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									                                                                                                                  RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                      Date        Date
#                                            Question                                                                            Answer                                              Asked      Answered
    1 Is the RFP looking only towards Oracle's Mobile Workforce Management as a           No. This RFP is for the implementation of the Oracle software as outlined in Section       12/22/2008  1/13/2009
      mobile solution, or is the City open to other mobile vendors that integrate into    2.6, on page 23 of the RFP. Implementation of a mobile workforce (field
      Oracle?                                                                             automation) is expected to be a separate follow on project in future years.
                                                                                          Therefore, the City is not open to other mobile vendors that integrate into Oracle as
                                                                                          part of this project.

    2 Is this a new purchase? If not, what is the name of the incumbent contractor?       Yes it is a new purchase.                                                                    1/6/2009   1/13/2009

    3 What is the estimated total value of the contract to be awarded?                    Unknown at this time.                                                                        1/6/2009   1/13/2009

    4 Is there a Program Manager/Technical Lead associated with this initiative? If so,   Yes. There is a Program Manager/Technical Lead. We will not be providing contact             1/6/2009   1/13/2009
      what is their contact information                                                   information

    5 What is the financial system that will be interfaced as part of this implementation? Yes, it is PeopleSoft Version 8.8. It was implemented in July 1999 and upgraded in          1/6/2009   1/13/2009
      We assume that it is PeopleSoft, based on the information provided. What version 2006.
      is the financial system and when was it implemented?

    6 Will the current work planning/estimating system require an interface in phase 1?   No. There isn't currently a work planning and estimating system in place to interface        1/6/2009   1/13/2009
      You indicate that you want to begin this work in Phase 1 and complete it in Phase   with. Most of Energy Delivery (T&D) uses RevAmps to track work and to track
      2, but what about between Phase 1 go-live and Phase 2?                              estimates -- but not to create them. Presently capital work planning and estimating
                                                                                          is primarily based on the knowledge and experience of the workforce (e.g. engineers
                                                                                          and coordinators). Some groups have built templates to assist in the planning and
                                                                                          estimating of work and materials. In Power Production and for large customer
                                                                                          projects Microsoft Project is used for work planning. Present maintenance planning
                                                                                          and estimating is generally based on prior maintenance work. In Power Stations,
                                                                                          Power Production and Shops this is captured in the Maximo product. There is no
                                                                                          similar system for most of Energy Delivery. SCL anticipates Oracle's WAM software
                                                                                          will replace RevAmps. Development of business processes and the capacity to
                                                                                          support work planning and estimating (and Compatible Units) is part of Phase 1.
                                                                                          However, actual development of Compatible Units that would be used to populate
                                                                                          the estimates/work plans is part of the effort to develop Standards, which will start in
                                                                                          2010 and continue into 2012, thus lining up with the Phase 2 timeline. SCL
                                                                                          assumes it will use Oracle's "benchmark" process to use templates until Compatible
                                                                                          Units are developed.
    7 Is it expected that deliverable ownership and development will be shared between    We assume your question doesn't refer to contractual ownership, but as to whom               1/6/2009   1/13/2009
      the vendor and SCL team members, or is SCL abdicating the development of all        will drive and develop the deliverable. We are looking for the vendor to provide
      deliverables to the vendor?                                                         strong leadership across most areas of the project, so they will be responsible for
                                                                                          developing many of the project deliverables.

                                                                                          In some cases, they will drive deliverable development with us owning the content,
                                                                                          such as for To Be Process Design. In other cases, City Light will be in a staff
                                                                                          augmentation role to the vendor - for example for software development and QA. In
                                                                                          other cases, we will own the deliverable, such as training delivery and infrastructure

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                                                                                                                    RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

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#                                             Question                                                                             Answer                                             Asked      Answered
    8 Reference Section 8.10: The City will not modify provisions mandated by Federal,      The City, at its discretion, may choose to discuss certain terms/exceptions taken by        1/6/2009  1/13/2009
      State or City law or policy, or provisions specifically defined for this project,     the successful vendor. The City will not identify additional terms and conditions that
      including but not limited to Equal Benefits, Affirmative Action, Confidentiality,     are not negotiable other than those already stated in Section 8.10 of the RFP.
      Contract Bond form, Insurance, and Debarment. The City does not expect to             While the City may be amenable to discussing certain terms and conditions with the
      change Indemnification or Audit (Review of Vendor Records and may reject all          successful vendor, vendors should be aware when making exceptions, that
      exceptions to those sections. "                                                       Vendor's level of compliance with the City's Terms and Conditions is an element of
      Will the City provide an opportunity to discuss certain terms if the City doesn't     the City's proposal evaluation.
      necessarily agree with or accept the language provided by the Contractor for
      exceptions, as outlined in the RFP? Please define by section identifier which terms
      and conditions are absolutely non-negotiable.

