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 The Kingston University magazine                                                                                                                                      Autumn 2006                    Issue 62

       Initiative to open up
     educational opportunities
           new consortium headed by Kingston                The network will initially concentrate on three

 A        University has secured almost £3 million
          in Government funding to increase the
number of students on vocational paths progressing
                                                         priority sectors – healthcare and biomedical science,
                                                         construction and engineering, and sport and leisure.
                                                         Kingston staff member Denise Cooper has been
on to higher level programmes. The South London          appointed Director of the SL LLN and will be respon-
Lifelong Learning Network (SL LLN) will use the          sible for co-ordinating relationships with partners
grant from the Higher Education Funding Council          across the region. “By pooling members’ respective
for England to raise students’ aspirations and produce   expertise in a more strategic way, we will draw
a more skilled workforce.                                on their strengths to co-ordinate our marketing
   Made up of 10 higher education institutions,          approach, develop joint projects and raise awareness
13 further education colleges and 20 other organ-        about the importance of vocational qualifications
isations including local authorities and education       in the modern-day job market,” she said.
and skills agencies, the network will focus on ways         Kingston’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Mary
to enhance progress and achievement. It will work        Stuart has been chosen to chair the network’s steering
to ensure learners who have vocational qualifica-        group. “Far too many people still don’t get the chance
tions rather than traditional A-levels consider          to carry on into further and higher education and the
further study by providing information and advice,       funding secured by the SL LLN will be an enormous
identifying appropriate programmes for them to           asset in assisting us to remove the barriers preventing
pursue and liaising closely with employers to            them from doing so,” Professor Stuart said. “I look
                                                                                                                   South London Lifelong Learning Network Director Denise Cooper, left, is keen to ensure more
ensure course content keeps pace with industry           forward to working with the consortium members to
                                                                                                                   students like Riyan Begum, right, make the most of opportunities to obtain good qualifications.
requirements.                                            expand opportunities for learners in the region.”

   Students send School of Education to top of the class
            ingston University’s School of Education                                                                                                           of time with them discussing their progress and

   K        has received a glowing report card
            from undergraduates completing its
  teacher training degree. Their responses to the
                                                                                                                                                               their long-term goals,” Ms Hiley said. Close links
                                                                                                                                                               with schools in the surrounding area also play
                                                                                                                                                               an important part in the students’ professional
  latest National Student Survey, which monitors                                                                                                               development. They spend a total of 24 weeks
  satisfaction with university courses, have led to                                                                                                            perfecting their teaching technique in classrooms
  the School being rated the best in the United                                                                                                                across the borough, 12 of which are in their
  Kingdom for the quality of its BA(Hons) in                                                                                                                   final year.
  Primary Teaching.                                                                                                                                               Kingston’s School of Education, which is part
     Final year students completing the annual                                                                                                                 of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has
  survey were asked to evaluate the teaching;                                                                                                                  produced a string of high-achieving graduates.
  assessment and feedback; academic support;                                                                                                                   Last year, alumna Anita Maynard, who is now a
  organisation and management; learning                                                                                                                        member of staff at Tolworth Infant School, was
  resources and opportunities for personal                                                                                                                     named winner of the Teacher Training Agency
  development available to them during their time                                                                                                              Award for Outstanding New Teacher in London.
  at Kingston. They were also asked to grade their Kingston University education graduates are making their mark in classrooms across the country.                Head of the School of Education Andy Hudson
  overall satisfaction with their course – and gave                                                                                                            said the outcome of the National Student Survey
  the teacher training degree 4.6 out of the maximum 5.0 available. West Thames Colleges and the Whitefields Schools and Centre in reinforced Kingston’s reputation as a leading provider of teacher
  The feedback saw Kingston carry off top honours in the teacher north east London. Students awarded that course an overall training. “We take enormous pride in the high quality of teaching
  training category along with Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds. satisfaction rating of 4.3.                                            and personal support we deliver to ensure students at Kingston are
     Kingston also chalked up a second survey success. It was ranked       Principal lecturer Sue Hiley attributes Kingston’s teacher training equipped to become the best possible teachers of the future,” he
  fifth in the country for education studies – the classification success to the emphasis staff place on both academic excellence and said. “These exceptional results confirm just how much they value
  covering the Early Years Foundation Degrees it runs in partnership creating a strong sense of community on campus. “We make a point our investment in them and the professionalism of all the staff
  with Kingston, NESCOT, Richmond upon Thames, Spelthorne and of getting to know all our undergraduates by name and spend a lot involved in their education.”

