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					The Nuts & Bolts of
             Dan Paradiso, CMP
MPIGNY       President

Executive    Don Diorio

Leadership   Kathie Stapleton
             Executive Director

             Ken Edwards
             VP of Finance

             Patty Stern, CMP
             VP of Communications

             Meghan Schilt, CMP
             VP of Programs

             Jeanine Littrel, CMP
             VP of Membership
Chapter History: Where we've been
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan:
Business Plan
Administration Action Plan
    Action                    Lead                 Completion

    Produce and execute 2     President-Elect      5/31/10
    Leadership sessions for
    chapter leaders
    Plan and execute a        President-           4/30/10
    Chapter Needs             Elect/Marketing
    Produce and execute       President-Elect      6/30/10
    annual Awards &
    Installation Gala
    Review & update chapter   Immediate            9/30/09
    by laws                   PP/President-Elect
    Review & update chapter   Immediate            12/31/09
    policies & procedures     PP/President-Elect
    Select Nominating         Immediate PP         10/31/09
    Produce and execute a     President            6/30/10
    Volunteer Recognition &
    Transition Event
Communication/ Advertising Action Plan

    Action                       Lead              Completion
    Poll members regularly to    Director,            6/30/10
    capture member feedback      Marketing
    Publish & distribute 2009-   Director,             9/1/10
    2010 Member Directory        Publications
    Produce 6 chapter            Director-            6/30/10
    newsletters                  Publications
    Review and revise existing   Director,            8/31/09
    communication                Communications
    Plan and execute a           President-           4/30/10
    Chapter Needs Assessment     Elect/Marketing
    (1-5 scoring system)
Education Action Plan
     Action                    Lead               Completion
     Produce NYMix 2010        Director,            5/31/10
                               NY Mix
     Research multi-year       Director,            8/31/09
     contract and secure       NY Mix
     venue for NYMix 2010
     Execute 11/09 & 6/10      Director,            8/31/10
     CMP Study Group           Education
     Plan & Execute 7          Director,             6/3010
     Monthly Educational       Education
     Programs and 1 Town
     Hall event
     Execute Annual Bowling    Director, Social     10/3109
     Develop and Execute 2     Director, Social     6/30/10
     Chapter Social Events &
     the Holiday Party
Finance & Sponsorship
     Action                             Lead          Completion
     Manage Chapter Budget and          VP Finance      6/30/10
     develop the 2010/11 budget for
     board approval
     Report Revenue/Net Goals           VP Finance      Quarterly
                                                      thru 6/30/10
     Develop/Execute One Fundraising    Director,       5/31/10
     Event                              Finance
     Execute Annual Golf Outing         Director,       7/31/10
     Secure Strategic Partnerships      Director,       6/30/09
     Research and Execute a Community   Director,       6/30/10
     Outreach Program                   Fundraising
     Secure venue(s) for MPIGNY         Director,       6/23/10
     Chapter Board Meetings             Finance
     Research & Execute a financial     VP Finance     10/31/09
     investment plan
*Membership Action Plan

   Action                                           Lead            Completion
   Produce and execute a minimum of 1               Director,          02/28/10
   Committee Fair/Member Recruitment Event          Membership
   Conduct Student Initiative Projects              Director,          06/30/10
   Plan and Execute two new member receptions       Director,          06/30/10
   Participate in local industry trade shows        Director,          06/30/10
   Review and revise annual awards process          VP Membership      12/31/09
   Review and revise scholarship program criteria   Director,          8/15/09
   Submit RISE Organizational Achievement Award     VP Membership      3/31/10

*Shared budget
Where we've been:

Chapter History

Past President's Council

Nominations Process for BOD
Chapter Vision
MPIGNY will be the pivotal force in positioning meetings and
events as a key strategic component of an organization's success
in the greater NYC area.

Chapter Mission
MPIGNY is the leading local membership community committed to
shaping and defining the meetings and event industry in the
Greater NYC area.
Chapter Business Plan:
Who creates it?

When do we create it?

How does it supports the metrics?

Why do we need a business plan?
Chapter Administration:
Leadership Structure


Chapter Bylaws

Policies & Procedures
Governing Body shall be the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall supervision, control and direction
of the affairs of the chapter, its committees and
communications; shall determine its policies and/or changes
therein, shall actively pursue its objectives and supervise the
disbursement of funds.

The Board may adopt such rules and regulations for the
conduct of its business as shall be deemed advisable and
may, in the execution of the power granted, delegate
authority and responsibility to the Executive Committee.
     Role of the Board of Directors
Public role         Strategic Role
Be visible          Vision
Be poised           Prioritize Need vs. Want
Communicate!!       Adhere to Business Plan
Listen to members   Fiscal Responsibility
Paint opportunity   Decision-Making Processes
rather than loss    Leadership Development
Role of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee may act in place and stead of the
Board of Directors between Board Meetings on all matters,
except those specifically reserved to the Board by these
Bylaws, pursuant to delegation of authority to such committee
by the Board of Directors.

Actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the
Board for ratification by mail or email or at the next Board
Role of the Director:
•Attend Monthly Board Meetings
•Serve as Board liaison for one or more working committees
•Serve as the voice of the Committee to the Board
►Help   the Committee; Recruit members as needed
► Assist Co-Chairs with any challenges
► Attend Committee Meetings
► Act as Coach, Advisor and Mentor to the Co-Chairs

•Submit Team Status Report every month on time!
•Attend Chapter Functions
•Fiscal Responsibility: Bring motions of the Committee before the entire
Role of the Co-Chair
•Read the job description for your committee and understand
your involvement and time commitment level
► Set up time to accomplish your Committee goals
► Define goals for each Committee position

•Submit TSR’s on time to your director
•Communicate with your director…they are here to assist you
•Identify your replacement
•Understand the entire chapter budget; not just the committee
Nuances of Leadership
Rule of thumb: Only do what is good for the WHOLE of
the chapter.
       to all Committee Ideas
■ Listen
■ Communicate UP first for feedback (Wisdom)
■ Communicate DOWN with answers (Respect)
■ Always keep a positive attitude when working with
With almost 1,100 members, we are the size of some
corporations! Thus, even though we are a non-profit, we have
to “think” like we’re managing a company budget!

Budgets: Golf, NYMix, Fundraising Event, Awards Gala)
Reallocation of Funds

Sponsorship: Protocols, Processes and Nuances
Budgeted funds in excess of $100 may be moved from one line item to
another by request of the Board Director to and with the approval of the
Reporting VP and the VP of Finance.

For amounts under $100.00, the Board Director may approve the
reallocation with notification to the VP of Finance.

Budgets are reviewed quarterly by the full Board.

Background information: After some investigation, it is the considered
opinion of those to whom we spoke that a budget is a working document
and a motion of the Board is not required to reallocate funds.

This new policy ensures that MPIGNY remains fiscally responsible.
What role does communication play in our chapter?

Chapter Website
Marketing Events (Internal/External)
Chapter Magazine: Metrolines
Email Marketing: Metrobytes
Social Media
Chapter “Brand” Compliance: Logos and Approvals
Chapter Directory
Communications Process: Email
Email Blast Schedule
We send out the METROBYTE e-blast each Tuesday and Thursday at
10:00am or 2:00pm. Please submit materials to us at least 48 hours prior to
the date of distribution!

The VP, Director of Co-Chair can submit information for an upcoming

As much copy to “sell” the program as possible, Speaker bio and head
shot, venue information/logo and all sponsor logos.

•Copy: Word document in 10 point Arial font written flush on the left
margin with NO formatting and NO pictures embedded.
•Pictures: We will only accept JPEG and GIF pictures.
•RULE ON PICTURES: Always submit as attachments and NOT in the body of
the document!!
Communications Flow
The chapter newsletter comes out every other month. Be precise
when you submit program articles for Metrolines and double-check
dates, times, fees, etc. before submitting as may use this information
to post on the chapter website.

To have information posted anywhere on the website, submit the
information in a word document (not in the body of an email) and
attach any images you want used in JPEG or GIF format.

After your email request is designed, we will forward a draft for review
to the Director and Co-Chair for the specific program. You will have 2
opportunities to edit the email before it goes out to the chapter. This
ensures we stay on our marketing schedule.
Additional Notes:
•Contracts for ALL CHAPTER EVENTS can only be signed by the
Chapter President or the Vice President of Finance

•Before confirming your forecasted numbers on your final BEO from
the venue, you MUST confer directly with Kathie Stapleton for event

•We are Tax-Exempt!
Obtain the Tax Exempt Certificate from the VP of Finance or Kathie
More Notes:
•All vendor invoices must be remitted directly to Kathie

•Kathie will email details to you when a bill is received and request
that you complete and return the payment request form
(The form is available on the chapter website)

•The payment request form must be completed in its entirety before it
can be approved

•Invoices will be paid directly to the vendor via check or chapter CC

•PLEASE give enough lead time to process payment!
(Checks are generally cut only twice a month at Board Meetings and
sometimes at a function)
Example: Education Co-Chair
1.Meet with the education cluster and your committee to agree a
program of work ... select topics (broad stroke ideas are okay) and
present full calendar to the board for approval.

2. Check your budget to see how much money you have and how
many people we are planning on having attend the event.

3. Find a venue that will work within that fee structure.

4. Try NOT to have a minimum guarantee but flexibility to provide
numbers as we start promoting the event. If that's not possible,
check with Kathie for historical data .

5. Get a contract from the venue and send it to the VP of Finance
for approval. No one but the President & the VP of Finance may
sign a contract.
Example: Education Co-Chair
6. If a deposit is required, complete a payment request form along
with a copy of the contract with the deposit requirements to
Kathie. Remember that checks require two signatures and are
generally signed at board meetings. In a pinch, we do have a
chapter credit card that can be used - see Kathie for that.

7. Once the program is confirmed, complete the marketing form.

8. Marketing then creates the information that will appear on the
website and the registration link. From this information, MetroBytes
announcement of your program will be created.

9. Keep in contact with Kathie regarding registration and do not
guarantee to the venue before checking with her.

10. If you have a sponsor, consult with the VP Finance for the
creation of the Sponsorship Commitment Letter - if necessary,
request that an invoice be issued for cash sponsorship. Remember
that, currently, in kind donations are valued at 50%.
Thank you!

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