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									6437X02PWO - Enterprise Java Developer

Overview                                                             Admission Requirements                                                   Java topic s that w ill be covered in the Advanced Java course.
                                                                                                                                              Prerequisite(s): CST5301
This program provides students w ith the in-depth, skills-based      College Eligibility
training necessary to become Java developers. Courses are
offered for both beginners w ith limited prior programming           - Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, OR              CST6379         ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING
experience and experienced program     mers who w ant to continue    - Mature Student status (19 years of age or older and w ithout           This exciting course is an intensive follow-up to the Intermediate
to grow as professionals. These unique courses were designed         an OSSD).                                                                Java P rogramming course. As w ith the earlier Java courses,
                                                                                                                                              this course is taught by w orking industry professionals. The
and developed by professional Java programmers and developers
with extensive experience w orking w ith object-oriented analysis                                                                             course is aimed at providing you w ith the skills necessary to
                                                                     Fees and Expenses                                                        build robust, fully featured Java applications. You w ill learn Java
and design and Java in industrial and corporate settings.            Fees are charged on a course-by-course basis and are published           technologies such as complex GUI design using Sw ing, relational
                                                                     in onCourse, Algonquin College's School of Part-time Studies             database access using JDBC, robust Java netw orking for
Transfer of Academ ic Credit (Exem ption)                            catalogue. For questions related to fees, please call the                distributed applications using Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
                                                                     Registrar's Office at (613) 727-0002.                                    and TCP/IP sockets. This course is aimed at developers w ith a
                                                                     Graduation Fee                                                           solid grounding in OO concepts and Java facilities. The course
Prior Learning Assessm ent (PLA)                                     Once you have completed all the courses in the program, it is            combines the best of lecture format and experience gained
                                                                     the responsibility of the student to contact the Registrar's Office      through assignments. A key highlight is the development of
                                                                     to obtain a certific ate/diploma applic ation. A graduation fee of       useable full-featured application to reinforce the material
Program of Study                                                     $30.00 w ill be charged w hen the applic ation is submitted. When        presented.
Normative Hours                                                      your certificate/diploma application has been approved, you w ill        Prerequisite(s): CST5301
are the number of hours usually required to complete the learning    be invited to Spring or Fall Convocation.                                Corequisite(s): CST6526
objectives of a course and represent the relative value of a
course in a program of study. Normative hours may vary from                                                                                   CST6443         BUILDING JAVA COMPONENTS USING EJBS
the actual hours of instruction. Hours listed in the Program of                                                                               AND JAVA BEANS
Study are normative hours.                                           Additional Information                                                   In this course, learn how the latest Enterprise Java platform
                                                                     For more information, please contact James Tinkess at                    (J2EE) can help you develop reusable component-based
Prerequisites and corequisites                                       jamest@sympatico.ca                                                      distributed business applications. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
Students in the School of Part-time Studies are expected to                                                                                   provide a fully scalable, distributed and cross-platform
have either completed the stated prerequis ite course(s) or                                                                                   architecture that enables efficient development of enterprise
possess the equiv alent know ledge prior to enrolling in a course.   Course Descriptions                                                      applications. The EJB technology can be used to access
Students are also expected to register in the relevant corequisite                                                                            databases and existing applications. The EJB server provides
(s). Prerequisites and Corequisites are indicated in the course      CST5301         INTRODUCTION TO JAVA                                     advanced and transparent access to servic es such as
descriptions (w here applic able).                                   Learn about Java, the programming language used for the                  transactions and persistence to an EJB component. These
                                                                     Internet and Intranets. Learn the essential features of Java that        services may also be accessed from other applic ations in the
ENTERPRISE JAVA DEVELOPER                                            permit you to w rite pow erful full- featured applications. Understand   enterprise such as applets, servlets, CORBA clients, etc. This
Program #6437X                                                       how to create interactive applic ations using this operating and         course teaches a set of advanced knowledge necessary to
                                                                     machine-independent language. If you have a desire to learn              implement robust, scalable, reusable enterprise applications using
CST5301         INTRODUCTION TO JAVA                         21.0    more about this exciting new portable language, then this                the EJB. It also provides a comprehensive coverage of issues in
CST6526         INTERMEDIATE JAVA                            21.0    course w ill be an appropriate starting point if you have some           the EJB architecture and its supporting APIs . You w ill dis cuss the
                PROGRAMMING                                          previous program   ming experience.                                      is sues of designing and implementing enterprise applications using
CST6379         ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING                    21.0                                                                             the EJB framew ork. Other topics covered include the EJB
CST6443         BUILDING JAVA COMPONENTS                     21.0    CST6526             INTERMEDIATE JAVA PROGRAMMING                        specification and the EJB APIs.
                USING EJBS AND JAVA BEANS                            This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Java course.        Prerequisite(s): CST6379
CST6444         THE JAVA UI: SERVLETS AND JSPS               21.0    Focusing on lab exercises, Intermediate Java provides a high
CST6527         BUILDING J2EE APPLICATIONS                   21.0    degree of hands-on experience. This allow s students to perfect          CST6444        THE JAVA UI: SERVLETS AND JSPS
CST6445         DEVELOPING WEB SERVICES WITH                 21.0    the practic al skills learned in Introduction to Java. Lab               Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP) are the industry's
                JAVA AND XML                                         exercises w ill serve to reinforce the key programming concepts          technology of choice to provide dynamic w eb-based user
                                                                     that w ill be built upon in the following Advanced Java                  interfaces as used in applications such as online banking,
                                                                     Program                                                     e
                                                                                ming course. This course w ill also introduce som of the      online bookstores as w ell as enterpris e applic ations. They solve
6437X02PWO - Enterprise Java Developer