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2    AUTUMN 2006

        V-C’S COLUMN                                                                                                         IN THE NEWS
                                                                                                      Consortium poised to reinvigorate regional economy
               he three-way alliance between
     T         Kingston, St George’s, University
               of London and Royal Holloway,
                                                                                                      Kingston University is playing a key role in a new
                                                                                                      higher education alliance set up to foster increased
    University of London is potentially as big                                                        innovation across the South East. It has joined forces
    as the two-way partnership between                                                                with 10 other institutions in the region to form a
    Kingston and St George’s which is now 10                                                          consortium to consolidate links between small
    years old – although we badly need a                                                              businesses and the higher education sector. Called
    snappier title.                                                                                   CommercialiSE, the partnership has already secured
       The alliance is important to Kingston for                                                      £5 million from the Higher Education Innovation
    several reasons:                                                                                  Fund. The money will be channelled into ventures
    • First, it will consolidate our all-important                                                    aimed at helping newcomers gain a firm foothold in
      link with St George’s (with which we are,                                                       the marketplace.                                            Membership of the CommercialiSE consortium
      in the words of Professor Michael                                                                  Director of Enterprise Marguerite Lipscomb said          will see staff from Kingston University’s Enterprise
      Farthing, the Principal of the medical                                                          Kingston’s share of the award allocation would be used      Exchange work in partnership with academic
      school and also a Kingston Governor,                                                            to bolster The Virtual Company programme run by             experts across the South East to boost innovation.
      ‘part merged’ already);                                                                         the University’s Enterprise Exchange. The scheme,
    • Second, the alliance will allow us to build                                                     which helps inventors transform their concepts into         of the CommercialiSE funding bid will ensure member
      on the strengths of our shared Faculty of                                                       viable products, is a cornerstone of the University’s       institutions are fully equipped to play their part in the
      Health and Social Care Sciences,               competition between individual universities      work with firms progressing through the start-up            process by nurturing the knowledge, skills and
      especially in inter-professional learning;     (and those peculiarly English ‘class war’        process. “Analysis has shown that the United Kingdom        creativity abundant in the region.”
    • Third, Kingston will become part of a          games we so love-hate to play).                  has been responsible for more than 50 per cent of the          Kingston’s fellow consortium members include
      much broader and more dynamic base                Our partnership with St George’s,             world’s most important inventions, with more                Brighton, Buckinghamshire Chilterns, Chichester,
      in the biomedical and biological               characterised at the start by a rather edgy      inventiveness per capita than any other country,” Ms        Cranfield, Greenwich, Kent, Portsmouth, Reading and
      sciences, which may be particularly            self-interest (and, to be truthful, brokered     Lipscomb said. “It is vital that every effort is made to    Sussex universities. The partnership, headed by Oxford
      significant for postgraduate courses and       by the National Health Service in the            capitalise on this distinctive capability to ensure the     Brookes University, is expected to support at least
      research;                                      first place), has grown into a trusting          economy goes from strength to strength. The success         140 projects during the next two years.
    • Fourth, we will have a decisive                relationship in which boundaries between
      opportunity to develop a joint centre          ‘us’ and ‘them’ have become increasingly
      of excellence for leadership and               blurred. If we can extend that relationship              Experts challenge stereotypes of suburbia
      management in the public sector (and           to embrace Royal Holloway, the three
      especially, the health service);               institutions could become pace-setters           Britain’s spiralling population is likely                                       full of go-ahead people who visit the
    • Finally, there will be significant scope for   in an entirely new way of organising             to necessitate a major rethink of plan-                                         city but don’t actually want to live
      making 1+1+1 add up to more than               higher education.                                ning policy in the near future, experts                                         there. We should see them as
      three – for example, by sharing services          So much for the rhetoric/sales pitch!         from Kingston’s Centre for Suburban                                             frontiers rather than something
      in areas like ICT, devising common             A lot of hard work lies ahead to build the       Studies have warned. Research fellow                                            sub-standard,” he said.
      (and smarter) course structures and            three-way alliance (which will be formally       Dr Nick Hubble said it was becoming                                                The conference was timed to
      academic regulations and developing            launched just before Christmas). The             increasingly apparent that new ways                                             coincide with the launch of a major
      common approaches (maybe towards               development of a three-way Institute for         needed to be found to meet the demands                                          study completed by Dr Hubble.
      international marketing).                      Biomedical and Biological Sciences is most       of people who aspired to set up home in                                         Entitled Suburban Futures, it
       The alliance will also be important for       advanced – and we will recruit students to       a house with a garden rather than in a       Kingston researcher Dr Nick        outlines alternative visions for
    our two partners. For St George’s, it could      what will be, in effect, a joint biomedical      built-up inner city area. “Although 86        Hubble is calling for closer      suburban expansion which include
    secure its future as a free-standing             sciences degree next year. In the two other      per cent of us live in them, the suburbs     consideration to be given to       developing greenfield sites into
    institution protected from the short-term        (academic) projects – for inter-professional     have been largely neglected in favour of the future of Britain’s suburbs. integrated regions; preserving
    buffeting of university funding. The             learning and leadership and management           urban regeneration in recent years,”                                            existing hedgerows as part of cross-
    creation of the two-way partnership with         in the public/health sector – a lot of           Dr Hubble said. “However, the time has come for more regional wildlife corridors and dividing regions into
    Kingston 10 years ago has gone half-way          exciting ideas have been generated but it        serious consideration to be given to accommodating a three types of land use. The report also explores the
    to securing that future; the three-way           is probably fair to say they have yet to gel.    rapidly changing population in ways that are economi- possibility of introducing design codes to allow different
    alliance will complete the job. And it is        The biggest wins potentially are in              cally, socially and environmentally viable.”                types of housing and increased land availability which,
    important to preserve a model (and a             sharing and co-ordinating services which            Policy-makers, planners and architects added their in turn, could reduce prices, increasing opportunities
    culture) of medical education that is            build on the best practice in one or more        voices to the debate at a one-day conference staged by for home ownership. “The findings demonstrate that a
    different from the mega-combinations into        of the three universities – and which offer      the Centre in September. Proponents of a radical planned expansion of suburbia, properly understood,
    multi-faculty universities that have             students a seamless experience (and staff        reappraisal of current attitudes included writer and offers an important opportunity for fostering widespread
    become the norm – for the sake of the            richer resources?). But we probably have         academic James Heartfield, who supported the expansion individual empowerment, democratic maturity and a
    diversity of higher education as well as for     to wait for trust to build before trying to be   of the suburbs into Green Belt zones. “Suburbs are places sense of environmental responsibility,” Dr Hubble said.
    the survival of St George’s.                     too radical.
       For Royal Holloway, the alliance means           At the start, the majority view in Kingston
    access to a clinical teaching and research       about the three-way alliance, I suspect, was        Educators pay respects to former Board chairman
    base (St George’s) and exposure to a more        wait and see. We had agreed to play a three-
    open and inclusive tradition of higher           side game to preserve the gains Kingston         Staff have been paying tribute to the first chairman 1970s and 1980s, playing a pivotal role in the
    education (Kingston). For both our               had made by playing the two-side game            of the University’s Board of Governors following his institution’s eventual shift to university status in 1992.
    partners, which are caught up in the eddies      with St George’s for 10 years (and because       death during the summer. Retired industrialist Reg He continued to serve as chairman of the University’s
    of the (potentially) radical restructuring       we didn’t want to be bad team players) –         Bailey was a well known figure in                                      governing body until November 1994.
    of the University of London in the wake of       but were not sure about the potential of         education circles, held in high esteem                                    Awarded an OBE for services to
    the departure of Imperial College, the           the new three-way alliance. I suspect –          for his long-standing commitment to                                    education in 1985, Mr Bailey also held
    alliance offers a supplementary, even an         although I cannot know – that the                the sector.                                                            an Honorary Degree from the University.
    alternative – and a compelling – narrative.      majority views in the other two universities,       Born and brought up in North London,                                The Reg Bailey Building, which is now
       Finally, the alliance is important for        although different in detail were not so very    Mr Bailey started his working life as an                               home to performance students, was
    the whole of English higher education.           different in essence. But in the past few        apprentice engineer for manufacturer                                   named in his honour in 1993.
    We badly need working examples of ways           months, and in particular since our              Smiths and Sons. He worked his way                                        The University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor
    in which universities, which want to             successful bid to the Higher Education           through the ranks to become general                                    for External Affairs and Strategic
    preserve their legal independence and their      Funding Council for England for Strategic        manager of the renamed Smiths                                          Development, Professor David Miles,
    own distinctive values, can nevertheless         Development Fund support, I have detected        Industries’ Putney division – a position      The first chairman of    said Mr Bailey was universally admired
    work much more closely together – to             a fundamental shift in mood – certainly          he held for more than 30 of his 46 years’   the University’s Board of  by the many staff and higher education
    become, in Professor Farthing’s all-             here at Kingston. We are beginning to            service with the company.                    Governors, Reg Bailey,    contacts he had encountered over the
    important phrase, ‘part merged’. We need         believe it can work – and work big.                 Mr Bailey’s connection with the           was a strong advocate     years. “Reg was a man of real integrity,
    a middle way between the merged                                                                   University was also a lengthy one,            of higher education.     widely respected by his peers,” Professor
    conglomerates (on the Manchester or              Professor Peter Scott                            dating back to1963 when he became a                                    Miles recalled. “He will be remembered
    London Metropolitan model) and the               Vice-Chancellor                                  Governor of one of its predecessors, the then Kingston for his sociability and sense of humour, his ability to
    negative, often petty and even dysfunctional                           College of Technology. He subsequently chaired the remain unruffled and, above all, his passionate belief
                                                                                                      board of Kingston Polytechnic through much of the in providing education for everyone.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                            AUTUMN 2006           3

