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Option Purchase Screenplay by niy36571


Option Purchase Screenplay document sample

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									The Script Factory’s Serious Screenwriting
Development Scheme 2010
Terms & Conditions

1. Entry to The Serious Screenwriting Development Scheme is free to all
participants attending Serious Screenwriting training programme, 4 & 5 June 2010.

2. Writers who did not attend Serious Screenwriting may still enter, subject to a
submission fee. For Members of The Script Factory or BAFTA, the submission fee is
£25. For non-members the submission fee is £35. Please include a cheque with
your submission, made payable to The Script Factory.

3. Participants can only apply with a feature film project. Selected writers must be
committed to developing the project they submit and cannot substitute another
project partway through the Development Scheme. We can only accept one
application per writer.

4. Screenplays which are subject to an option agreement with a third party may not
be submitted to this scheme.

5. We will accept applications from co-writing partnerships (only one submission fee
is required per project). However, this scheme is not appropriate for writers and
producers to attend together.

6. To apply for the Development Scheme, applicants must submit:

        a.    2-page outline of the film idea, which should detail the main story
              and include the beginning, middle and end;
        b.    either the first 10 pages of the script (if it’s a new idea) or a
              completed draft;
        c.    a curriculum vitae
        d.    a covering letter which includes up to date contact details and the
              contact details of your agent if you have one. Please also confirm
              within this letter that you fully own the rights to the project and that
              it is not under option to a third party;
        e.    The submission fee, if necessary.

7. The deadline for submissions is: 5pm on Tuesday 31 August 2010. Due to a
tight turnaround for selection this is a strict deadline.

8. We are only able to accept hard copy submissions. Faxed or Emailed
submissions cannot be accepted.

9. All applications will be acknowledged by email.
10.     The writer/s of the selected screenplay will be notified by telephone by
Friday 1 October. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email w/c Monday 4

11.     The selected writer/s will be invited to develop their submitted screenplay
through the Serious Screenwriting Development Scheme, which will commence
October 2010. The Scheme includes:

a. An initial meeting with either Lucy Scher or Justine Hart to discuss the current
status of the project and the writer’s ambitions for the film. A plan for the next
draft / treatment will be discussed at this stage. After this meeting the writer will
be invited to redraft the screenplay or prepare a treatment version of the proposed
next draft, to be submitted end January 2011.
b. An informal lunch with Peter Morgan at a mutually convenient date to be
c. A second development meeting will take place in February 2011 and a further
draft will be required by May 2011.
d. A final meeting will take place in May 2011 at which stage the writer will be
advised on placing the project in the industry.
e. The final draft will be submitted to BBC Films and the writer will be invited to an
informal meeting with Joe Oppenheimer, giving a chance to discuss your writing
ambitions and receive valuable insider advice.

12.     During the Development Scheme the selected writer will also be invited to
attend relevant Script Factory training programmes, such as Screenwriting UK and
Story Design. These training sessions will be free.

13.      The selected writer will receive a £1,000 bursary to be used towards
research costs, the purchase of screenwriting software, and travel / childcare costs
relating to attending training courses. This will be payable in two tranches: £500
awarded on selection when the recipient will be asked to sign a contract stating that
this bursary does not does not constitute employment and is to be used to the
benefit of the project's development. The remaining £500 will be awarded on
completion of the first redraft in January 2011.

14.     If the script achieves production, The Script Factory will receive a credit
(Developed in association with The Script Factory) on the film and logo placement
in the end credits.

Please Note: By submitting a project for consideration for the Serious
Screenwriting Development Scheme, you have agreed to these Terms & Conditions.
Applications should be made by post to:

Serious Screenwriting Development Scheme
The Script Factory
The Square
61 Frith Street
LondonW1D 3JL

by 5pm on Tuesday 31 August 2010.
(Faxed/Emailed submissions will not be accepted).

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