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                                                                   A NIGHT OF

 After a long day of wedding festivi-
 ties with their families and friends,
 they are finally alone. They enter into
 a room glowing with the warmth of
 flickering candlelights. The rose petal    “The wedding night is the first night           comfortable to ask family or friends for
 pathway beneath their feet lead them       the bride and groom are together as             help. “I didn’t really have any other option
 to a bed covered in rose petals, rich      husband and wife, it should be special and      at the time,” says Nirmala.
 satin sheets and luxurious silk cush-
                                            memorable, just like the wedding day,” says
 ions creating a striking sight for their
                                            Monika Mondal Verma, co-owner of A Night        Monika had much of the same experience
 eyes. The gentle fragrance of lilies
                                            of Romance. “The wedding night should           in planning her wedding. “I was always
 and exotic flowers permeate the room.
                                            be a night that a couple will look back on      mesmerized by the beautiful wedding night
 They notice their favourite romantic
                                            for years to come. After a long wedding         (suhaag raat) scenes in Bollywood movies,”
 song playing softly in the background.
 They decide to enjoy the chilled bottle    day, walking into a room that is specifically   says Monika. She explains that it was the film
 of champagne, and devour the mouth-        designed for the couple’s comfort and taste     Kabhi Kabhie in particular that inspired her
 watering chocolate covered straw-          is an experience that the couple will never     years later to want to have her own wedding
 berries and scrumptious pastries set       forget,” adds Monika’s business partner,        night decorated. Monika’s parents told her
 out for them. Sound like the perfect       Nirmala Singh.                                  about the beautiful suhaag raat tradition
 romantic night? That is exactly what                                                       in India and how they wanted to pass on
 A Night of Romance brings to you on        When Nirmala was planning her wedding,          this wonderful tradition to their daughter,
 your wedding night.                        she found that her hotel offered only the       but being parents-of-the-bride didn’t leave
                                            usual bottle of champagne and chocolate         them any time to arrange the decorating
                                            covered strawberries, but nothing beyond        themselves or by other relatives. “It is not
                                            that. She went ahead with that option           convenient for family members and friends
                                            since she didn’t feel it was convenient or      to leave the reception early to decorate the

                                                                                                 roses and rose petals instead of more exotic
                                                                                                 flowers common in the South Asian style.
                                                                                                 Whatever the taste of the couple, whether
                                                                                                 Bollywood or contemporary, A Night of
                                                                                                 Romance caters to the couple to ensure their
                                                                                                 vision is a reality for their special night.
                                                                                                 Special is the word to describe how Nirmala
                                                                                                 and Monika want you to remember your
                                                                                                 wedding night. Prices for a special night of
                                                                                                 romance can range from $300 and up and
                                                                                                 include set-up and clean-up so there isn’t
                                                                                                 any additional hassle for the newlyweds.
                                                                                                 Aleksandra DiPietro says she used A Night of
                                                                                                 Romance’s services because she wanted her
                                                                                                 honeymoon suite to be special. “I knew that
                                                                                                 they were able to create that fantasy dream
                                                                                                 room and turn an ordinary hotel room into
                                                                                                 an extraordinary one.” Aleksandra had
                                                                                                 a pink roses theme for her wedding and
                                                                                                 wanted to have a continuation of that theme
                                                                                                 through the night.

                                                                                                 “When we walked into our honeymoon
                                                                                                 suite, my husband and I both looked at each
                                                                                                 other and said ‘WOW this is amazing!!!’ There
couple’s honeymoon suite,” says Monika.         one room where the bridesmaids chose the         were rose petals leading to the bed,
                                                “Bollywood Night to Remember” package to         champagne, chocolate desserts, soft music
During a conversation about each other’s        surprise the bride and groom. The room was       and candles everywhere. I’ll never forget
wedding planning experiences, Nirmala and       decorated in the same colours as the bride’s     such a beautiful sight,” says Aleksandra.
Monika realized that they had been looking      outfit and songs special to the couple were      “I only saw something similar in movies
for the same thing for their respective         chosen. Exotic flowers and sensual fabrics       before, it was definitely very special.”
wedding nights, and it was likely that other    were used to add to the ambiance of the
couples would be looking for the same thing.    room. “It really looked like a room out of       “To come to a suite that is romantic and
“There wasn’t any company that specialized      the Bollywood movie, Devdas,” says Monika.       decorated to your taste is like putting a cherry
in wedding night decorations when I was         The Bollywood package also includes Indian       on a cake, a perfect ending to a beautiful
planning my wedding,” says Nirmala. They        décor, candle holders and cushions. “Devdas      day,” says Aleksandra. “Thinking about it
took it from there and started the business     has a very maharaja, regal look and feel, that   again, I think I’ll be calling them for my first
in 2008 and became the premier company in       has been an inspiration for our work,” says      year wedding anniversary,” she adds.
Canada to specialize in creating a memorable    Monika.                                          Creating the perfect wedding night
romantic experience for the wedding night.                                                       deserves attention, just like creating the
Both of them saw an important need for          Even though Bollywood is a big influence on      perfect wedding day. A Night of Romance
this service, especially for the South Asian    Monika and Nirmala’s room designs, they          is dedicated to making your wedding night
community where the tradition of wedding        are also inspired by a more Western notion       special and a night that you will remember
night or suhaag raat decorations has            of romance. In their “Room for Romance”          forever.
flourished for hundreds of years.               package, the bedroom is decorated with

That’s why A Night of Romance fulfills a
real need and continues a long-held South
Asian tradition. Monika and Nirmala want
their customers to have the wedding night
they always dreamed of and work with their
customers to make that happen. By working
with A Night of Romance, a couple can leave
the details to Monika and Nirmala to create
that romantic experience they’re looking
for. “It’s convenient and it creates a unique
experience that the couple will cherish
forever,” explains Nirmala.

The ladies are inspired by Bollywood movies.
Monika and Nirmala reflect on decorating

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