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April Newsletter 2010

Thank you to Barb Schindler, Board Chair!
The staff and Board of Commerce Chenango would like to thank Barb Schindler, President, Golden Artist               Upcoming
Colors, Inc., for her time and leadership over the past ten years. She has resigned from the Commerce             Meetings/Events
Chenango Board of Directors due to a new commitment serving on the National Art Materials & Trade
Association Board of Directors.                                                                                      GAC Committee Mtg. ~
                                                                                                                     April 6th @ 8:00 AM
Barb became the first Board Chair of the newly formed Commerce Chenango in 2007. In her tenure as Chair,
she was instrumental in advancing Commerce Chenango as a new consolidated organization.                              Chenango Foundation
                                                                                                                     Mtg.~ April 9th @ 8:00
She served on the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council. Her plan of implementing a new agenda
structure that provided more time to discuss and act on important organization and community issues, helped
tremendously with our time management plan. She helped to develop a new dues structure that provided                 Tourism Networking
consistency in the way our dues are administered and was integral in the creation of a new three-year                Mtg.~ April 14th @
strategic plan.                                                                                                      9:00 AM

Barb is respected and admired by all who work with her. We wish Barb good luck in moving forward with her            CC Executive
new assignment. She will be sorely missed.                                                                           Committee Mtg. ~
                                                                                                                     April 15th @ 7:30 AM
                                                                                                                     CC Finance Committee
Economic Development —by Jennifer Tavares                                                                            Mtg. ~ April 20th @
What Does the Health Care Bill Mean for You and Your Business?                                                       7:30 AM

Amidst all of the media analysis, it may be difficult to discern what the newly passed Health Care Bill could        IDA Board Mtg. ~ April
mean for you and your business. Below is a quick summary, and the year in which the changes are proposed             21st @ 8:00 AM
to take place.
                                                                                                                     Advisory Council Mtg.
For Your Business:                                                                                                   ~ April 27th @ 7:30 AM
      Small business tax credits for many small businesses that provide insurance to their employees, particu-
larly for lower-moderate income workers (2010)                                                                       Commerce Chenango
                                                                                                                     Board Mtg. ~ April 28th
      Small businesses that meet certain criteria would be able to purchase health insurance through an
"insurance exchange" (2014)                                                                                          @ 7:30 AM
      Employers with more than 50 employees would be required to provide coverage to their workers, or pay
a fine of $2,000 per worker—if at least one employee qualifies for Federal subsidies based on their gross
annual income levels (2014). If you’re a firm with more than 200 employees, and you offer health insurance,
you would have to automatically enroll your workers in the plan; they can opt out if they wish (2014)

