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									The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
Meaningful Use Worksheet

OVERVIEW : ARRA was signed into legislation on February 17, 2009. The portion of this Act that relates to health information technology (HIT) is called
HITECH. Under HITECH, CMS is authorized to provide reimbursement incentives to "eligible professionals" who successfully become "meaningful
users" of a "certified EHR technology." These incentives are scheduled to begin in 2011, with a gradual decrease through 2014. Beginning 2015,
providers are expected to have adopted and be actively using a certified EHR technology in compliance with the "meaningful use" definition provided by
the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Those who fail to meet this requirement will be subject to financial penalties under Medicare of
descreased reimbursement of one percent, escalating each subsequent year the provider is not in compliance (E.g. -1% in 2015; -2% in 2016; -3% in 2017,

ELIGIBLE PROFESSIONAL : To receive ARRA incentive dollars, providers must meet the "eligible professional" definition. The following worksheet
provides an outline to assess systems and ensure that the technology being contemplated will meet the legislative mandates required under HITECH.
Eligibility is measured by unique provider, although some workflows may require practice-wide adoption for success.

MEANINGFUL USE : ARRA created the HIT Policy and HIT Standards Committees, which have recommended standards and rules for meaningful use by
2011. It is anticipated that these recommendations will be subject to minimal adjustment, with the Interim Final Rule due December, 2009. The Final Rule
is anticipation from the Secretary of HHS in the Spring of 2010. (See healthit.hhs.gov )

Additional Information on ARRA : Additional information regarding ARRA is available at www.embllc.com

   Provider Types:                                                                               No.                                                           No.                                       No.
  Medicare Incentives are available for MDs, DOs, DDS,                 Doctor of Medicine                                  Doctor of Podiatric Medicine                          Nurse Practitioner
  DMD, DPM, Optometrists, and DCs
                                                                    Doctor of Osteopathy                                              Doctor of Optometry                   Certified Nurse Midwife
  Medicaid Incentives are available for Physicians, Dentists,
  Certified Nurse Mid-wives, Nurse Practitioners, and PAs who                Chiropractor                                                    DDS or DMD                         Physician Assistant
  practice in a FQHC or RHC lead by a PA.                                                                                                                            If PA, are you in a FQHC/RHC?

