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					       20                                                                                                                           The Altamont Enterprise - Thursday, July 18,2002

       Correspondents...                           More about this dedicated            Tryon, Marie Filligan, Dottie       Road, leave at Minnie Kotal-          cided to take on a project upon
       (Continued from previous page)            couple in my next column.              Ottman, Mathilda Moore, Emma        ing's, or write to me at 3019 Lone    returning home, to try to locate
                                                                                        Blanchard, Ruth Slater, Liz         Pine Rd., Schenectady, NY             chairs.
             "Eligible for inclusion as natu-                                           Tobiassen, Carol McMichael,         12303.                                   Someone may have an unused
          ral enemies are the eagle, which                                              Cathye Bogardus, Kay Thorn-                                               wheelchair and would like to
          appears at twilight, and above                                                ton, and Waunetta Van Voris.                                              donate it. Wheelchairs are in
          all, the owl who flies silently at        Dormansville                          The winners were Mathilda                                               demand at the hospital. If any-
          night. The chinchilla's most
          dangerous enemy is man.
                                                                                       Moore, Marie Filligan, Marge
                                                                                       Claus, Ruth Slater, and Kay           Thayers Corners                      one would like to help Dinty do
                                                                                                                                                                  this, you can contact him at
             "The native Latin American                                                Thornton. Next week, they will                                             home by calling 797-3711, or
          Indian's minimal hunting pre-                                   By           play at Liz Tobiassen's.                                                   write to him at 512 SR 143,
          sented no threat to their num-                               Frances            Edith White of Knox is a pa-                                            Westerlo, NY 12193.
          bers, but this situation changed                                             tient at Sunnyview. Let's send             By                                 I am sure he would really ap-
          as a result of Spanish colonial                               Swart          her cards and wishes to return          Betty                              preciate any help with his pro-
          rule and the increased demand                               797-3730         home soon.                                                                 ject. By the way, he is recovering
          for chinchilla' pelts."                                                              Auction and fair               Blodgett                            nicely.
             Excessive trapping has re-                                                   The Gallupville United              797-3740                                     Prayers needed
          sulted in the little creatures end-'                                         Methodist Church will be hold-                                                Connie Denton is very ill in
          ing up> on the endangered                                                    ing an auction and fair on Aug.                                            Albany Medical Center Hospi-
          species list in their native land.                                            17 at the activity building lawn.                                         tal, so prayers are needed for her
          "These protective measures                This Sunday was just a nice        Booths will open at 10:30 a.m.,                                            now and her family also.
          have no relevance for anyone           summery day and one to enjoy.         the auction will start at 11:30                                               A young boy, Anthony Hill,
          who keeps a pet chinchilla, be-        Many families are taking advan-       a.m. Booths will consist of baked        We're still having great sum-     who lives on Cass Hill Road, is
          cause all chinchillas sold by pet      tage of these days and spending       goods, games, puzzles, books,         mer weather. Presently we don't      very ill and needs your prayers.
          stores or breeders are descended       time to go on vacation or relax at    fresh vegetables, plants,' and        have any humidity to speak of.          The same for Ron Slingerland
          from breeding stock," writes           home.                                 white elephant items. Lunch will      We had a nice thundershower          and for anyone else you know
          Roder-Thiede, "and no restric-                   Church notes                be available.                         last Tuesday evening, which we       who is ill.
          tions are placed on their sale.           The Dormansville United               Anyone who has items to be         desperately needed. It has be-                   Special days
          Conservationists have attempted        Methodist Church will hold a          donated, please call 872-1207 or      come quite dry around here as           Happy birthday wishes to:
          to reestablish chinchillas in their    service on July 21 at its regular     295-7430.                             most of the recent showers seem         — Dave Dence, Lana and Beth
          native Andean habitat."                hour of 9:30 a.m. The altar flow-        Monday, Vali Jurjans enjoyed       to go around us.                     Hunter, Mary Ann Leicht, and
            Chinchillas are not recom-           ers for July 14 and 21 were           a visit with her former daughter-                Bible school              my daughter Barbara Razik, on
          mended for children under the          given by Mae Baitsholts in            in-law, Rita Singer, who now re-         There has been a great turnout    July 22; and
          age of 13 because they must not        memory of her parents, Eleanor        sides in Pennsylvania. They           for vacation Bible school at the        — Ruth Lyon and Peter
          overeat treats and require rest        and James Baitsholts.                 hadn't seen each other for 42         Westerlo Baptist Church every        Maggio on July 26.
          well into the evening. It is ad-          On July 28, the annual charge      years.                                evening this week, which is                      Back home
          vised that no other pets be in a       church united picnic will take           Kylie Hotaling enjoyed Sun-        wonderful.                              I am happy to report that Ruth
          household with them.                   place at Sunny Hill Farm in           day visiting her grandparents,           The children have been hav-       Hannay is back home and at
            "They can never have too big         Freehold. There will be a wor-        Minnie and Don, and attended          ing a great time, learning about     church and feeling much better.
          a cage; they live to jump.             ship service at 10 a.m. followed     the annual Lutheran Church             the Bible, making new friends,       It's great to see you back, Ruth.
