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									Vacant Lot Playground

     Crystal Vernon
    Jessica Sprague
    Amy Bergstrom
• This unit will involve the entire school and
  the community as a whole. In order to
  create a new playground for the vacant lot,
  students will enlist help from teachers,
  family members and community
• The end result will be a playground that
  provides a place for children of the school
  and the community to play.
• The students of the school will come up
  with ways to raise money and decide how
  to design the playground. They will
  consider safety issues, who the
  playground will be used by, and what the
  playground will be named. They will
  participate in various lessons to determine
  the outcome of their new playground
  throughout the school year.
        Essential Question
• How can we create a fun environment for
  all students with consideration for the
  common good of the entire community?
• Subjects:
  Social Studies
    Community involvement, Economics
  Language Arts
    Writing letters, Creating the questionnaire
    Measurements, Budgeting
    Researching on the internet
    Safety, Process Skills
     Grade Level Participation
• This activity will be designed for the entire
  school’s participation. Each grade level
  will have their own responsibility and
  specific task to accomplish.
 Grade Level Responsibilities
Kindergarten/1st Grade:
– Will draw examples of what they want the playground to look like
   and will answer the questionnaire
2nd Grade:
– Will come up with Safety Rules for the playground
3rd Grade:
– Will write letters to community members and local businesses
   requesting donations and volunteers
4th Grade:
– Will write letters to community members and will come up with a
   questionnaire for students to answer with what equipment they
   want on the playground
5th Grade:
– Will research safe and effective equipment, which includes
   budgeting costs and measurements for the playground
     How Long? How Often?
• The students will have the option to work
  on the project for a portion of the day
  every Friday for the entire school year.
• Time spent working on the project will vary
  by grade-level as the upper grade levels
  will require more time to complete their
Social Studies:
Community involvement, Economics
– The students will participate in a lesson that
  will increase their knowledge in applying
  economics that will help finance the
– Students will have the opportunity to contact
  local businesses and corporations for
  fundraising, and will learn about different jobs
  offered in their community.
Language Arts
  Writing letters, Creating the questionnaire
– Students will write letters to local businesses
  and community members requesting
  donations and volunteers for building the
– Students will create a questionnaire for other
  students to complete regarding potential
  equipment for the new playground.
  Measurements, Budgeting
– Students will measure the vacant lot and the
  equipment to be purchased to make sure that
  the playground will have enough space for the
  new equipment, while taking safety into
– Students will come up with a budget for the
  entire construction of the playground.
  Researching on the internet
– Students will use internet resources to
  research types of equipment to purchase and
  other schools that have participated in similar
– Students will research the businesses that
  surround the community for the other students
  to write.
  Safety, Process Skills
– Students will learn about appropriate safety
  behaviors for playground activities and will
  come up with their own rules for safety
  considerations on the playground.
– Students will use the Science Process Skills
  to plan out and follow through with the
  completion of the playground.
• Weather Conditions
• Funding Issues
• Deadlines are met
• Lack of volunteers/Community
• Safety Issues
•   Technology:
     –   www.boundlessplaygrounds.org
     –   Playground equipment
     –   www.gametime.com
     –   Playground equipment
     –   www.beanangel.org
     –   Fundraising/Donation opportunities
     –   www.citysearch.com
     –   Helps find local businesses
     –   www.world-playground.com
     –   Directory of playground equipment and products
     –   http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/ParksandRec/About_Us/benefits.php
     –   Lists the Benefits of Local Recreation and Park Services
     –   www.sparkpark.org
     –   Non-profit organization that helps create community parks
     –   www.dosomething.org
     –   Promotes volunteer work
     –   http://www.pasadenaisd.org/morales/playground.htm
     –   Pictures acquired from
• Books
  – Playground Equipment Catalogues
  – The Safety Book for Active Kids: Teaching Your Child
    How to Avoid Everyday Dangers, by Linda Schwartz
  – American Playgrounds: Revitalizing Community
    Space, by Susan G. Solomon

  Guest Speakers
  – Guest Speaker from the Nature Discovery Center
  – Local Police as guest speakers to talk about safety

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