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					Access Options for an IP VPN
Remote VPN Access

What does it enable you to do?

Network-based solution provides secure connection to your network
Connects off-net locations/users from almost anywhere
ISP independent, uses any Internet access – dial-up, DSL, cable, DIA, etc.
Seamless integration with FR/ATM and IP VPN services
Leverage IP Gateways in GC IP VPN
  Backup IP Gateways can be selected for redundancy & resiliency
Security via IPSec encryption using 56- or 168-bit 3DES
  Secure tunneling over the Internet to IP Gateway to GC IP VPN
All traffic marked as Basic, and billable under the usage model
Only available to Layer 3 VPNs
Two options: Mobility (Existing) & Site (NEW)
 Remote VPN Mobility Access Options

Software-based client, single laptop/desktop
For remote or mobile single-users
Hosted RADIUS AAA server option– network-based authentication w/ redundancy
Split tunneling not supported from Client
  Ability to have a tunnel to the corporate WAN and still access the Internet or local
    resources via the local connection
Two Billing Models
  User Reservation Model - Per Concurrent user (Per Tunnel)
      Tunnel speeds: 56Kbps, 128Kbps, 256Kbps & 384Kbps
      10-1,000 in increments of 10 concurrent users (tunnels); Maximum of 1,000 concurrent users
      All Tunnels must be the same size within a Domain (or Realm with Hosted Radius)
      Multiple regions can be selected
      Innovative “over-booking” economics
  Bandwidth Reservation Model – reserve bandwidth to be shared among multiple users
      1 Mbps increments only up to Maximum of 45Mbps Reservation per Port (Instance)
      Maximum 1,000 Concurrent Sessions per instance
      Maximum tunnel size = port, TCP controls flow rates as new users connect (tunnel balancing)
Hosted RADIUS For Remote VPN
What is it?
 Hosted (Managed) RADIUS AAA server for authenticating Remote VPN
Access users (mobility option only)
     Can only be used to authenticate services - uses user name and password
 Leverages carrier’s-c AAA servers hosted in network
     Multiple mirrored devices deployed in network for redundancy
Can purchase multiple Domains on the AAA server – MRC per Domain
     Unlimited users per Domain & low cost MRC per domain
Customers use online self-service portal to add, change and delete users

 Customer no longer needs to support RADIUS server on site.
 Eliminates onsite RADIUS security concerns & provides redundancy.
Remote VPN Access Site Option

Hardware-based, single location, multiple PCs (LAN)
 Suitable customer provided CPE (supported/tested: IPSec capable)
     Cisco & Nortel

 Split Tunneling from CPE SUPPORTED
 Each site MUST have it’s own Remote VPN Access (IP Gateway Port) allocated
 1 Mbps Increments up to Max of 36 Mbps (throughput) per Instance (port)
 Provider integrates IPSec- & MPLS-based IP VPN solutions
 Billing – Bandwidth Reservation Model only - purchase bandwidth per Port
 Support for existing IP VPN performance SLAs
IP VPN Access Options

                                                   Red              Green
                                                   Site              Site                    Advantages

                                                                                                  Mobility & Site
                                    OC3/OC12 ATM Port
               GC ATM                                                                              options
                                                                                                  Leverages existing
                                                              pr.den1                              IPSec CPE
                                    OC3/OC12 ATM Port                   IP VPN Cloud              Access for both IP
                                                                                                   VPN & FR/ATM
     Denver                                                                                       Integrated w/
                                                                    Green                          MPLS-based IP VPN

                                                1 PVC per VPRN-VRF interconnection
                                                (OSPF used to exchange reachability information)

                                                        Green VPN

                                                        Red VPN

              SITE OPTION        OPTION
  IP VPN Access Options
Business-class (private) DSL for IP VPN
 United Kingdom DSL Offering
   NO contention (1:1) for superior performance; BT multi-class CoS w/ QoS
   Leverage DSL PoPs in UK & address market/competitive need
   30-40% savings vs. local loop
   Managed IP VPN with DSL access option
U.S. DSL Offering
   Leverage 3,000 DSL PoPs in 50 major markets in the U.S. - great PoP density!
   Lower access costs, especially for sub-rate speeds; 20-50% savings vs. local loop
Not sold as a stand-alone service - access for GC IP VPN only
Future availability in Europe, Latin America & Asia

Lower cost access option versus traditional local loop access
Internet Dial lP VPN Access

 Internet access, email account(s), news & FTP with global roaming
   Supports small offices, home offices, remote users and traveling users
   Saves on domestic and international long distance charges – over
    20,000 local access numbers in up to 150 countries
   Support for analog & digital (ISDN) up to 128 Kbps
   Industry leading SLAs – network accessibility, connect speed, help
    desk, etc.
   Seamlessly integrates with GC RAS and IP VPN services
   Online account management w/ uCommand – add/delete users, etc.
   24x7 customer support - international toll-free service help desk
Global IP VPN Access Options

Dedicated Dial (U.K. Only)
Provides Dedicated Dial VPN Capability
  Business quality dial – NO contention (1:1) for superior performance
  Fully private AND secure – NOT via the Public Internet
  User/site gets own dial #
Charged by Concurrent user
  Usage based billing on roadmap
Supports up to v.92 (analog) and MLPPP (128Kbps) ISDN

ISDN Backup (U.K. Only)
Provides CPE originated ISDN call into GC VPN - Not via Internet
  Leverages Dedicated Dial Infrastructure
  Each ISDN site gets own phone number
Sold by channel (maximum of 16 channels – 1024Kbps)
Charged by number of 64Kbps channels purchased per site
Low-cost backup solution to primary service connection
 More IP VPN Internet Access Options

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for IP Services
 “TIER ONE” ISP - top level global peering status (connections)
 Single Global AS# - enables higher performance, lower latency
 Access speeds – 64Kbps up to 45Mbps
 Available in Flat-rate only
 Multiple service options – IP addressing, IPv6, DNS, multicast enabled, BGP-4
  routing, BLACK HOLE SERVER, etc.
 Integrated DIA and IP VPN link to customer site saves costs!

Secure Internet Access (SIA)
 Network-based solution provides remote users/sites with secure access to
    Internet without having to go through corporate site – bandwidth saver
   Security features - NAT/PAT, firewall w/ filters for DoS & other attacks
   All traffic marked as Basic, and billable under the usage model
   Max 45 Mbps per SIA reservation (multiple instances can exist)
   IP Gateways positioned at key locations globally – redundant option available
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