    9 Could you elaborate on how the "bucket of hours" will be evaluated? For example, This is a reserve of hours that will be used to support project scope that is not fully          1/6/2009   1/13/2009
      the third highest rated criterion is Organizational Change Management Approach       defined at this point in time, including conversions, interfaces, modifications and
      and the lowest ranked criterion is Price. The two criteria appear to be intertwined. reports. Where there is a reasonable scope baseline (such as for conversions and
                                                                                           interfaces), we expect the vendor to estimate those hours and include those in their
                                                                                           costs. Where scope is not defined (modifications and reports), we expect the
                                                                                           vendor to propose a placeholder "bucket of hours" that is reasonable derived from
                                                                                           their past experience on similar projects. We will evaluate whether the proposed
                                                                                           bucket of hours is realistic to support the scope of work. If estimates vary
                                                                                           significantly from vendor to vendor, this will be noted.

10 Page 5 indicates there are "defined Modifications, Interfaces, etc." for which the    Page 5 of the RFP is the table of contents, so we don't see this reference. The                1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   "bucket of hours" are to be used. Offerors are directed to the Project Assumptions "bucket of hours" concept is discussed more in the answer to question 9.
   in Section 3 for more information/definition. We could not find those definitions nor
   any information that would be useful in scoping the projected changes. Could you
   elaborate on the scope of the projected changes?

11 Please confirm that any cost impacts resulting from Oracle Software Impacts (Sic - If we encounter Oracle significant software defects, we will work with the                        1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   "defects") (page 41) are not the responsibility of the offeror.                    Implementation vendor to jointly escalate these to Oracle for resolution and to
                                                                                      develop possible workarounds, including local fixes. The Vendor is not responsible
                                                                                      for Oracle software product defects nor related project costs impacts. The Vendor
                                                                                      is expected to work with us to minimize these impacts and develop alternatives.

12 Will Seattle City Light be using the Oracle Tutor and User Productivity Kit (UPK)        We are looking for the vendors recommendation as to whether these tools would be            1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   tools for documentation and training purposes?                                           useful. Please identify approximate costs, if you know them.

13 Also, on pages 32 and 33 of the RFP there are requirements for Technical Training Prior to the project, we hope to complete some or all of the Technical Training Part               1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   to be performed by Oracle. Can we get details on what classes Oracle will be      1. The vendor can provide some or all of Technical Training Part 2 or else indicate
   providing?                                                                        in their proposal if we need to source this from Oracle and when that training would
                                                                                     be required.

14 Please explain the expectations of the systems integrator with respect to the            If the Implementation Vendor has sufficient product expertise to provide Application        1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   Application Project Team Training in addition to what Oracle is providing                Training to the project team, they should propose that. Otherwise, they should
                                                                                            arrange for Oracle to provide this training or request that we obtain that from Oracle,
                                                                                            indicating the timing and costs, where possible.

    2 10                                                                                                                           3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                   RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                        Date        Date
#                                     Question                                                                                 Answer                                                  Asked      Answered
 15 Please provide the number, SCL organizational roles and expected project roles of We would like the vendor to recommend the appropriate level of SCL project staff                   1/6/2009  1/13/2009
    the SCL employees that SCL expects to assign to each project on a full time basis. for a successful long term project. That said, we do plan to staff the project with
                                                                                       various roles, including business staff, trainers, developers, DBAs, QA, PM, etc. so
                                                                                       that we are actively engaged through the project life cycle, often in a staff
                                                                                       augmentation role.

16 In Section 2.5.3, "OMS Phasing Strategy", SCL states, "The objectives of the            Providing excellent customer service is the driver for the delivery of the OMS                1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   Outage Management Project must be met prior to storm season 2010 (September             system prior to storm season 2010. Executive commitments and accountability
   30, 2010)." Please provide some background on the factors that are driving this         agreements are in place within SCL's executive team and the Mayor's office to meet
   date and the potential consequences (operational, regulatory, service level, etc.) of   these objectives.
   not making that date.

17 In Section 2.5.4, "OMS Software Modules within Business Process Scope", SCL             We are including MWM in the WAMS-OMS implementation primarily for product                     1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   states, "Full implementation of the mobile product is not expected during the           integration between WAMS and OMS and also the scheduling functionality.
   implementation project; however SCL anticipates a full deployment to mobile             Deployment of Mobile functionality to the field is not included in Phase 1, but we
   immediately following this project. Thus the initial configuration should               would like to implement this as soon as we are able. Therefore, we would like to
   accommodate the future implementation of mobile though the emphasis should be           configure as much of the product as possible as part of Phase 1, so we can easily
   on those capabilities necessary to satisfy the implementation or project specific       enable this function down the road with minimal effort.
   requirements of OMS or WAMS." Could SCL please provide further definition and
   discussion regarding the expected scope of the MWM implementation covered by
   this RFP for both the WAMS and the OMS projects?

