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Job Description for Sales and Marketing Executives - PDF by qde79354


Job Description for Sales and Marketing Executives document sample

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									JOB DESCRIPTION – Sales Executive
Reports To       DMCII Marketing Director
Responsible      The Sales Executive will work with the Marketing Director to develop new
For              business, prepare proposals and quotations for supply of DMC data, and
                 negotiate and win contracts.

Key Tasks        The scope and focus of activities in the DMCII team will be clarified
                 through six-monthly goal setting meetings with the Marketing Director.
                 The following specific responsibilities must be carried out:

                 • Respond efficiently to enquiries for DMC data and respond with
                   appropriate information about DMCII products and services.
                 • Contact potential clients to understand and quantify their requirements
                   and budgets, and sell the advantages of DMCII products.
                 • Prepare proposals and quotations for provision of DMC data or
                   services for potential clients, in liaison with the DMCII Operations
                 • Maintain up-to-date information on all customer interactions in the
                   CRM database.

                 In addition the Sales Executive will be expected to:

                 • Support the Marketing Director in negotiating contracts.
                 • Participate in DMCII marketing efforts at trade shows and conferences.
                 • Develop an up-to-date knowledge of the characteristics, strengths and
                   weaknesses of DMC products, and of relevant SSTL satellites.
                 • Develop a good knowledge of the remote sensing market; demand,
                   competition and prices.

PERSON SPECIFICATION (essential requirements)
Qualifications   • 2+ years related Technical Sales experience.
& Experience
                 Ideally the candidate will also possess:

                 • A degree or equivalent in Remote Sensing/GIS or other related field.
                 • Knowledge of remote sensing industry practices.

Knowledge &
                 • Good communication, customer service and writing skills.
                 • Able to communicate complex technical issues, with good presentation
                 • Excellent organization, communication and problem solving skills.
                 • Self-motivated and adaptable to be able to work with minimal
                 • Good interpersonal skills.


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