the problem of softw are deployment by centralizing that
deployment to the server itself. Building a quality user interface
for this environment can be tric ky. Java integrates several             How to Get Started
technologies that can w ork in concert to build a client-side UI for a   You can register for School of Part-time Studies courses in any
server-based application. Servlets and JSPs let you easily handle        of the following w ays:
forms built using HTML and delivered via HTTP and the w eb
server. This course discusses these technologies from the                On-line: ww w .algonquincollege.com/oncourse
program  ming point of view, showing you how to use them                 Tel:            (613) 727-0002
effectively. In addition to the technology itself, w e'll look at        Toll Free:       (800) 565-4723
overall architectural issues, discussing both how to mix and             Fax:            (613) 727-7754
match these technologies to solv e specific problems.                    Mail or in-person:
Prerequisite(s): CST6379
                                                                           Algonquin College
CST6527         BUILDING J2EE APPLICATIONS                               Registrar’s Office
This course provides students with the opportunity to build and          Room C150, 1385 Woodroffe Ave.
deploy end-to-end enterpris e applications that comply w ith Java 2      Ottaw a, ON K2G 1V8
Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The focus is on applying the
know ledge and skills obtained in the previous Servlet and EJB
courses. The enterpris e components covered in this course               Please consult onCourse – Algonquin College’s
range from Enterpris e JavaBeans (EJB), servlets, Java Server            School of
P                                             Is.
 ages (JSPs) and key J2EE middlew are AP Students w ill be               Part-time Studies catalogue for details on courses, dates, times,
exposed to various J2E topics including one-tier architectures,
                         E                                               fees, etc. at ww w.algonquincollege.com/oncourse
patterns, best practic es, tools, fram orks and applic ation
servers. Specific hands-on exercises w ill provide opportunities         To request a print copy of onCourse, please contact our
to gain valuable skills required for J2E application development.
                                         E                               Distribution Centre:
Prerequisite(s): CST6443, CST6444
                                                                         eMail:          distribution@algonquincollege.com
CST6445          DEVELOPING WEB SERVICES WITH JAVA                       Tel:           (613) 727-4723 ext. 5360
AND XML                                                                  Toll Free:       (800) 565-4723 ext. 5360
This course explores the technologies necessary for developing
Java applications that provide w eb services. The client and server      For more information:
components of a w eb sevice are discussed as w ell as the                Please call the School of Part-time Studies at
usage of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) as a                       (613) 727-7655 or the Registrar’s Office at
mechanism for describing, transmitting and receiving                     (613) 727-0002, or Toll Free at (800) 565-4723.
information. XML itself is explored in order to provide the students
with the ability to define and understand the docum types used
in a web services environment. The course is project oriented and
utilizes the Java w eb services Developer Pack (JWSDP) APIs.
The JWSDP APIs are covered to the extent of enabling the
student to develop a functional w eb servic e application upon
course completion. Experience with Java and the J2SE APIs is
a prerequisite for this course. Exposure to developing and
deploying servlets is recommended.
Prerequisite(s): CST6379

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