Accreditation boosts Business
School’s international standing
           he Kingston Business School has added a        she said. “The accreditation also serves as further

 T         third prestigious endorsement from the
           Association of MBAs (AMBA) to its creden-
tials. The Association’s accreditation of Kingston’s
                                                          confirmation of Kingston’s standing as a leading
                                                          provider of business education.”
                                                             AMBA Chief Executive Jeanette Purcell said
Doctor of Business Administration makes the               accreditation from the body was becoming
University the only institution in the world to           increasingly important given the large number of
have received official recognition from AMBA for          business schools and choice of programmes now
three different courses. Its Master of Business Admini-   available across the globe. “The Association’s role
stration and MA in Business Management already            is to advocate quality in postgraduate business
carry the internationally-respected quality mark.         education and I am delighted that the Kingston
   Aimed at senior executives, the DBA is a               Business School has been one of the first institutions
research-based qualification designed to enhance          to meet the stringent criteria set down for our
theoretical knowledge and professional practice           recently-launched DBA accreditation,” she said.
at management level. It has been offered at the              Kingston’s MBA programme, which has been
Business School since 1999. Director of Doctoral          running for more than 20 years, has held AMBA
Programmes Dr Thérèse Woodward said AMBA                  accreditation since 1989. The University’s year-long
accreditation was a sought after independent seal         MA in Business Management, designed to enhance
of approval which positioned high-achieving               the skill range of students changing careers or
Business Schools in a class above the rest.               possessing more limited industry experience,
“Recognition from AMBA demonstrates that our              followed suit when it achieved AMBA Pre-Experience
DBA meets the rigorous standards that are of              Master in General Management (PEMM) status
paramount importance in commercial circles,”              in 2005.

 Centre set to lead the way
 in sustainability education
         niversity staff are stepping up their role

                                                                                                                   Dr Thérèse Woodward was responsible for ensuring Kingston’s DBA programme reached the
         in sustainability education following the                                                                 standard required for accreditation from the Association of MBAs.
         completion of a new centre for excellence
in teaching and learning at the Penrhyn Road
campus. The Centre for Sustainable Communities
Achieved through Integrated Professional Education
(C-SCAIPE) opened its doors in September.
   Established after attracting a £1.4 million
                                                                                                                                  Buildings undergo
                                                                                                                                   major makeover
grant from the Higher Education Funding Council
for England to cover set-up costs, the centre
has transformed part of a 1930s block into more
contemporary and accessible teaching space.
It contains a range of cutting-edge features,                                                                                 xtensive work has taken place across
including a new debating chamber able to accom-
modate up to 120 people and a reading room which
doubles as an interactive resource centre.
                                                          The Centre for Sustainable Communities Achieved
                                                          through Integrated Professional Education has
                                                                                                                     E        the University to prepare buildings for
                                                                                                                              the new academic year. The Fitness
                                                                                                                    Centre and Nursery have undergone a full refur-
                                                          been fitted out with contemporary furnishings.
   C-SCAIPE chair Professor Sarah Sayce, who is                                                                     bishment while sections of the Knights Park
also Head of the School of Surveying, said the                                                                      campus, which is home to the Faculty of Art,
centre’s layout gave staff the scope to adopt less        tables and bright sofas and chairs to encourage           Design and Architecture, have been given a
conventional approaches to teaching. “We have             students to work together and lecturers to move           facelift. Accessibility around sites has also been
veered away from a traditional lecture theatre            around the room to engage with them.”                     boosted, particularly at Kingston Hill where new
arrangement consisting of rows of seating that               Although one of the centre team’s biggest              lifts and ramps are now in operation.
restrict interaction,” she said. “Instead, the            priorities will be to embed sustainability within the         Director of Property Management and
debating chamber has been equipped with round             built environment sector, it also has a broader           Development Andrew McEwan said the upgrad-
                                                          remit. “We intend to create links with a range of         ing, completed during the summer break, reflect-
                                                          other subject specialists and support research            ed the University’s commitment to providing stu-
                                                          projects that will enhance the importance of              dents and staff with a high quality teaching and         Workmen undertook a range of repairs and
                                                          sustainability across a wide professional spectrum,”      learning environment. “We recognised that while         redecoration across the University in the lead-
                                                          Professor Sayce said.                                     we were waiting for the larger building projects               up to the new academic year.
                                                             C-SCAIPE is already funding an 18-month                being completed as part of the New University
                                                          research project examining legislation applying           Project to take shape, it was important not to lose     following the refurbishment of its main building.
                                                          to contaminated land. Staff are also developing           sight of the short term improvements that could         Extra office space is now available for staff while
                                                          the centre’s first cross-disciplinary initiative for      be made to our estate,” he said. “The projects          new activity areas finished with bright paintwork
                                                          social work and planning students. They will be           also provided us with another opportunity to            are being put to good use by their young charges.
                                                          examining the way in which central Kingston has           check we were making the best possible use of              Meanwhile, membership at the Fitness Centre
                                                          developed over the years and comparing the                the space available at each site.”                      is on the rise following major renovation. The
                                                          ways in which each discipline views the same                  Areas earmarked for attention included              University’s Director of Sport, Phil Muschamp, said
                                                          landscape. “One of our biggest aims is to integrate       Knights Park where ceilings, floors and walls on        staff and students now had access to a range of
                                                          sustainability principles through teaching and            the sixth and seventh floors were replaced. The         high specification exercise equipment as well
                                                          learning initiatives targeting future industry            décor in parts of the ground floor was also             as a more pleasant settingin which to work out.
                                                          leaders, which we hope will ultimately lead to            revitalised with the addition of black floors and       “Such a vast improvement to our facilities means
                                                          changes in both the curriculum and in the                 pink doors and chairs.                                  we are in a far stronger position to promote the
Professor Sarah Sayce has overseen the
                                                          community,” Professor Sayce said. “We are                     Nearby, children attending the University Nursery   importance of healthy living across campus,”
establishment of C-SCAIPE at the Penrhyn
                                                          determined that C-SCAIPE will play a pivotal role         are settling into more spacious surroundings            he said.
Road campus.
                                                          in moving professional agendas forward.”
4       April 2004
       AUTUMN 2006