18 In Section 2.7, "Technical Scope", SCL states, "Decommissioning systems that are        The vendor should include this body of work in the project plans. Data conversion             1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   replaced by new product functionality will be within the scope of the project."         from the legacy system to the new system would be the responsibility of the vendor.
   Please describe the activities and tasks that SCL considers to be part of this          We would expect that SCL responsibility would include backups of data for archival,
   decommissioning scope.                                                                  de-installing the application and databases from the server and possibly retiring the

19 In Section 2.7.1, "Potential Platform Architecture", SCL states, "The technical         The preparation activities that Oracle is helping with is the creation of an initial sand     1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   scope will include architecture planning and design of the platforms supporting the     box environment. This will likely include the installation of the NMS, WAM, and
   Oracle Technologies products and Oracle Utilities applications within the City of       MWM Oracle solutions. This sandbox environment will help familiarize SCL staff
   Seattle environment." However, in Section 2.7.7, SCL states, "Under the existing        with the Oracle products. The systems integrator will be expected to lead the
   software contract, Oracle will help SCL install the foundational components of the      production environment design including final choices on system platforms, load
   infrastructure and software, including Servers, Operating System, Applications,         capacity plans and other performance decisions, toolsets for monitoring and
   and Middleware to build a sandbox environment for the project analysis and fit gap      administering performance, as well environments required for Fit/Gap, training,
   efforts." Please provide some additional insight into the incremental architecture      development, and test. This work is expected to be conducted in conjunction with
   planning and design that SCL anticipates will be required between the scope that        Oracle to ensure compliance with the technical specification and requirements of the
   Oracle will deliver under their contract and the scope to be delivered by the chosen    software and infrastructure.
   Implementation Vendor.

20 Will the new system be the "system of record" for Financial Asset Management            The Financial System of Record for assets will continue to be the PeopleSoft                  1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   (including depreciation etc.)?                                                          "Summit" financial system. WAMS in intended to be the system of record for all or
                                                                                           many of City Light Assets when the project is complete, as an Asset Registry.

21 Please provide the details for the Utility Call Center, GIS, IVR, AMI or any other      Information is listed in Appendix B: EUSP RFP under the System Inventory heading              1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   systems the new OMS is to be integrated with.                                           (page 90). This describes the Customer Information System in use by the Call
                                                                                           Center and a description of the Geographic Information System. Also listed in this
                                                                                           section is the Human Resources and the Financial system. Nortel is the IVR
                                                                                           vendor, currently using VPSIS version 5.31 with an upgrade planned to MPS 3.0 .
                                                                                            The utility at this time does not have an AMI system, however anticipates acquiring
                                                                                           an AMI system in the future.

 3 10                                                                                                                             3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                  RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                   Date        Date
#                                       Question                                                                                  Answer                                          Asked      Answered
 22 Is SCL amenable to the use of offshore resources for some technical                   The vendor should propose whatever onshore/ offshore model they think works best          1/6/2009  1/13/2009
    development?                                                                          in terms of cost and quality, but should ensure that key vendor staff work on our
                                                                                          project site 80% of the time, to ensure ongoing project leadership and knowledge
                                                                                          transfer to SCL staff.

23 The RFP and the proposed City of Seattle Contract for WAMS-OMS                         As covered on page 9 of the RFP, we expect the vendor to warrant the configuration        1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   Implementation Services (the Contract) address warranty. In assessing whether          and integration of the Oracle software modules, as well as any custom code that is
   Vendor will be able to respond to the RFP, a threshold issue must be addressed         developed under their project leadership, which would include modifications,
   relating to the warranty of third party hardware and software. As the State knows,     conversion, interfaces and reports. We do not expect them to warrant base Oracle
   hardware and software are developed independently by various developers and            software functionality. In addition, we will have an Oracle Project Lead engaged for
   are licensed directly by the respective developer to a wide variety of clients under   the duration of the project to address software issues and defects.
   standard commercial terms. By using third party hardware and software, the State
   is able to take advantage of huge private investments in developing these third
   party products, as well as well-established support networks. Service providers
   such as Vendor do not own the third party hardware and software, nor do we have
   the ability to make any representation on behalf of a third party developer or
   provide support for the developers' hardware or software product. Therefore, is the
   City willing to modify the RFP including, but not limited to the Contract, along the
   lines of the following:

    "The Vendor will be responsible for successful performance of all system          Please see Section 8.10 and include your suggested exception language in your                 1/6/2009   1/13/2009
    implementation services, including services provided by subcontractors. The State RFP proposal response in the manner instructed.
    will look solely to the third party hardware and software developer(s) for
    performance of its products(s)."

24 The proposed City of Seattle Contract for WAMS-OMS Implementation Services             The City frowns on clauses that limit the vendor's liability and shifts risk from the     1/6/2009   1/13/2009
   does not contain a Limitation on Damages clause. Is the City willing to negotiate a    vendor to the City and its taxpayers for work that is being performed by the vendor
   Limitation on Damages clause for incorporation into the resultant contract for         and for which the vendor has control. That being said, the City has, under certain
   services?                                                                              circumstances, been required to negotiate such clauses into its contracts. Such
                                                                                          limitation on damages clause should be handled as an exception to the terms and
                                                                                          conditions as outlined in Section 8.10.

25 What were the Software license costs that have been paid to Oracle by SCL for the The approximate cost for Software licenses is: $2,040,000                                      1/9/2009   1/20/2009
   purchase of the software solutions?

