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LifeScaN caSe Study.
                                                                     The Story

                                                                     JOHNSON & JOHNSON
                                                                     2007 –

                                                                     Story Worldwide has worked with LifeScan, the diabetes division of Johnson
                                                                     & Johnson, since 2007, bringing our story-telling approach to marketing to
                                                                     bear on multiple projects across all media.

                                                                     From the packaging, to websites, to patient log books, videos, point of sale
                                                                     materials and exhibition stands, we’ve developed striking blood glucose
                                                                     meter campaigns that speak directly to the consumer. Our editorial-centric
                                                                     marketing programme has helped raise the profile of LifeScan in the
                                                                     consumer market, increased sales exponentially and resulted in greater
                                                                     customer engagement.

                                                                     Drawing on our experience with consumer brands, such as Bang & Olufsen,
                                                                     Lexus and Sony, we’ve delivered a strategy that has helped position LifeScan
                                                                     as a leading player in a market traditionally slow to embrace new media and
                                                                     collaborative marketing ideas.

    Cover image: A spread from an UltraEasy Colour launch campaign

2                                                                                                                                                   3
                              cORe cONcePt

                              In May 2007, Story pitched for the    Accordingly, we selected an image
                              LifeScan account. The brief was to    style created using an innovative
                              create an A4 print ad to promote      photographic technique called
                              the launch of the new OneTouch        “camera toss” as the bedrock of the
                              UltraEasy colour meter.               campaign. Using a long shutter speed,
                                                                    this technique creates a swirl of light,
                              We were provided with the tagline     symbolic of the energy, freedom and
                              “Life is full of colour. Which one    vitality provided by the meter.
                              is yours?” and from this decided
                              on a concept based on liberation,     The ads tested incredibly well (the
                              excitement and energy. Our strategy   best in LifeScan’s history) and
    Life is full of colour.   was to market the meter not as a      thus began a long and successful
                              medical product but as a desirable    relationship between LifeScan and
                              consumer electronic good.             Story, as we executed this concept
                                                                    through media.
                              As end-consumers are increasingly
                              informing their own health care
                              requirements, a campaign that
                              considered both emotional and
                              rational motivations was essential.

4                                                                                                              OneTouch UltraEasy Print Ads   5
                        PacKaGiNG & ReGiStRatiON

                        In the post-advertising world, the      In the spirit of “Which one is yours?”,
                        boundaries between product and          we created registration cards for
                        marketing are becoming increasingly     each meter colour. To strengthen the
                        blurred. To be successful, packaging    emotional tie between person and
                        must meet the design ambitions of       product, we wanted to encourage
    Better by design.   the product itself.                     users to identify a colour that would
                                                                work with their personal style. These
                        Working to a tight budget, we           cards are now standard elements
                        designed a sleeve to slide over the     of new product campaigns that are
                        existing packaging. Combined with       rolled out across EMEA.
                        an integral registration card, this
                        proved a winning strategy, driving      »   The UK registration cards for
                        registrations both online and offline       UltraEasy Green
                        to diverse audiences.

6                                                                                                         OneTouch UltraEasy Registration Cards   7
                    PatieNt LeafLet

                    Story repositioned LifeScan’s           The approach appealed to a core
                    consumer leaflets as part of the        audience of young adults, elevating
                    UltraEasy colour launch.                the meter from a potentially
                                                            embarrassing item to a coveted
    Hero worship.   Using techniques from consumer          possession. By making the meter
                    electronics marketing, the ideas was    a talking point, we not only spread
                    to make the product the hero. Our       awareness of the meter, we helped
                    ambition was to make the brochures      tackle the stigma that can surround
                    and other materials so appealing that   testing among young adults with
                    they would generate word-of-mouth       diabetes.
                    awareness in the diabetes community
                    – something we undoubtedly              »   The ‘gate-folded’ brochure sent with
                    achieved.                                   accompanying letter.

8                                                                                                      OneTouch UltraEasy Patient Leaflet   9
     Stand and deliver.   LifeScaN
                          eXHiBitiON deSiGN

                          Story worked with LifeScan to design    »   The LifeScan exhibition stand at the
                          its exhibition stand for The Pharmacy       NEC, Birmingham
                          Show at the NEC in Birmingham.
                          Building on the UltraEasy work, we
                          created one of the most striking
                          stands at the show!