          Aviaries for small birds make          by a picnic lunch, games, and         picnic hosted by Neil and Robin       and working on crafts.                        La Grange visit
                                                 fun.                                 Baumann at their beautiful                       80th birthday                 Also, it was good to see Sidney
 '•""'"" good chinchilla cages. For a                                                 home on Barton Hill Road.                 Last Sunday afternoon, many
                                                          U.M.W. picnic                                                                                           and Betty La Grange in church
          single animal, a cage about 30                                                  Saturday, Lee and Peggy            friends and relatives attended a     the past two Sundays. They
        . inches high, 32 to 39 inches wide,        Members and friends gath-
                                                 ered on July 10 for the annual       Burns of Porter Corners visited       wonderful 80th birthday party         came up here to attend a family
J'- ^and 20 inches deep is adequate.             United Methodist Women picnic        my husband George Tryon and            for Martha Vance at the Ameri-       wedding. ,
          The plastic bottom drawer that         at the home of Mary Zabel. It        I. They also brought their son,        can Legion Hall on Maple Ave-           It sure was great to see them
          comes with the aviary is not           was an ideal picnic evening with     Lee, and grandson, Lee, who            nue in Greenville. Her children      again. They are well and look
         suitable. Chinchillas love to           an abundant variety of food.         took one look at my husband and       — Linda, Susan, and Tommy —           great.
         gnaw on plastic and consuming              Several members brought in-       retreated to his father. Later, he    outdid themselves decorating
         large quantities can kill them."        spirational readings for a short     came around and they enjoyed           the dining room. They also
            Clay or ceramic dish'es are          program and meeting. An an-          each other's company.                  prepared a nice variety of finger
         best because they are difficult to
         overturn. A clay pipe from a
                                                 nouncement will be made con-
                                                 cerning the next meeting and
                                                                                          Sunday afternoon my hus-
                                                                                      band and I enjoyed a trip to visit
                                                                                                                            foods and a beautiful birthday
                                                                                                                                                                   Lake Onderdonk
         builder's supply store makes ac-        program, which at present is         his cousin Nort Tryon in Tribes           Several Christian Singles
         ceptable sleeping quarters. It          scheduled for Aug. 1.                Hill. It was quite warm but a         friends (of which Martha is one)
         should be about eight inches                       Best wishes               lovely ride through the country-      joined in to help her celebrate.
         long with a diameter of six                Prayers and get-well wishes       side.                                 Four of them were from Sche-
         inches. Place litter in the bottom      continue for Jan Kelafant, who           For information on St. Mark's     nectady.
         of the cage. Small-animal litter        is recovering in the hospital        "VeggieTown" for the children,            Martha, we all wish that God
         made from wood shavings is the          from her recent illness and          please call 827-7378. This is for     will bless you with many more,
         best; it is available in pet stores.    surgery.                             children age four to grade nine.      dear friend.
         Daily nourishment comes from               Also best wishes are sent to      It runs from July 29 to Aug. 2,              Sympathy extended
         pellets, hay, drinking water, and       Jessica Pasko who had recon-         from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.                    I was so sorry to hear about
         vitamins.                               structive jaw surgery and to             Please remember the shut ins      the sudden passing of Tom
            Before purchasing one or,            Scott McGuire with shoulder          and those ill with a card or a        Lounsbury of Greenville of a
         more of these animals, I would          surgery.                             short visit. They will deeply         heart attack at the age of only 50.
         advise obtaining a complete                         Sympathy                 appreciate it.                        Our deepest sympathy to all his          It was good to see Marty
         guide from the library or pet              Sympathy is extended to rela-         Remember Friday at 6 p.m. is      many relatives and friends.           Jannsen and their pretty, white
         store and studying what is re-          tives and friends where there        the ice cream social on the front               Present project             dog, Princess. Marty stopped the
         quired for them.                        have been recent deaths.             lawn of Middleburgh High                  Part of my living room ceiling    car, got out, and gave me a big
                      Snakehead                     Tommy Lounsbury passed            School.                               fell down a few weeks ago.            hug. He looked hale and hearty
            The first mention we saw of          away suddenly on July 7. He              Don't forget the antique auto     Then, a week later, I pulled the      in his pretty, new suspenders,
         the snakehead fish raised many          was the son of Lena and              show next Sunday, July 21, from       remaining tiles down. So, for the     but he told me he is having kid -
         red flags. This black creature          Theodore Lounsbury and grew          10 a.m to 4 p.m. a! the New York      *past two weeks, I have been          ney problems and needs to go
         can reach three feet in length          up in our village where he was       Powei Authority Visitors Center       looking up at the pink insulation.    for dialysis.