26 What are the limited service cost (if any) agreed to by SCL for support of the         The approximate cost for annual software updates and support is: $449,000                 1/9/2009   1/20/2009
   Oracle software solutions?                                                             The approximate limited service cost for support of the Oracle software solutions is:

27 Can a Proposer submit a response for just a specific scope section? For example, No, per the RFP, we are looking for a Systems Integrator to provide end to end                  1/8/2009   1/13/2009
   just the OMS Business Scope or WAMS Business Scope or Training Scope, etc? leadership and support throughout the entire project life cycle, for both WAMS and
   In other words, there are various pieces to the RFP that fall under a number of  OMS projects.
   unique scope headings. Can a vendor submit a response that strictly pertains to
   just a particular scope section and not the entire RFP?

 4 10                                                                                                                            3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                    RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                        Date          Date
#                                           Question                                                                             Answer                                                Asked        Answered
      The City states that PeopleSoft is the Finance System of record. Are Purchasing      Purchasing is part of the PeopleSoft Summit financial suite. The original purchasing
      and Inventory run through Peoplesoft?                                                and procurement records are stored in Passport and are batch processed to
28                                                                                                                                                                                      1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                            Not all SCL inventories are in Passport. For example, much of the Power
                                                                                            Production Division uses Maximo or manual systems for inventory. The plan is to
      The RFP states that Passport is the Inventory System for SCL.                         move them to Passport for inventory in the future. However, most of the inventory
      A) Does this include all inventories for SCL?                                         at Seattle City Light is in Passport. There is a master catalog file managed in
29    B) Is there a master catalog file managed in this system?                             Passport.                                                                                   1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                            The project will interface with the City's custom Time & Labor module in its HRIS,
                                                                                            which is ADP's Enterprise HRMS software. The City creates a pay file from Time
                                                                                            and Labor that is transmitted to ADP for gross to net processing. There will be no
                                                                                            direct interface to ADP's payroll engine. The Enterprise HRMS, Version 3 houses
      The RFP states that HRIS (an Oracle Product) is the HR system of record for           all employee data, which can be the source of HR data required for WAMS and
30    employee data. What payroll system will the project interface timesheet data into? OMS.                                                                                           1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                            City Light has not examined the aging of the workforce by the union/non-union split.
      We understand that half of the workforce is eligible for retirement in 5 years, which However, it is estimated as 75% union and 25% non-union. The unionized
      means they tend to be older. What is the mix of resources nearing retirement          workforce includes electrical workers, engineers, administrative support and
31    between union and non-union?                                                          information technology, with management being non-union.                                    1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      A) Is there a plan in place to replace the retirees?
      B) Is there an active or planned recruiting effort ahead of time?
32    C) Is there planned downsizing through attrition?                                     See answer to 31 above.                                                                     1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                            Using the "train the trainer" format SCL anticipates most of the training will be on
                                                                                            site and will be delivered by the SCL team. Training may occur downtown or at the
                                                                                            Service Centers, all of which are in Seattle proper. However, if the decision is made
                                                                                            to train-the-trainer for WAMS Phase 2 at Skagit and Boundary - there is the
                                                                                            likelihood of remote training.

                                                                                           Roughly 10% of the total WAMS users, all in Phase 2, will be working from remote
                                                                                           sites. Usually training has come to them, because it is more cost effective to send
                                                                                           trainers there than to bring a lot more people to Seattle if there is a large pool of end
                                                                                           users at the remote location. If it is a small number, a “webex” approach may be a
   In Section 2.8 Training Scope, it outlines the estimated scope for number of users      good option.
33 to be trained. What is the estimated percent of remote training versus on-site?                                                                                                      1/16/2009    1/26/2009

   Please clarify SCL's interpretation of Knowledge Transfer? In Section 9.3.3, is
   SCL requesting the Knowledge Transfer approach and timelines for the project
   teams or is this the knowledge transfer for the end users? SCL emphasizes in the
   RFP that the vendor's training plan must address the approach for determining the       Knowledge Transfer (KT) would include both the project team (business and IT) and
   training needs and training strategy, but the questions being asked seem to be          business end users. The training plan will certainly be a key component of end user
   more project team/developers/operations support focused rather than for the end         KT. It is important that the project team be prepared to support the application
   user. Typically, the training plan, strategy, and approach are applicable for end-      going forward and that end users be knowledgeable about new system functionality
34 user training.                                                                          and new or changed business processes.                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009
   The template for Section 9.3 is primarily in portrait layout, but when it gets to the
   SOW part, it switched to landscape layout. Is that intentional and does SCL want
35 the entire SOW to be in landscape layout?                                               Would prefer entire SOW in landscape format.                                                 1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                     In the event that the City provides high security materials to vendors, the vendors
                                                                                     should be prepared to execute the City's Non-Disclosure Agreement included in the
                                                                                     RFP which will be modified by the City to fit the purpose for which City materials are
                                                                                     being disclosed and to address the specific materials to be disclosed. The City will
36 Will SCL require the NDA, called out in paragraph 12.1 of the RFP to be executed? not accept a Vendor's Non-Disclosure Agreement for the purpose stated herein.                      1/16/2009    1/26/2009

    5 10                                                                                                                          3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                               D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                    RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                       Date          Date
#                                         Question                                                                                 Answer                                             Asked        Answered

