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Hertz means business. Yours by wuxiangyu


									Hertz means business. Yours.

Hertz Programs for Member Agencies
Leisure                                                                                Business
Preferred Rates and Commissions for Member Agencies                       Hertz Business Account Program (BAP)
• Book using CD# 1170024                                                               • Clients receive low rates and discounts worldwide
• Discounts up to 20% on Hertz retail rates in the U.S. and Canada                     • Fee-waived Hertz #1 Club Gold membership (a $60 value)
• 10% commission on Weekly & Weekend Rentals in the U.S.                               • Free Rental Days for Company and Agency
• Special, preferred client promotional offers (see other side)                        • 5% standard commission for Agency
• Visit to sign up for Hertz News Online                       • 5% Agency Referral Bonus for first 12 months
                                                                                       • $50 Hertz Rental Certificate for Agency
                                                                                       Hertz Meeting and Convention Services
Hertz Affordable Europe (AFE)                                                          • Clients receive competitive rates
• 18% commission on Hertz Affordable Europe Rentals for Member Agencies   • Reduced rates for site visits
• Over 2,000 European locations                                                        • Agents earn $250 in Hertz certificates for every twenty rentals
• Guaranteed, low competitive rates with free, unlimited mileage                       • 5% commission for Agency
• Affordable Program: Earn one Free Day Certificate with each qualifying 3+ day        • Site-to-site link capabilities
  rental you book. Include AGR# on the reservation.                                    • Dedicated meeting coordinator
• Affordable Rate Match Guarantee: If a lower rate is found on a 3+ day rental         • Call 1-800-544-0058 or visit
  from any Pan European company, Hertz will match the rate and you earn a Free
  Day Certificate.                                                                     Off-Airport
• For reservations or price match, call 1-800-654-8881.
                                                                                       Hertz Local Edition
Airport                                                                                • Over 1,500 off airport locations
                                                                                       • Convenient pick-up and return service
• #1 airport market share in U.S. and at 69 major airports in Europe
                                                                                       • Competitive local rates
• #1 brand in each of the business and leisure sectors of the U.S
                                                                                       • Special insurance replacement rates
  airport market
                                                                                       • Direct billing to insurance companies and dealerships
• Leisure or Business... an outstanding value in car rental

Agent Programs                                                                         Hertz Agent Gold Rewards

Special Travel Agent Rates                                                             • A Golden Rewards Program for travel agents who make Hertz their
                                                                                         #1 choice in car rental
• Book using CD# 69212 in the CD-field                                                 • Earn points simply by booking 3+ day Hertz rentals for your clients
• 20% discount on Leisure & Standard Daily/Weekly/Weekend Rates (U.S.)                 • Take advantage of special bonus opportunities throughout the year
• 10% discount on Prestige Rentals (U.S)                                               • AFE Free Days are now awarded through the Hertz Agent Gold program
• 30% discount on Affordable Europe Non-Prepaid Rates on all car classes               • Redeem points for an amazing selection of merchandise, tickets, travel
• Getting to Know You Rate Program (Rate Code GTKY)                                      and more
                                                                                       • Points earned from completed rentals deposited every week
Agency Bonus                                                                           • Track your rental history and rewards summary online
                                                                                       • If you are not a member, enroll today at!
• Bonus incentives for incremental Weekly/Weekend rentals
• $9 Bonus on Retail and Business Account Program Weekly rentals
• $2 Bonus on Retail and Business Account Program Weekend rentals
The Hertz Collections
          Hertz Green Collection                                                                       Hertz Prestige Collection                                                                                Hertz Fun Collection
          • Environmentally-Friendly                                                                   • High Performance, Luxury Vehicles                                                                      • Fun, Sporty Cars
          • Reservable by Make and Model                                                               • Reservable by Make & Model                                                                             • Reservable by Make & Model
          • Fuel Efficient cars with EPA Highway Fuel                                                  • Complimentary Hertz #1 Club Gold membership                                                            • All Fun Collection vehicles come equipped
            Efficiency rating of 28 MPG or greater                                                     • Free Pick-Up & Return within 15-mile radius                                                              with either SIRIUS® or XM Radio
          • Available at 50 major airports                                                             • Free NeverLost® Navigation System                                                                      • Available at Sun & Ski destinations in the U.S.

Client Coupon Program                                                                                                                                   Client Services
Vacation Offers:                                                                                                                                         • Hertz #1 Club®                                                                    • Easy Access Bus
                                                                                                                                                         • Hertz #1 Club Gold®                                                               • Emergency Roadside Assistance
• Up to $15 Off Leisure Weekend – PC #107586
                                                                                                                                                         • Hertz #1 Awards                                                                   • Express Return®
• $20 Off Leisure Weekly – PC #107520
                                                                                                                                                         • Hertz NeverLost®                                                                  • Instant Return
• Up to $20 Off Leisure Weekend Premium or Above – PC #107601
                                                                                                                                                         • PlatePass™                                                                        • Return Center
• $25 Off Leisure Weekly Premium or Above – PC #107553
                                                                                                                                                         • SIRIUS® or XM Satellite Radio                                                     • Online Check-In
                                                                                                                                                         • Wayport Wi-Fi                                                                     • Hertz Mobile Site
Hertz Collection Offers:
                                                                                                                                                         • Monthly Rates                                                                     • Rent2Buy
• $20 Off Hertz Collection Leisure Weekend – PC #107590
                                                                                                                                                         • Multi-Month Programs                                                              • Connect by Hertz
• $30 Off Hertz Collection Leisure Weekly – PC #106234
                                                                                                                                                         • Driving Directions

Hertz Service Offers:
• Rent 1, Get 2 Free Days of NeverLost® – PC #106282

Hertz Local Edition Offers:
• $10 Off Hertz Local Edition 2+ Day Rentals – PC #113750
• $15 Off Hertz Local Edition Weekly – PC #106304
• $15 Off Hertz Local Edition Weekend – PC #115894

Premium Offers Only for Member Agencies
• Check AgentNet regularly for details

Terms and Conditions: Advance reservations required. Blackout periods may apply. Subject to availability, offers are redeemable at participating Hertz locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Hertz weekly and weekend rate restrictions apply. Collections brands and models of choice available on several
vehicles at major airport locations. Restrictions apply. Not all vehicles available at all locations. Minimum rental age is 25 for Prestige Collection Vehicles. NeverLost offer is valid for two free days of NeverLost with the purchase of one day of NeverLost service on a Daily, Weekly or Weekend Leisure Rental and is valid
on NeverLost-equipped vehicles at participating Hertz locations in the U.S. or Canada. All NeverLost-equipped vehicles are subject to availability upon arrival. Offers have no cash value, may not be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates or Insurance Replacement Rates and cannot be combined with any other certificate,
voucher, offer or promotion. Hertz age, driver, credit and rate qualifications for the renting location apply. Taxes, tax reimbursement, age differential charges, fees and optional service charges, such as refueling, are not included. Discounts apply to time and mileage charges only. Discounts in local currency.

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