                                                            Joint Faculty marks milestone in
    lecturer nurses                                         health and social care education
                                                                     undreds of staff, students and graduates have been toasting the                First Dean Professor Mike Pitillo who is now Vice-Chancellor of the Robert

       high hopes H                                                  success of the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, which
                                                                     celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Established following a
                                                            special request from the National Health Service, the Faculty, run jointly
                                                                                                                                                Gordon University, recalled that health service officials had been keen to
                                                                                                                                                find a new University such as Kingston capable of working in partnership
                                                                                                                                                with a traditional university such as the then St George’s Hospital Medical

      for new role                                          by Kingston University and St George’s, University of London, is responsible
                                                            for delivering one of the largest NHS training contracts in the country.
                                                                                                                                                School. “Initially, the NHS wanted the two institutions to provide nursing
                                                                                                                                                and midwifery education. The proposal involved a whole new way of working
                                                                                                                                                and took a year of complex negotiations before a joint venture agreement
                                                                                                                                                was signed in January 1996,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                    During the past decade, the Faculty has undergone significant expansion.
               senior lecturer at Kingston’s Faculty of                                                                                         It took over responsibility for diagnostic and therapeutic radiography from

     A        Health and Social Care Sciences is set to
              take a leading role in championing the
                                                                                                                                                Kingston’s Faculty of Science shortly after its inception, and soon afterwards
                                                                                                                                                also acquired social work, previously based within the Kingston Business
                                                                                                                                                School. Further growth came with a new contract for physiotherapy in 1997.
    needs of people with learning disabilities. Jim
    Blair, who is also a learning disability nurse and                                                                                          Since those early days, the Faculty has made a significant impact on the
    social worker, has been elected president of the                                                                                            health and social care workforce, not only in the region but also across the
                                                                                                                                                wider United Kingdom, training approximately 5,000 nurses, 600 midwives,
    Royal Society of Medicine’s Intellectual Disability
                                                                                                                                                600 physiotherapists, 400 social workers and 280 radiographers. More
    Forum. His appointment marks the first time in
                                                                                                                                                recently, it has added a Foundation Degree for paramedics to its portfolio.
    the Society’s 200 year history that members have
                                                                                                                                                    The Principal of St George’s University of London, Professor Michael
    chosen a nurse or social worker to head one of                                                                                              Farthing, puts the success of the partnership down to a winning combination
    its prestigious forums.                                                                                                                     of teaching excellence and cutting-edge research. “What the Faculty has
       Mr Blair’s two-year tenure as president will                                                                                             achieved in 10 years is nothing short of amazing,” he said. “The partnership
    give him the opportunity to have a major input                                                                                              draws on the strengths of both institutions and has remained true to its
    into changes in service provision. “As president,                                                                                           commitment to working within the NHS to provide education that supports
    I will be responsible for chairing the council and                                                                                          changing service needs.”
    maintaining the vision and goals of the forum                                                                                                   Current Dean Professor Fiona Ross said staff had no intention of resting
    and its members. I will also act as an ambassador                                                                                           on their laurels. Instead, they had ambitious plans for the future which
    for intellectual disability in the wider arena,” he                                                                                         included finding ways to ensure even greater numbers of people were able
                                                                                                                                                to train for careers in health and social care. This would be achieved through
    said. “The forum is an inter-disciplinary group
                                                                                                                                                the implementation of access programmes similar to those already developed
    of social workers, psychiatrists and Government         A high proportion of                                                                with South Thames, Croydon, Kingston and Merton Colleges and the
    and voluntary sector representatives. I am              the 5,000 nurses trained                                                            expansion of pre-hospital care training schemes with regional ambulance
    looking forward to working with such a highly           by the Faculty of Health
                                                                                                                                                services, she said. Research development was also a top priority. “We are
    respected group of academics and practitioners,         and Social Care Sciences
                                                                                                                                                particularly excited by the potential for major advances in teaching and
                                                            have gone on to work in
    all of whom have a strong interest in the needs                                                                                             research to emanate from a new three-way alliance in which Kingston and
                                                            hospital wards in the
    of people with learning, or as they are now more        surrounding region.                                                                 St George’s will work more closely with Royal Holloway, University of
    commonly known, intellectual disabilities.”                                                                                                 London,” Professor Ross said.
       Royal Society of Medicine council member
    Professor James Hogg, who is a past president of
    the forum, said it was fitting that someone from
    a nursing and social work background had been              Patients to profit from paramedic partnership
    selected to fill the post. “Diversity is at the very
    heart of the forum, which has a long-standing
                                                                        eople across the South East will soon           SECAmb clinical director Andy Newton said the        The South East
    history of getting disability issues on to the public
    agenda, and I cannot think of anyone more
    appropriate or able to take on this task than Jim,”
                                                               P        be benefiting from the skills of
                                                                        paramedics educated through the
                                                              Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences. A
                                                                                                                     link with Kingston and St George’s would help to
                                                                                                                     ensure the service was able to provide patients in
                                                                                                                     the region with access to the highest standards of
                                                                                                                                                                             Coast Ambulance
                                                                                                                                                                             Service attends
                                                                                                                                                                             call-outs across
    Professor Hogg added.                                     new partnership with the South East Coast              care. “The Foundation Degree pathways for both          Sussex, Surrey
                                                              Ambulance Service (SECAmb), which is                   current staff and new recruits offer ideal              and Kent.
                                                              expected to respond to almost 500,000 call-outs        opportunities for our personnel to acquire the
                                                              across Sussex, Surrey and Kent this year, is set       advanced skills essential to fulfil their demanding
                                                              to give more emergency service personnel the           roles,” he said.
                                                              chance to complete the specialist training
                                                              required to move up the career ladder.
                                                                 Course director Paul Burke said the expansion
                                                              of the Foundation Degree in Paramedic Science
                                                              followed the success of the programme originally
                                                              launched in conjunction with the London
                                                              Ambulance Service in 2004. “Teaming up with
                                                              SECAmb will give Kingston University and St
                                                              George’s, University of London the scope to deliver
                                                              our highly-vocational training to a far greater
                                                              number of students in the region,” he said.
                                                                 The course, which is approved by the Health
                                                              Professions Council, consists of a blend of face-to-
                                                              face teaching and work-based experience. It also
                                                              offers extensive opportunities for e-learning. In
                                                              their second year, participants begin work for the
                                                              ambulance services and, once this stage
                                                              of their training is complete, attain technician
                                                              status. On graduating, they become eligible to
                                                              apply for registration as paramedics. In a second
                                                              development, the Faculty has also introduced a
                                                              condensed programme to enable existing ambu-
    Senior lecturer Jim Blair is the first nurse or                                                                  The launch of a new partnership between the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences and
                                                              lance technicians to upgrade their qualifications
    social worker to hold the office of forum                                                                        the South East Coast Ambulance Service will enhance patient care.
                                                              to become registered paramedics.
    president at the Royal Society of Medicine.
                                                                                                                                                                                          AUTUMN 2006
                                                                                                                                                                                           April 2004            5