                                                                                            Yes, per section 1.1.1, please assume that WAMS and OMS are two separate
                                                                                            projects with their own dedicated project managers and associated Steering
                                                                                            Committees. We look to the vendor to identify dependencies or conflicts between
                                                                                            the two projects and to recommend how these dependencies would be managed.
   Can you describe the expected relationship (governance and reporting) between
   the LAMP and the two projects being proposed, OMS and WAMS? For example,                 There are dependencies on SCL legacy systems for interfaces and conversions.
   are we to assume that OMS and WAMS are completely standalone projects, with              We would want to identify and be informed of any planned changes/upgrades to
   separate Project Managers? Are there other projects under LAMP that OMS and              those systems and reach agreement with their management team on our planning
   WAMS need to interact with, if so, what are they and what dependencies are               assumptions.
37 expected?                                                                                                                                                                           1/16/2009    1/26/2009
   Section 9.5 -
   A) What is the purpose of requesting the % of Fixed Price Allocated to Travel and
   Living Expenses?                                                                         The purpose is to understand overhead costs associated with travel and living
38 B) Is an estimate acceptable?                                                            expenses. An estimate is acceptable.                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                      The purpose is to understand the proposer’s estimated effort/scope associated with
                                                                                      each project component to aid us in evaluating the vendor’s planned staff coverage
   Section 9.5 - As SCL is requesting a fixed-fee bid, delivery date and liquidated   for Project Approach, Organizational Change Management Approach and Price.
   damages, what is the purpose of requesting estimated hours per project             For “Bucket of Hours” components, this will provide insight into the quantity of work
39 component and phase?                                                               the vendor anticipates for these areas, such as custom modifications and reports.                1/16/2009    1/26/2009
   Section 9.5 - Please confirm that it is acceptable in the pricing response form to Yes, it is acceptable in the pricing response form to modify the “project components”
   modify the "Project components" to match the proposed implementation approach to match the proposed implementation approach described in response to section
   described in response to Section 9.3 assuming that the vendor will use their       9.3, assuming that the vendor will use their methods/approach as the basis for the
40 methods/approach as the basis for the projects.                                    projects.                                                                                        1/16/2009    1/26/2009

   Section 8.20 - Effective Dates of Offer: As the City has requested significant
   responsibilities from the vendors in the form of deliverying a multi-year effort, on a
   specific schedule, for a fixed fee, including insurance, bond guarantees, and
   liquidated damages, we respectfully request the City consider setting an effective
   date for this offer, commensurate with industry standards for such an initiative, for
   at least the price portion of the proposal. Based on our experience, such a time         The City does not object to a time horizon of no more than 6 months after delivery of
41 horizon would be at most 6 months after delivery of the proposal.                        the proposal. See Addendum #2.                                                             1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                            Yes. When you provide the required Letter of Commitment, Form 9.1.5 embedded
                                                                                            in Section 9 - Proposal Format and Organization, Please include the cost of the
                                                                                            Contract Bond (in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price plus sales or
                                                                                            use tax), on the pricing sheet as a separate, additional pricing component.
                                                                                            The Proposer should propose with the understanding that in the event that Proposer
                                                                                            is selected as the successful Vendor, Proposer will be required to provide either a
                                                                                            100% performance bond or letter of credit.. However, as stated in the RFP, the City
                                                                                            may request the successful Vendor to provide pricing options for the Bond or Credit
   Section 7 - In the event that we respond to the RFP and provide a Letter of              Coverage prior to contract execution in the event the City, at that time, executes its
   Commitment, should the expected cost of the Contract Bond be included on the             option to select a value less than 100% as stated in the last paragraph of Section 7
42 pricing sheet as a separate, additional pricing component?                               of the RFP.                                                                                1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                            We are not sure why this would be required, as the project deliverables that the
                                                                                            Project QA vendor would inspect are expected to be City-owned. If there are further
   External Project QA - 3.3.1 - Please verify that if an external, meaning not City        disclosure concerns, we would be willing to discuss how those concerns might be
   Staff, or Oracle, QA advisor is engaged to participate in the project, that this         addressed. Yes, the City expects an external QA firm (not City Staff) will be
   advisor will need to execute a non-disclosure agreement with the successful              engaged to participate in the project. The City would anticipate this advisor to sign a
43 implementation vendor.                                                                   non-disclosure agreement with the City.                                                    1/16/2009    1/26/2009

    6 10                                                                                                                          3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                  RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                 Date          Date
#                                        Question                                                                                 Answer                                        Asked        Answered
                                                                                          The Rapid Decision Team would be a small body selected from key business areas
                                                                                          that would be available and empowered to assist the project team and management
                                                                                          in making critical project business decisions that are at risk of becoming blocking
                                                                                          issues. We expect to be able to convene this team on short notice (1-2 days) to
                                                                                          review the issue, potential alternatives and make a recommendation. If the
                                                                                          issue/decision has policy implications or project cost/scope/schedule impacts, we
                                                                                          would need to engage quickly with our Business/Executive Sponsor and possibly
                                                                                          Steering Committee.

