Oracle Reports integration and an ease to use registry for other 3rd party tools are a part of the
SQL*LIMSTM Software built in functionality. Oracle Reports provides advanced querying and web
publishing capabilities that allow you access the advanced object relational database functionality
and open industry standards based messaging of the Oracle database and Oracle Web
Application Server.
SQL*LIMS Software may be published using Citrix Serve technology. Oracle Reports may
deployed as a web service. Oracle Reports can be deployed via a web server and can support
load balancing and web cacheing to handle high volume or enterprise scale deployment of your

Runs on Oracle Release #:
Oracle 8i, Oracle Forms and Report 6i and Java

Planned Oracle features to be adopted in the future:
Oracle 9i Database, Oracle 9iAS , Oracle 9i Forms, Reports and Java
Support for full web deployment of the SQL*LIMS client via Oracle9i Forms
Administrative and ancillary application components are Java and based on J2EE open
Reporting tools and application archiving utilities will support XML and JSP output and interfacing
capabilities for extending the client application and data interchange.

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