For You:
    Able to keep your children insured until age 26 (2010)
    No denial of pre-existing conditions for children (2010) everyone (2014)
    Ban on lifetime limits of insurance coverage – no cancellation due to illness (2010)
    Rebate of $250 on prescription drug expenditures above $2,830 in a year (2010)
    Uninsurable individuals could qualify for a Federal program (2010)
    Individuals making more than $200,000 per year, and families with over $250,000 in combined income
would be taxed 3.8% (2014)
    Expansion of Medicaid for lower-income Americans below 130% of the Federal poverty level (2014)
    Fines for going without insurance, with exception of low-income individuals (2014)
    Potential taxation on ―Cadillac‖ insurance plans (a House proposed ―Fix‖ the Senate has to pass)
Member Spotlight —                                                            Welcome to our New Members!
NEW YORK CENTRAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY                                                         Aurora Homes
1899 Central Plaza East, Edmeston                                                        Clifton Tamsett / 607.226.1424
(607) 965-8321                                                                             306 Aurora Drive, Norwich
Jeremy Robinson                                                                          New Residential Construction.                                                                                      Construction
NYCM is a property and casualty insurance company                                       Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
located in central New York that employs over 1,000                                         Kevin Pole / 315.218.8146
dedicated insurance professionals. The company was                                        One Lincoln Center, Syracuse
founded in 1899 by VanNess DeMar Robinson. Their family,
                                                                             A full-service law firm serving the State in the areas of
now in its fourth generation, continues to manage NYCM,
providing the same service and security the company was built                   Business, Employment Law, Property, Litigation
on over 100 years ago.                                                                              and Estates.
First and foremost, New York Central Mutual personifies the
commitment of its people. Even though their name and                                     Norwich Court Apartments
location has changed throughout the years, through the                                   Beth Jensen / 607.334.6611
dedication of the talented employees at NYCM, customers                                   30 Midland Drive, Norwich
obtain a clearer understanding of policy coverage and its                    Owned and managed multi-family housing since 1979.
applications.                                                                 We take pride in our communities and make every
Today, as New York Central Mutual, it operates branch offices                    effort to provide the very best housing for
in Sherburne, Amsterdam and Buffalo, and enters its second                                      our residents.
century of service, they have established their presence as a                                    Real Estate
leading personal lines insurance carrier. They are proud to
tout an AM Best Rating of A+.                                                                   State Farm Agency
                                                                                           Matt Harrington / 607.336.2886
                                                                                           9 South Broad Street, Norwich
                                                                              Insurance agency specializing in auto, homeowners,
                                       Phone (607) 656-7577                    renters, life and business insurance. We also offer
                                          a full service bank line (loans, refinancing, mortgages)
                                                                                         Insurance Agencies/Companies

                                                                               Don’t forget to visit these Chamber

                                                                                members to get your discount!
          0O                      SPRING AIR
        $5                         BEDDING                                                   Natoli & Natoli, LLC
                                                                                    10% off will preparation or closing costs.
                                      Good on sets only.
                                                                                           Norwich ~ 607.336.8200
                                    Full, queen & king size.
                                      Expires 4/17/2010                                            Nazzitto’s
                                                                                       10% discount on wine purchases.
                                                                                          Norwich ~ 607.334.3333

                                                                                             Waive HSA set-up fee.
                                                                                       Multiple locations ~ 607.337.2265

                                                                                              New York Pizzeria
                                                               CLIP & SAVE

                                                                                    5% discount on all purchases over $25
                                                                                         New Berlin ~ 607.847.6188

                                                                                             Norwich Implement
        Intersection of Rte. 41 & 220, Smithville Flats, NY                      FREE Home Maintenance kit with purchase of
               Hrs: Mon-Fri 9-5; Sat 9-1; Thurs til 8                                    John Deere lawn tractor.
   CC          Layaways / Instant Credit Available
                  Discover / MC / Visa Accepted                                          Norwich ~ 607.336.6816

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Member Happenings                                                    51st Commerce Chenango
                                                                           Annual Dinner
            Springtime in Paris—
                                                                            April 14, 2010
              Saturday, April 10, 2010
                  Terra Cotta Catering
                                                                    Canasawacta Country Club, Norwich
              81 State Street, Binghamton                                      5:30 p.m.
                      7-10:00 p.m.
                                                                 Presented by Platinum Sponsor NBT Bank
Proceeds of the dinner will benefit Stillwater (a non-profit             and Gold Sponsor Frontier.
   residential treatment facility located in Chenango)
                                                                    A special presentation to award winners:
       Additional information: 607.656.9004 x 207                        The Raymond Corporation
                                                                              Gary Brightman
       Casino Night @ Fred’s Inn—                                          Michelle Manwarren
              Saturday, April 24, 2010

 Black Jack, Roulette, craps, Texas Hold’em, and more.         Save the Date—
 Portion of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer
     Society & The Northeast Classic Car Museum.                           24th Annual
                                                                       Commerce Chenango
  Additional information: Contact Celebration Creations
      Wedding & Event Planning @ 607.267.8541                           Summer Golf Event

                                                                       Friday,June 18, 2010
           Chenango United Way                                     Genegantslet Golf Club, Greene
          Mini-Golf Tournament—
                                                                      Sponsorship opportunities available.
        April 9th / Friday Party (18+ Adults only)                       Call Rachel at 607.334.1402
                 April 10th (Family Day)
                    Howard Johnson’s

          Additional information: 607.334.8815

                Member Briefs—
 Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is generating new business
in spite of the economy.
NY Pizzeria has invested in a catering truck to better
serve customers anywhere!
 Agro-Farma has a new “Chomobile” as well. You can
identify it by the big container of Chobani Yogurt on the
back! They will use it to travel to events and distribute
their infamous yogurt!
 The Evening Sun celebrates their 119th year!

