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									IVCA Punch List
Updated 10/2/2006 by Collin

Type          Description                                                  Requested    Completed Notes
Website       Link MVS Sponsor websites to logos                                           DONE
Website       Update MVS Registration page to enter first, last, and firm                  DONE
              name of guests
Website       Update Member contact directory so it's investors, not                        DONE
              service providers--change name to Member and
              Nonmember Investor Search
Website       Update Search results to remove the form                                      DONE
Website       Update Member Home page to show latest news, as on                            DONE
              regular home page
Website       Open links, PDFs, pop-ups in other windows                                    DONE
Website       Event Registration Form Changes - the Awards dinner                           DONE
              does not have the table option with three column entry form
Search        Allow free-text search on Company Description for both                        DONE
              Investors and Service providers
Reports       Update Career Center forms                                                    DONE
Reports       Update PAC report and page                                                    DONE
Reports       Allow us to "check" which fields appear on reports               7/7/06       DONE
Reports       Show the number of returned records                                           DONE
Reports       Add Search button to the top of page on reports                               DONE
Reports       Include Firm name in the updates received when members                        DONE
              change data
Design        Make current location grey on left nav bar                                    DONE
Design        Make font easier to read on search fields in search function                  DONE

DB            Clean up Excel import Function - Need to be able to                          8/23/06 9/28: Plan is for Kathy to send
              import contacts and have them hooked to a firm! Now                                  updates to Preferred Name to Barrett.
              this process requires uploading firm info, uploading                                 She is to download contacts, make
              contact info and then we needed to manually match                                    changes, and send to Barrett. He to
              contacts with firms. Ugh. In addition, when we                                       use that file to test importing and to
              imported a list of contacts and the import did import                                update the field.
              the desired files but also created 15 blank contacts
              e.g. no info except AND the defaults for these "blank"
              contacts ("Show in Directory", "receive newsletter"
              and "receive email" and "Board of Directors") were all
              set to yes - these should be set to no.
DB        Create Report for Directory production verification               DONE View>Membership Directory Print.
                                                                                  Click Go. Select member type from
                                                                                  drop down. Click Show to display the
DB        Allow de-dup of records for firms and contacts? Provide        CAN'T DO
DB        Build look-up table for job responsibility standardization         DONE
          (match where possible)
DB        Check missing names (Dan Foreman ABN, Ben                          DONE
          Mascarello, AlexPartners)
DB        Allow us to enter articles for "in the news" with date,            HOLD
          publication, and content
DB        Build MVS Voting procedure                                    NOT TO DO
DB        Make sure default for "Show in Directory", "receive               DONE The display within Mighty-Site is due
          newsletter" and "receive email" are set to No in contacts -             to the blank records inserted in the
          this is still not done!                                                 excel import. This will be fixed during
                                                                                  the import clean-up programming.
                                                                                  We might even just create a new
                                                                                  form for importing Firms and Contacts

DB        Update past event attendees from IVCA-provided Excel sheet     CAN'T DO 9/11: File cannot be imported. Each
                                                                                  past event needs to be created
                                                                                  initially, as discussed on 8/9. Even
                                                                                  with that, this would require so much
                                                                                  clean up to make it not worth the
                                                                                  effort of trying to import.
DB        Update Contact Directory Listing remove "active ivca              DONE
          member" from contact and add that designation to the Firm
DB        Remove certain fields from Mighty Site for Members                 DONE
          Your Profile Update:
          "work phone" should be changed to "direct phone"
          pasword" should read "IVCA website password"
Content   Proof and correct MVS pages                                       DONE
Content   Provide "how to" manual!!!!!                                      DONE
Content   Load logos and links for events without assistance             CAN'T DO
Content   Add glossary definitions for search function                      DONE
          Implement Firm Vintage Funds
 Firm Update screen - Key Fields are missing:
Legal Name
Second Address
LP Type (should read, "If LP, LP type) and should follow
investor type
Total Assets Under Management
VC AUM (all caps)
Buyouts AUM (all caps)                                                 9/11: Barrett was to call on these
Mezzanine AUM (all caps)                                               fields and has been working on MVS
Fund of Funds AUM (All caps)                                           plan items. MOSTLY DONE: I need to
Fund Names & Vintages                                                  talk to IVCA about how to handle
Preferred Investment Size                                              "Fund Names & Vintages" and there
Revenue Investment Pref                                                is no field for "Preferred Investment
Initial investment size preference                                     Size".
Firm update screen/Search screen on main page:
Geographic Preferences should be All US, Midwest Focus
and then can be alpha                                           DONE
Firm update screen/Search screen on main page: Stage
Preferences need to be from earliest stage to later stage -
not alphabetical. As is, It's confusing. The correct order of
stages is on the "view stage defitnitions" document             DONE