    New beginning beckons
 for former Bolshoi ballet star
                                                                                                           principal dancer with some of the world’s
 Audiences were spellbound by Vladislav
 Bubnov’s performances in the Bolshoi Ballet
 company’s production of Swan Lake.
                                                                                                  A        biggest ballet companies has bowed out
                                                                                                           of the limelight to take up studies at the
                                                                                                 Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences.
                                                                                                 Inspired by the professionals who helped him
                                                                                                 overcome injury during a dancing career
                                                                                                 spanning almost 20 years, Vladislav Bubnov is
                                                                                                 now part-way though a degree in physiotherapy.
                                                                                                    Having dedicated his life to ballet since he was
                                                                                                 nine, the 37 year old admits it has taken a little
                                                                                                 time to adjust to a routine that no longer revolves
                                                                                                 around rehearsals and performance. However, he
                                                                                                 is confident he has made the right move. “Going
                                                                                                 to university is completely new for me and I love
                                                                                                 all the challenges it brings,” he said.
                                                                                                    Mr Bubnov’s coursemates have no doubt that
                                                                                                 he has the stamina to see his studies through. He
                                                                                                 spent eight years mastering all the elements of
                                                                                                 classical dance at the Bolshoi School of Ballet in
                                                                                                 Moscow before joining the company itself and
                                                                                                 rising rapidly through the ranks. Although the
                                                                                                 training was physically and mentally demanding,
                                                                                                 Mr Bubnov said the thrill of performing in               Former ballet star Vladislav Bubnov has left
                                                                                                 front of a live audience made it all worth while.        the stage behind to step into the lecture theatre.
                                                                                                 “Getting a response and experiencing the chemistry
                                                                                                 of a crowd is the best feeling in the world,” he said.      After hanging up his dancing shoes for the final
                                                                                                 “I was taught from a young age to always do my           time, Mr Bubnov set to work pursuing his goal.
                                                                                                 best but it takes a real love of dancing to cope with    He found out more about the physiotherapy
                                                                                                 the pressure. Luckily I was always able to get back      programme run in partnership by Kingston
                                                                                                 on my feet and was given some great roles                University and St George’s, University of London,
                                                                                                 including the Prince in Swan Lake and the lead           and decided to apply. “I was attracted to the course
                                                                                                 in Romeo and Juliet.”                                    because of its hands-on, practical approach to
                                                                                                    Mr Bubnov first visited England in 1987               learning,” he said. “Not having English as my
                                                                                                 on tour with the Bolshoi company. He later               native tongue does make everything harder for
                                                                                                 spent nearly nine years with the Scottish Ballet,        me – I always have a dictionary by my side. But
                                                                                                 before a six-month stint with the Liepzig Ballet         I need to be able to communicate with my patients
                                                                                                 in Germany and five years with the English               and it’s a hurdle I’m determined to conquer along
                                                                                                 National Ballet. As retirement loomed, he began          the way.”
                                                                                                 to give more thought to the work of the                     Head of the School of Physiotherapy Christine
                                                                                                 physiotherapists who had always played a part            Bithell praised Mr Bubnov for the dedication he
                                                                                                 in keeping him in prime condition throughout             had shown to adapting to university life. “Having
                                                                                                 his performance career. “I had always been in            a renowned principal ballet dancer studying in
                                                                                                 awe of their skill and knew by following in their        our midst is a great coup,” she said. “The different
                                                                                                 footsteps I would have an ideal opportunity              perspective and wealth of knowledge Vladislav
                                                                                                 to make the most of my talent and knowledge,”            has brought with him has been invaluable both
                                                                                                 he said.                                                 for our staff and his fellow students.”

                    Perseverance pays for social work student
          hen Yvonne McMahon set her sights on                                                      Working with the group had another benefit,           herself in hospital again after suffering a heart
W         becoming a social worker, she was
          determined nothing was going to stand
                                                                                                 helping rekindle Mrs McMahon’s long-held
                                                                                                 ambition to become a social worker. “I felt the
                                                                                                                                                          attack. Further heart problems left her facing
                                                                                                                                                          surgery for a blocked artery.
in her way. Even a serious accident and a string                                                 experience of caring for my little girl until she           Mrs McMahon believes two factors were crucial
of major illnesses could not keep her off course                                                 passed away was one I could share with others. I         in her recovery – the love of her family and her
for long. Instead, she mustered all her strength                                                 also saw social work as a way for me to help             determination to finish her degree. “There were
and battled on, finally becoming the proud holder                                                empower people facing problems to become more            times when I did get down,” she admitted. “The
of a BA in Family and Child Care Studies and a                                                   independent and develop their own talents and            accident meant I couldn’t hand in some of my
Diploma of Social Work this year.                                                                strengths,” she explained.                               course work, so completion of my degree seemed
   Mrs McMahon had already struggled through                                                        After completing an Access course and a Higher        even further away. But I was adamant I was going
difficult times when she first enrolled to study                                                 National Certificate in housing studies, Mrs             to get well and see my commitment through.”
at Kingston in 1997. Just three years earlier,                                                   McMahon was accepted on to Kingston University’s         Three years later she has not only achieved that
she had lost her 10-year-old daughter, Karin, to                                                 social work programme. However, just a year into         goal, but also graduated with the Tasnim Yawar
the rare heart and lung disease pulmonary                                                        her course, she had to put her studies on hold           prize, awarded annually to the student who most
haemosiderosis. “At first, my husband, Shane, my                                                 when a debilitating stroke left her partially            exemplifies the values of social work.
three sons and I, couldn’t even talk about our                                                   paralysed.                                                  Head of the School of Social Work Hilary
grief,” she recalled. “It wasn’t until I started a                                                  Despite the setback, after a year of physiotherapy,   Tompsett said Mrs McMahon had been an
group at our church for parents whose children                                                   Mrs McMahon was back at the books, little                inspiration to both her lecturers and her fellow
had died that we really began to come to terms                                                   imagining further ill health lay in store. In June       students. “Yvonne demonstrated remarkable spirit
with what had happened – when we realised from                                                   2001, her progress was disrupted unexpectedly once       despite the difficulties she faced along the way
                                                     Yvonne McMahon has overcome injury and
talking to others that we weren’t the only ones                                                  more when she was badly injured in a motor               and her adaptability and resilience have been an
                                                     illness to complete a social work degree.
who felt so desperately alone.”                                                                  accident. Barely three months later, she found           example to us all,” Mrs Tompsett said.
6     AUTUMN 2006

                                New research projects under way
                                               Academic staff have secured backing from a variety of funding bodies for their latest research projects.