                 Just a reminder..
Your membership investment is due. If you have
already sent your payment, we thank you very
much! If you need another copy of your invoice
or have any questions, please feel free to contact
us at 334-1402.

We appreciate your continued support for the
development and improvement of the community
and the region.

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SMALL BUSINESS DAY AT THE CAPITOL                                  Q
March 8th was Small Business Day in Albany. Small                  Have the IRS auto mileage rates changed for 2010?
Business representatives from all over New York State
converged on the Capitol and Legislative Buildings to              A
show a united front on issues that are of importance to
running and maintaining a business in New York.                    The IRS has changed and issued the new 2010 standard
                                                                   mileage rates for operating an automobile for business,
Governmental Affairs Committee members Jim Currie,
                                                                   charitable, medical or moving purposes.
Bob Carey, Steve Palmatier, and staffers Audrey Robin-
son and Maureen Carpenter, presented their list of                 Beginning January 1, 2010, the standard mileage rate
concerns in meetings with legislative officials.                   was changed to:
Our group met with: Assemblymen Pete Lopez and Cliff                 50 cents per mile for business miles driven;
Crouch; Aaron Martin, Legislative Director, Senator                  16.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving pur-
Libous; Senator Seward; and a representative of                     poses;
Assemblyman Finch.                                                   14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organi-
Topics of conversation included:
                                                                   In 2009, the standard business mileage rate was 55
* The closure of Bowman Lake State Park, Hunts Pond                cents per mile, 24 for medical or moving and 14 for
and the Gateway Center in Kirkwood.                                charitable.

* Support of Natural Gas Legislation S6235 and A9727,
that authorizes counties to lease county land for natural          Hundreds Rally for Marcellus Shale
gas exploration, development and production for 5 years            By Rob Lillpopp
or as long as gas is being produced and environmentally
safe natural gas exploration and drilling.
                                                                   More than three hundred concerned citizens showed up,
* Passage of A8803a that addresses all technical                   in the rain, to “Say Yes to Marcellus” at a rally held near
changes requested to mitigate any unintended conse-                the New York State Capitol in Albany on January 25.
quences to the Empire Zone Program caused by the April
7, 2009 budget.                                                    Landowner and industry groups came out in force to tell
* Senate and Assembly action on the IDA Civic Facility             government leaders to support economic development in
Authority and support of the passage of S6962, to repeal           New York and to provide a balanced message to anti-
the IDA cost recovery tax imposed on IDAs.                         drilling groups. Those who made the trip from the
                                                                   Southern Tier listened to legislative and business
* Support for Chenango County’s request for communica-             leaders, farmers and average working people all
tion with the Governor’s Office and the Dept. of Health to
                                                                   interested in creating jobs in their communities.
discuss details for the facility reuse and transfer of the
New York State Vet’s Home property.
                                                                   Speakers including Kenneth Adams, president and CEO
* Encouragement of the NYSDOT to use the federally                 of The Business Council of New York State, stressed the
appropriated funds to make improvements to the Route               economic importance of Marcellus Shale development
12 corridor as outlined in Phase I and Phase II reports,           and the ability it has to create jobs without public dollars.
and specifically to insure completion of the Greene
                                                                   Others had the opportunity to make their voices heard by
project slated for 2010 and 2011 including requested
turning lanes.                                                     speaking with reporters and their legislative leaders.

