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					                                                             JOB DESCRIPTION
                                                                           Sioux Corporation

Job Title:                 Sales and Marketing Manager
Reports to:                President
Approvals:                 (President / Date) _____________________________________________________
Revised:                   October 15, 2009

POSITION SUMMARY: Reports directly to the President. This position ensures Sioux has successful sales plans
and goals for the department and for each department employee. This position ensures plans are implemented
successfully with results that meet or exceed department goals including sales and gross margin dollars.

Sioux is a family-owned, stable manufacturing company in operation since 1939, with 40 to 50 employees; current
annual sales are in the range of $7 million. There are 12 employees in the department consisting of marketing,
domestic and international field sales, inside sales, parts sales, and customer service provided by phone and in the
field. Sioux sells application-specific products and custom engineered solutions to markets in over 70 countries.

 ESSENTIAL JOB RESULTS (To be revised as needed):

No.      Weight                                                    Essential Job Result
                         The primary purpose of this position is to manage the Sales and Marketing Department to reach
                         annual sales goals, in an efficient, professional, and cost effective manner acceptable to the
                         President and Board of Directors.
                         1. Works closely with Regional Managers and others in the Company to reach annual sales goals,
                              utilizing the Strategic Plan, Sales Plans, and other tools focused on sales opportunities, target
                              customers, distributors, consulting engineers, direct accounts, and national accounts.
                         2. Ensures the company reaches annual sales and gross margin goals by working with outside and
                              inside sales people and others. Ensures successful closing of key sales opportunities.
                              Identifies and prioritizes opportunities; develops successful strategies and ensures
                              implementation; ensures focus is on the highest priority opportunities.
                         3. Serves as role model and team leader.
 1            A1
                         4. Manages all departmental operations to reach annual goals. Assesses performance, provides
                              direction and encouragement, and takes corrective actions on a timely basis.
                         5. Identifies, analyzes and anticipates marketplace trends and their implications for current and
                              future business; adjusts strategies and programs as needed.
                         6. Responsible for development and implementation of sales and marketing aspects of the
                              Company Strategic Plan.
                         7. Develops SMART annual department and individual goals, and ensures successful
                         8. Manages and continually improves distributor and other sales channel programs.
                         9. Manages development of professional customer presentation materials and sales training
                              programs, including product features, customer benefits, and economics of ownership.
                         Manages the department to reach goals by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees;
                         by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; by providing positive feedback and
 2            A2
                         encouragement, and by planning, monitoring, and appraising job results, and by taking timely
                         corrective actions.
                         Continually improves the sales training program, ensuring all sales people have outstanding
 3            B1
                         product knowledge. Continually improves sales tools used by everyone in all selling activities.
                         Complies with all legal requirements by ensuring all quotes, agreements and departmental
  4            C
                         activities protect the company, and comply with all laws.
  5            C         Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.

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Weight: Each goal is weighted on a scale from A to C, based on the Supervisors view of its importance to the job.
A.   A crucial part of the job responsibilities that the employee must concentrate much of his/her time and effort, and must complete. It is of primary importance.
B.   An important part of the job responsibilities. Must spend an adequate amount of time concentrating on it to ensure the job is performed effectively and
C.   A part of the job responsibilities, although not as critical as several other components. Should not be one of the employees primary concerns, however it is
     expected to be completed, and total neglect of it is unacceptable


1.  Demonstrated leadership skills in sales team management:
    a) At least five years of demonstrated success in leading Sales Team to identify, qualify, and prioritize
         opportunities, and to close profitable sales meeting department sales and gross margin goals.
    b) Experience in planning, monitoring, and coaching sales people.
    c) Effective in implementing timely corrective actions when needed.
2. Bachelor's Degree Preferred (business, marketing, engineering or a technical field).
3. Three to five years of managing equipment sales through the following sales channels:
    a) Sales through industrial distributors
    b) Sales directly to end users, national accounts, and federal and state government
    c) Sales through consulting engineering firms
4. Experience in planning and implementing marketing programs, including web site, literature, press releases,
    trade shows, co-op advertising, promotions, articles for trade publications, and utilization of market research.
5. Strong mechanical aptitude.
    a) Understanding principles governing equipment operation including physics, fluid flow, heat transfer, etc.,
         and components such as pumps, burners, controls, etc.
    b) Capability to quickly learn the technical capabilities, performance and benefits of all Sioux products.
6. Ability and desire to contribute to team success immediately.
7. Experience in establishing and utilizing SMART Goals for the department and each employee to meet strategic
    company goals.
8. Desire experience managing international sales, but this is not required.
9. Computer system and PC proficiency (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook/Internet/CRM).
10. Able to travel 15-25% of the time as required to meet goals, mainly in the USA.
11. Resides within 35 miles of Beresford, SD.

To Apply: Mail or email the following:
    1.   Resume
    2.   Cover letter (copy the position requirements listed in Knowledge, Experience, And Other Requirements
         For This Position shown above, and following each requirement, address specifically how you meet the
         Requirement if you do, or your plan and schedule to meet the requirement if you do not – your
         application will not be considered without addressing all requirements),
    3.   Date available to start work
    4.   Salary requirements
Please note: Your application will not be considered without addressing all four requirements listed above.
By Mail: Sioux Corporation, One Sioux Plaza, Beresford, SD 57004 Attention: Sales & Marketing Manager Position
By Email: Send to ; Subject line: Sales & Marketing Manager Position

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