                              Meaningful Use Area                                                                          EMB                              Yes No     Competitor                     Yes No
      Currently pursuing or has received CCHIT Certified 2011                                          - Received CCHIT 2011 certification
      Has active HIE projects in production - not just event demonstration (E.g. connectathon)         - TFQ, LaHIE, NWRIE, KHIE
      Ad Hoc Reporting                                                                                 - Business Objects
      Experience with Federal Quality Data Reporting                                                   - Extensive
Patient Demographics, including:                                                                       - Comprehensive Demographics
   Preferred Language                                                                                  - Standard ADT messaging files
   Insurance Type                                                                                      - Patient Express for New Patients
   Gender                                                                                              - Required Demographic Fields
   Race                                                                                                - Includes housing status
   Ethnicity                                                                                           - User Defined Fields Available
   Recording of Advance Directives                                                                     - Multi-Pts. link to Single Guarantor
Computer Physician Order Entry, including:                                                             - Automated Results Audit Trails
   Diagnostics                                                                                         - PACS Interfaces Available
   Immunizations/Injections                                                                            - Registry Infaces Available
   Consults                                                                                            - Forms Engine for Referral Mgmt.
   Path/Lab                                                                                            - Bi-Directional Interfaces Avail.
   Procedures                                                                                          - Automated Standing Orders
Drug Database maps to RxNORM data standard and:                                                        - Multum ( www.Multum.com )
   Updated at least Monthly                                                                            - Updated Monthly
   Drug-Drug Alerting                                                                                  - Includes full drug details
   Ability to easily update known allergies                                                            - Single-click selection/alerting
   Drug-Allergy Alerting                                                                               - Patient Ed available in Spanish
ePrescribing, including:                                                                               - SureScripts ( www.Surescripts.com )
   Drug-Formulary Checking                                                                             - Presents Patient Co-pay Tiers
   Rx History for simplistic updating of Current Rx                                                    - Single-click reconciliation of Rx
   Documentation of use of High-Risk Rx in Elderly patients                                            - Weight-based dosing available
   Generic alternative alerting                                                                        - Up to 2 years Rx history
   NCPDP Script 8.1 Messaging to Pharmacy                                                              - Includes Rx Renewal Automation
Capture of Discreet Data/Documentation of:                                                             - Alerting triggered from Documentation
   A1C - LOINC Data                                                                                    - Can import lab data to note
   Blood Pressure                                                                                      - Vitals automatically updated to note
   Smoking Status                                                                                      - ARRA pre-defined template available
   BMI                                                                                                 - Automatically calculates
   Diagnoses - ICD9 through 2012; ICD10 in 2013                                                        - ICD9 & CPT online within Solution
   Smokers - Smoking Cessation Offered                                                                 - Customizable Ed Forms Available
   Automated Bi-Directional Interface for Discreet LOINC Data from Reference Lab                       - LabCorp/Quest Diagnostics Available
   Automated Bi-Directional Interface for Discreet LOINC Data from In-house Lab                        - Assistance with LIS selection available
Vitals, including:                                                                                     - Includes automated growth charts
  Height                                                                                                       - Available in inches or centimeters
  Weight                                                                                                       - Available in pounds or kilograms
  Blood Pressure                                                                                               - Normal Ranges Displayed
  Automated BMI Calculations                                                                                   - Automatic BMI Calculations
Prevention Tracking, including:                                                                                - Static and Customizable Protocol tool
  >50 with colorectal cancer screenings                                                                        - ARRA pre-defined protocols available
  High-Risk for Cardiac Events on Asprin                                                                       - Protocol Alerting at Point-of-Care
  Flu Vaccine                                                                                                  - Immunization Forms automation
  Females >50 - annual mammogram                                                                               - Multiple triggers - automatic monitoring
  Automation of Reminders for Follow-up Care                                                                   - Phone lists, form letters, etc. available
  Customizable rule based upon Special or High Clinical Priority                                               - Wellness and Disease Management
HIPAA Compliance, including:                                                                                   - Full Online HIPAA tracking
  Tracking Preferred Methods of Communication                                                                  - Up to 5 preferrences can be identified
  Unique Security Profile for Each Named User                                                                  - Security controlled at the user level
  Bio-metric options for rapid login so that users do not share logins                                         - Biometric login available
  Up-to-date HIPAA Disclosure Log                                                                              - Prompting for HIPAA with form creation
  eDocumentation of Authorized Release                                                                         - HIPAA Disclosure log online
Progress Note Documentation automatically maps to SNOMED CT data standing, and:                                - Medcin (www.Medcin.com)
  Alerting to ensure an EHR note for each encounter                                                            - Audit trails for undocumented encounter
  Documentation of Indications for high-cost imaging using SNOMED CT                                           - Automatic mapping to SNOMED CT
  Electronic copy of note including lab results, problem list, medication lists, and allergies, upon request   - Customizable Specified View of Chart
  Documentation of Patient Education                                                                           - Single click documentation of pt. ed
  Medication Reconciliation Performed and Documented                                                           - Ability to import Current Rx to note
  Immunizations using SNOMED CT                                                                                - Full Immunization engine
Electronic Data Interchange, including:                                                                        - Relay Health (www.RelayHealth.com)
  eEligibility checking on all patients in batch/individually through system                                   - Batch eligibility checking from schedule
  eClaims submission to all payers                                                                             - eRemittance Available
Patient Portal, Including:                                                                                     - Not 3rd Party Product, Included
  Ability to acknowledge HIPAA                                                                                 - No additional licensing
  Patient Electronic access to:                                                                                - Resides on Practice Website
     Lab Results                                                                                               - Includes ability to request appointment
     Current Problem List                                                                                      - Includes ability to email questions
     Current Medication List                                                                                   - Includes ability to update demographics
     Current Allergies                                                                                         - Updates Included at no charge
     Used with permission from EHS Healthcare Systems

     EMB Medical Practice Management, LLC | PO Box 2070 | Natick, MA 01760 | 888-541-EMB1 | www.embllc.com

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