   Section 3.3.2(2) - Please provide more detail about the role(s) and composition of     We welcome the vendor’s recommendation on similar approaches that have worked
   the Rapid Decision Team, in contrast to the Project Team, Steering Committee,          for them along these lines.
44 and other WAMS and OMS Project governing entities.                                                                                                                            1/16/2009    1/26/2009
   9.5 Pricing Proposal Form - The first tab of the spreadsheet states: "THESE
   ROWS (1-132) ARE TO BE DELETED AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE                                 This was an error – Rows 1-13 are to be deleted. Also on this form, please correct
   RESPONSE)". If we delete rows 1-132, we will delete all content from the tab.          the headings of sections for Pricing Assumptions and Notes. Each Pricing
45 Please advise which rows to delete.                                                    Assumptions and Notes section applies to the table directly above it.                  1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                          Basically, we anticipate swim-lane type documentation. The business process
                                                                                          documentation teams have collected business process documentation from the last
                                                                                          6 years or so, and are now conducting interviews to determine which of these
                                                                                          processes are currently being used. This information will then be mapped and
                                                                                          verified, and turned over to the implementation vendor. However, groups (and
                                                                                          individuals) may actually vary slightly in how they accomplish the end product in
                                                                                          their work area. Most work areas do not currently have “desk manuals” or
   General Information- What is the current level of documentation available for          procedures to document how work should be done. Most employees have learned
46 existing systems / business processes?                                                 their job duties from talking to co-workers and predecessors.                          1/16/2009    1/26/2009
   General Information- Language requirements - Is Oracle's multi language feature        At this time English is the only expected language for system deployment.
   being implemented? If yes, what are the current languages supported by the
47 system?                                                                                                                                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                          Field Apps    Size 13gb
                                                                                          Passport      Size 30gb
                                                                                          Revamps       Size 40gb
                                                                                          Maximo         Size 15gb
                                                                                          CLAMS         Size 10gb

                                                                                          Fields Apps database includes data for applications Transformer, Facilities
                                                                                          Management, Streetlight Inventory, Field Equipment,and Network Management

   General Information- Kindly provide the conversion Data (volume) for the               RevAmps database includes data for applications RevAmps, Cutsheet
   applications mentioned against conversion? (We would like to understand the            Maintenance, Equipment reservation, Street light maintenance
48 complexity of conversions)                                                                                                                                                    1/16/2009    1/26/2009

   General Information- Kindly provide the details with process flow for the interfaces
49 required between existing applications and the new modules being implemented?          We look forward to the Systems Integration Vendor’s expertise in this area.            1/16/2009

   WAM Module - As SCL has already evaluated Oracle Utilities WAM for their           Gap/fit test analysis is expected to be lead by the implementation vendor as one of
   process and also indicated to prefer seeded functionality, Are there any major gap the first efforts. City Light does not expect to do any (or not much) customization,
50 areas identified for customization                                                 however we understand the Oracle WAM product can be significantly configured.              1/16/2009
                                                                                      If not immediately, yes in the future. How the condition monitoring is handled
   WAM Module - Does SCL have any Condition monitoring system that it plans to        between the plant information (PI) system and the WAM system is yet to be
51 integrate with WAM?                                                                determined.                                                                                1/16/2009    1/26/2009

52 WAM Module - How many basic and power users will be there for WAM                      Strictly a quesstimate – 50 to 100 power users and the rest will be basic users.       1/16/2009    1/26/2009

    7 10                                                                                                                        3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                 RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                 Date           Date
#                                        Question                                                                           Answer                                              Asked         Answered
                                                                                     We believe a “train the trainer” model would be the most effective for SCL’s
   WAM Module - Do you have a preference to a train to trainer model vs. end user    environment. This is consistent with the roles described on page 39 for End User
53 training for WAM                                                                  Training.                                                                                   1/16/2009     1/26/2009
   OMS Module- Is there any specific reason for excluding web based customer info Time and Scope constraints. We recognize that this will be a valuable
54 system for outage reporting in the solution scope                                 communication tool with our customers.                                                      1/16/2009     1/26/2009
                                                                                     If you would like to state a recommendation in your response concerning this area,
                                                                                     please do so. This recommendation or proposed work needs to be called out
   OMS Module- If the above feature is offered by the existing Ventyx system, Should separately, and should not be included in any defined project scope, schedule or
55 an inbound interface to WAM / WMS be considered                                   budget responses for the WAMS or OMS projects.                                              1/16/2009     1/26/2009

                                                                                        Yes we have a GIS. Please see Appendix G: Seattle City Light System Inventory.
                                                                                        We have a couple of GIS systems and they are all identified under Geographic
   OMS Module- Does SCL already have GIS? If yes what is the product? If not, is it     Information System (GIS) on page 24 and 25. Also see Appendix B: EUSP under                          1/26/2009
56 a separate equipment?                                                                the Systems Inventory, Distributed Automated Mapping System (DAMS) header.               1/16/2009

                                                                                        As discussed on page 30 of the RFP, SCL’s goal is to minimize the development of
                                                                                        custom reports and custom dashboards and to leverage the standard reports,
                                                                                        queries, and dashboards available within the WAMS and OMS applications. The
                                                                                        scope of custom reports will be driven primarily by two factors:
                                                                                        1. The extent to which SCL business process can conform to the capabilities of the
                                                                                        existing reports functionality and software,
                                                                                        2. Any reporting gaps that may exist between our current systems being replaced
                                                                                        and the new software will be assessed during Reports technical scoping phase and
                                                                                        be evaluated via the Modification Guideline and Review process described in
                                                                                        Section 3.

