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									Outer 4 Digits Display Diagnose Card with Speaker

The Debug Card with 4 digits Display and speaker for alarm!

-It is t for desktop computer.
-Four-bit code is displayed.
-It can test the bus speed of the PCI slot and the ISA slot that can help you su er no losses when you buy the Main
 board or you sell the Main board of high bus speed at good price.
-It can diagnose the troubles of not only the Main board,but also the card itself. It can prevent the users
-It is compatible with all sorts of the computers including a wide range of Intel at,AMD at, and so on. The cause
code is more accurate and reliable. It cannot stop in the course of functioning.
-You can thumb through the code that has gone. If you press the switch the code pause ,If you press the switch again,
the code continue.
-It is with a external display. The external display is with extended wire. It isconvenient for user to watch the code and
indicator lights when the card is put in the host computer.
-It's the SMD device that does no harm to hands.
-It's the function that a sound reminds you there is trouble.
-It can insert in either PCI slot or ISA slot.
-It does no harm to the devise while you insert this Debug Card
in ISA slot wrongly or rightabout and make it functioned.
-It can display the cause code even though the computer stop running in the state of black screen
-It can test important signals of the Main board even without CPU when it's on power.
-Please read the manual if you wonder more the characteristics and the function

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