Firm update screen/Search screen: Needs directions that
they can choose more than one by hitting ctrl on all options.   DONE
Individual Update Screen:
should not include show in directory - that is our admin
function.                                                       DONE
Allow us to set the amount of time we keep Mighty Site and
the Member Login open - do not logoff in 10 minutes!                                             9/22/2006
                                                                     9/11: Added instructions on most
                                                                     pages. Asked Orbit to rework the
                                                                     Member Resources page to match
Review web pages for clarity of directions - particularly on         Committee Work Space with tabs,
member site                                                     DONE and that should be complete by 9/12.
On career site Post resume: provide clear instructions and
make field names english as they are on the post job.           DONE
Your Profile Update:
"work phone" should be changed to "direct phone"
pasword" should read "IVCA website password"                    DONE
Create a DB table of user logins/passwords to be
administered by mighty site - this should include
passwords and usernames created for presenters (who will
not be able to view anything but their data)                        DONE
                                                                         The MVS admin logins are managed
                                                                         thru Mighty-Site: found at Edit -> MVS
                                                                         User Access They login using the
These users will login at                   same Login/Pass: found on the left
to view the current MVS Report                                           side at
When they click Download File, our DB logs that they           
downloaded it                                                       DONE m
                                                                         The download log has been added to
Differentiate MVS attendee registration from MVS Plan                    the MVS Report beneath the
submission registration in confirming email AND for                      "download file" link on each Plan:
presenter, indicate when a plan has been uploaded                   DONE found at View -> MVS Report
For MVS Plan submission registration confirm when a plan
has been uploaded                                                   DONE
Differentiate MVS attendee registration from MVS Plan
submission registration in confirming email AND for
presenter, indicate when a plan has been uploaded                   DONE
Delete Event List                                                   DONE
Redesign Member Resources-Research to match
Committee area                                                      DONE Request from Collin
Download to excel is only on the Mighty Site Admin,
would you add it to the report generated for our voters
so that they can download?                                                 CHECK 9/25
Added TIE to Sponsor List.                                 20-Sep   DONE
Add Bell Boyd & Lloyd to Sponsor List                      22-Sep   DONE
Modify the Invitation List form on the Contact Report
to choose between Appending to the list or Create a
new List (delete and new)                                  14-Sep
Improve Mighty-Site on the Event Invitation and            14-Sep
 When you hit "download to excel" on the events
 report, the date of registration does not copy
 Add firm name to the report
 Add Email to the report
 I would prefer that the the event report show the
 following 8 columns:
   1. date responded
   2. Preferred First Name
   3. Last Name
   4. Firm Name
   5. Email
   6. Please use the word "Invited" rather than "attended"
      when the invitation list is generated
   7. RSVP response (yes/no)
     should be blank unless we receive an RSVP
   8. Attended Event (yes/no) which should be:
     set to "yes" only for invitees who RSVP'd "yes"
     set to "no" for all RSVP "no" or no response
Delete the current CFO list before creating a new list        14-Sep   DONE
List Past Events in Chronological Order                       25-Sep   DONE Kathy Fixed
List the primary contact in the "manage users" tab, but
make it plain text and put "(click Your Profile to edit)"     21-Sep
Format Name Tags wit Logo                                                     In process
Member Contact Directory: Limit Individuals to only
members. Currently it's all individuals in the database.      15-Sep
Clear out the test registrations for the Awards Dinner        29-Sep   DONE
Find the lost business plan of Futura                                         Need to know what happened so
Technologies - Dave Winslow - I received the                  28-Sep          doesn't happen again.
Membership Directory report. Every firm comes up
with "Stage Preference: Seed Stage (Product
Development, Market Research), Start Up (Financing-
Key Mgmt. in place, Initial Marketing, Pre-Sales), Other
Early Stage-(Product in development or available, first
institutional financing)" whether they are a service
provider, academic (neither should even show a stage
preference) or investor. It seems that if the field wasn't
populated it is set to default to the "above".                28-Sep
All firms come up whether active, inactive or potential. We
need to be able to choose by Membership type and
Membership status.
         This satisfies the import thing
         Write instructions on how to import files
            How to import firms
            How to import contacts
            How to import firms without contacts
         Write instructions on how to export CVS file in Excel. They send
         those sheets out to others who populate the file.
            The committee wants more fields in the LP data base that we
         want to track on them, so we want to track.
         You have to do the firms and you have to do the contacts, and you
         have to put the firm in as a number, not as a name. Once you
         create a firm it creates a number.
           (When run the report should see Adam St. Capital as 132)

         Could show them how to change the data base.
          LP as making another table to add 30 fields.
           Few hours to decide what to do on this.

         Write Up How to Change Event Attendees
          The default is Yes. You go into the data base and update
         Update past attendees, we could probably make lists work

         Enter articles for "in the news" with date, publication, and content
           Press Content in Mighty-Site on the drop down. Same form as
         the aritcles to fill in.
         Allow de-dup of records for firms and contacts? Provide

         Set Log in Permissions by Table (include?)

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