It is the committee’s goal to advocate for our members             Business Meetings & Events Travel
and will continue to do so. Please feel free to call any of
the GAC members listed below or Maureen Carpenter at
                                                                   When business meetings and events are cancelled, it’s
334.1404 with any issues or concerns you may have.
                                                                   the hourly-wage workers – not corporate CEOs – who
                                                                   pay the highest price. Meetings, events and performance
GAC Committee Members                                              incentive travel in the United States are responsible for
James Bays        627.6627                                         almost 15 percent of all domestic travel. Generating 1
Bob Carey         432.4000 x 4137                                  million jobs and $27 billion in wages, meetings and
James Currie      336.4702                                         events can provide a solution to our economic woes.
Cynthia Gordineer 785.7207                                         Meetings and events support local communities and
Steve Natoli      336.8200                                         working families around the country – something we
Steve Palmatier   226.0758                                         cannot afford to overlook as we rebuild our economy.

                                                          Page 4
  February Employee of the Month                                                  Tourism by Audrey Robinson
                                                                                 Due to the unprecedented and continuing fiscal crisis, funding in many
                                                                                 areas of tourism is being either cut or depleted completely. Regional
                                                                                 TPA’s, (including myself) around New York State, have taken action by
                                                                                 calling and visiting their legislators, writing letters and joining as a group
                                                                                 to make our voices heard. We understand that the state is facing
                                                                                 difficult economic times and that proposed spending cuts overall are
                                                                                 necessary, however, tourism is an income generator, and to cut funding
                                                                                 in this area is just ludicrous.

                                                                                   Visitors spend $53 billion in the local economy
   Debbie Leinbach, Mang Insurance Agency, Carol Hedlund, Executive                684,000 jobs were sustained by visitors to NYS with total associate
   Director, SPCA; recipient Lisa Teller, SPCA and Maureen Carpenter,             income of $27 billion
                Commerce Chenango, President & CEO                                 Tourism in NYS generated $7 billion in state and local taxes

            Sponsored by                                                         This is what is currently on the legislative table:

                                                                                 Matching Funds Program: In 2009, over $33,000 was given to
                                                                                 organizations for the promotion of their event/activity that brought visitors
Lisa Teller, Director of Operations, Chenango SPCA, was
selected as the recipient of Commerce Chenango’s                                 to Chenango County. $31,000 was spent in direct advertising for
February Employee of the Month.                                                  Chenango County. The funding promised for 2010 could be cut com-
                                                                                 pletely or we could take a 30% hit which would mean CC would get
Lisa has gone above and beyond the call of duty at the                           about $44,800 compared to $64,000. The Division of Tourism would
SPCA for over four years. With incredible challenges                             prefer to keep the money in their coffers to fund the promotion of NYS in
each and every day that range from handling animals; to
helping people, to looking for funding streams, Lisa is                          general, to which Chenango County would fall short on getting their fair
always willing to go the extra mile.                                             share of publicity.

