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									Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I
Course Code: OCP-11g-1                         Duration : 5 days

What you will learn:                                            Course Topics:
This course is designed to give students a firm foundation in   Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
basic administration of Oracle Database 11g. In this class,
students learn how to install and maintain Oracle Database        •   Oracle Database Architecture Overview
11g. Students gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle       •   Interacting with an Oracle Database
database architecture and how its components work and             •   Process Architecture
interact with one another. Students learn how to create an        •   Database Storage Architecture
operational database and properly manage the various              •   Logical and Physical Database Structures
structures in an effective and efficient manner including         •   Tablespaces and Data Files
performance monitoring, database security, user                   •   SYSTEM and SYSAUX Tablespaces
management, and backup/recovery techniques. The lesson
                                                                  •   Segments, Extents, and Blocks
topics are reinforced with structured hands-on practices.
                                                                Preparing the Database Environment
Learn To:
                                                                  •   Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator
  •   Manage users                                                •   Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database
  •   Manage storage structures                                   •   Installation: System Requirements
  •   Backup and Recovery                                         •   Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
  •   Install and configure an Oracle database                    •   Setting Environment Variables
                                                                  •   Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
Audience:                                                         •   Database Configuration Options
                                                                  •   Advanced Installation Options
  •   Database Administrators
  •   Support Engineer                                          Creating an Oracle Database
  •   Database Designers
  •   Developer                                                   •   Planning the Database
  •   Technical Administrator                                     •   Configuring the Listener
                                                                  •   Using the DBCA to Create a Database
                                                                  •   Password Management
Prerequisites:                                                    •   Creating a Database Design Template
Required Prerequisites:                                           •   Using the DBCA to Delete a Database
                                                                  •   Using DBCA For Additional Tasks
  •   Working knowledge of SQL
  •   Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL                  Managing the Oracle Instance

                                                                  •   Management Framework
Course Objectives:
                                                                  •   Oracle Enterprise Manager
                                                                  •   Initialization Parameter
  •   Describe Oracle Database Architecture
                                                                  •   Database Startup and Shutdown
  •   Install and configure Oracle Database 11g
                                                                  •   Shutdown Modes
  •   Configure Oracle Net services
                                                                  •   Viewing the Alert History
  •   Manage the database storage structures
                                                                  •   Using Trace Files
  •   Create and administer user accounts
                                                                  •   Data Dictionary: Overview
  •   Perform basic backup and recovery of a database
  •   Manage users and schemas
  •   Manage data and concurrency
  •   Monitor and administer undo data
  •   Backup and recover a database
  •   Monitor performance
  •   Use the database diagnostic monitor

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Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I
Course Code: OCP-11g-1                       Duration : 5 days

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment                 Managing Undo Data

  •   Oracle Net Services & Listener                         •   Data Manipulation
  •   Establishing Net Connections                           •   Transactions and Undo Data
  •   Tools for Configuring and Managing the Oracle          •   Undo Data Versus Redo Data
      Network                                                •   Configuring Undo Retention
  •   Net Services Administration Pages                      •   Guaranteeing Undo Retention
  •   Naming Methods                                         •   Using the Undo Advisor
  •   Directory Naming                                       •   Viewing System Activity
  •   SGA and PGA
  •   When Not to Use a Shared Server                      Implementing Oracle Database Security

Managing Database Storage Structures                         •   Industry Security Requirements
                                                             •   Principle of Least Privilege
  •   Storage Structures                                     •   Monitoring for Compliance
  •   How Table Data Is Stored                               •   Value-Based Auditing
  •   Anatomy of a Database Block                            •   Fine-Grained Auditing
  •   Space Management in Tablespaces                        •   DBA Auditing
  •   Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database              •   Security Updates
  •   Actions with Tablespaces                               •   Applying Security Patches
  •   Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
  •   ASM: Concepts                                        Database Maintenance

Administering User Security                                  •   Introducing Terminology
                                                             •   Optimizer Statistics
  •   Database User Accounts                                 •   Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  •   Predefined Accounts: SYS and SYSTEM                    •   Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  •   Administrator Authentication                           •   Advisory Framework
  •   Benefits of Roles                                      •   Automated Maintenance Tasks
  •   Predefined Roles                                       •   Server-Generated Alerts
  •   Implementing Password Security Features                •   Reacting to Alerts
  •   Assigning Quota to Users
                                                           Performance Management
Managing Schema Objects
                                                             •   Performance Monitoring
  •   What Is a Schema?                                      •   Managing Memory Components
  •   Accessing Schema Objects                               •   Enabling Automatic Memory Management (AMM)
  •   Specifying Data Types in Tables                        •   Automatic Shared Memory Advisor
  •   Creating and Modifying Tables                          •   Using Memory Advisors
  •   Understanding Data Integrity                           •   Dynamic Performance Statistics
  •   Indexes & Views                                        •   Troubleshooting and Tuning Views
  •   Sequences                                              •   Invalid and Unusable Objects
  •   Temporary Tables
                                                           Backup and Recovery Concepts
Managing Data and Concurrency
                                                             •   Part of Your Job
  •   Manipulating Data Through SQL                          •   Statement Failure
  •   PL/SQL                                                 •   User Error
  •   Administering PL/SQL Objects                           •   Understanding Instance Recovery
  •   Functions, Procedures, Packages & Triggers             •   Phases of Instance Recovery
  •   Data Concurrency                                       •   Using the MTTR Advisor
  •   Enqueue Mechanism                                      •   Media Failure
  •   Resolving Lock Conflicts Using SQL                     •   Archive Log Files
  •   Deadlocks

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Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I
Course Code: OCP-11g-1                        Duration : 5 days

Performing Database Backups

  •   Backup Solutions: Overview
  •   Oracle Secure Backup
  •   User-Managed Backup
  •   Terminology
  •   Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  •   Configuring Backup Settings
  •   Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File
  •   Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area

Performing Database Recovery

  •   Opening a Database
  •   Data Recovery Advisor
  •   Loss of a Control File
  •   Loss of a Redo Log File
  •   Data Recovery Advisor
  •   Data Failures
  •   Listing Data Failures
  •   Data Recovery Advisor Views

Moving Data

  •   Moving Data: General Architecture
  •   Directory Object: Overview
  •   SQL*Loader: Overview
  •   Data Pump: Overview
  •   Performance Initialization Parameters
  •   Using Enterprise Manager to Monitor Data Pump
  •   Data Dictionary

Enhancing Database Capabilities

  •   Using EM Support Workbench
  •   Create a Service Request
  •   Package and upload diagnostic data to Oracle
  •   Track the SR and Implement Repairs
  •   Incident Packaging Configuration
  •   Working with Oracle Support
  •   MetaLink Integration
  •   Managing Patches

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