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									                                         Move Baby Move:
                  Assessment & management of feeding
           An opportunity for lactation consultants, maternal & child health nurses, midwives
          and others interested in lactation to practice assessment & management of feeding
                                       issues in the normal infant.

         Presenter:                             Pam Heselev                   RN RM DipAppSci(CHN) IBCLC

         Where:                                 Education Centre
                                                Hamilton Base Hospital
                                                Foster St
                                                Hamilton 3300
         Date:                                  Saturday 6th August 2005
         Cost:                                  before June 10                         $150
                                                after June 10                          $160
         Registration: 8.30am for 9am start
                              Cost includes morning & afternoon teas, lunch, handbook
                                Receipts available at registration. Cerps applied for.
                                    See over for programme

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         Enquiries: Pam Heselev    phone: (H) 03 9809 4620 (W) 03 9262 6195
                                   Email:        pheselev@bigpond.net.au
         Post Payment to: Nurture Australia, PO Box 56 Burwood, Vic 3125
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                      Move Baby Move:
       Assessment & management of feeding

 About the Workshop Leader
Pam Heselev is a maternal & child health nurse/ lactation consultant who has
worked extensively with babies experiencing feeding difficulties due to
positional/tonal problems. She has her own practice as a lactation consultant and
educator. Pam has had many years’ experience successfully helping babies with
positional feeding problems both in private practice and in a large Melbourne
teaching hospital. She has conducted a trial of an assessment tool and treatment
program for these babies and is continuing her research in this area as part of a
Master of Health Science (Nursing) at Deakin University.

By the end of this workshop participants will:
    be able to assess infants presenting with feeding problems associated with
      positional/ tonal issues
    have an understanding of the causes of feeding problems related to
      positional issues
    be able to use the assessment tool in their clinical practice
    be able to initiate management of these infants using a simple treatment
    recognize when a baby needs further assessment and appropriate referral

Program Content
This workshop will explore postural/tonal aspects of infant feeding and includes
lectures, video presentations and case studies. Participants will have the
opportunity to practice assessment skills and gain a thorough knowledge of the
simple treatment regime.

Topics discussed will include:
      suck/swallowing overview
      factors affecting the development of normal suck
      breastfeeding issues that may present
      peripheral nerve facilitation
      assessment of infant
      using the assessment tool
      the treatment program
      putting it all into practice: The Whitehorse Experience
      case studies, including video footage.

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