    Grant Holder             School/Centre                           Project Title                                                                      Funding Body                                   Amount/Duration

    Professor S Barber       Humanities                              Antonin Artaud’s Notebooks, 1946-48: Amalgams of Text and Image                    Arts and Humanities Research Council           £28,383 – eight months

    Professor P Sparke       Design                                  Representing and Collecting Architecture: The Problem of the Exhibition            Arts and Humanities Research Council           £12,376 – one year

    Dr E Longfellow          Humanities                              Constructing Elizabeth Isham 1608-54                                               British Academy                                £8,361 – two years

    Professor D Smallbone    Small Business Research Centre          Minority Business Diaspora Interchange Number 2 (Part 1)                           Business Link for London                       £13,411 – six months

    Professor D Smallbone    Small Business Research Centre          Small and Medium Enterprise Support System Project, China                         Enterplan
                                                                                                                                                       (Department for International Development)      £62,960 – 14 months

    Dr H Hadavinia           Engineering                             Glass Cracking in Fires – CASE Award for Martina Hodbodova, with Pilkington       Engineering and Physical Sciences
                                                                                                                                                       Research Council                                £60,864 – 40 months

    Mr N Leveque             Engineering                             Propagation of Under-ventilated Fires in Aircraft – CASE for New Academics        Engineering and Physical Sciences
                                                                                                                                                       Research Council                                £60,864 – 42 months

    Dr E Soane               Human Resource Management               Science Team: The Public View of Uncertainty                                      Engineering and Physical Sciences
                                                                                                                                                       Research Council                                £79,000 – two years

    Professor P Scott        Vice-Chancellor                         Mobilising Future Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities     European Union                                 £7,900 – 30 months

    Professor J Wen          Engineering                             Nanomist for Fire Suppression and Explosion Control                                European Union Marie Curie Fund                £110,000 – two years

    Professor J Wen          Engineering                             HYFIRE: Hydrogen Combustion in the Context of Fire and Explosion Safety            European Union Marie Curie Action              £650,000 – four years

    Professor M Stuart       Deputy Vice-Chancellor                  Widening Participation and Continuing to Postgraduate Education:
                                                                     Decision-making, Deterrents and Creating Success                                   Higher Education Academy                       £29,780 – one year

    Mr J Tribe               Law                                     English and Welsh Personal Insolvency Law:
                                                                     Debtor Education, Debtor Advice and the Credit Environment                         Insolvency Service                             £10,000 – eight months

    Drs D Mackintosh
    and B Abbas              Life Sciences                           PhD Studentships in Obstetrics and Gynaecology                                     New Victoria Hospital                          £480,000 – three years

    Dr C French              Social Science                          The Cromwell House Historic Patients’ Database Project                             Nuffield Foundation                            £7,500 – one year

    Professor A Rankin       Earth Sciences and Geography            Structural, Fluid and Geochemical Controls and Exploration Models for
                                                                     Shear-hosted Au Mineralisation in the Loulo Mining District, Mali                  Randgold Resources                             £58,000 – three years

    Dr P Remagnino           Computing and Information Systems       Ambient Intelligence Methods and Human-Robot Interaction                           Royal Academy of Engineering                   £22,738 – six months

                     Academic                                                                Equipment provides clearer
                  accomplishments                                                          view for trainee radiographers
     The University has named the most recent recipients of its prestigious
                                                                                             Principal lecturer Nigel Rogers has been
     research degrees.
                                                                                             guiding students through the process of
                                                                                             operating new equipment acquired by
     Radu Cinpoes has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after examining
                                                                                             the School of Radiography.
     ‘Continuity and Discontinuity in Nationalist Discourse: The Greater Romania
     Party in Post-1989 Romania’.

     Hatem Yousry El-Gowhary has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy
     after completing ‘Culture, Behaviour and Urban Open Space: A Study of
     Environmental Behaviour in Residential Areas with Specific Reference to
     Alexandria, Egypt’.

     Nigel Elliott has become a Doctor of Philosophy after the publication of
     ‘Charting the Practicum: A Journey in Probation and Social Work’.

     Maria Valera Espina has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy after devising ‘An
     Approach for Designing a Real-time Intelligent Distributed Surveillance System’

     Truc Le Nguyen has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after completing a
     study entitled ‘Export Orientation of Polish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises                 tate-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment has          a skull and body skeleton embedded in soft-tissue material.
     in Gdansk: An Empirical Analysis’.

     Alexey Nesterov has become a Doctor of Philosophy after exploring ‘The Effects
                                                                                             S       been installed at the School of Radiography’s
                                                                                                     Penrhyn Road base. The Computed Radiography
                                                                                           system will enable students to take X-ray images that can
                                                                                                                                                               Called the X-ray Whole Body Phantom, the resource, which
                                                                                                                                                               has flexible knee, elbow, shoulder and hip joints, will be used
                                                                                                                                                               by students preparing for hospital placements. As well as
     of Corrosion, Cold Expansion and Interference Fit on the Fatigue of Aluminium         be viewed instantaneously before being stored digitally.            allowing them to practise positioning limbs for standard
     Alloy Specimens Containing Fastener Holes’.                                              Head of the School of Radiography Graham Morgan said             radiography, it will boost their understanding of skeletal
                                                                                           one of the biggest advantages of the technology was that it         anatomy and assist them in measuring appropriate doses of
     Heidi Topman has been named a Doctor of Philosophy after conducting                   provided rapid access to images removing reliance on the            radiation more precisely.
     ‘A Study of the Rise and Decline of Selected Labour Halls in the Greater London       time-consuming traditional method of using chemicals to                With a significant rise in the number of students studying
     Area, 1918-79’.                                                                       process X-ray film. The digital capability of the equipment         both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography, it was more
                                                                                           also allowed users to focus on parts of a patient’s body that       important than ever that Kingston and St George’s were able
     Viachaslau Yarashevich has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy after                  required more detailed examination, before electronically           to demonstrate their commitment to keeping pace with
     examining the ‘Political Economy of Modern Belarus in the Context of                  transferring images and printing off hard copies. “Such             advances in the healthcare sector, Mr Morgan said. “Our
     Post-Socialist Transformation Discourse’.                                             flexibility is vital in teaching students how to investigate and    students spend much of their time on work placements where
                                                                                           analyse cases accurately,” Mr Morgan said.                          familiarity with the latest technology and techniques is
     Gupreet Ranger has received a Master by Research after investigating                     Further investment in diagnostic radiography equipment           essential,” he said. “The new equipment makes our learning
     ‘The Relevance of Biomarker Expression in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ of the             at the School, run jointly by Kingston University and St            environment more realistic, which, in turn, means we can
     Breast with Special Reference to Cyclooxygenase-2’.                                   George’s, University of London, is imminent. It is about to         ensure students receive the best possible preparation to
                                                                                           take delivery of a life-sized model of a human patient with         launch their careers.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                     AUTUMN 2006           7