Carol Hedlund, executive director of the SPCA, says,                             Campgrounds: Closure of Hunt’s Pond and Bowman Lake State Park.
“Lisa has incredible compassion and understanding of                             With annual visitor numbers at around 63,000 this would hurt tremen-
both animal and human behavior. She has been a huge                              dously. Park numbers in 2009 were up 1.9 million statewide over 2008.
part of the growth and maturation of the Chenango                                We are asking for a transfer of $5 million from the Environmental
SPCA. I truly wish to thank her publically for doing what                        Protection Fund to keep our parks open.
she does with a dedication that is unimaginable.”
                                                                                 Snowmobile Trail Fund: The proposed executive budget will ―sweep‖
Lisa moved here from New Jersey 10 years ago where
                                                                                 $5 million dollars from the snowmobile trail fund into the general fund
she owned her own business breeding boxers, offered
obedience instruction and provided day care to canines.                          over the next several years. The money is critical to support mainte-
Due to her love of animals, it seemed a natural fit when                         nance activities within the 293 clubs statewide. Although, snowmobilers
she moved up here and started volunteering with the                              who use the trail system are willing to pay for it, they are not willing to
SPCA. She enjoyed learning the workings of the shelter                           have their registration money taken by the Division of Budget and used
and quickly moved up to her current position. Lisa says,                         for non-related activities. These are not taxpayer funds. The state
“I love working here, my boss and all of my co-workers
are wonderful and we all make a great team.” In her                              collects registration fees for each of the 136,000 registered snowmobiles
spare time she likes to camp and spend time with her                             that goes to trail development and maintenance, insurance, law enforce-
family, her 5 dogs, her pony and 2 miniature horses.                             ment and administration. Before a dime hits the trail fund, the state
                                                                                 moves $1.36 million to the general fund. Snowmobiling contributes over
Kathy received $100 cash, made possible through the                              $1 billion to the state’s economy each year.
sponsorship of Mang Insurance Agency, a $50.00 gas
card from Mirabito Energy Group and a gift certificate                           Gateway Center: Closure of the Gateway Center in Kirkwood. (The first
from Nina’s Pizzeria. If you are a Chamber member and
                                                                                 tourism stop directly over the Pennsylvania border.) Over 300,000 visi-
would like to nominate someone, call Rachel at 334-
1402.                                                                            tors are assisted and 750,000 brochures are distributed annually. They
                                                                                 represent 62 counties and all 11 tourism regions. Closing this Center
                                                                                 would be a travesty that would impact all of NYS.

                                                                        Page 5
Employment tax audits                                                Did you miss The Mid-York Press
                                                                          Business After Hours?
In addition to trying to cope with the changing tax laws,
small businesses should be aware that the IRS has identi-
fied their group as a target for vigorous tax audits. Recent
surveys have confirmed for the IRS that the small busi-
ness environment presents easy opportunities for some
"bad apples" to cheat on their taxes. Armed with those
statistics as justification, the IRS is now aggressively
looking to small businesses to help close "the tax gap," the
difference between what taxpayers owe and what is
actually collected. One initial area of concern involves
employment taxes.

The IRS recently launched a special study of employment
tax compliance. The IRS will randomly audit 2,000
taxpayers, including small businesses, each year for the
next three years. Employers selected for the study will
receive notices from the IRS. According to the IRS, these
examinations will be comprehensive, will look at all
aspects of employment tax compliance, and will be used
to form more effective criteria for auditing many more
small businesses.

       Watch for our new website
                to roll out soon!

                                                                Trumpeting “buy local” to beat
                                                                While the buy-local movement isn’t new, some small
                                                                business owners are saying buy-local efforts have helped
                                                                insulate them from the worst of the downturn. According
                                                                to a national survey by the nonprofit Institute for Local
                   Rapid Reproduction                           Self-Reliance in Minneapolis, independent retailers in
                                                                cities with buy-local campaigns saw holiday sales fall only
                                                                3.2% from the prior year, while this in cities with no such
                                                                movements recorded a 5.6% drop.

                                                                Most successful buy-local campaigns grow out of
                                                                independent business networks that share three main
                                                                elements. First, they educate consumers about the value
                                                                of independent businesses in the community. Second,
                                                                they jointly promote shopping at those businesses
                                                                through advertising, coupon books, shop-local weeks and
                                                                other efforts. And, third, they give independent owners a
                                                                unified voice in government and media.

                                                                At least 130 such groups have been founded since 1998,
                                                                with the number roughly doubling since 2005. The trend
                                                                has been bolstered by growing consumer interest in
                                                                buying locally grown food and reducing carbon emissions
                                                                associated with shipping goods long distances.

