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									                                      BHRA Apparel Order Form
Send order to:                                       Order From:

Debbie Gates                                         Name:           ____________________________
9695 – 106th Ave N                                   Address:        __________________________________
Maple Grove, MN 55369                                City, State, Zip____________________________
763-425-8441                                         Phone:          __________________________________
763-425-9875 (fax)

Method of payment:

       Check enclosed (payable to BHRA)
       Deduct from my next voucher

Your name can be embroidered on the right side of the jackets for an add’l $4.00 each. The 3-in1 jackets can
have your name embroidered on both the inner and outer shells for $8.00 total per jacket.

          Description             Qty    Cost (ea)      SubTotal        Name*            Total
                                                       (Qty x Cost)     (1 or 2)
Golf Shirt
       S, M, L, XL                        $23.50                            -
       XXL                                $26.00                            -
       XXXL                               $29.00                            -
Hooded Windjammer Jacket
       S, M, L, XL                        $40.00
       XXL                                $43.00
       XXXL                               $46.00
Short 3-in-1 Jacket
       S, M, L, XL                        $63.00
       XXL                                $65.00
       XXXL                               $67.00
Long 3-in-1 Parka
       S, M, L, XL                       $103.00
       XXL                               $108.00
Mock Turtleneck Tee Shirt
       S, M, L, XL                        $12.25                            -
       XXL, XXXL                          $13.50
Hat                                       $10.00                            -

* Additional Embroidered                                                 Order
Name                                                                     Total


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