Commitment to care leavers Degree studies
 earns official endorsement make all the
           hildren’s charity The Frank Buttle Trust has awarded
           Kingston a quality mark for its commitment to looking
           after care leavers. The trust, which provides grants to
                                                                         works closely with students from groups that are under-represented
                                                                         on campus, running activities such as discovery days, subject taster
                                                                         days, and summer schools. These activities were in the process of
thousands of children and teenagers in need, has recognised the          being extended in a development that would see Education Liaison
University as an institution prepared to go the extra mile to give       staff work closely with officers from Kingston Council’s Looked After                aniel Edwards’ eighteenth birthday marked a true turning
young people who have been in care access to the financial and
emotional support to complete a degree. Kingston is one of only six
institutions across the United Kingdom to have received endorsement
                                                                         and Leaving Care Services, Mr Hill said. The team would also
                                                                         continue to place a high priority on staging information events for
                                                                         school teachers and careers advisers so they were equipped to play
                                                                                                                                                    D         point in his life. Brought up by foster parents and in a
                                                                                                                                                              succession of children’s homes after his mother became
                                                                                                                                                   unable to cope with his unruly behaviour, the aspiring actor’s
from the charity.                                                        their part in promoting higher education as an achievable option.         prospects were far from promising. In fact, getting a good education
   Associate Head of Academic Development Mike Hill said helping            Care leavers have also been identified as a target group in the        was the last thing on his mind.
care leavers overcome the disadvantages they faced was crucial to        University’s Compact scheme, set up to provide applicants with               When he reached adulthood, however, he suddenly felt the need
encouraging them to progress through higher education. “The              enhanced information and advice about courses, accommodation,             to take a long, hard look at his life. “For eight years, I had just
process of applying for a place and completing a course is a big         funding and finance. Provisions were now in place to guide them           been running around being a nuisance. I’d felt I had no guidance,
enough challenge for any student,” he said. “At Kingston, we’re          through the complexities of the admissions process, Mr Hill said.         so I’d guided myself and taken the wrong routes,” Daniel recalled.
very aware that for someone who might not have a settled family             Minister for Lifelong Learning and Higher Education Bill               “All of a sudden, when I turned 18, something just clicked. I
background, full access to the normal educational support structures     Rammell praised Kingston and the other quality mark recipients            thought to myself, I can’t read, I can’t really write and it’s about
or guidance to fall back on during the course of their studies, it can   for the foresight they had shown in their work with care leavers.         time I do something to get things back on track.”
at first seem an insurmountable hurdle. Receiving the quality mark       “Not only does this award show care leavers that higher education             Little did he imagine that university studies could one day be
means we can show young people from this vulnerable group that           providers are committed to helping them overcome the challenges           on the cards. But, after dedicating two years to completing a BTEC
we’re sympathetic to their particular needs and determined to help       they face, it ensures that they have the same educational                 National Diploma in performing arts, the 20-year-old has just
them succeed.”                                                           opportunities as other young people,” he said. His views were             enrolled for the first year of a drama degree at Kingston University.
   The University is already highly respected for taking a leading       echoed by Minister for Social Exclusion Hilary Armstrong. “The               His arrival at Kingston makes Daniel one of only a handful of
role in AimHigher initiatives to persuade young people who might         quality mark is a crucial step towards encouraging aspiration and         care leavers from his home county of Gloucestershire to move on
not have otherwise considered moving on to university that a degree      providing opportunity for those who have been all too readily             to higher education. “I’m really grateful to all the people who
could hold the key to a brighter future. Its Education Liaison team      written off,” she said.                                                   have encouraged me along the way – a strong support system is
                                                                                                                                                   so important to help people from a care background get to
  Associate Head of Academic Development Mike Hill has led                                                                                         university,” he said.
  University initiatives to provide care leavers with greater support.                                                                                Despite still being in the early stages of his studies, Daniel is
                                                                                                                                                   convinced he has at last made the right choice. “When you are in
                                                                                                                                                   care you’re more likely
                                                                                                                                                   to mix with the wrong
                                                                                                                                                   crowd,” he explained.
                                                                                                                                                   “It’s exactly the opposite
                                                                                                                                                   on campus – everyone I
                                                                                                                                                   meet has got ambition.
                                                                                                                                                   They want to do some-
                                                                                                                                                   thing with their lives
                                                                                                                                                   and that inspires me to
                                                                                                                                                   feel exactly the same.”

                                                                                                                                                   Aspiring actor Daniel
                                                                                                                                                   Edwards has left his
                                                                                                                                                   troubled teenage
                                                                                                                                                   years behind to
                                                                                                                                                   embark on degree

          Maestros showcase concert hall technique
           usic students have started the academic year on a high                                                                                processes than by being in the presence of artists who are recognised
M          note after four critically-acclaimed classical performers
           took centre stage on campus to conduct one of their first
                                                                                                                                                 as some of the most accomplished in their field,” Dr Osbon said.
                                                                                                                                                    Founded by Cypriot Levon Chilingirian and South African Philip
lectures. Cellist Philip De Groote, violinists Levon Chilingirian and                                                                            De Groote, the Chilingirian Quartet holds a Royal Philharmonic
Charles Sewart and violist Susie Mészáros, who have soared to                                                                                    Society Chamber Ensemble Award and is quartet-in-residence at
international stardom since forming the Chilingirian Quartet in                                                                                  the Royal College of Music in London. The musicians have recently
1971, visited the Coombehurst Studio at Kingston Hill to outline                                                                                 embarked on research into the works of Haydn, who is widely
the finer points of stage presentation.                                                                                                          regarded as the father of the symphony and string quartet, and hope
   Part of the School of Performance and Screen Studies’ induction                                                                               to introduce 54 of his previously unknown compositions into the
programme, the masterclass gave students the chance to assess the                                                                                public arena.
quartet’s interpretation of a selection of works by composing greats.                                                                               Mr Chilingirian said the masterclass, staged shortly after a
They were also able to quiz the instrumentalists about the way both                                                                              University-supported sell-out concert at Hampton Court Palace,
their individual techniques and collaborative approach had evolved                                                                               had been enormously beneficial for everyone involved. “We relished
during the course of their careers.                                                                                                              the opportunity to be able to pass on our extensive knowledge about
   Principal lecturer Dr David Osbon said the opportunity to interact                                                                            performance preparation to such a talented set of young musicians.
with world-class musicians at such an early stage in their studies       TJ Esubiyi, rear, joined fellow first-year students to observe          In return, they provided us with some invaluable insights that we
had been a motivational experience for the undergraduate audience.       violinist Levon Chilingirian’s performance technique in action          will definitely draw upon to expand the intellectual elements of our
“There is no better way of gaining an insight into performance           during a music masterclass.                                             research,” he said.
8      AUTUMN 2006

    Exhibitions and Events...
    AUTUMN 2006

    EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                                     EVENTS – DECEMBER
    UNTIL SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER                                                                                                                      FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER

             Philadelphia Florist – Featuring work by fashion designer                                                                              7.30pm     Kingston University Chamber Choir Concert –
             and current Stanley Picker design fellow Shelley Fox.                                                                                             Being staged in Association with Kingston Rotary Club.
             Stanley Picker Gallery, Middle Mill, Knights Park                                                                                                 Featuring works by Britten, Rutter and Holst along with
                                                                                                                                                               the winning entries in the 2006 undergraduate
                                                                                                                                                               composition prize.
                                                                                                                                                               St Andrew’s Church, Maple Road, Surbiton
             Untitled: Dirt – A collection of drawing, performance
             and video from Kingston University live arts lecturer                                                                                  MONDAY 4 DECEMBER
             Jordan McKenzie.
             Stanley Picker Gallery, Middle Mill, Knights Park                                                                                      1.15pm     Student Performance Showcase –
                                                                                                                                                               Featuring soloists and groups from the School of
             Gallery opening times:                                                                                                                            Performance and Screen Studies performing a range of
             Tuesday–Friday 12.00–6.00pm,                                                                                                                      classical, rock, pop, blues and urban music.
             Saturday 12.00 – 4.00pm,                                                                                                                          Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill
             Monday by appointment only
                                                                                                                                                    TUESDAY 5 DECEMBER

                                                                                                                                                    5.30pm     Carol concert – With music conducted by Dr David Osbon
                                                                                                                                                               and worship led by the University chaplain, Rev Stan Brown.
                                                                                                                                                               St John’s Church, Grove Lane, Kingston
                                                                                                                                                    FRIDAY 8 DECEMBER
                                                                                                                                                    7.30pm     Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus – Featuring
    9.00am – Practice Development in Action:                                                                                                                   a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s classic movie along
    4.15pm Making a Difference – The second annual nursing                                                                                                     with a performance of the soundtrack from the Kingston
             and midwifery graduates’ research conference.                                                                                                     University Symphony Orchestra.
             Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus                                                                                                      Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus

    THURSDAY 9 NOVEMBER                                                                                                                             MONDAY 11 DECEMBER

    6.00 –   How Professional Services Firms Punch Above                                                                                            1.15pm     Kingston University Gamelan and Djembe
                                                                             The latest exhibition from fashion designer Shelley Fox                           Ensembles – A performance featuring a collection of
    7.30pm   Their Weight – Part of the Strategy into Practice Lecture
                                                                             was inspired by a set of diaries that belonged to a                               international music.
             Series. Guest speaker Julian Goldsmith, Director of Public
             Relations for Marketforce Communications.                       Philadelphia florist in the 1930s.                                                Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus
             Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus
                                                                                                                                                    TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER
    6.15pm   Changing Settlements – A Geographical Association
             lecture delivered by Dr Garrett Nagle from St Edward’s                                                                                 1.10pm     Lunchtime carol concert – With music conducted by
             College, Oxford University, focusing on changes in                                                                                                Dr David Osbon and worship led by the University chaplain,
             population patterns.                                                                                                                              Rev Stan Brown.
             Clattern Lecture Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus                  WEDNESDAY 22 NOVEMBER                                                              Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus

                                                                            5.00pm   From Collapsing Volcanoes to Climate Change –                  THURSDAY 14 DECEMBER
    MONDAY 13 NOVEMBER                                                               The annual lecture from the Centre for Earth and
                                                                                     Environmental Science Research.                                7.30pm     Kingston University Wind Orchestra and Kingston
    1.15pm   Student Performance Showcase – Featuring solo                           Guest speaker Professor Bill McGuire, Professor of                        University Big Band Performance
             performances and chamber music.                                         Geohazards and Director of the Benfield Hazard Research                   St John’s Church, Grove Lane, Kingston
             Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus                                Centre, University College London.
                                                                                     Sopwith Lecture Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus                   FRIDAY 15 DECEMBER
                                                                            THURSDAY 23 NOVEMBER                                                    8.00pm     Winter Music Festival Carol Service – The Kingston
    1.15pm   Fibonacci Sequence Directed by Kathron Sturrock –                                                                                                 University Chamber Choir performs traditional and
             The University’s former ensemble-in-residence performs         6.00 –   Sex and Turkeys: Cultural Integration in Mergers                          contemporary music for the festive season.
             a range of chamber music.                                      7.30pm   and Acquisitions – Part of the Strategy into Practice                     The Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace
             Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus                                Lecture Series. Guest speaker Doug Ross, Managing Director
                                                                                     of Square Peg International, will discuss the importance of    SATURDAY 16 AND SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER
    THURSDAY 16 NOVEMBER                                                             dealing with the people affected by change when mergers,
                                                                                     acquisitions and joint ventures come into effect.              5.00pm     Bach’s Christmas Oratorio –
                                                                                     Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus                   and        Kingston University’s Chorus and Chamber Orchestra
    6.00pm   Invention versus Innovation – A panel-led discussion                                                                                   8.00pm     give two performances of Bach’s cantatas.
             being staged as part of the Entrepreneurship Experience                                                                                           The Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace
             Lecture Series. Guest speakers James Seddon, director of       SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER
             EggXactly and star of BBC2’s Dragon’s Den, Gareth Kemp,                                                                                SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER
             director of baby goods company Moffii, and Fiona Jones,        7.30pm   Post Pierrot – Featuring soprano Jane Manning and
             founder of stroke patient support organisation Stepping Out,            actor Tim Piggot-Smith.                                        5.00pm     Winter Music Festival Family Carol Service –
             will discuss the challenges of introducing inventions to                DeLissa Hall, Kingston Hill campus                                        The Kingston University Chamber Choir performs a
             the marketplace.                                                                                                                                  selection of traditional and modern carols.
             Clattern Lecture Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus                  MONDAY 27 NOVEMBER                                                                 The Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace

    MONDAY 20 NOVEMBER                                                      1.15pm   Student Performance Showcase – Featuring soloists
                                                                                     and groups from the School of Performance and Screen
                                                                                     Studies performing a range of classical, rock, pop,
    1.15pm   Neil McLaren and Jane Beament – A concert featuring
             flautist Neil McLaren and pianist Jane Beament performing               blues and urban music.                                                           Editorial Information
             contemporary music.                                                     Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus
                                                                                                                                                      Editor: Nicky Baird, ext 63166 (internal); 020 8547 7166 (external)
             Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill campus
                                                                            THURSDAY 30 NOVEMBER
                                                                                                                                                      University staff are invited to submit ideas for possible stories
    TUESDAY 21 NOVEMBER                                                     6.00pm   Nature versus Nurture – Part of the Entrepreneurship             and features. Contributions should be sent by email to
                                                                                     Experience Lecture Series. Guest speakers Brian Proffitt, or by internal mail to Bridge, Room 2,
    5.30pm   Multiculturalism: Melting Pot, Salad Bowl or                            Head of Technology Innovation for BT Wholesale, and              River House.
             Simmering Cauldron? – A lecture delivered by                            Kevin Harrington, Marketing Director of music download
                                                                                                                                                      The editorial team reserves the right to amend articles
             Rev Dr Jules Gomes, writer, broadcaster and chaplain                    company Arcade, examine the behaviour, skills and
                                                                                                                                                      as appropriate.
             at Greenwich University.                                                attributes required for successful entrepreneurial ventures.
             Room 10, Town House, Penrhyn Road campus                                Lawley Lecture Theatre, Kingston Hill campus

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