10                                                                                                           LifeScan Exhibition Stands   11
                        diStRiButed RicH Media

                        As a key aspect of the UltraEasy         With third-party repositories
                        colour microsite, Story created a 360°   like YouTube or Flickr offering
                        interactive product demonstration.       free hosting, rich media is now
                                                                 an extremely cost effective way
                        The demo gave users the opportunity      of engaging and educating new
                        to interact with the product in a        audiences.
     Rich and famous.   stylish and engaging environment
                        - breaking new ground for blood          » Screen grabs from the
                        glucose meters. This animation,            UltraEasy 360 ° product demo
                        showcasing the product as a leader
                        in its field, was developed so that it
                        could be syndicated across the web,
                        where notably it was later used as a
                        commercial for broadcast on Diabetes
                        Live, an online webcast.

12                                                                                                 OneTouch UltraEasy Product 360° Demo   13
               BaNNeR adS & ecOMMeRce

               In October 2007, LifeScan UK ran a     We used the behavioural insights
               pan-European banner ad campaign        produced by this online media
               across websites including,   campaign to inform the 2008 online
               NetDoctor and MSN Health.              marketing strategy, identifying
                                                      relevant keywords for the parallel SEM
               These ads directed consumers to the    campaign and driving click throughs.
     Behave.   UltraEasy ecommerce site, where they
               could purchase a meter online.         »   Screen grab of the banner in situ

               As a direct response marketing tool,   »   Ecommerce site screen grabs
               display advertising is a numbers
               game, even with great creative.
               However, banner ads can provide
               crucial insights to consumer
               behaviour if analysed intelligently.

14                                                                                             15
16 - Registration Page - Product Page

                     Story launched Club UltraMan™            Visitors are kept up-to-date with new
                     in mid-2007 to target children with      content and activities from UltraMan
                     diabetes and their parents. Since then   via an e-Newsletter - designed in a
                     we have created a number of different    similar, seasonal style.
                     seasonal themes to entertain the
                     website’s young audience. These have     »   The most recent December
     Child’s play.   included an autumn, Halloween and,           homepage.
                     most recently, a Christmas-themed
                     homepage.                                »   Varying themes of the UltraMan
                                                                  homepage since August ‘07
                     To retain the attention of returning
                     visitors to the website, LifeScan has    »   UltraMan Newsletters
                     introduced features like monthly
                     content updates and an interactive
                     Snakes & Ladders game.

18                                                                                                    19
20   UltraMan Homepages (Halloween (top left), Autumn (top right), Original Homepage)   UltraMan Seasonal Newsletters   21
                         MOBiLe cONteNt

                         As part of the UltraMan campaign,         »   A selection of ‘wallpaper’
                         Story created a site optimised for            pictures users can choose from.
                         mobile devices which parents could
                         access to get updates on the UltraMan
                         programme. The campaign included
                         a number of engaging downloadable
     Mobile marketing.   media items.

                         The selection of different sized
                         mobile phone ‘wallpapers’ and
                         screen savers, available exclusively to
                         UltraMan visitors, linked directly to
                         the main UltraMan site by sending
                         new users an SMS containing the link
                         upon registration.

22                                                                                                       23
                     diRect MaiL & MicROSite

                     The Ultra2 meter is more appropriate       Through techniques like form
                     for older consumers, often with Type       validation, re-sizable type and
                     2 diabetes, and as such a distinct         screenreader consideration, we
                     campaign was required.                     created an engaging user experience
                                                                that made registration simple and
                     We drove users to the website using a      effortless.
                     direct mail piece. On arrival, they were
     Easy does it.   asked to register, before being given      »   The Ultra2 homepage.
                     access to the HealthMedia website,
                     which provided a personalised
                     diabetes management programme.

                     While usability and accessibility are
                     key considerations for this audience,
                     there is no need to sacrifice important
                     design elements.

24                                                                                                    25
26   Ultra2 Newsletter   Ultra2 360° Product Demo   27
                          iNVitatiON & caRdS

                          The strategy for the Ultra2 Invitation,   »   The Ultra2 invite and
                          driving existing LifeScan users to            registration cards sent to
                          the microsite, was that it should feel        LifeScan customers.
                          like an exclusive gift. The invitation
                          provided users with an Ultra2 branded
                          registration card and highlighted
     Exclusively yours.   the HealthMedia programme being
                          provided by LifeScan to the recipients.

                          Pursuing our relentless aim of
                          streamlining the registration process,
                          Story laser printed a unique code
                          onto each invitation so users could
                          enter this rather than re-submit all
                          their details.

28                                                                                                   Ultra2 Invitation & Registration Cards   29
                           teScO diaBeteS WeeK eVeNt

                           In June 2008, we created a series of      Story wrote and designed the
                           point of sale, poster and campaign        materials, manned the stands, liaised
                           materials for ‘A better you’, a healthy   with other Johnson and Johnson
                           living awareness event at a Tesco store   stakeholders (such as Benecol and
     Every little helps.   in Bristol.                               Splenda) and ensured the smooth
                                                                     running of the event.
                           The event included a live cookery
                           demonstration from celebrity chef         »   Picture of the “A Better You” Trailer
                           Antony Worrall Thompson, one-to-              in situ and prints of the giveaway
                           one advice sessions with pharmacists          recipe cards from the event in June
                           and nutritionists, food sampling,             2008
                           special offers and leaflets on exercise
                           and healthier cooking and shopping.

