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					Loan & Line of Credit Rates                                                              APR

    Share-Secured and Certificate-Secured Loan 2 ¤                               See Below
       Rate = A margin of 2.00% + Dividend Rate of the Share type pledged as collateral.
    Flexible Lines of Credit ¤
       Personal Line 9                                                          6.75%              Airport Branch
       Vacation Line 9                                                          6.25%              550 Paiea Street, Ste. 228
       Personal Education Line   8, 9
                                                                                5.75%              Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
       Overdraft Line for Share Draft Protection 6                             12.00%
                                                                                                   Pearl City Branch
    Personal Loan 5 ¤                                                           7.25%
                                                                                                   1245 Kuala Street, Ste. 102-A
    Vehicle or Motorcycle Loan 3, 4 ¤                              New... Used..                   Pearl City, Hawaii 96782
       3-Year Term                                                 4.50% 5.25%
       4-Year Term                                                 5.00% 5.75%                     Call Us or for AccessLine
       5-Year Term                                                 5.50% 6.25%                     Oahu 841-6836
       6-Year Term                                                 6.00% 6.75%                     Toll-Free 800-282-0212
       7-Year Term                                                 6.50%                           Fax 808-841-6746
    Visa® Credit Card ¤ — This is only a summary. For details, please call us.           
       Classic                                                                 12.99%
       Platinum                                                                 8.99%
    First Mortgage 7                                                   Call for Rates              Serving Hawaii’s
    Second Mortgage 7                                                                              airline employees
       Loan Balance to Home Value (LTV) of 100%, Up to 10 Years 8.50%                              since 1952!
       Loan Balance to Home Value (LTV) of 90%, Up to 10 Years 7.50%
    Home Equity Line of Credit 7, 9 ¤                                           4.25%
                                                                                                First Class Products!
Share Savings Rates                                             DIVIDEND RATE#           APY#   Savings & Checking
    Shares                                                                                       ΠMembership Share Account
      Member Share                                                        0.25%       0.25%      ΠAlways Free Checking
      Personal (Sub) Share                                                0.25%       0.25%      ΠChristmas Savings
    Christmas Savings 1                                                   0.50%       0.51%      ΠShare Certificates (CD)
                                                                                                 ΠTraditional IRAs
    Share Draft Checking                                                                         ΠRoth IRAs
      Regular — Balances of $0 to $1,999.99                               0.15%       0.15%      Œ Coverdell ESAs
      Super Draft — Balances of $2,000 and higher                         0.25%       0.25%     Loans & Lines of Credit
    Individual Retirement Account (IRA)                                                          ΠPersonal Loans
       Traditional                                                        1.00%       1.01%      ΠVehicle Loans
       Roth                                                               1.00%       1.01%      ΠMotorcycle Loans
       Coverdell Education Savings                                        1.00%       1.01%      ΠOverdraft Protection
    Share Certificate 1                                                                          Œ Visa® Credit Cards No Annual Fee!
      6-Month Term                                                        0.55%       0.55%      ΠHome Mortgages
      12-Month Term                                                       0.75%       0.76%      ΠHome Equity Lines of Credit

#APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Rates current on 01-01-2011. Credit union products,            Additional Services
services and offers subject to membership. Loan products subject to credit review;               Œ Free Visa® Check Card*
subject to a maximum based on applicant(s)’ credit worthiness and ability to repay.
                                                                                                 ΠFree Statewide ATM Access**
 Subject to a penalty for early withdrawal, which may result in forfeiture of accrued            ΠFree Travelers Checks
dividends; minimum to open and earn is $500; Christmas Savings includes monthly
deposit limitations. 2Subject to 12-year maximum term. 3Subject to loan amount                   ΠFree Notary Services
maximum based on Kelley Blue Book value of vehicle. 4Vehicle Loans with extended                 ΠFree Telephone Account Access
payments available for new vehicles only. 5Lowest available rate is indicated at 12-month
term. Other rates, which are higher, are available for terms as long as a 60-month term.         ΠFree Online Account Access
 Subject to credit limit of $2,500. 7Available for owner-occupied properties in Hawaii           ΠFree Kelley Blue Book Quotes
and subject to maximum loan amount relative to per-member aggregate limits and
appraised property value; We may require an appraisal. 8Loan proceeds payable only to            ΠFree Shared Branch Access
licensed institutions of learning or providers of educational services. 9Indicated rates are     ΠWire Transfers
determined by adding a margin to an index rate; Index Rate is the Wall Street Journal Prime
Rate. Margins: Personal Line of Credit is 3.50%, Vacation Line of Credit is 3.00%, Personal      ΠMoney Orders
Education Line of Credit is 2.50%, and Home Equity Line of Credit is 1.00%. All rates, fees,     ΠOnline Bill Payment
terms, and restrictions for all products, services, and loan products subject to change.
¤Open-end credit terms.                                                                          Œ Vehicle Service Contracts
                                                                                                 ΠGAP Vehicle Protection
Consult a tax advisor for your tax savings options. We are not liable for inadvertent errors.
                                                                                                 ΠLoan Disability Protection
Your savings federally insured to at least
$250,000; backed by the full faith and credit of
the United States Government. We do business                                                    **Not all members will qualify.
in accordance with the Equal Housing Act and                                                    **Members may access ATMs operated by
the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.                                                               American Savings Bank, First Hawaiian Bank
                                                                                                and Aloha Pacific FCU (Kalabash) in Hawaii for
                                                                                                unlimited access, without any surcharges.

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