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					 RPL assessment…

…mapping job roles
 to competencies
•   RPL and the job role
•   RPL models
•   Tips for success
•   Mapping job role to competencies
•   Integration into RPL processes and tools
       RPL and the job role…
• RPL involves the assessment and formal
  recognition of previously unrecognised
  skills and knowledge that an individual has
  developed, to attain a qualification
• Job role is a set of responsibilities or
  expected results – may include functions,
  tasks, responsibilities, outcomes, abilities,
  skills and knowledge
            RPL models…
1. When the individual comes to you…
2. When you go to the client – enterprise

•   Mapping job roles to competencies can
    accommodate both models
•   Templates will help streamline this
         Tips for success…
• Consult and support participant
• Consult with industry
• Consult with experienced assessors with
  industry focus
• Map job roles / descriptions to
  competencies and qualifications
• Use skill sets where necessary
• Use enterprise’s processes to assist with
  mapping – use job descriptions
Mapping job role to competencies…
• Identify job description, tasks,
  responsibilities, outcomes
• Consult with enterprise, individual
• Start with core competencies – unpack
• Align units, elements with job description
• Consider unit information such as range
  statement, underpinning knowledge and
                                 Mapping example…
                                                     Job Role Mapping to Competencies
                                 Unit and elements             Critical evidence requirements             Evidence methods        Assessor’s     Date
     Job description                                                                                                              comments     assessed

Describe here the key       Note unit and element which   Describe the critical evidence               Note the methods used to
position responsibilities   cover this responsibility     requirements                                 gather evidence or the
and duties                                                                                             methods recommended
Contribute to the           TAAASS403B (Develop)          Assessment tools to address 3 units of
development of assessment   1-4                           competency or accredited curricula at
resources and tools         TAAENV401B (VET)              different AQF levels
                            1, 2, 4                       Trial, review and make changes to
                            TAAENV402B (Inclusivity)      assessment tools.
                            2, 3, 4                       Demonstrated knowledge of VET policy
                            TAAENV403B (OH&S)             frameworks and sources of information.
                            1-5                           Client satisfaction
                            TAADES401B (TP)               Documented resources and support
                            1-6                           personnel to guide inclusive practices and
                                                          processes and procedures used to identify
                                                          specific needs of colleagues and clients
                                                          Hazards and risk assessment considered
                                                          and included in developed resources
                                                          Source, analyse, interpret and use a
                                                          Training Package and an accredited course
                                                          to contextualise or adapt competency
                                                          standards for an industry, organisation or

Job role: Assessor
Competencies: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
• State critical evidence requirements
• Identify key questions
• Use RPL assessment methods including
  competency conversations, holistic and
  integrated approaches
                           Mapping example…
Job Role*            Relationship to    Summary of possible      Assessment        Evidence generated   Verification   Validation
(examples of         unit/s of          types of evidence        methods/tools     -date                supplied       (RTO)
experience, skills   competency                                                    -comment             (Workplace)    sign and date
and knowledge                                                                      -documents                 (√)
from initial
Mandatory            Child 1C; Senior   Interview                Self assessment
Reporting            First Aid          Documentation and        checklist
Completed            RFI and 11         Verification             DVD/Video
Senior First Aid     Org 3              Workplace visits and     Self and peer
CSP level 1.1        COM 2              observation              evaluation
5 years at Com       OHS301             On the job
Based Children’s     FC1                observation
Centre               CN1,2 and 4…       Verification from team
OHS rep                                 leader
FDC provider
11 years

*Job role – option to insert job description here

Adapted from TAFE SA Child Care Studies
            What’s next…
• Validate mapping and share with
• Revise / customise RPL tool to integrate
  mapping analysis
• Integrate into streamlined RPL processes
• Reflect on RPL approach
     What does it all mean…
• improve performance and productivity
• improve confidence, morale and business
• develop a holistic approach to RPL
• map job roles to competencies and
• focus on people and jobs – functions, roles
  and tasks
             RPL actions…
What are the first steps for you to map
 job roles to competencies?

Identify 3 priority actions that will get you
  started with the mapping process.
• Mapping matrix examples – TAA (COAG RPL Program)
  and Community Services Child Care (TAFE SA)
• Competency conversation template – COAG RPL
• Other resources and references available at
             (Links and Resources)
Thank you..

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