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									                                 Chemtech Plastics, Inc.
                                    Job Description
          Job Title:          Cost Accountant Clerk
          Department:         Administrative
          Reports To:         Controller

Job Summary:

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

          Oversees the preparation and analysis of cost reports and costing audits.

Job Duties:

1.        Identifies and examines costs inconsistent with projected values.

2.        Completes and interprets cost audits.

3.        Processes and analyze engineering project costs, including: tooling, samples and
          accounts payable and receivables.

4.        Prepares engineering project cost analysis reports for presentation to top

3.        Examines and reviews unusual cost records and ensures accuracy of cost data.

4.        Assist management with preparation and analysis of other financial reports.

5.        Other duties as may be assigned by the President, or management.


1.        Must be able to communicate with all levels of customers, vendors, and personnel.

2.        Must have a strong team orientation.


1.        Accounting degree or equivalent with good math aptitude.

2.        No speech or hearing impediments.

3.        Must be able to work with minimal supervision.

4.        Knowledge of Microsoft word, excel and computer applications.

CPF 6.2                                                                        Issue: A
Job Description – Senior Cost Accountant
     Page #2

5.        Experience using an MRP or ERP system.


1.        Accomplish all work in an accurate and timely manner.

Job Specifications:

1.        Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures

2.        Professionalism required to meet corporate image.

3.        Careful attention to office duties, agreeable acceptance, and prompt execution of
          all work assignments.

4.        General knowledge of accounting/office procedures and practices.

5.        Proper usage of the English language.

6.        Basic knowledge of record-keeping methods and techniques.

CPF 6.2                                                                         Issue: A

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