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									Taking our own medicine
How oracle applications and technology
help us serve you better

IT Convergence (ITC) delivers comprehensive solutions for your business problems that can
be configured to meet a vast range of functional and technical needs. We deploy these
same solutions, which improves our own competitiveness and our ability to serve clients.

                ITC’s business runs on an Oracle E-Business Suite platform, allowing us to
                 provide world-class professional services. Our 360º Customer Care philosophy
                  is our value proposition for developing long-lasting relationships with our
                 clients. Oracle provides us with One Source of Truth for all of our business
                data, and this makes our service delivery more reliable and professional.

Our team uses Oracle applications and technologies to do their everyday jobs. Across our
entire company, from Finance to Human Resources, and from Consulting to Support, every
department is aligned together and uses a standard set of business processes. Learn how
we benefit from this integrated approach by taking a behind the scenes tour of ITC.

Human resourCes managemenT                                                                       real TIme and web-based
wITH oraCle Hrms                                                                                 meeTIngs wITH oraCle
                                                                                                 CollaboraTIon suITe
Oracle HRMS provides ITC with the
solution that allows us to serve clients on                                                      Oracle Collaboration Suite provides
every continent, maintain offices in four                                                        ITC with a medium for real-time
countries, and employ over 500 people                                                            collaboration and desktop sharing across
worldwide. Having One Source of Truth                                                            the company. Using OCS we:
for all HR data has reinforced ITC’s ability                                                     n Deliver interactive demos and

to serve clients around the world because                                                          presentations to our global client base
it allows us to:                                                                                 n Improve ability to both train and service

n Comply with multiple countries’                                                                  internal users through interactive
  statutory requirements regarding                                                                 desktop sharing
  vacation, health, and compensation                                                             n Speed project execution and dynamic

  policies                                       CollaboraTIon and InTegraTed                      conference presentation capabilities
n Update resumes instantly throughout            rePorTIng wITH oraCle PorTal                    n Make on-demand conferences and

  the company                                                                                      demos a daily reality in a company with
n Maintain uniform salary, seniority,            Oracle Portal gives the entire company a          4 international offices
  benefit, and leave accrual data                flexible platform that offers a single point    n Cut web conferencing costs by $100,000

  throughout the company                         for information sharing. By using Oracle
n Streamline our Sales/Recruitment               Portal, ITC is able to:
  Pipeline by interfacing HRMS with              n Monitor KPIs in real time by integrating      FInanCIal ProCesses besT
  Oracle Telesales                                 Portal with Noetix Dashboards                 PraCTICes wITH oraCle
                                                 n Ensure service quality and customer           FInanCIals
                                                   satisfaction with Portal surveys
                                                 n Coordinate services with clients by

                                                   creating project repositories on Portal
                                                 n Maintain our corporate website cost-

                                                   effectively with non-technical users
                                                   who have no knowledge of HTML
                                                 n Communicate a consistent set of

                                                   standardized business processes to the
                                                   entire company                                Oracle Financials provides ITC with
                                                 n Create central document repositories          the comprehensive solution it needs
                                                   with key forms, proposals, success            to standardize financial processes
                                                   stories, power point decks, flyers, white     throughout the company. Moreover,
                                                   papers and sales documents                    using Oracle as a single platform for all

                      I T     C o n v e r g e n C e             P o w e r e d            b y :
   Taking our own medicine
   How oracle applications and technology help us serve you better

   Financial data gives us the foundation                   eFFeCTIvely manage our sales                          needs. The executive sites have helped us:
   we need to keep the company on a                         Funnel wITH oraCle Telesales                          n Provide executives with real-time
   solid financial footing as we continue to                                                                        information on KPI’s
   expand. Oracle Financials helped us:                                                                           n Establish metrics and the means to

   n Slash costs and time needed to bill and                                                                        monitor the health of key internal
     collect expense receipts                                                                                       business processes
   n Establish uniform revenue recognition                                                                        n Ensure that decision making is based on

     standards                                                                                                      actual, actionable business data
   n Reduce costs with standardized

     procurement procedures

   sTreamlInIng IT InFrasTruCTure
   wITH sIngle sIgn on (sso)

   ITC has implemented Oracle’s Single
   Sign on solution as a first step toward
   creating a central repository for all user-
   identity related information. With Oracle
   SSO in place, we can now:                                Oracle Telesales has radically
   n Provision users more quickly                           transformed ITC’s approach to
   n Reduce the volume of password reset                    sales because Telesales allows us to                  sysTemaTIC suPPorT For InTernal
     requests                                               systematically transform leads into                   servICe requesTs wITH IsuPPorT
   n Establish standardized access request                  opportunities and opportunities into
     policies                                               deals. With OTS we now:                               Oracle iSupport provides ITC with a tool
   n Enhance security                                       n Run segmented, integrated sales and                 for systematically managing and tracking
                                                              marketing campaigns                                 internal requests for services. Since
                                                            n Systematically track entire sales funnel            implementing iSupport, ITC’s employees
                                                            n Forecast revenue according to our sales             have been able to:
                                                              pipeline                                            n Open and prioritize their own service

                                                                                                                  n Track service request progress

                                                            e-web: exeCuTIve sITes                                n Update service requests as new

                                                            on our PorTal InTraneT                                  information becomes available

                                                            ITC was able to take our portal-based                     These oracle solutions have
                                                            intranet to the next level by creating                    transformed IT Convergence. Contact
                                                            executive websites. These sites are                       us today to learn more about how
                                                            interfaced with Noetix dashboards,                        we can help you harness oracle to
                                                            and are custom-tailored to provide the                    transform your company.
                                                            essential information that each executive

                            To learn more abouT The resulTs we can provide, please conTacT us:

us offices                                                                           global offices
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