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                                                                                        Commerce Chenango
Leadership Chenango ~
From my Lisa Colabelli                                     Mission: To serve our members and the Greater
                                                                            Chenango area through partnership with business
                                                                            and all levels of government; to leverage resources
I am a life-long resident of Norwich and as we have progressed              for sustainable economic growth.
through the Leadership Chenango class, I have realized just how
much I do not know about the businesses in Chenango County.                 Vision: Commerce Chenango will leverage all
                                                                            available resources to support its members,
We are now several months into the class and have visited many              stimulate growth, enhance services, attract new
different organizations. This past week we went on our tour of the          business, improve infrastructure and grow tourism,
northern half of the county. We visited Gladding Braided Products           with a priority on the retention and creation of jobs
in South Otselic, Baillie Lumber in Smyrna, and in New Berlin vis-          throughout the Greater Chenango area.
ited Agro-Farma, Golden Artists Colors, and Preferred Mutual In-
surance. I must admit that I did not know about Gladding in South
Otselic. Each organization has quite a story to tell about their his-                   Commerce Chenango
tory and certainly bring a great deal to the communities where they                       Board of Directors
reside. The class was amazed to learn that several of these or-
ganizations are much larger than we thought. Baillie Lumber is not          Chris Calhoun, Norwich Pharmaceuticals
only located in Smyrna but also has facilities in North Carolina,           Sewain Conklin, Development Chenango
Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Agro-Farma has facilities in Johns-              James Currie, Frontier
town and Albany, NY and plans to expand into Norwich. Hamdi,
who started Agro-Farma, told us his story of how it was an oppor-           Richard Decker, Chair, Board of Supervisors
tunity almost lost but fortunately for Chenango County he went              Patrick Dowdall, The Mid-York Press
back to his garbage can and picked out the “junk mail” advertising          Bruce Erath, (Chair) The Voss Group
a yogurt plant for sale somewhere in New York. What a success
story that has turned into! Golden Artist Colors shared with the            Daryl Forsythe, NBT Bank
class their plans to expand their business and bring artists to stay        Tim Handy, NBT Bank
at their facility. It is believed that this will also increase tourism in   Hugh Kearney, Chenango Co. IDA
the area. I found it very interesting to learn all of the organizations
histories and their plans for the future.                                   Pete Komendarek, The Raymond Corporation
                                                                            Drake Lamen M.D., Chenango Memorial Hospital
It is my hope that through our experiences with the Leadership
                                                                            Barbara Schindler, Golden Artist Colors, LLC
Chenango class, we will continue to advocate what we have to
offer in our communities and help Chenango County thrive. It is my          Chris Taft, Preferred Mutual Insurance Co.
dream that we as leaders in Chenango County can help Norwich                Kevin Walsh, Peggy Parker Real Estate
and other towns and villages throughout the county prosper again
by getting involved in various boards, volunteering in charitable                       Executive Committee
organizations and leading new initiatives.                                  Chris Calhoun, Norwich Pharmaceuticals
                                                                            Bruce Erath, The Voss Group
We still have a couple more months to go in the class and I am
confident that they will be just as interesting, fun and informative        Pete Komendarek, The Raymond Corporation
as the last several months. Judie Wright says we are a class of             Drake Lamen, Chenango Memorial Hospital
many firsts, so we will see what is yet to come……
                                                                            Barbara Schindler, Golden Artist Colors, LLC
                                                                            Chris Taft, Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
             We want Your Business News!                                                Commerce Chenango
                                                                                         Advisory Committee
We are looking for you to tell us what’s going on with your
organization or business.                                                   Mitchell Anderson, L.A Najarian
                                                                            Betsey Baio, New York Pizzeria
1. Are you moving or expanding?                                             Bijoy Datta, GrafiQa Creative Services
2. Have you added a website?                                                James Doig, Sidney Federal Credit Union
3. Have you promoted an employee?
                                                                            Eric Larsen, Laral Management
4. Maybe you’ve added equipment, products or services.
                                                                            Dennis Mirabito (Chair), Mang Insurance Agency
5. Have any of your employees or the business received awards?
6. Are your employees participating in a special fund-raising               Lisa Natoli, Natoli & Natoli LLP
event?                                                                      Barbara Schindler, Golden Artist Colors, LLC

Call 607-334-1429 or email to to get
your news in the Chenango Reports or the Chamber Memo.

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                      U.S. Postage
                     Norwich, NY
                     Permit No. 23

    Visit us at

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