                                                                                        We request that the Implementation Vendor recommend a "bucket of hours" for a
   BI- How much of Adhoc reporting requirement is forseen? Please let us know the       sufficient amount of custom report and dashboard development as part of the
   extent of customization? SCL desires to implement the Oracle application with no     WAMS and OMS projects, based on their past project experiences. Our goal
   modifications to the Oracle base software. We would like to understand to what       continues to be to minimize custom code development.
57 extent customization of the BI solution is acceptable.                                                                                                                        1/16/2009     1/26/2009

                                                                                        City Light has purchased Cognos BI product for existing performance management
                                                                                        efforts. The Oracle Utilities Group BI product will be implemented to provide ETL
                                                                                        scripts to automatically populate the WAM and NMS/OMS data warehouse and to
   BI- What are the various data sources expected to be used (apart for Standard        leverage of the standard Oracle reports and dashboards for NMS and WAM. In the
   Oracle modules referred in scope of this project) for BI reports. Purpose of         future, use of the Oracle BI may expand, but this is not expected at this time.
   question is to make sure that other legacy sources/applications are also             Therefore, we don’t anticipate the need to do any work for BI on the legacy systems
58 considered by the new BI solution to be considered.                                  that won’t be replaced by NMS or WAM.                                                    1/16/2009     1/26/2009
   BI- Existing solution has Oracle Reports, Crystal Reports, Cognos. On what data
   are these tools reporting and to achieve what? Currently three different tools are   City Light is not currently focusing on a unified BI solution; we want to use the
   being used for various purposes. More information on the requirement would help      standard functionality offered by the Oracle Utilities BI. See the answer to the
59 us to come close to a unified BI solution.                                           previous question.                                                                       1/16/2009     1/26/2009
60 Bl - Please provide details of any existing data warehouse/tools being used.         See answer to question 58.                                                               1/16/2009     1/26/2009

   Bl - What is the expected frequency of refreshing the Data Warehouse (OLAP           At this point, we assume that it would be refreshed at least daily or more frequently
61 database)                                                                            by the automated ETL scripts provided by the Oracle Utility BI product.                  1/16/2009     1/26/2009
                                                                                        At this point, we assume that this data would be populated automatically by the
                                                                                        Oracle Utilities Group BI package for WAM and NMS. Other data migration is not
62 BI- What is the extent of data to be migrated to Data warehouse for BI reporting     currently within project scope.                                                          1/16/2009     1/26/2009
   BI- What is the amount / volume of data that needs to be kept in the data
63 warehouse?                                                                           See below:                                                                               1/16/2009     1/26/2009
                                                                                        Initially, the import of asset history will be non-existent or limited. However, over
      ● How many years’ history data required?                                          time, some equipment may require 20 years or more of history.                            1/16/2009     1/26/2009

    8 10                                                                                                                        3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                               RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                 Date        Date
#                                            Question                                                                         Answer                                            Asked      Answered
      ● Flat history is needed or rolling days/ months / quarters?                     There will be the need to analyze data using both flat and rolling time periods           1/16/2009  1/26/2009
                                                                                       Unknown, it depends on the capacity and speed of the application and the
   ● Is periodic / automated purge mechanism required?                                 implementation on if/how record purging happens.                                          1/16/2009   1/26/2009
   ● Is it required to provide data archival (on tape etc)?                            Yes, there will need to be archived records.                                              1/16/2009   1/26/2009
   ● Are there any security-related constraints in archiving of the data (example:     Yes, there are security-related constraints in both access and location to the current
   encryption, physical location etc).                                                 and archived data.                                                                        1/16/2009   1/26/2009
   BI- In case of a new data warehouse, how much initial history data load is needed
64 for UAT and release to production?                                                  Unknown, this should be determined during the fit/gap review.                             1/16/2009   1/26/2009
   B1 - Data Availability:                                                             Unknown, this should be determined during the fit/gap review.
   A) What is the expectation in terms of data availability?
   B) What are the SLAs with respect to time? (Example: Business hours, financial
65 month/quarter/year-end, etc) for critical data availability in reports)                                                                                                       1/16/2009   1/26/2009
                                                                                       SCL does plan to provide DBA support for the project. In your response regarding
   DBA - Is DBA support to be provided by vendor during implementation of Oracle       staffing we hope to get more details about the hours and tasks you recommend or
66 Application modules?                                                                deem necessary for Vendor and SCL DBA support.                                            1/16/2009   1/26/2009

                                                                                       Field Apps Version Oracle   Size 13gb
                                                                                       Passport Version Oracle   Size 30gb
                                                                                       Revamps version Oracle Size 40gb
                                                                                       Maximo Version Oracle Size 15gb
                                                                                       CLAMS Version Oracle Size 10gb

                                                                                       Fields Apps database includes data for applications Transformer, Facilities
                                                                                       Management, Streetlight Inventory, Field Equipment and Network Management
                                                                                       RevAmps database includes data for applications RevAmps, Cutsheet
                                                                                       Maintenance, Equipment reservation, Street light maintenance

                                                                                       CLAMS database contains CLAMs application as well as other applications. The
                                                                                       database size refers to the CLAMS data only.
67 DBA- What is the current size of the databases with version details                                                                                                           1/16/2009   1/26/2009

                                                                                       All database exports are done daily.
                                                                                       All database cold backups are done weekly
                                                                                       All RMAN database backups are done daily with incremental backups taken daily
                                                                                       and a full backup done weekly.
                                                                                       All backups are done to diisk and then moved to tape.