         and clear a pond of any other           also a resident for a short time.    on Route 30 in North Blenheim.            L hope that soon the white           He and Mary, also known as
         type of fish. It is extremely, ag-         He is survived by four sisters,   It will be held rain or shine and     paneling I bought in the Home
                                                                                                                            Depot store in Albany will be in-     Elderberry Mary, are still selling
         gressive with razor teeth. Should       Harriet Peck, Bettejean Mueller,     the profits will help out the                                               jams and jellies. They had done a
         it find itself out of water, it can     Sandra Ross, and Janice Louns-       Schoharie Animal Shelter. Dona-       stalled. It is presently lying in a
                                                                                      tions of dog and cat foods or         pile on my living room floor.         big show hvWindham on July 7.
         survive for three days.                 bury, and six brothers, Patrick,
                                                 John Dennis, Terry, Roger, and       treats would be greatly appre-            My nice neighbor, Pam, drove               Westerlo Library
            It is said to be from China but                                                                                                                          It was my lucky day at the li-
         has surfaced in Maryland,               William.                             ciated. It costs $2 per person, and   me in her truck to pick up .the
                                                    Theodore Jr., Harold, Loyd,       children under age seven are          panels and bring them home.           brary Tuesday. My copies came
         Massachusetts, California, and                                                                                                                           out well and I got three more
         Florida, where they are desper-         and Clyde Lounsbury; and             free. For more information, you           Someone told me to use wall
                                                 Marjorie White and Janet Berk-       may call 1-800-724-0309. Brooks       paneling instead of ceiling tiles,    brand-new, hard-cover books by
         ately trying to contain it. It has                                                                                                                       Danielle Steele for a dollar each.
         procreated in one instance.             hofer died before him.               barbecue and other food ven-          which I didn't want. It should
                                                    Sympathy is extended to the       dors will be there.                   look nice when up.                       In a store, they would have
            It's very nature and the di-                                                                                                                          cost me over $48. Now that's a
         verse areas where it has been           family, relatives, and friends.                      Birth                     The. panels just need to be
                                                                                                                            nailed onto the present wood          bargain.
         found raise a great many ques-                                                   Peter and Faye Bruyn of                                                    That is not all. On my way out,
         tions to me. This is one fish you                                                                                  strips, to which the tiles were
                                                                                      Schoharie announce the birth of       nailed. -                             I got a big hug from Elly Case
         don't throw back.                                                            their daughter, Loran LaRae, on                                              and had a good visit with Art,
           Hamlet happenings
                                                      Gallupville                     June 5, at Albany Medical Cen-
                                                                                      ter Hospital. The infant is sister
                                                                                                                               The tiles were on the ceiling
                                                                                                                            when we moved here almost 40          who was waiting in their car. He
                                                                                                                            years ago, so I guess they served     told me their neighbor Wil
       From July 22 to Aug. 15, on                                                    to brother Matthew age 16.                                                  Tompkins will be up from Ocala
     Mondays from 11 to 11:30 a.m.,                                                   Grandparents are Donald and           their use.
                                                                                                                                                                  this week.
     there will be stories from the li-                                               Eleanor Bruyn of Pine Bush and           Over the years, we kept nail-
                                                                                                                            ing up one tile that began sag-                    DAB Picnic
     brary staff for school-age chil-                                                 the late George and Barbara                                                    Our Old Hellebergh Chapter
     dren at the Clarksville school. No                                               Bumpus.                               ging-
                                                                                                                                                                  Teddy Bear Picnic on Thursday
     registration is required.                                                                   Special days                      Wheelchair crusade             evening, July 11, at the Helder-
       From the Steeplebell, the                                                          Happy anniversary to Belinda          Donald "Dinty" Bernard from       berg Reformed Church was fun
     Clarksville church newsletter:                                                   and Paul Liddle on July 18.            Westerlo is on a crusade, looking     for all of us. There were about 35
     "We support Nancy and Lew                                                            Happy birthday to:                 for used or new wheelchairs to       bears in attendance. A favorite
     Schudder in their mission lo-                                                        — Gladys Cornell on July 18;       be delivered to the Westchester      was Regent Lorraine Whiting's
     cated on the island of Cyprus.                                                                                          Burn'Unit where he was a pa-         bear named "Rhett Beartler." He
     Naney is a teacher and in many                                                       — Jacky Hundly on July 22;
                                                                                          — Angela Braddock on July          tient recovering for several         is big, well-dressed, and the
     other ways serves in mission.                                                                                           weeks from serious burns to his      handsomest bear I have ever
     She has extensive experience                  The Gallupville Canasta Card       24; and
                                                                                          — Jinny Brooks on July 31.         upper^body.                           met.
     throughout the Middle East. She             Club played at the home of Carol                                               He is now back home and
     will speak at our Aug. 4 worship,           McMichael with Emma Blan-                           News
     and will to our guest at a potluck          chard as co-hostess. The players         Those with news may call me        continues to recover. While in
                                                                                                                             Westchester, he noticed he only
 <:- luncheon following.*                        were Marge Claus, Ramona             at 366-6580, drop messages off                                              (Continued on next page)
                                                                                      in the blue mailbox at 378 Knox        saw one wheelchair so he de-

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