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									MDL Information Systems, Inc.

  Powering the Process of
            Donna del Rey
      Director, Business Planning

Company Overview
 MDL is the global leader in discovery informatics
    –   Profitable, growing, and 25 years of experience
    –   ISIS used in virtually every pharmaceutical and chemical
    –   Core offerings include discovery IT framework,
        cheminformatics, assay biology, reference data and
        decision support
    –   More than 1,500 customers
    –   500 employees globally on 16 sites
           250 in R&D
    –   Wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier, Inc. in the Elsevier
        Life Sciences division
 Help accelerate the discovery of innovative and
  successful drug candidates by improving the speed
  and quality of scientist’s decision making
   Product Overview

        The standard      An integrated set of
     applications and     applications for
      technology that     managing chemical and
 provide the basis of     biological discovery
discovery informatics     workflows

     A comprehensive      A suite of tools and
          collection of   applications for
databases, reference      decision support,
     works, literature    visualization,
  links, and essential    analysis, and ADME-
    discovery content     toxicity assessment
Product Benefits

 Discovery Framework
    –   Modern, open platform for integrated Life Science
        Discovery solutions based on MDL’s chemistry and biology
        management technology and key industry standards
 Discovery Experiment Management
    –   Synchronize workflow and enhance collaboration between
        chemistry and biology
 Discovery Knowledge
    –   Broad, integrated access to critical information from
        Internal and external sources
 Discovery Predictive Science
    –   Enable collaborative assessment throughout the life of a
        discovery project through statistical analysis, predictive
        modeling, visualization, and chemically intelligent content
Oracle Features Used Today &
 MDL ISIS database server runs on Oracle 8i or 9i
    –   MDL Direct chemical cartridge built on Extensibility Option
    –   Chemical structures stored inside Oracle Database
 MDL Core Interface middle tier embeds Oracle 9i
  Application Server
    –   Oracle Containers for J2EE provides key functionality
 Working with Oracle on performance analysis and
Oracle Benefits

 Utilizing Oracle technology allows MDL to
  focus on core competency in Discovery
    –   Oracle Database is the de facto standard data
        repository in Life Sciences Discovery
 Oracle’s focus on Life Sciences directly
  benefits MDL
    –   Oracle provides dedicated proactive and reactive
        resources to Life Science partners
Planned Oracle features to be
adopted in the future
 Support of Oracle 10G Database
   –   MDL is a 10G beta tester
 Currently exploring
   –   Oracle Lite for a lightweight database engine in
       various projects
   –   InterMedia for image storage in Assay Explorer
   –   Ongoing communication regarding other potential
       collaboration opportunities

 MDL is an established provider of Life
  Sciences Discovery solutions
   –   Offering an integrated set of software, content
       and services
 MDL integrated with Oracle to meet customer
  needs since 1989
 For more information, visit the MDL table at
  the Demo Grounds

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