                                                                                       Backup information

                                                                                       Field Apps – Export taking 12 minutes and cold backup taking 7 minutes
                                                                                       Passport – Export taking 38 minutes; hot backup taking 20 minutes, cold backup
                                                                                       taking 17 minutes
                                                                                       RevAmps – Export taking 15 minutes and cold backup taking 11 minutes
                                                                                       Maximo – Export taking 17 minutes
                                                                                       Clams – RMAN
                                                                                       Tape drive and software used for taking backups

   DBA- Please provide details about backup strategy and information about type of     Legato Networker, LT03 tape drive and in addition for Field Apps Sync Sort Backup
   tape drive, time taken for backup of the database and application layers and        Express
68 software used for taking backups                                                                                                                                              1/16/2009   1/26/2009

    9 10                                                                                                                     3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls
                                                                                                                    RFP# 2460 - Answers to Vendor Questions

                                                                                                                                                                                      Date          Date
#                                       Question                                                                                   Answer                                            Asked        Answered
   DBA- Please describe the current data retention and data archiving policies, if
   any? Please provide details of tools used for archiving, if any (e.g., Applimation,
69 etc)                                                                                    None                                                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           We estimate about 300 concurrent users for WAMS and about 300 concurrent
   DBA- Please specify the number of concurrent users during peak activity time. If        users for OMS.
70 possible, please provide a breakup based on the implementation sites/regions                                                                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           There is no WAM GIS. For our systems inventory information please refer to the
   WAMS GIS- What is the GIS platform implemented? Is GIS implemented for any              Seattle City Light System Inventory included as Appendix G of the RFP. GIS
71 business areas other then Asset Management?                                             information starts on page 24.                                                             1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           Presently City Light does not have Mobile GIS. For additional GIS information
   General GIS- Provide details about desktop GIS, Web GIS and Mobile GIS (with            please refer to the Seattle City Light System Inventory included as Appendix G to
72 version details)                                                                        the RFP. GIS information starts on page 24.                                                1/16/2009    1/26/2009

                                                                                           There presently is no current separate Asset Management GIS implementation. For
   WAM GIS- What is the current status of GIS implementation for Asset                     City Light’s GIS information please refer to the Seattle City Light System Inventory
73 management                                                                              included as Appendix G of the RFP. GIS information starts on page 24.\                     1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           The city has a Telvent Miner & Miner ArcFM based GIS system for the distribution
                                                                                           system and that will provide input to the OMS. Information latency between field
                                                                                           activities and topological representation in the OMS is an issue to be resolved
74    OMS- What is the current status of GIS implementation for outage management          through the OMS implementation project.                                                    1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           The ArcFM GIS for the distribution system is the connectivity model of our electric
                                                                                           distribution system and currently models from the substation breaker to the
                                                                                           transformer. Secondary systems provide a topological model for service
75    GIS Data- What is the current status of spatial/network data in the digital form?    connections from the transformer to the meter.                                             1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      Mobile WAM / GIS- Are there any Mobile field devices involved as part of mobile      No, providing field automation is not a part of this project. It may be developed as
76    work force management system?                                                        part of a future, separate, project.                                                       1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      Mobile WAM / GIS- Is the real time tracking of field mobile forces (using GPS), part Not at this time, providing field automation is not a part of this project. It may be
77    of mobile workforce management system implementation.                                developed as part of a future, separate, project.                                          1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           Providing field automation is not a part of this project. It may be developed as part
78    Mobile WAM / GIS- Does the field user need any GIS for navigation in the field.      of a future, separate, project.                                                            1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      Can you kindly provide the product name and version of the GIS and SCADA             See Appendix B: EUSP under the Systems Inventory, Distribuited Automated
79    system presently in use?                                                             Mapping System (DAMS) & Energy Management System (EMS) heading.                            1/16/2009    1/26/2009
                                                                                           The distribution network is represented in our GIS. The transmission system is
                                                                                           mapped as a layer in City Light's older Arc/Info system.
                                                                                           See Appendix B: EUSP under the Systems Inventory, Distributed Automated
      Can you kindly elaborate on the extent of the Transmission and distribution          Mapping System (DAMS) & Energy Management System(EMS) heading
80    network presently covered by GIS and SCADA system?                                                                                                                              1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      Can you provide details on the Information access protocol from the SCADA            City Light's current plan is to retrieve breaker status information through the OSIsoft
81    system?                                                                              PI system.                                                                                 1/16/2009    1/26/2009
      Is there any need for historical data access from the SCADA? If so, how is
82    historical data stored and in what server and in what format?                        This is not known at this time.                                                            1/16/2009    1/26/2009

    10 10                                                                                                                         3/7/2011 1:53 PM                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\79aa30e5-6d1e-435f-81b0-dbb79d570841.xls

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