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Supplier Claims Submission Template:

Instructions                                 Fill in this Column
Select claim type from pull down menu

Enter Event Name

Enter Event Date

Enter claim amount in USD $

Enter Supplier Name

Enter Supplier Site

Enter Oracle Claim Owner

Enter Product Group from pull down menu

Enter Platform

Enter US/EMEA/OCAPAC Split       % US
                                  % EMEA
                                  % OCAPAC
                                Total                 Total does not equal 100%

Enter Part Number

Supporting Doc Attached( Y/N)

Email Finished Template (in pdf format) and Supporting Documentation to: submitclaims_w

                                                  Page 1

        Clear Data Entry Cells

Purchase Price Variance

Monthly price changes

(DD-MON-YYYY) 10-OCT-2010


Company ABC

Santa Clara, CA USA

John Doe Oracle SPM

Supply Management Ops


50% US 50% EMEA 0% OCAPAC – Must equal 100%


Yes – waterfall, PQV Template

                                               Page 2

-Select Claim Type-     -Select Claim Event

Excess and Obsolete     AVL Changes
                        ECO Changes
                        Last Time Buys
                        Part Purges
                        Product End Of Life
                        Quality Cost (Purge, Scrap, etc.)
                        Stop Production Notice
                        Supply Plan Reduction

Inventory Revaluation   Inventory at EM/Qtr End Revalued for Price Changes
                        Supply Plan Reduction

PPV                     Cost Audit
                        Price Changes

Premium Charges         3PL claims for charges over/above standard tarrif rates
                        Additional freight to deliver Parts Within Lead Time
                        Additional freight for plan upside
                        Inventory carrying cost for last time buys
                        Inventory carrying cost for Supply Plan Reductions
                        Inventory Held at Supplier – Contract Term
                        Material Premium for Plan Upside
                        OT required for Plan Upside
                        OT to Deliver Parts Within LT

Reverse Claim           Audits
                        Field Change Order Recovery

                                               Page 3

         Stop Ship and Purge
         Unexpected Failures

Rework   AVL Changes
         ECO Changes
         Part Purges
         Product End Of Life
         Stop Production Notice
         Supply Plan Reduction

                                  Page 4
1) Once completed save the worksheet as a pdf. Make sure you have the "Worksheet" tab selected.
2) Create an e-mail with the address listed at the bottom of the worksheet.
3) Attach the pdf and other supporting documents and send.

Creating the pdf file: (there are multiple methods)

1) Save as: (from either drop down menu of tool bar button)

a) Name the file
b) IF you chose Save As from a toolbar button, Save As Type should be ".pdf"
   IF you chose Save As from the drop down, select "PDF or XPS"
c) Select the Optimize for "Minimum Size" radio button
d) Click the "Options" button
e) A "Page Range" window will open
f) Click the "Page(s)" radio button and make sure range is "From 1 To 1"
g) Click the "OK" button to close the window
h) Click the "Publish" button to save the file (will also open the pdf)

2) Send E-mail as PDF (this is not the prefered method, should have other documents to send)

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