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					                                                              Toll Free                             ORDER/QUOTE FORM
                                                              Tel: 1-877-462-6367
                                                              Fax: 1-877-462-6300              Date:

                                                                          SHIP TO:
                                                                           Please provide the following end user information.
 PO#:                                                                      To be used for administrative purposes only.
 Job#:                                  Comp#:                           Name:______________________________________
 Ship Date:                                                              City:________________________________________
 Ship Via:                                                               State/Prov:_________________________________

 Quantity:                                                                           Standard Features:
                                                                                     1" Double Wall Box Slat w/ Interslat Seals
                                                                                     Bottom Panel w/Stainless Steel
      DOOR OPENING DIMENSIONS                                                        Lift Bar Latching System and Bottom Seal
                                                                                     Rubber Bumpers
                                                                                     2" Top Gutter with Top Seal
 Top View:                                                                           Track and Side Frame w/Side Seals
                                                                                     Pre-tensioned Operator
                                                                                     Balancer Mounting Plates
                                   (Opening Width)                                   Satin Anodized Finish

                                                                                     Optional Features:
 Side View:                                                                          Key Locking
                                                                                     Wide Flange Side Frame
             Consult                     B                                           Sill Plate           Sweepout style
            Factory for                                                              (Choose one)         Waterstop style
             Minimum                    (Body Header)                                Top Gutter (Choose One)
           Body Header                                                                     2" (Standard)       2" Continuous @              "
               and                                                                         6"                  6" Continuous @              "
   Compartment Depth                                                                       None
           Requirements                                                              PreDrilling          Countersink @ center channel
                                                        C                            (Choose one)         Rear Flange for bolting
                                                   (Compartment Height               Door Ajar Switch              12" Lead
                             H                          - inside)                    (Choose one)                  78" Lead
                                                                                                                   Pre-install - Left Side
                                                                                                                   Pre-install - Right Side
                                                                                     Customized Nameplates
                            (Opening Height)                                         1/2" Track Mitre
                                                                                     1" track relief for step down compartments
                                                                                     Wet Paint - Paint Code (                          )
                                                                                     Roll Configuration
                                                                                     (Choose one)         Front Roll - (Standard)
                                                                                                          Header Roll
                                               D                                                          Rear Roll
                                                                                     Expedited Production Service
                                          (Compartment Depth)
                                                                                     Luma-Bar                 21"            42"            62"

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