30                                                                                                               LifeScan ‘A Better You’ Event   31
                         Vita caMPaiGN Site

                         To support the launch of the            Along with healthy eating
                         OneTouch Vita meter, we created the     editorialised magazine style content,
                         Vita transitional pages underlining     we scripted and designed a series
                         the link between diet and glucose.      of animated step-throughs that
                                                                 broke down the benefits of post-
                         A simple, self-contained area of the    meal glucose testing into readily
     The missing link.   site presented the benefits of the      comprehensible language.
                         meter in a language that chimed with
                         the target audience and delivered,      »   Screengrab of the Vita campaign
                         in the form of patient videos and           homepage
                         editorialised content, in line with
                         the central proposition - that the
                         meter could help users appreciate the
                         impact of their food intake on their
                         blood glucose levels.

32                                                                                                       Vita Campaign Site   33
                      WeBSite PatieNt VideOS

                      To time with the relaunch of the          In this way, the videos provided
                      LifeScan site and web users increased     valuable topic-specific information,
                      desire for rich media, we created         raised the profile of new content,
                      a library of short videos, featuring      helped different user types self-
                      people with diabetes talking about        identify and, above all, created
                      their experiences.                        an engaging and surprising web
     Talking heads.                                             experience for visitors.
                      Scripted, shot and edited by Story,
                      the subjects spoke candidly about         »   Screengrab of the flash showing
                      life with diabetes. As part of a move         different patient videos and links to
                      to give LifeScan a more human                 related articles
                      face, we created a flash interface for
                      the homepage that grouped videos
                      thematically and linked them into
                      editorialised content deep in the site.

34                                                                                                          LifeScan Homepage Videos   35
                           LifeScaN WeBSite

                           We recently redesigned the LifeScan      It’s a strategic shift that repositions
                           website, creating a set of acquisition   OneTouch from a business that
                           and conversion mechanics and             understands blood glucose
                           launching a new editorialised content    monitoring to a business that
                           programme.                               understands what it’s like to
                                                                    have diabetes.
                           At the heart of the redesign is an
                           attractive and contemporary new          With the addition of a measurement
                           interface that shifts the focus from     programme, we now have a site that’s
     Do the write thing.   static material, to regularly updated    engaging and relevant to users and
                           magazine-like content, commissioned      that delivers a demonstrable increase
                           and written by Story.                    in new customers, site registrations,
                                                                    referrals and frequency of visit.
                           The editorialised LifeScan site
                           features a wide range of people          »   Screengrabs showing the homepage
                           with diabetes talking about their            and articles from the different
                           experiences and how they manage              patient-focused areas
                           their condition.

36                                                                                                            LifeScan Website   37
     StORy WORLdWide
     OuR StORy

     Story believes that advertising-as-        For more information, please get in
     interruption is over. We connect           touch with our Chief Creative Officer,
     brands to customers by telling             Lars Hemming Jorgensen, who will be
     engaging and entertaining stories          delighted to speak to you.
     that audiences actually want to hear.
     Imagine that!                              Lars can be contacted on:

     Marketing has entered the post-            +44 (0)20 7729 2040
     advertising age. The new age’s   
     defining feature is this:
                                                Why not drop him a line?
     The only messages anyone will see and
     hear are the messages they choose to
     see and hear.

     Our story is just getting started. We’re
     the first global content marketing                                                  London, EC1           London, NW1             Seattle             New York              Connecticut               Hong Kong
     agency, with offices in North America,                                              6 – 42 New Inn Yard   15b St. George’s Mews   87 Wall Street      360 Lexington Ave     20 Marshall Street        21\F East Exchange Tower
                                                                                         London, EC2A 3EY      London, NW1 8XE         Seattle, WA 98121   19th Floor            Suite 220                 38 Leighton Road
     Europe and Asia. And who knows –                                                                                                                      New York, NYC 10017   South Norwalk, CT 06854   Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
     maybe your brand will become the 
     next chapter in our story?                         t. 020 7729 2040      t. 020 7449 1547        t. 206.336.3064     t. 212.481.3452       t. 203.803.4848           t. +852 2892 1322

The only messages anyone will see
and hear are the messages they
choose to see and hear.

                                    adVeRtiSiNG iN tHe
                                    POSt-adVeRtiSiNG aGe

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